Best Hike in Maui: 18 AMAZING Hikes in Maui

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Best hike in Maui
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Maui has some of the most beautiful hiking paths on the Hawaiian Islands, with scenery ranging from lush tropical rainforests and gushing waterfalls to interesting lava fields and bamboo gardens.

There is a huge selection of breathtaking paths to pick from, regardless of your interests, availability, or level of skill. Best hike in Maui

One of the most thrilling ways to discover this magnificent Hawaiian location is to don your boots and complete as many treks in Maui as you can.

There are a ton of fantastic hiking opportunities in Maui. Family-friendly, novice, and expert-level hikers can all enjoy Maui hiking trails.

The adventurer’s paradise is Maui. On the island of Maui, hiking is a particularly popular pastime.

A terrific approach to spend quality time with the family and gain a new view of the stunning nature is to go hiking in Maui.

This location is a must-visit for all hikers to have the best experience of their lives because it has some of the most amazing hiking paths.

We have put together a list of Maui’s top hiking routes and the most important facts you should be aware of.

best hike in Maui
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1. Best Hike in Maui- 18 Maui Hikes

There are so many fantastic hiking adventures and outdoor recreation activities on Maui.

The nicest part about hiking is that it’s inexpensive, which is a good bonus on an expensive island like Maui.

In addition to offering a choice of breathtaking hiking trails for hikers of all fitness and experience levels.

Maui is one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Few sites on Earth allow you to view lava caverns and black sand beach on the same day, this one do!

Some of the best hikes on Maui can be found among the island’s volcanic peaks and ancient craters, and as you make your way through the scorching, tropical jungle toward thundering waterfalls, you’ll have the chance to fully immerse yourself in nature.

Equally varied treks are available throughout the coastline, with opportunities to meander leisurely past famous white sand beaches or to go up spectacular cliff tops and past black sand beaches.

Here are our top Maui hiking trails on the island of Maui, which has some of the best hikes in the world, to help you plan your trip to Hawaii.

1.1. Haleakala – Sliding Sands

Within Haleakala National Park is the Sliding Sands Trail of Haleakala. This 6-mile course has an elevation gain of 10,023 feet. The loose cinder leads to the Kapalaoa Cabin.

Due to height fluctuations caused by the topography naturally, the trail opens up to flat, grassy meadows after passing the Kapalaoa Cabin.

Sliding Sands goes on from this point for another 4 kilometers, ending at the Paliku Cabin. Hikers can enter Kaupo Store from this location to get a cool drink.

For those looking for the best adventure experiences in Maui, this trail is fantastic. One of the hardest and most daring hikes you can take on the island of Maui is the Sliding Sands Trail.

The trail leads to the top of the Haleakala Crater and traverses the magnificent Haleakala National Park.

It’s ideal to get an early start to beat the heat if you’re staying in Wailea to the west or Hana to the east because this is southern Maui.

You’ll be walking 10 miles with significant elevation gain, so it will be a hard day. This is one of the best hikes in Maui.

1.2. Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park in Maui is the location of the Battle of Kepaniwai in 1790 and provides a stunning day trip activity.

King Kamehameha is credited with defeating the warriors of Maui at this historic State Park in order to unite the Hawaiian Islands.

The state park, which stretches for up to 10 miles, features stunning landscape and spectacular displays of native Hawaiian plant and animals.

Due to its abundance of attractive hiking paths, waterfalls, swimming holes, BBQ pits, and other outdoor recreation spots, the park is also referred to as a spiritual rainforest. This is one of the great Maui hikes.

best hike in Maui
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1.3. Pipiwai Trail

At Kipahulu’s Haleakala National Park, just above the Seven Sacred Pools of Oheo, the Pipiwai Trail is discussed.

On the southeast coast of Maui, the Pipiwai Trail is a fantastic place to go hiking.

You can take pleasure in this trip while traveling along the Road to Hana.

Hana Town is only a 15-minute drive away. Pipiwai Trail is a four-mile hike that starts at the Haleakala Ranger Station and takes around four hours to finish.

One of the nicest trails on the island, Pipiwai Trail will take you four miles round way through stunningly undeveloped areas of Maui that are otherwise inaccessible.

1.4. Waihee Ridge Trail

On a day trip to Maui, visitors can ascend 1,500 feet to the Lanilili Peak by using the Waihee Ridge trek.

After reaching the top, one may admire an enormous yet stunning waterfall.

This hike is an extremely difficult journey that is perfect for freaks who want to put their hiking endurance to the test.

One of the best hikes on Maui is Waihee Ridge, and both residents and visitors have long flocked to this breathtaking trail.

This trail, which is located in West Maui, is ideal if you’re staying in the well-known Lahaina or Kapalua neighborhoods, in Kahului, or along the shore close to Paia.

This is a strenuous climb that will take you up along the Waihee Ridge for breathtaking views of the entire island. The trail is 5 miles round trip.

You will be trekking up to approximately a thousand meters along the track, which has a sharp, steep incline.

You pass waterfalls and can see the Waihee Valley far below, so the rewards are plentiful.

1.5. Lahaina Pali Trail

The Lahaina Pali Trail is one of the best hiking trails if you live in West Maui.

This hike follows the route of a historic road that was built more than 200 years ago to connect the shore with the interior and continue on.

It is both breathtaking and historically significant.

The trail itself is 5 miles long and has two entrances: either inland, north of Maalaea, or on the west coast, by Ukumehame Beach.

You can hike the 10-mile return trip from either trailhead if you’re in good shape and have the entire day available.

But if not, you’ll need to make transportation arrangements to bring you there and pick you up when you get there.

1.6. Acid War Zone Trail

The north-western coast of Maui is home to the intriguingly called Acid War Zone Trail, a fantastic hike with a trailhead not far from Kapalua.

One of Maui’s most interesting hiking routes, it leads to a famous heart-shaped rock after passing via volcanic outcrops and blowholes.

The trail’s intriguing moniker is a result of the fact that you are going along an eroded and battered volcanic shoreline that looks like a war zone.

One of the most interesting short treks on Maui, the 2-mile round trip will take you over a variety of terrains.

Maui Hikes
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1.7. Hoapili Trail

The Hoapili Trail, a hiking path filled of historical artifacts, is located south of Wailea.

The Hoapili Trail is a section of the ancient Kings Highway, which a Maui king constructed hundreds of years ago to unite his kingdom and ring the entire island.

There aren’t many other hikers on the 5-mile roundtrip Hoapili Trail, which takes you through a variety of coastal scenery.

Before arriving at the trail’s terminus at the Hanomanioa Lighthouse, you start the hike in La Perouse Bay and pass beaches and breathtaking landscapes along the way.

1.8. Mahana Ridge Trail

The Mahana Ridge Trail is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a more difficult hike in Kapalua rather than the easier beach excursions.

The journey takes you from the Maunalei Arboretum to DT Fleming Beach.

The route along the Mahana Ridge is 7 miles long, or 14 miles round trip; however, the challenging trek will reward you with breathtaking vistas of the area.

You can also take a shuttle to the Maunalei Arboretum to make this a simpler, one-way hike.

Although the Maunalei Arboretum is the destination of this trip, there is still enough of interest along the way, especially given the wide variety of local and foreign plant species.

You’ll be climbing more than 3,000 feet in height while going through a deep forest, so it’s advised to wear long clothes, wear sturdy hiking shoes, bring food, and bring lots of water.

If you run out of gas, there is an excellent turnaround place at the reservoir.

1.9. Kaupo Trail

The hardest hike you can take on Maui is the Kaupo Trail, which is not recommended for beginners or physically unfit people.

This is for you if you’re looking for a challenge and an adventure.

The hike begins in Kaupo on the southern shore and leads you through some of Haleakala National Park’s most harsh vistas.

The hardest trek in the park and one of the toughest on Maui is this out-and-back track.

It is advised to use sturdy hiking footwear with ankle support; it is not good to hike alone.

Along the journey, there are a number of difficult switchbacks and tiresome descents, and you’ll travel through a variety of terrain, including forest and brushland, stony trails, and hard lava strips.

Hike trails
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1.10. Twin Falls Hike

Twin Falls Trail, the first waterfall trek located along the Hana Highway, provides a comparatively straightforward and easily accessible out-and-back path.

The hike advertises a thrilling waterfall adventure with numerous stream crossings and fantastic swimming chances.

There are many waterfalls in the region and along the walk, but the Twin Falls, also known as the Caveman Falls, are by far the most stunning and are located near the conclusion of the trail.

Due to its accessible location, this hiking trail can get very busy in the middle of the day.

To avoid the crowds of visitors, it is advised that you visit either very early in the morning or very late in the day.

A sizable gravel parking area, a fantastic Maui-style snack kiosk, and other markers make it extremely easy to find.

A variety of tropical waterfalls and freshwater swimming holes can be seen on this trek. Additionally, it is very appropriate for kids.

1.11. Kapalua Coastal Trail

This trail is one of the busiest on our list of the best hikes in Maui since it travels close to and through the incredibly popular – and beautiful!

Overall, this walk hugs Maui’s rocky shores and is extremely soothing. It provides fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean.

A great place to take pictures of the sunrise and sunset is Kapalua Beach.

There are two places from which to begin this largely flat coastal trail: either the parking lot off Puna Point Lane or the Ridge Road parking lot, which is just off Lower Honoapiilani Road.

Depending on which is most convenient for you, either of these good starting sites will result in an easy climb.

1.12. Hosmer Grove Trail

One of the best hikes on Maui to explore the tremendous diversity of the island is the Hosmer Grove Trail.

The trek starts in the Haleakala National Park, which is home to Mount Haleakala and cinder cones from volcanic eruptions.

However, this short and attractive walk removes you from the lunar-like setting and replaces the ancient lava with colorful eucalyptus, pine, cedar, and spruce plants.

It is difficult to picture the desolate world found only a short distance away.

For those who have finished earlier walks in Haleakala National Park, the quick 0.5-mile hike is the ideal complement.

Hiking Maui
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1.13. Waikamoi Ridge Trail

Along the Road to Hana is one of the more family-friendly Maui hiking trails.

The trailhead is around a bend and can be challenging to spot because there are no delicious fruit stalls there.

However, the Waikamoi Ridge Trail is one of the best walks on Maui for nature enthusiasts and is ideal for families with young children.

You will travel through bamboo trees on this beautiful, quick climb while enjoying distant vistas from overlooks positioned along the way.

After around 30 minutes, the circle through the woods will bring you back to the start, where you can have lunch at a picnic table.

1.14. Wai’anapanapa State Park Coastal Trail

The Hana Highway leads to Wai’anapanapa State Park, which requires a reservation in advance.

The out-and-back beachfront walk can be taken north or south by hikers who reserve slots for 2.5 to 3 hours.

The cratered black lava rocks that dot the volcanic coastline provide stunning natural scenery and fantastic pole fishing chances.

Although it leads to fascinating ancient landmarks like the Kaupakalua burial site and Pukaulua Point, the north side of the trail is regarded as a little more challenging and provides less shade than the south side.

The trail’s southern section presents numerous blow holes and fantastic opportunities to approach the water.

1.15. Waihou Spring Trail

This cool hiking trail near Makawao, Maui, goes to a scenic spring and a green overlook.

The loop track provides a somewhat easy stroll through pine trees, though the final section, steep slopes and switchbacks, can be a little challenging.

These difficulties can be particularly difficult when it is wet and muddy, but the trail is still a viable option for novices.

In the Waihou Spring Forest Reserve, close to Makawao, is the Waihou Spring Trail, which is perfect for an early-morning stroll.

You’ll pass beautiful tree species like Monterey, cypress, and eucalyptus as well as a historic irrigation tunnel coated with moss.

Haleakala crater
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1.16. Keonehe’ehe’e Trail

This unusual out-and-back journey, often called the Sliding Sands Trail, is located in Haleakala National Park’s Summit Area.

You’ll feel like you’re on Mars as you climb through the Haleakala Crater, which has strange scenery and beautiful hues. It’s one of the top volcano hikes in Maui.

The hike is unusual in that it begins at the summit of the mountain and descends to the crater floor.

Simply seasoned hikers are advised to complete the entire journey; most people, however, only attempt the first two kilometers before turning around.

This will allow you to take in the breathtaking views while giving you the remainder of the day to complete your Maui schedule.

1.17. Crossings Trail 

Another stunning waterfall walk in Maui, this out-and-back trail along Makamakaole Stream features stunning views and an almost fully shaded road.

Since you must cross the creek 13 times to reach the waterfall, the route is 13 Crossings.

Because it is only a 10-minute walk from Waihee Ridge Trail, enthusiastic hikers can complete both trails on the same day.

Even though the 13 Crossings trip is simpler than the Waihee trek, it can still be challenging when it’s muddy and rainy, so avoid wearing sandals and be sure to wear sturdy shoes or sneakers.

1.18. Seven Sacred Pools Trail

Make time to stop and stroll along the Seven Sacred Pools when you are planning to hike the Pipiwai Trail.

Within Haleakala National Park, the walk is also near to the Kipahulu District Visitor Center.

Adventurers can enter ‘Oheo’o Gulch, a freshwater creek that flows into the ocean, through a straightforward 0.06-mile loop on the trail.

You can swim in freshwater lakes that are bordered by lava rock.

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2. What to Carry for a Hike in Maui?

You should bring along the proper footwear depending on the kind of hike you wish to go on.

Hiking sandals may be a practical choice on gentler paths where you anticipate crossing streams because they will give you more traction than regular sandals.

Close-toed shoes and robust hiking boots are ideal for tackling rocky forest paths or jagged lava pathways. Remember that hiking boots often offer greater water resistance than sneakers.

Including an extra pair of dry socks in your backpack might also be useful, depending on the shoes you choose.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to bring enough drinking water with you no matter which trail you choose.

This is crucial for longer routes and trails with little shade, which may also call for you to pack hiking food and sunscreen.

Another useful item to have in your hiking backpack is bug repellent, especially if you’re traveling through a humid rainforest.

If you’re going to be hiking through streams or waterfalls or in wet weather, consider investing in a waterproof backpack. Avoid carrying your phone or belongings you don’t want to get wet.

3. When Is the Best Time to Hike in Maui?

Despite Maui’s amazing hiking opportunities year-round, September through October or April through May are the ideal times to visit the trails.

These times of year are more likely to have bright days, which take the place of the difficulties that muddy and rainy routes add.

The trails will also be less congested during these months, allowing you to take in the stunning natural environment in peace.

Unfortunately, no matter the time of year, several of Maui’s top hiking spots will draw a sizable crowd.

Going out in the early hours or late in the day will help you avoid crowds.

Moreover, when you do this, you’ll be able to stay off the exposed paths throughout the height of summer of the day.

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4. Final Words

On the paradise of Maui, hiking is a particularly popular pastime. A terrific approach to spend quality time with the family and gain a new view of the stunning nature is to go hiking in Maui.

While Maui is renowned for its wonderful snorkeling, tourists shouldn’t ignore its unique paths.

One of the best ways to comprehend Maui’s distinctive geography is to lace on a pair of hiking shoes and experience it firsthand, whether that means wandering through tropical rainforests or crossing a volcano crater.

Hopefully, you should be able to add a few more excursions to your island itinerary using this list.

Maui has some of the best treks in the world, whether you’re searching for a strenuous journey through the clouds or a simple track for the whole family.

The top Maui walks provide breathtaking scenery, family-friendly terrain, and a harrowing experience for intrepid hikers.

The island is a hiker’s paradise with scores of paths leading to the waterfalls that line the Road to Hana, trails delving far into the wide volcanic environment, and walks to amazing rock formations in Central Maui.

Check off these Maui treks to experience a mix of local favorites and well-known hikes.

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