12 Best Places To Live In Georgia

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The Peach State Georgia
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Searching for an affordable and decent place for living is a difficult task for everyone. It will be a gruelling process of selecting a good, cost-friendly place, that gives positive vibes.

If you want a bit of change in your life or explore other countries, think about Georgia. It is the best country with affordable prices and many options for adventure.

Georgia has a blend of cultures of Asia and Europe, as it is located at the border of Asia and Europe. Despite its fantastic culture and cuisine, this country has picturesque landscapes and beaches that give pleasure and calm.

This country seems like a perfect option for those willing to move abroad for staying purposes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia started a scheme called “Remotely From Georgia” for foreign citizens who do freelancing or remote work.

Georgia offers them to live there and work remotely. Hence, it is a fantastic opportunity for those living in Georgia. It isn’t very clear to select one place for living there cause every place has its uniqueness and specialty.

You will make a trip to Georgia or want to live there, but wondering where to live? Here is the full detail about the best places to live in Georgia.

Best places to live in Georgia
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Is Georgia Affordable or Not?

Georgia is famous for its beaches, mountains, and picturesque beauty of green space. This country is not only renowned for its beauty but also for its affordable cost of living. It is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, and it has a mixture of European and Asian culture and cuisine.

This mix in culture makes it a unique country, and many people want to live here. But they don’t know that it is an affordable country for living and visiting. As per the reports, this country’s cost of living range is expected to be 3% to 5% lower than the USA.

Although its capital, Atlanta, is quite expensive compared to other places in Georgia, but not much expensive than the United States. We come up with the best places to live Georgia in at an affordable price.

Top 12 Best Places to Live in Georgia

Georgia offers you a lot of things to explore. We have come up with the best places where you can live and enjoy the beauty of this country. If you are also planning to explore this country and want to live there, here is the complete detail.

Look to these best places to live in Georgia. Then buy a new apartment or live in rent at any of these places in Georgia.

1. Savannah

Savannah city, Georgia
By Brian Ragsdale/ Flickr.com

One of the oldest cities in Georgia is Savannah. This city has a colourful and beautiful history with spectacular architecture.

It was the first planned city of America with wide streets and public squares. Favourable climate conditions and fertile soils are suitable for cotton and rice yield.

Savannah has a beautiful building in tree-lined streets. This old city is located at the bank of the Savannah River. Living in this city you will become a part of their lively community.

Its landmarks, historical buildings are the primary reason for its popularity among visitors. Not only visitors but people who are willing to live in Georgia first think about this city.

If you are also planning to live here, then surely you will never leave this place. Because it offers such amazing food, parks, coastal beaches, and friendly people with whom you can easily connect yourself.

Another best thing about this city that attracts people to live here is its cost of living, which is quite low. Due to this reason, many retired people come here to live.

Savannah is like a city that offers you all the big cities facilities in a calm and relaxed way. The residents of this city feel calm and relaxed and keep themselves away from cities burdensome lifestyle.

The Tybee Island makes at Savannah gives you so many options to enjoy. Sandy beaches of Tybee Island are best for relaxing and sunbathing.

The living experience in Savannah gives a small-town feel. That’s why it comes at the top of this list of the best places to live in Georgia.

Average Living Cost- $799-$2,847/month

2. Peachtree City

Peachtree city
By Tony Bernard/Flickr.com

Peachtree city is located 30 miles away from Atlanta. It is a beautiful and peaceful town with lush green gardens.

Its beauty and tranquil lifestyle attract many families, retired people, and young professionals. If you don’t like the busy lifestyle of big cities, then Peachtree city is the best option for you.

Well, there is no doubt about living in Peachtree City. This city is perfect for visiting or living in. You will see approximately 10,000 golf carts for the Peachtree community throughout this small town.

If you live there, you have to be a part of their community to get to know better your neighbours.

This city offers many things to do for kiddos and adults. It is also the home of major companies like Panasonic Automotive. The major attraction to this city is its education system. It is the center of many top schools and universities in Georgia.

Whether you are moving to this city for living or business, it is the best place for you no matter what’s the reason.

Average Living Cost- $1,785-$4,093

3. Alpharetta

Alpharetta city
By joiseyshowaa/Flickr.com

Alpharetta is an adventurous and suburban city in North Georgia in this list of best places to live in Georgia. This city has numerous options for visitors and residential people to explore. This city is the best place for music lovers to live with the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, where they enjoy musical performances.

There are many amusing things to explore, for instance, Avalon. Avalon is the highlighted mall of this city where you will get everything you need.

This city does not only provides you with a large number of places to visit, but it also has good schools and much other entertaining stuff to do. It shows a low rate of crimes that makes it one of the best cities of Georgia for living and visiting purposes.

There is also good food, restaurants, and clubs for families and other people. Peoples find this city best for living and raising their families. That’s why it comes to this list of the best places to live in Georgia.

Average Living Cost- $1,968-$4,374/month

4. Woodstock

Woodstock city, GA
By Mike Kalasnik/Flickr.com

Living in big cities is exciting, but on the other hand, it affects our lifestyle in many aspects. Suppose you want to live in such a place where you will enjoy nature’s beauty along with city amenities. Then Woodstock is a good and affordable place for you to live.

This beautiful city has many shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and more exploring things. It also offers good quality of education with its top schools and universities. You will meet with various people here as this city has a diverse community.

Woodstock is also the best place to explore the culture of Georgia. That’s why it is on the list of best places to live in Georgia. This city has top Elementary schools and Public Schools that provide education at an affordable cost. This is also the reason that many families move to this town.

Average Living Cost- $1,919-$3,907/month

5. John’s Creek

Johns Creek, GA
By United States Navy Band/Flickr

The northeastern suburb of Atlanta, Johns Creek, is situated in Fulton County. It is located near the Chattahoochee River, which gives a beautiful view of this city. This city always gets a good rank on the list of Safest Cities in Georgia.

Although this city has high rent prices, it offers good livings standards. Many families consider it the best place to raise their family. Hence, it is always ranked in Georgia’s Best Place to Raise a Family.

That’s why this city comes in the most luxurious neighbourhoods of the Atlanta suburbs. Many young professionals work in medical, information technology, and other professional sectors. There is a high rate of job opportunities and education.

Johns Creek is one of the big cities in Georgia, where all facilities are available for locals and visitors. A number of local shops, restaurants, coffee shops, golf clubs, parks, and many other entertainment options are available in John’s Creek.

The median home value is approximately $400,100, but living here in rent will cost you around $1,677/month.

Average Living Cost- $1,781-$4,090/month

6. Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
By Jonathan Geiger/Flickr.com

The administrative center of Fulton County and Georgia’s capital city is Atlanta. This is one of the most populated cities in Georgia with cultural and economic value.

It is part of Cobb County and is located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Most of the area of Atlanta covers the North Georgia Mountains.

Its dense trees and rolling hills are very spectacular to view and experience the topography of this beautiful city. The North Georgia Mountains have greenery and soothing climatic conditions that favour a better lifestyle.

As it is the economic centre of Georgia, many industries are located here. Some examples of the top companies whose headquarters are in Atlanta include Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, AT&T Mobility, and many more. Suwanee town centre is just 30 miles away from this city.

The locally owned businesses of Atlanta are such as The Beehives, Juiceheads ATL, The Cook’s Warehouse, and Pedego Electric Bikes Atlanta.

This city is the southern charm of Georgia and the perfect place to know better about Georgia.

Average Living Cost- $1,922-$4,481/month

7. Augusta

Augusta, GA
By Laura LaRose/Flickr.com

Augusta is the perfect city for those searching for a place where they get city amenities and nature’s beauty. This city is located along the riverside of the Savannah River. It is one of the places in Georgia closest to South Carolina.

It is quite different from the big city, Atlanta of peach state. This charming downtown is the best place for families to access natural beauty. This small town has broad streets with beautiful landscapes, parks, and local shops.

Augusta is also famous for its art and cultural activities. The regional art done by the artisans is one of the attraction points for visitors and residents.

Everything about this city, whether its lifestyle or culture, is unique. Although it is not a big city, its cultural life and excellent educational facilities make it one of the affluent suburbs of Atlanta. That’s why it comes in this list of best places to live in Georgia.

Average Living Cost- $1,506-$3,404/month

8. Athens

Athens, GA
By alans1948/Flicker.com

Athens is the home of many educational and heritage places in Georgia. The University of Georgia was the first public university in the USA, which is located in Athens. The most popular Museums, for example, the Museum of Art and the Georgia Museum of Natural History, are also here.

The architecture of Athens is quite old but eye-catching. It is also the place of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, which comes under the University of Georgia.

Life in Athens is explorable and straightforward. The nightlife in Athens is amazing and energetic with good dining facilities.

The most helpful thing for this city’s residents is a few distances away from Atlanta and community events. This is the best place for those who want easy access to living things in the peach state, Georgia.

Average Living Cost- $1,276-$2,567/month

9. Marietta/East Cobb

Marietta/East Cobb, GA
By John Johnston/Flickr.com

Marietta is one of the affordable suburbs on the list of Atlanta suburbs. It is the vibrant center of East Cobb. This city has many things to explore, like restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. The most attractive point of Marietta is Marietta Square, which offers everything from shopping to eating.

The resident facilities in Marietta are amazing. Its museums and parks are a few distances away from downtown Atlanta. You get affordable living with plenty of explorable things like Trust Park, New Theatre, and local shops.

Hiking lovers can visit the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Marietta’s Public Schools and education quality make it the best place to live. This small city has a diverse community of really loving and amazing people.

Average Living Cost- $1,729-$4,214/month

10. Canton

Canton city, GA
By PatrickRick/Flickr.com

A charming city with the perfect blend of art and culture is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Canton city is trendy among many young families due to its open and green spaces education system. Living in this city is affordable for everyone because of low housing costs.

The Cherokee County School is one of the attractions for young families to live in Canton. The beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains become enhanced by the Etowah River, which flows through this city.

There are many options for you to explore in this Atlanta suburb town. Canton is a developing town with a rich history of old buildings still there for a visit. Open parks and art festivals are also the point of attraction to this town.

Average Living Cost- $1,783-$4,089/month

11. Roswell

Walking trail, Roswell, GA
By Carrie Qualters/Flickr.com

At a 40 minutes distance from Atlanta in the North, a beautiful green downtown is Rosewell. This city offers a metropolitan life experience with rural vibes at an affordable price.

Although it is a small town, it has amazing facilities like schools, visiting parks, entertainment options, food, and dining quality, and all are excellent. There is a lot to view and experience.

This town has several coffee shops, restaurants, and beautiful parks for walks. Many young professionals love to live there. This town’s many positive sides make it on the list of best places to live in Georgia.

Average Living Cost- $1,799-$4,094/month

12. Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs, GA
By Han Zheng/Flickr.com

Last but one of the biggest cities of Georgia with a lot of good and exploring options. Everyone wants a place for living where they get every living facility, fine dining options, and entertaining activities.

In these aspects, Sandy Springs is the best place to live. It has become a hub for many business peoples and entrepreneurs. It is like the home of many corporate and large companies like Mercedes-Benz.

Due to the establishment of many companies, it has a strong economy and offers many job opportunities. This is the biggest reason to take it to the best places to live in Georgia.

This city does not have only a strong economy, but it also has spectacular green parks. The Heritage Park of Sandy Spring is the city center that offers many activities to explore their culture. The community of this city is so much focused on a good education. This city has several colleges and schools. That’s why this city has a low crime rate.

If you are a real estate investor, then this city is good for making investments in real estate. This city is really good for living with a bit luxury neighbourhoods. Everything about this city makes it one of Georgia’s best places to live.

Average Living Cost- $1,790-$4,079/month

Expected Money To Live In Georgia

As per the estimates, the living cost, including housing price, food, transport, health expenses, entertainment, and other expenses, is almost 60,000$ for only one person. This is the maximum per national average rate you need to live comfortably. If you live in other places of Georgia except for Atlanta, the price of living cost will go down.

So, why you are waiting? Start packing and go to explore this beautiful country and its culture. Give yourself new exposure to a new place with great entertaining activities. Select your place out of these best places to live in Georgia.

For more such details, please stay connected with us and don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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