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Checking In: Hotels in Astoria Oregon to Suit Every Traveler

Planning on vacation but stuck on which hotel is the best in Astoria? Here’s a little guide for you to find the perfect hotels in Astoria, Oregon, for you and your loved ones!

Don’t worry; we are here to help! This may be an eye-opening article for you and your family. Hotels in Astoria Oregon, are henceforth mentioned for your reference.

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The Go-To Guide for Finding Hotels in Astoria

Your perfectly apt tour guide to get your trip started. Astoria is a port city center, with tall monuments and street murals to highlight its history. It is one of the most gorgeous and oldest cities in the state of Oregon. It’s on the Columbia River, near the Pacific Ocean.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum exhibits various tiers of the state, showcasing fishing runs, shipping, floating lighthouse tours, and the history of the military in the waterfront building.

Highlights of Astoria

There are many historical places to visit, with cute hanging spots with gardens and small parks. The atmosphere in Astoria lies within the Mediterranean climate zone, with chilly winters and light summers but with the possibility of short heatwaves.

Another highlight of the city would be its own Oregon Film Museum, which is a museum highlighting and appreciating the movies made in Oregon. It is located in the downtown Astoria historic district. This could be a fun and cool visit alongside the Columbia River.

Astoria has the best scenic view. Due to the city being a port, it has many beautiful spots and places for tourists to visit and have some fun. There are so many things one can try out in Astoria. Hotels are made in a way to makes you experience the real beauty of the city.

Some of them are the Columbia River Maritime Museum, The Astoria Column, Flavel House Museum, Astoria Megler Bridge, Astoria Sunday Market, Uppertown Firefighters Museum, and Astoria Aquatic Center, and these are just a few. There are many more exciting and attractive places in the city of Astoria.

Astoria Megler Bridge is the longest continual truss bridge in North America, open to pedestrians on a 1-day event in the fall alone.

Photo by Edmund Devereaux on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

Astoria Riverfront Trolley

It is the historic 1913 trolley that offers seasonal, hour-long rides along the waterfront through town. It is a 3-mile heritage streetcar line operating using the former freight railroad tracks along or near the southern bank of the Columbia River, with no overhead line.

Various inns are lining the Columbia River. They are named Columbia Inn. They are tiny staycation houses for your level of comfort and clarity.

Explore Top Guest Reviews of Hotels in Astoria

Astoria’s unique historical style amazes many. Also, take this into special consideration. There are many beautiful places in the city is a great place to be. 

Many have scenic views. There are many cheap hotels with comfortable suites. “They provide comfortable rooms,” said a verified traveler.

Most Astoria hotels are pet-friendly and allow various types and sizes of pets. Most of the hotels are often known for being pet-friendly. Some pet-friendly hotels are Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn, etc.

Free cancellation reserves and have excellent facilities. Some facilities could be free Wi-Fi, free parking services, a spa, indoor pool, with some of the most amazing views.

Just like from the Sea Lions, if you go outside your room, you can see how there is water in front of you. Per-night prices may be different for many hotels in Astoria, but beauty is the real essence.

Hotels are people-friendly and provide the best of their services. They look after every need of the customers.

All the famous hotels have excellent food and excellent services. Astoria hotels are within walking distance of Astoria Brewery. It’s known for the best fish tacos in the world. French Press Coffees at this place are pretty flavorsome.

Fireplaces inside the room give you a warm and homey feeling. They are often described as friendly, helpful, and pleasant. You can now see how many people had a wonderful time in their room and had a good experience.

12 Hotels

1. Comfort Suites Columbia River

Comfort Suites Columbia River - Astoria Hotels, Oregon

Comfort Suites Columbia River is a 2-star hotel located at 3420 Leif Erickson Dr, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. The front desk said that it provides you with excellent services. Some are: pet-friendly, hot tubs, indoor pools, free parking, free breakfast, sauna, gym, free Wi-Fi, and much more.

The hotel provides the best of services and assists you while you are staying there. They provide you with comfort suites. The pricing per night would be around $120. The verified traveler who stayed there all thinks that the hotel is worth their money.

2. Hotel Elliott

Hotel Elliott is one of the best Astoria hotels out there. This 3-star hotel is located at 357 12th St, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. 

This is one of the top-rated Astoria hotels. Astoria Hotel Elliott provides various features like free self-parking, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, a great location, a stylish vibe, and great bathroom amenities. Check-in is hassle-free and not to be taken stressed about.

As said in the guest reviews, it also provides free cancellation and is near the city center. Hotel Elliott provides warm accommodations, some with whirlpool tubs, with an addition of a rooftop terrace & a wine bar.

It is also in great vicinity of things, making transportation around the state easy to access. The lowest nightly price per night hotel is around $150.

3. Norblad Hotel

Norblad hotel is a 2-star hotel located at 443 14th St, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. Norblad hotel provides you with the best of amenities. It also provides free Wi-Fi and comfort suites. This is also one of the top-rated hotels.

It has excellent rooms and is also located within the river views. It is very stylish and classy with modern vibes. It is also near the city center and thus, makes it easy to travel. The per-night package for the hotel would be $60.

From the point of view of guest reviews, this is one of the best hotels, with such reasonable pricing. Nordland Hotel is also one of the pet-friendly.

4. Hampton Inn and Suites Astoria

Hampton Inn & Suites Astoria - Astoria Hotels, Oregon

Hampton Inn and Suites Astoria is a 3-star Eco-certified listed hotel located on 201 39th St, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. Hampton inn expresses suites Astoria provides a great variety of things. It provides the customer with free self-parking, complimentary breakfast, great service, etc.

Hampton inn expresses suites Astoria is well known for its refined riverfront hotel with complimentary hot breakfast & free Wi-Fi, plus an indoor pool & a fitness center.

The check-in there is hassle-free and easy. Guest reviews are great for this hotel. The per-night price would be around $125.

5. Cannery Pier Hotel

Cannery Pier hotel and spa is a great 5-star hotel with amazing amenities. Cannery Pier Hotel Spa is located at 10 Basin St, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. Cannery Pier Hotel Spa, as the name suggests, also has a great spa facility for its customers.

It is also pet-friendly and allows you to have your pets taken care of, as stated in one of the guest reviews. Cannery Pier Hotel Spa is also a hotspot for couples and new love. The basic package per night is $70.

6. River Inn at the seaside

River Inn at the seaside is a 2-star hotel located at 531 Avenue A, Seaside, OR 97138, Astoria, United States. It comes under one of the top-rated hotels in Astoria. It has great assistance and housekeeping. It also provides services like a pool, gym, free Wi-Fi, free self-parking, and much more. The rooms have a great view of the Columbia River.

Astoria River Inn is one of the great hotels in Astoria. It has an understated hotel offering a great view & an indoor pool, plus fire pits, a gym & free breakfast. From the guest reviews, we can say that this is a great place to stay. The cost per night for it is around $95.

7. Bowline Hotel

Astoria Bowline Hotel

Bowline hotel is located on 19th St, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. Bowline Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels. It provides us with a great restaurant, a great bar, and a great work of art to top it all off.

Bowline Hotel has an on-site restaurant. It also provides laundry facilities. Bowline Hotel is also close to the city center. It provides cute chic rooms with patios or balconies in an upscale riverfront view featuring a trendy bar.

Bowline hotel provides you with free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly, and many more exciting services. A verified traveler stayed and loved this place. The cost per night here is around $190.

8. Hotel or Holiday Inn express suites Astoria

Hotel Inn express suites Astoria, an IHG hotel located at 204 W Marine Dr, Astoria, OR, 97103, US. Hotel inn expresses suites Astoria is one of the Astoria hotels that provide excellent amenities. Some of that listed by the front desk are free Wi-Fi, breakfast, dry cleaning laundry services, etc.

The IHG Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Suites, has a free cancellation reserve, and check-out of guests is also done warmly. The average nightly price for IHG Hotel Holiday Inn Express Suites is $120. Hotel Holiday Inn, also known as Holiday Inn Express, is quite a place to be. It provides a great view of the state.

9. Best Western Astoria Bayfront Hotel

Best Western Astoria Bayfront Hotel is an amazingly located place on 555 Hamburg Avenue Astoria, Oregon 97103, United States. Best Western Astoria Bayfront Hotel is one of the most charming coastal hotels.

Check-in is done quite smoothly. News from the front desk is that it provides free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and the addition of a jacuzzi and fireplaces in the room.

Best Western Astoria Bayfront Hotel is pet-friendly and is eco-friendly. Guest reviews state that it is a fun place to be and worth all your money. The average price per night at the hotel would be around $115.

10. Astoria Riverwalk Inn

Astoria Riverwalk Inn - Astoria Hotels, Oregon

Astoria Riverwalk Inn is a 2-star hotel located at 400 Industry St, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. Astoria Riverwalk Inn is a really good Astoria inn with great facilities. According to guest reviews, the front desk says that the hotel provides free Wi-Fi, the best check-in, and free cancellations.

Astoria Riverwalk Inn provides you with laid-back rooms & suites in a motor inn offering complimentary breakfast & free Wi-Fi, plus marina views. The rate per night would be around $115. Free cancellation reserve is accepted here.

11. Astoria Crest Motel

Astoria Crest Motel is ranked 6th out of 15 hotels in downtown Astoria. It is located at 5366 Lief Erikson Dr, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. 

Astoria Crest Motel provides you with free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, free parking, and many more amazing offers. Astoria Crest Motel’s front desk says that they also have an indoor pool and an excellent place for gym and for exercising.

The check-in and guest check-out can be done on the close mobile app, as stated in one of the guest reviews. Astoria Crest Motel per night charge would be around $90.

12. Astoria Rivershore Motel

Riverside Hotel Room Interior View
Image Source: astoriarivershoremotel

Astoria Rivershore Motel is one of the best hotels in Astoria. It is located at 59 W Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103, United States. A verified traveler stayed and said that it was worth the money and time. The Astoria Rivershore Motel has thoughtful amenities such as pet-friendly, environment-friendly, and many more.

It is within walking distance of the city center. Astoria Rivershore Motel provides free Wi-Fi complimentary self-parking, with one of the best suites in Astoria. The per-night cost would be around $70.

Vacation Rentals in Astoria

They are adapted to be turned into rentals. They vary from cute cottages to huge villas. There are various rentals available to rent outside.

One can choose on their own accord. The availability subject may also depend on it. What we didn’t mention above is Selina Commodore Astoria, one of the best places to stay.

Selina Commodore Astoria is a commodore hotel in Astoria. It provides free Wi-Fi, is pet friendly, with great vicinity. Selina Commodore Astoria is a great place to stay.

Some rentals that could be of use are stated below:

  • Edgewater at Mill Pond Apartments is located at 455 29th St, Astoria, OR 97103. Rent: $1175-$1400.
  • The Yacht Club Apartments are located at 1310 W Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103. Rent: $1175-$1275.

These are some examples of the listed rentals. You can go and have a look at it.

Hotels are mostly the best in terms of pets and services. Hotels are diversified convenient, have great décor, fantastic restaurants, comfy beds, and much more! One should visit Astoria Oregon, to feel at peace and to feel serene.

Safe trip, safe travel! Bon Voyage. Hope you find this helpful for your future trips.

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