Kelleys Island – Check Out The 6 Most Attractive Places!

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kelleys island
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Everyone wants flavor in life. Traveling through places with varied cultures and lifestyles adds flavor to the journey of life. Kelleys Island is one such beautiful place where you can plan your vacations without regrets. It is truly an island for all seasons.

kelleys island
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Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island is located in Ohio state of Erie, United States. Named Sandusky Island at first, it was later changed to Island number 6 and Cunningham Island. It was renamed Kelleys Island by brother Datus and Irad Kelly in 1840, who purchased almost the entire island.

Kelleys Island is both a village and an island. It has a total area of 4.41 square miles, of which 4.35 square miles island, and the rest is water. There are several public beaches here. Swimming, boating, and fishing are all permitted in many regions.


Kelleys island
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Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line

The Kelleys Island Ferry is the sole route that connects the island with the mainland all year (weather permitting). It provides daily ferry service to passengers from Marblehead, Ohio, via a brief 20-minute boat journey.

Along the journey, you’ll see the Marblehead Lighthouse, put-in-bay, Cedar Point, and Lake Erie Island. The boats are timed for trips every hour, making travel convenient.

kelleys iasland
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Kelleys Island Chamber Of Commerce

It’s your one-stop-shop for all Kelleys Island information! 
The Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce offers answers to all of your inquiries about the island’s award-winning restaurants, hotel options for fun events, and things to do while you‘re there.

It is a great information station. They provide hospitable service to people. They are happy to tell you any details on information regarding the island.

Attractions Of Kelleys Island

The beauty of nature is so mesmerizing that people are pulled towards it. The Kelleys island is a crustal of beautiful places.

The best ones are listed below:-

1. Glacial Grooves State Memorial

Glacial grooves are Kelley’s Island’s most popular natural attraction. They are the world’s largest and most accessible glacial grooves found on the north side of Kelley’s Island.

The glacial grooves are 35 ft. wide and 400 ft. long, with 15 ft. The Great Lakes and Lake Erie Island were produced by the slow movement of huge glaciers that created the Great Lakes.

Glaciers carry soil, rocks, and debris as they sweep across the surface. The tougher chunks of rock gauged the grooves as the ice crept across Kelleys Island’s soft Limestone Bedrock.

kelleys iasland
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Originally, the grooves were filled with soil, trash, and quarry waste. The excavation to uncover the full extent of the grooves began in 1972. They reveal information about the glaciers’ movement and direction, which formed the entire terrain.
This geographical marvel is not to be missed if you visit Kelleys Island!

2. Inscription Rock

It is located on the south shore of Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. It is a large slab of limestone measuring approximately 32 by 21 ft. Many petroglyphs were carved into the soft surface of Rock.

kelleys island
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These markings were made by Native American tribes that had inhabited the island. Unfortunately, the inscription is eroded due to the exposure of elements which makes it difficult to see. The replica is placed beside it to help show the visitors what the inscription originally looked like.

3. Scheele Preserve 

The Cleveland Museum of National History owns this preserve. The rock elm trees are only found in five places in Ohio, and Scheele Preserve is one of them. The plants provide habitat to many caterpillars and butterflies.

A majority of the visitors here enjoy a lovely stroll through the forest trails. The 15- min walk rewards you with a scenic view of the secluded beach.

kelleys island
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If you are fond of bird watching, then Scheele Preserve is an excellent choice for you. You can seek the migrant songbirds here. The beach is not for swimming and does not allow pets. It is located on the east side of Monaghan road.

4. Kelleys Island State Park

kelleys island
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It occupies one-quarter of Kelleys island and is a public recreation area. The park was established in 1956.

The state park and other state properties cover nearly 700 acres. This also includes the two-state nature preserves. It offers great Lake Erie views, scenic overnight accommodations, and easy access to the shoreline.

It also includes a beach that has slow slopes. This makes it good for kids to enjoy a good swim.

5. Cedar Point

It is the ultimate destination for fun. It is an amusement park also known as ‘America’s roller-coaster. It is an area wherein the glistening Lake Erie coastline meets the fine blue Skyline.

kelleys island
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Cedar Point is more than just an amusement park; it has 18 roller coasters and an 18-acre water park that towers over mile-long beach. A few steps from it, you can stay at hotel Breakers, one of the other world-class properties.

6. Kelleys Island Historical Museum

Visiting the island without learning a bit of history about the island, the trip would not be complete.

kelleys island
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The Museum is the best place to know about the Island’s history, and it is pretty unique. The Kelleys Island historical Association runs it with the help of volunteers. It is located on Davison Street, just north of Chapel Street.

Amazing History

Due to massive ice sheet movement during the last ice age, The Great Lakes and Lake Erie Island were formed. Previously, the island was occupied by Native Americans of the area. However, the island was mostly inhabited during the early nineteenth century.

kelleys island
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Then there was commercial development by extracting limestone and lumber resources after the Kelley brothers purchased the land. The population then began to grow with the workers and families. According to the Census of 2010, the population of the island was 312.

Today Kelleys Island is a beautiful vacation destination, and thousands of people visit Kelleys Island each summer. There are several spots for leisure which includes beaches, Parks and campground. Ferries are available to travelers for to and fro transport to the mainland.

Check out other tourist destinations in Ohio.


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