13 Brilliant Things that Are Overrated in The US

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Americans have a built-in cognitive dissonance between how they wish to see their country and how it is. They passionately cling to the cultural fiction that America is a land of liberty and opportunity, where anyone who works hard enough can achieve anything. So, let us discuss the things that are overrated in the US.

The US citizens want to believe that their Armed Forces are pure, unblemished soldiers fighting for a noble cause in a just and fair manner. They want to believe that, despite blemishes such as slavery, their past is one of striving for the good and holy. They want to think that their bonds as citizens of the United States are more robust than the factors that divide them.

They want to believe that “America is the melting pot,” where people of all colors may coexist together. Some may be entirely true, some may be mostly true, and some may be untrue. But the point is that Americans are under tremendous pressure not to look into our country’s actions, history, or ethics. As a result, most of them struggle to perceive the images they’ve been taught rather than the reality.

Top 13 Things That Are Overrated in The US

Here are the 13 overrated things in life Americans should stop giving too much importance to. There are numerous things in their lives that they place undue emphasis on. Things are entirely pointless and will be just a waste in the long run. Please take a look at these 13 things they need to quit worrying about.

1. A Big Fat Wedding

Things that are overrated
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Spending your entire life’s wages on your wedding is ridiculous. You could argue that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but it does not excuse extravagant spending. You may invest a lot of money to see the most beautiful mandap so your family and friends can. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

But, after the event is over, the money you spent on the physical appearance of your wedding is lost. Some people might not even remember the big fat wedding you threw. All just a waste.

Now, some people might argue to the point saying that more money is equally proportional to the memories of the wedding being grand. But dear, you will still have your partner even if it is not a grand wedding arrangement. Your closest relatives, friends, and all your near & dear ones will attend your wedding happily. You will still see yourself experiencing all the wedding emotions any bride/groom goes through.

A big wedding doesn’t create much of a difference if you think wise. Your wedding is your personal choice, and if you desire such a wedding, no one is here to stop you. This article only focuses on briefing you so that you can have a clear idea about it all.

2. Physical Appearance

things that are overrated
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What the cosmetics industry and plastic surgery clinics want us to forget is that it is our faults that distinguish us. We’d look like mannequins in a store window if we didn’t have them. So beautiful, yet so dead and monotonous. The desire for perfection isn’t limited to physical beauty, of course.

It’s also true of the desire to live a perfect life, have a perfect family, and be an excellent parent, among other things. Or, at the very least, to give the impression of perfection. Our psychological desire for social media is greatly aided by it. Sometimes, it appears as if there is some online competition to find the prettiest.

Cosmetic beauty has increased the standard of charm. People, who have money believe that when they can look like they want themselves to, why not? Physical appearance is a big red flag among a few things most people should stop admonishing. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

3. Social Networking Sites Social networking sites

Photo by EdZbarzhyvetsky from Depositphotos. Copyright 2019Sharing the most precious moments of your life on social networking sites is among the most overrated things. You are not required to do so. Why should outsiders be allowed to see your private life and make assumptions? The worst part that does you more harm is sharing nearly all your vulnerable areas on the internet. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

Yes, it is your life and how you spend your time is up to you, but sometimes we waste too much of our time on the internet. Social networking sites present us with calm & honest comments about our work.

However, occasionally, negative comments are just hated and wrong, leading some to depression & anxiety. Using social media is fun but also makes the vulnerable defenseless and insecure. Therefore, you must limit yourself and not portray your autobiography on your social handles.

4. Birthdays

Photo by Michael Discenza from Unsplash. Copyright 2017

Birthdays are the most overrated. People go insane one day. We should spend the day of our birth with the folks responsible for our birth. And, except for our parents, we spend it with everyone. We’ve been working nonstop all day to feed folks.

On birthdays, many individuals become wasted and smoke every available drug. This is your day to enjoy. You might be a step closer to death, but that doesn’t mean you must drag yourselves towards it.

However, I do not precisely agree with the point that “People are just overjoyed on the day that marks the conclusion of another year in their lives.” Grand birthday parties are overrated, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be celebrated.

Yes, we come closer to our death, but so are we going more adjacent to it every day. If we are born in the world, we will go closer to death. For example, a newborn infant and your grandparents choose ‘death by continuing to live.‘ The only difference is that the infant has more time to die. Focusing on the adverse fate and not celebrating what we should cherish, ‘LIFE,‘ are the words of a fool. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

5. One Night Stands

One night stand
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One-night stands are entertaining the first couple of times. However, the soulless and connectionless sex will eventually become a chore rather than a pleasure. Do yourself a favor and locate someone you enjoy spending time with.

You might find the idea of one night stands calm for a moment, but you will realize there isn’t much happiness in it. There will be instances when your ‘so-called’ partner will ignore you at parties, flirting with other girls.

If you’re a person who tends to form emotional connections too soon, even if you aren’t supposed to, one-night stands are not a good thing for you. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

You may also start believing that a true bond is overrated and not meant for you no matter how hard you try. Some people get insecure about this one thing, unable to move forward. They believe that they are only wanted for casual sex, and when it’s time to choose a natural bond, nobody cares.

Imagine what a waste of your energy it is. When you can have it all, why limit yourself to living like you’re unloved and choose these overrated things.

6. Getting Drunk

Getting drunk
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When did it become “cool” to be a slobbery, babbling idiot? Getting drunk and wasted is by far among the overrated things in the US. Getting wasted is always a bad idea. Even if you’re not an angry drunk who wants to assault others, you’re probably an emotional drunk who sobs themselves to sleep. There is no fun. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

7. Money

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Once you’ve surpassed a monthly net income of $10,000, earning more money won’t make you any happier. You can certainly drive a quicker vehicle. You possess a larger home, but is it truly worth the effort?

Money can either be wise or dumb, depending on how it is spent. Build a life based on yourself, your most trustworthy companion, rather than untrustworthy money. Allow money to enrich the eternal rather than become the focal point of the transitory. Money is among the overrated things, faith is underappreciated. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

8. Bigger House

Big house
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When did wasting space and owning completely unnecessary possessions signify that you’ve “made it?” A home is one of the most vital expenses you will ever make. While you undoubtedly want to buy a property you adore, you must also evaluate the financial return, just as you would with any other investment.

As illustrated by the emergence and collapse of the McMansion, real estate market trends may shift quickly. Many of today’s young purchasers aren’t interested in buying large houses, which means that what was once a good investment could now be a considerable loss. Therefore, big houses can be categorized among the overrated things. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

9. Branded Clothing

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Branded clothing is among things that are overrated because it appears paying four times as much for a product that is only 10% better is fashionable these days. Many labels and brands refer to themselves as designer labels or brands.

They aren’t designers in the traditional sense. They’re overpriced, mass-produced gimmicks, while there are brands with superior quality, distinct aesthetics, a lengthy history, and excellent customer service. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

10. Fast Cars

Fast cars
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They’re as expensive as a house, are a pain to maintain, fill up with gas, and insure. Spend $2,000 on a track ride in your dream car. However, owning one is a waste of time and money. There are many fantastic automobiles on the market today, but there are also many that are simply among overrated things; others are oversold, overhyped, and marketed to death by their manufacturers.

This type of marketing invariably results in specific models failing to deliver on their promises, disappointing those who fell for the bait and bought them anyhow. And, to be honest, some of the most well-known cars and brands are among the most overrated in the industry. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

11. College Diploma

College diploma
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Hooray! $100,000 in debt, no marketable skills, and four years wasted. Collecting college diplomas with no meaning in life is a waste and among the overrated things. You’re not a kid anymore if you’re getting a degree now. It is baseless to keep getting diplomas without any aim.

Decide your future now, not for getting diplomas, but because it is high time. It is ok not to succeed the way you’ve planned. But it is also vital to have a specific plan and choose what to do accordingly.

You cannot have the highest certified diplomas without a dot of knowledge. And you cannot do that if you do not wish to. And, the only way to find if you wish to is deciding, if not all but just something at least. This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

12. Entrepreneurship Is Thankless

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Entrepreneurship will stress you out, make your hair grey, and make you wonder why you’re doing it in the first place. Work for someone else as an entrepreneur and leave the heavy lifting to those of us cursed with entrepreneurial personality types unless you are hard-wired as an entrepreneur.

NOT TRUE! Entrepreneurship does not count among the overrated things. Entrepreneurship is ‘Thankless’ only to those who have little knowledge. It would help if you didn’t let yourself get affected by the nasty opinions of those who know nothing about your job or business. Yes, entrepreneurship is challenging and keeps you busy at weekends. But so does every extra shift in 9 to 5 offices and 24 to 30-hour shifts at hospitals.

Being successful isn’t a straightforward nut to crack. Society will claim you jobless as an entrepreneur. It’s true most of the time. But you know what brings you joy and why you’ve chosen the path. Stick to your goal! This is one of the things that are overrated in the US.

13. New Phones

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Remind me why unlocking a new feature on the device stealing your life was worth half of your paycheck? Yes, mobile phones have a lot of advantages, and the expensive ones are more reliable at times of course. You also have to understand that a mobile phone is just a liability to many and among the overrated things.

Now, when does it become a liability? You keep buying the new and latest launches, although you already own a lot. It is not a competition to be the first one to have the latest models in your hands.

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