Top Best 15 Safest States in the USA

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A guide to the top 15 safest states in the US.  

Throughout the year’s humankind has learned many things, and one of the many things we have realized is that safety should be our utmost concern, and assuring safety in our very houses, city, and country as a whole against property crime rate, violent crime rate, crime against European visitors and corruption against the country people should be checked and reduced.

Global Peace Index ranks America 128 out of 163 countries due to various terrorist attacks, mass shootings, crimes, and rapes. That’s the only reason for concern prevailing about safety in the USA.

What does safety in states mean?

Safety means a condition of being completely out of risk, harm, or any danger. The safest state will hence be that states in the U.S. that are completely out of any property crime rate, violent crime rate, European visitors and other visitors are safe, low motor vehicle theft, financial safety, residential safety, workplace safety, fair law enforcement, reduced state’s violent crime rate, and public safety.

So here we are dropping the list of 15 safest states in America for your easiness of making travel and other plans. Let’s have a view.

1. Maine

Maine, located in the northeastern side of America and known as the lobster city, is ranked 66.02 in the safest state. Maine has proved itself free of any violent crime, emergency preparedness, reduced property crime and ensured financial safety for all the local people and visitors.

by: Kevin Dooley/ flickr/ copyright@2019

It is a great place to stay in winters with high road safety, rainy day funds, and public safety. Among officers, they are 44th in the number of citizens on duty and 27th in the amount of cash employed annually.

Maine has also ranked high in terms of personal and residential safety. And it offers low costs of living for newcomers as well.

The average violent crime rate for Maine is 1.12 per 1000 residents.

2. New Hampshire

New Hampshire, located in the Northeastern United States, is one of the top secure cities for public safety, no terrorist attacks, and one of the safe neighbourhoods according to the census.

by: Mike Maguire/ Flickr/copyright@2019

It has recorded the lowest rate of violent crime in 2019 and excels with a total score of 58.82, making it stand in the eighth place in safest states.

Its beautiful places popular to visit all over the world includes “Portsmouth,” “white mountains,” “Hampton beach.”

The average violent crime rate here is around 1.73 per 1,000 residents of the state.

3. Vermont

Vermont stands being the second safest state in the USA, with a total score of 65.48. This state is best known for its residential safety and workplace safety, including financial stability and human rights execution.

by: Amy Meredith/ flickr/ copyright@2019

Vermont is known for its lush green forest, and the trees-covered area has been one of the top tourist stops.

In 2020, it came to light with increased settlements in the state and no actual aggravated assault.

4. Minnesota

Minnesota is considered one of the best places to live in America, with good education and comparatively low unemployment. Minnesotan people are perfectly-known for their friendly behaviour and frank comforting nature.

by: Doug Kerr/ flickr/ copyright@2014

People are finely financially independent, and the population is comparatively low. In the year 2020 rate of robbery, murder, and rape cases was almost nil.

Thus, with a ranking of 62.42, Minnesota stands as the third safest state to live in or even visit for European visitors or any other visitors in the world.

5. Utah

Utah, the state in the mountain west subregion of western US best-known state for skiing, with Salt Lake City and beautiful mountains also known for reduced violent crime rate and workplace safety.

There is a high population of European visitors visiting the state and all time of the season feel secure and safe against any serious criminal offence with the best law enforcement and best police services.

by: pedro/ flickr/ copyright2014

Utah is ranked fourth in the safest states in the USA total score of 61.71, filled with residents that intended towards safe neighbourhoods and consumers filled with personal responsibilities towards society.

6. Wyoming

Wyoming is home to various small cities, and according to national news, the living cost is less per capita, making it affordable compared to other states and with a score of 59.21.

by: Edward Stojakovic/ flickr/ copyright@2010

As far as we are concerned about the safety of the nation, Wyoming, by applicable EU laws, ensures protected rights and population works against rape, crime, and road safety, making it the safest state with quick emergency preparedness.

The state best known for its winter sports is best to visit in January and is populated with visitors worldwide with the best additional law enforcement employees and hence being one of the best safest states in the US.

7. Massachusetts

Massachusetts, or we may call it the landing place of pilgrims, is one of the safest states. According to data, it ranks in the top 10 with a good score of 58.98, making it the seventh safest state and visitors recognize it for the lowest form of crime present and protected by the best law enforcement employees of the nation.

by: Amy Meredith/ Flickr/ copyright@2013

Massachusetts is filled with some of the friendliest people globally and hence is the hot topic in the entire United States.

8. Lowa

Lowa is a beautiful state in the United States residing in the Midwestern region, surrounded on the east by the highly famous Mississippi River and on the west by the Missouri River.

by: Sludge G/ Flickr/ copyright@2009

Wisconsin is bordered on the northeast with Illinois, on the east and southeast with Missouri, on the south with Nebraska, on the west with South Dakota, and the north with Minnesota. Lowa is tied for 5th place with Wyoming for its most secure state, with a score of 59.21. Sioux Center, Norwalk, and Eldridge are Iowa’s safest cities.

Hence, making it viable for people all around the globe to visit and stay as securely as they can.

9. Connecticut

Connecticut is the southernmost state in the United States in New England region. It is bounded to the east by Rhode Island, to the north by Massachusetts, to the west by New York, and the south by the Long Island Sound.

by: Rodrigo Paredes/ flickr/ copyright@2021

Connecticut is the ninth safest state in the US, with 58.81. Connecticut is ranked fourth in terms of personal and residential safety.

Connecticut has its minimal share of dangerous areas, but eventually, some of its safest cities include Weston, Ridgefield, Easton, New Canaan, and Madison.

10. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is known for its sandy beaches and famous seaside Colonial villages. Its capital, Providence, is home to Brown University, the green Roger Williams Park, the beautiful Waterplace Park, and the Riverwalk, which features the famous WaterFire artwork. With a score of 58.15, Rhode Island is one the safest states in the US.

by: JJbers/ flickr/copyright@2019

Rhode Island stands at the fourth-lowest number of fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles travelled and the second-lowest number of fatal occupational injuries per total worker, which is significantly a good number.

The state has a persistent violent crime rate of 2.19 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants and a much lower property crime rate of 16.6 per 1,000, both of which are even lower than the national average.

11. Hawai

Hawaii, a beautiful state in the Western United States located ideally in the Pacific Ocean around 2,000 miles from the UN mainland.

by: Erik Cooper/ flickr/ copyright@2018

It is the only state not located in North America, the only state that is an archipelago, and the only safest state in the US situated in the tropics. Hawaiian was recognized by the State of Hawaii’s Constitution as an official state language alongside English in 1978.

With a score of 63.4, Hawaii is tied with Washington for the Pacific region’s second-lowest violent crime rate, making it best to visit with no danger involved.

12. Virginia

Virginia officially called the ‘Commonwealth of Virginia’, is located in the United States nation in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay, which offer habitat for most of the Commonwealth’s flora and animals, influence the Commonwealth’s terrain and climate.

safest state in us
by: Clark Thompson/ flickr/ copyright@2013

Virginia has the lowest violent crime rate in the South Atlantic area. Virginia’s violent crime rate is 43% lower than the national average of 3.7 incidents per 1,000 people, with 2.1 incidences per 1,000 people.

Virginia’s safest cities have even lower crime rates than the rest of the state—property crime in these 20 low-crime cities is practically cut in half.

13. Indiana

Indiana is a state situated in the United States’ Midwestern region. It is the 38th-largest in total land area and the 17th-most populous among the 50 states. Indianapolis is the state’s capital and the largest city.

On December 11, 1816, Indiana was admitted to the Union as the 19th state. It is surrounded to the northwest by Lake Michigan, to the north by Michigan, to the east by Ohio, to the south and southeast by the Ohio River and Kentucky, and the west by the Wabash River and Illinois.

by: Floyd Wilde/ flickr/copyright@2010

Indiana’s property crime rate is 6.5 percent lower than the national average, with 61.2 scores. Compared to its neighbouring states, Indiana has a much lower property crime rate than Ohio but a higher rate than Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan.

14. Washington

Washington, legally the State of Washington, is a state in the Western United States Pacific Northwest region. The state, bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by Oregon, on the east by Idaho, and the north by the Canadian province of British Columbia, was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state in 1889.

by: Marc Flores/ flickr/ copyright2011

The state capital is Olympia, and the largest city is Seattle. Washington does a better job of reducing violent crime than restricting property crime, although both are on the decline year after year.

The Evergreen State received a score of 59.5 after a slight increase in violent crime in 2020. Washington has the Pacific region’s second-lowest violent crime rate.

15. Maryland

Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States, flanked to the south and west with Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, to the north by Pennsylvania, and to the east between Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s often recognized as the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State.

by: Doug Kerr/ flickr/ copyright@2009

It is named after Queen Henrietta Maria, often known as Queen Mary in England, King Charles I’s wife.

Maryland citizens are more concerned about violent crime, property crime, parcel theft, and gun violence than the average American. Nevertheless, its safest cities have lower crime rates than the rest of the country, with a score of about 62.6.


The USA is not as safe as it may sound given the position and power it acquires in the world compared to other countries, but some states are too good to ignore, so we have shortlisted 15 Amazingly Safest States in the US.

Safety is the topmost priority when it comes to living in a new place, so if you ever decide to move to the US, these 15 states could be on your list.

It is true that you cannot prevent crime from happening in a place, and no place is 100% safe for you and your family, but there are specific spaces where you can prevent yourself from falling victim to bad things.

And these 15 states in the US are the states where you can do so.

I hope this information quenches your thirst for more such knowledge. Stay updated and enhance all the data still left out in the world.

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