Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot: 5 Exciting Facts

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RISD is the country’s top school for artists and the arts, according to various magazines. The modest university has just over 2,000 undergraduate students and shares a campus with Brown University in Providence. RISD participates in Division III, while Brown competes in the Ivy League. The Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot created many controversies but was later accepted but all teaching bodies. Read on to explore everything about this unofficial school mascot.

5 Exciting Facts On Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot

Here are the 5 exciting facts about the Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot. Read on to explore more.

1. Scrotie: The Unofficial Mascot

The student body at RISD is one of the most innovative in the country. Actors such as James Franco and Charles Rocket, animators such as Seth MacFarlane and Bryan Konietzko, and directors like Charles Stone III and Gus Van Sant have all come from there.

On the other hand, athletics has never been a prominent part of their university. Scrotie, the Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot, was created by the pupils.

What Is A Scrotie?

Scrotie is the swelling of the scrotum as a result of persistent lymphatic blockage. However, on the RISD campus, scrotie is a dick and balls college sports mascot. Scrotie is the phallic mascot who supports the Nads, Balls, Seamen, Pricks, and other RISD teams. Each team has its mascot, but Scrotie makes sure that every student section recalls their sport-specific cries.

You may see crowds of spectators chanting “Go! Nads!” during Rhode Island School sporting events, specifically at hockey games. Their basketball team logos do depict two basketballs in a single net.

2. Phallic Mascots

The student body desired the Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot, generally phallic ones. They determined a long time ago to make a farce of the whole thing. They aren’t the first or the last school to make a penis joke, and they certainly won’t be the last.

We’ve seen schools like South Carolina advertise “Gamecocks” merchandise ingeniously. We’ve all seen hats, tee shirts, and jerseys with “Cocks” on them.

Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot

It’s great that students aren’t limited to only being artists. They are renaissance people; they are athletes. Rhode Island School Of Design Mascot truly shines out. For them, athletics are a significant business, and many universities invest as much in them as they do in academics. However, the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence is not like most universities. Their sports teams are satirical parodies, and their mascot is arguably the strongest.

Scrotie is a character in the game Scrotie. In 2001, an innovative student fashioned a costume out of leftover cloth they had lying around for an anthropomorphic penis and testicles to make his debut at a hockey game. The Nads of RISD was taken aback when they discovered they had a mascot cheering them on from the sidelines, but it wasn’t long before they got used to it.

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3. Retirement of The Rhode Island School of Design Mascot

Generally, ironic jokes and odd conduct are standard on the premises of this art school. The original Scrotie outfit lasted eight years before the institution decided to retire the mascot due to wear and tear.

But don’t worry. The university recognized Scrotie’s importance to school spirit and solicited the help of a group of students to design a new garment that would bring Scrotie back to life. The new Scrotie, designed by senior Sean Devare, is brightly colored and has an ergonomic design that allows the wearer to sit down and adjustable straps to fit people of all sizes.

Scrotie’s signature red cloak was enlarged, and a sperm symbol was placed on his chest if anyone didn’t recognize what they were looking at.

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4. The Basketball Team RISD’s Mascot

Santa Cruz, a coastal town in northern California, is where you’ll find all the strangest college sports mascots. Scrotie soon became a part of college life, cheering on the basketball team, namely balls causing discomfort to the opponent team. They chose the slug as their unofficial mascot to criticize many institutions’ overemphasis on athletics.

Scrotie, the unofficial RISD mascot, is undoubtedly one of the oddest collegiate sports mascots. The outfit is one of a kind and horrifying, like a vast penis draped in a scarlet cape with the scrotum dangling beneath. The ball is the name of the basketball team at the school. The slogan they cheer with is pretty impressive, “When the heat is on, the Balls stick together.” Attempts to switch the mascot to something else have always been unsuccessful.

5. The Hockey Team Rhode Island Mascot

Don’t be surprised if the mascot for the Rhode Island School of Design’s hockey team is a little daring. The Rhode Island School of Design hockey team is known as the Nads, and the mascot is known as “Scrotie.”

A person costumed as a penis serves as the mascot for the RISD hockey team. The Nads is the hockey team’s name, and their chant is “Go Nads!” Their cheerleaders are called the Nadettes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Team Names in Rhode Island School of Design?

Team names are entertaining and creative. The basketball team is called “The Balls,” and the hockey team “The Nads.”

2. Is Scrotie the Official Mascot of Rhode Island School of Design?

No, scrotie is an unofficial mascot of The Rhode Island School Of Design

3. What Is the School Mascot of RISD Called?

Scrotie is widely accepted in all the games at RISD university.

4. Which Institutions Share Social Resources with RISD School Of Arts?

The two institutions, Brown University and RISD share social and community resources.

Final Note

The officials talk less about the RISD mascot. The Rhode Island School of design mascot has its campus sitting immediately adjacent to Brown University, sharing social and community resources. RISD students, the school’s basketball team, and hockey games, including the giant penis school mascot, make it the art school it truly is.

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