best family beaches in south carolina best family beaches in south carolina

Explore 10 Most Famous Family Beaches in South Carolina

With crystal blue waters, sparkling sands, and a cozy atmosphere, the best family beaches in South Carolina are considered to be a beach lover’s heaven. So if you are thinking of spending quality time with your loved ones but also longing for an adventurous or relaxing getaway, look no further.

10 BEST Beaches In South Carolina | Most Beautiful Beaches

These beaches and barrier islands are full of spectacular nature routes and trails for hikes, bike tracks, salt swamps, lush marshes, waters for swimming and surfing, and various other recreations and activities for families to do together for a memorable trip.

While you can enjoy your vacation at the best family beaches of South Carolina all year round, the ideal time to visit here is generally considered to be the warm months of June to August.

1. South Carolina – The Palmetto State of Beautiful Beaches

The state of South Carolina lies in the Southeastern coastal region of the United States of America. Popularly known as the ‘Palmetto State, South Carolina is recognized for its part in the Civil War, its best beaches, golf courses, and historic districts.

South Carolina Flag
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It is also popular as a vacation destination for tourists and visitors worldwide.

The State has stunning coastlines, deep wooded regions and parks, entertainment areas, museums, and numerous notable places of attraction. Among all the great things about this state, the best family beaches of South Carolina are undoubtedly among the most known and loved.

2. 10 Best Family Beaches in South Carolina

No matter what kind of vacation you are looking forward to, you will find that in the best family beaches in South Carolina. From entertaining adventurous days to peaceful or relaxing times, South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline presents travelers from all around the world with a diverse assortment of beaches.

So get ready to have the time of your life because the Palmetto State is prepared to greet your family with open arms. And if you are confused about which wonderful beaches will reward you with the greatest vacation, this list of best family beaches in South Carolina will guide you to a fun and lovely holiday.

2.1) Folly Beach County Park – Folly Beach

This scenic Folly Beach County Park sits on the western border of Folly Island, tucked in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Folly River.

Even though the beach sometimes gets a bit packed during tourist seasons, it is certainly worth visiting for its calm waters and lush picnic grounds.

Folly Pier
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Apart from that, there are also all the necessary services and utilities available. The lifeguards are always on duty, great snack bars are many, and a pet-friendly zone with a dog park is also there in case you bring a furry friend with you.

So it goes without saying a trip to the Folly Beach County Park with friends and family is a sure way to spend a perfect day.

2.2) Sullivan’s Island Beach – Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island, located near Charleston Harbor, is one of the best family beaches in South Carolina.

With a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, this little island is also a favorite among tourists and Charleston city residents. Sullivan’s Island Beach is filled with gorgeous landscapes, clear waters, and sparkling golden sand.

The incredible scenic views of this island make it a perfect haven for beach lovers.

When on Sullivan’s Island, checking out the iconic Fort Moultrie that was made during the war is a must. The historic location is one of the oldest forts of the region and was also the home of the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe from 1827 to 1828.

Activities on this island include walking down the wooden boardwalks to the sea to appreciate picturesque ocean views, kayaking, kiteboarding, sailing, and a ton of indoor recreation. Therefore, this South Carolina beach is ideal for families who wish to unwind after a busy time.

2.3) Myrtle Beach State Park – Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is frequently considered one of the best family beaches in South Carolina.

A bit away from the crowds of the attractive beach, Myrtle Beach State Park delivers a calm, oceanfront wilderness. Families can spend a lovely time at Myrtle Beach with activities like fishing, hiking, and swimming along the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Along with its clear-water coast, Myrtle Beach State Park has an abundance of family-friendly nature paths and camping lands. The calm waters of Myrtle Beach State Park are also suitable for swimming and surfing safely with children.

A wide range of fish, like trout and flounder, can be caught while fishing at the state park’s pier. For nature lovers, bird watching is also a popular option. So visit Myrtle Beach with its charming nature trails and pristine beaches for your next family vacation.

Myrtle Beach
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2.4) Isle of Palms County Park – Palms Isle

Isle of Palms County Park has more than fifty accessible beach areas for visitors. Activities like kayaking, fishing, boating, and swimming at any of the Isle of Palm beaches are the most popular.

Isle of Palms County Park of Palms Isle highlights seasonal lifeguards, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, picnic spots, outdoor showers, and more. Palms Beach also features sea turtles and other unique sea creatures.

2.5) Hunting Island State Park – Hunting Island

You can find the Hunting Island State Park an hour from Hilton Head. Hunting Beach offers one of the best family beaches in South Carolina, perfect for families looking to include camping in their beach holidays.

Tourists can go boating, deep-sea fishing, or hiking. Climbing the historic lighthouse stairs is a favorite activity among the children.

Also, pack your camera to go to Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort, South Carolina. With sandy beaches scattered with colorful seashells. Blue waters and a wide range of birds and animals, there will be innumerable moments worth capturing and remembering.

2.6) Burkes Beach – Hilton Head Island

Burkes Beach of Hilton Head Island is another one of the most stunning and best family beaches in South Carolina.

It features a stunning shoreline with numerous brand boardwalks for walking and biking. It also has some paved trails in the Chaplin Community Park. Along with this, Hilton Head Island also presents lush picnic lands.

Additionally, biking and riding horses with proper safety and guides is another popular option for visitors. Lastly, sports lovers will be impressed with the park’s outdoor spots for games like tennis and basketball.

The Hilton Head Island also features the Coastal Discovery Museum with themed gardens and historic architecture. Additionally, Sea Pines Forest Preserve and Pinckney Islands National Wildlife Refuge are things you cannot miss if you are a lover of nature and animals.

Finally, the Sandbox Children’s Museum gives children an opportunity to discover sea animals through a gripping aquarium display. There are also camps and paddle-boarding programs for young visitors.

Hilton Head
Image by David from Pixabay Copyright 2019

2.7) Kiawah Beachwalker Park – Kiawah Island

The Kiawah Beachwalker Park of Kiawah Island is among the most gorgeous and best family beaches in South Carolina.

The gentle waves of the region are ideal for both newbies and children if they are interested in swimming. The white sand beaches of this private island with beach chairs are perfect for a family vacation.

If you are a nature lover, you can hike around the shoreline that winds stunningly through spots with a mixture of oak trees, yucca plants, and the state’s most popular palmetto. The park also has a paved picnic spot with a scenic view, a snack bar, umbrella rentals, outdoor showers, and washrooms.

You can also bring or rent your tent for a more relaxed stay on the island. The quaint and charming shops of the island’s resort town are a perfect place to buy a little something for yourself or to take a souvenir for loved ones back home.

Renting bikes and chariots and exploring scenic places will guarantee a fun time with the kids. The children will also enjoy watching the bottlenose dolphins swimming in the waves. A site with no age restrictions, the Kiawah Beachwalker Park also has great restaurants offering delicious meals at Freshfields Village.

2.8) Pelican Beach and North Beach – Seabrook Island

1339 Pelican Watch Villas, Seabrook Island, SC

Seabrook Island presents a long strip of Atlantic Ocean coastline along with family-friendly beaches like North Beach and Pelican Beach. This island is home to two of the best family beaches in South Carolina.

i) Pelican Beach

It is popular as Sunset Beach and one of the best family beaches in South Carolina. The clear waters are calm and quiet and are thus ideal for inexperienced or young swimmers.

And as the name suggests, the breathtaking sunset of this South Carolina beach will be an experience that will forever remain with you.

ii) North Beach

Another one of the best family beaches in South Carolina, this one is primarily recognized for its huge wilderness and wildlife, ranging from sea turtles to dolphins and many other exotic and unique birds.

So don’t forget to visit Seabrook Island, known and loved as one of the best South Carolina Beaches with picturesque sunsets, horseback riding, exotic wildlife, great cafes, a snack bar, and lovely oceanfront pools.

2.9) Litchfield Beach – Pawleys Island

Placed about half an hour from Myrtle Beach, Litchfield Beach of Pawleys Island is the ideal family place for a peaceful, relaxing beach holiday.

Pawleys Island
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Visitors can try fishing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, and more at Litchfield Beach.

There are only a small number of public beach admission points in this serene Pawleys Island neighborhood, and parking options may seem insufficient. However, the broad South Carolina beaches that appear endless and spectacular are worth a visit.

Even though the beach is not corporate, the small village is a pleasant destination with glittering sandy beaches and a peaceful and happy atmosphere.

2.10) Surfside Beach – Horry County

The Surfside Beach of Horry County is among the most amazing and best family beaches in South Carolina.

As Horry County Surfside Beach is fittingly nicknamed “The Family Beach,” it is impossible not to include this as the state’s final and most popular family beach. The beach is named so because of its modest and homey setting.

Children will like this family-friendly beach mainly due to its theme parks and mini-golf courses.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In South Carolina

Exploring the lovely shops filled with wonderful trinkets is also a favorite activity for children and adults. The land is full of charming trails and thrilling activities that are completely safe for children.

Exciting adventures include Wild Water & Wheels, a 950-foot calm river, raindrop fountains, stunning waterfalls, and a bumper-boat pool.

The Family Kingdom amusement park also features various delightful rides for a beach vacation, like roller coasters and water slides. The whole adventure is special for not only the kids but also the grown-ups!

With its spectacular Surfside Beach and amazing theme parks, Horry County is the reigning champion among the best family beaches in South Carolina.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are various wonderful family beaches in South Carolina. The one you decide to travel to will count on your particular need, mood, or choice.

If you are touring with your family, having all your conveniences in the same place is crucial to simplify things while on holiday.

For a romantic getaway, the beaches, with their quiet and stunning beat, are also ideal for couples and partners. The adventurous solo travelers will also find many amazing and exciting activities that satisfy their bold spirits.

This list of 10 of the most amazing and best family beaches in South Carolina is for everyone – those with families, partners, and kids or those with their own company. It will guide you in choosing your dream destination in South Carolina and help you find the perfect place and activity for your next vacation.

South Carolina Sea Beach
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So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and prepare to adventure with your family and loved ones. Your trip to the best family beaches in South Carolina will be a wonderful journey you will remember forever.

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