The Ultimate Beach Trip Packing List for 2022!

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beach trip packing list
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Planning your next beach vacation? We are here for you with the ultimate beach trip packing list for 2022!

beach vacation
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Beach vacations are the best, aren’t they? It’s fun, relaxing, and with the beautiful ocean, beaming sun, and hot sands, you get to be in touch with nature!

Now people obviously don’t go to the beach just for one reason. There is a lot to do there!

Are you going to the beach to enjoy the sun and admire the ocean? Or are you looking for your next adventure? Whatever might be your reason for going on a beach vacation, it is always best to stay organized. And if you are someone who enjoys making packing lists, this article would be a treat for you!

We are providing you with a complete beach trip packing list, hoping that it will help you stay organized and have a fantastic beach vacation!

Your Complete Beach Trip Packing List!

Clothing Items To Wear on Your Beach Vacation!

Clothes you would add to your beach trip packing list are going to differ from other packing lists. You need comfortable and lightweight clothing for the beach, including the following items!

Bathing Suit

You wouldn’t go on a beach vacation without packing a bathing suit, right?

So choose and pack a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable enjoying the ocean and then the beach without worrying about wet clothes!


Beach coverups are essential, and you shouldn’t go to the beach without one. Wondering is why is that so?

Well, too much exposure to the sun is harmful, and beach cover-ups provide sun protection! Also, a well-chosen swimsuit cover-up completes the look and allows you to easily move from the ocean to whatever is next on your agenda!

Shorts, Tshirts and Beach Dresses

Beaches aren’t just for swimsuits and sarongs! So feel free to dress up a bit!

We would certainly recommend clothing like shorts and dresses so that you don’t feel too restricted at the beach and can have fun! A tip from our side, try wearing bright or pastel clothing!

Sleepwear and Underclothes

Don’t forget to add your clothing essentials to your beach trip packing list, such as comfortable sleepwear and underclothes!

Also, make sure you pack enough of them, as you probably won’t be doing laundry on your beach vacation!

Light sweater

Bringing a light sweater or jacket will be a good idea because the beach can get a little chilly at night, and you don’t want to get sick while on vacation!

Flip Flops

Flip flops are, without a doubt, the best beach footwear!

Because of their breezy nature, they are intended for foot relaxation! They also keep infections and stinky feet at bay by allowing air and light to reach your toes and feet.

Another reason is that given that you would be walking in the sand, you would not want to ruin a good pair of shoes! On the other hand, Flip flops would be less dirty and easier to clean.

Sports Shoes and/or Sneakers

Despite the multiple benefits of flip-flops, you would still need to pack a pair of sports shoes or sneakers.

Such shoes would provide you with great comforts while exploring the markets, or in case you feel like going for a walk or a run on or around the beach!

Additional Beach Accessories For Your Beach Trip!

In addition to clothing, here are some beach accessories to add to your beach trip packing list that would most certainly improve your beach vacation while protecting you from the sun!

Beach Bag

To carry all of your beach essentials to the beach, you’d need a large tote beach bag!

Make sure that this beach bag is both water and sand-resistant, as you will be carrying many items in it, such as cellphones, wallets, sunglasses, sunscreen, and so on! Also, try to choose a travel-friendly bag as you can use it as a carry-on on your flight journey too!


No packing list is complete without sunglasses, especially a beach trip packing list, because there is no beach without the sun!

So don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, and it’s best not to bring your favorite pair of sunglasses or anything too expensive because there’s a good chance you’ll lose them while having fun on the beach!

Sun Hat

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Yes, you should bring both sunglasses and a sunhat with you!

While sunglasses only shield your eyes from the sun’s rays, a sun hat shields a larger portion of your face, protecting you from tanning and sunburn! So please make a note of it on your packing list!

Toiletries For Your Trip!

Irrespective of where and how you are traveling, there are certain essentials, such as toiletries, you would need to ensure hygiene such as-.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Soap

These are the three items you should always have with you when you leave your house for more than 24 hours! Having these on hand would ensure your hygiene and health!

And even though most hotels will provide you with these, it is preferable to bring your own so that you have them with you. So you can use them even if you stop in the middle of your journey!

Deodorant or Perfume

The hot weather in beach destinations gives rise to bad body odour, spoiling your happy mood and holiday experience.

So to prevent that from happening, keep a deodorant or perfume on hand at all times.

Hairbrush or Comb

People generally carry a hairbrush or comb with them when they leave the house to keep their hair detangled and presentable, and you should do the same while on vacation.

It would be beneficial because your hair tends to get messed up while traveling long distances. Also, the wind and humidity can damage your hair while at the beach, so bring a hairbrush or comb with you.


A bottle of sunscreen is one of the most important things that you need to put on your beach trip packing list!

Even if you’re tanning, you should always wear sunscreen to ensure that your skin is completely protected from the sun. It protects from sunburns, heatstroke and does not block your skin from getting its dose of vitamin D!

Aloe Vera Cream or Gel

Aloe vera is well known for its ability to treat skin that has been exposed to the sun. But what many people don’t realize is that it also provides sun protection!

So do pack an aloe vera cream or gel as it can block up to 20% of the sun’s rays and has been shown to be effective in treating sunburn, inflammation, and redness.

Hand Sanitiser and Wet Wipes

While it is always better to use soap and water to wash your hands, the fact is that it won’t be available or accessible at all times. So in such situations, compact hand sanitizers and wet wipes come in handy!

These are especially useful if you’re worried about germs while eating out!

Lip Balm

Using a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated is a healthy habit that you should incorporate into your daily lifestyle, and if not, at least use it while on vacation!

Insect Repellent

Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance, especially when you’re on vacation.

It is best to bring insect repellent with you to keep insects at bay, especially if you will be outside. When traveling with children, this becomes even more important.

Other Personal Items

Apart from the items listed above, there might be a few other items you would need to carry, such as shaving kits, hair styling tools, and feminine hygiene products. So depending on your needs, you can add them to your beach trip packing list.

Beach Gear to Wear

Having a fantastic day at the beach would be the main motive for your beach vacation! So here are some beach supplies to add to your beach trip packing list to ensure this!

Beach Blanket

Wondering why you need a beach blanket when you could sit in the sand? Well, beach blankets, apart from being fashionable, serve a practical purpose as they provide a more comfortable place for you to rest while preventing sand from getting all over your body and gear and keeping you dry!

So as much as you love the sand, be sure to carry a beach blanket just in case you need that comfort!

Beach Chairs

beach chairs
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A beach chair is essential for a relaxing day at the beach! Its level of comfort is unparalleled! So bring one with you on your beach vacation!

If carrying a beach chair appears to be too difficult, consider backpack beach chairs, which are easier to transport!

Beach Umbrella

You may be wondering why you would bother bringing an umbrella on vacation, but beach umbrellas have numerous advantages! Beach umbrellas have high enough SPF values to shield you from the sun’s rays. Furthermore, the shade they provide is adequate to show that they truly protect against heat, radiation, and UV rays. It also helps to keep the sand around you cooler!

Insulated bag

For transporting all of your food and drinks to the beach, an insulated bag is a must-have accessory! They have leakproof, heat-sealed antimicrobial liners to prevent spills and spoilage.

In addition to transporting food and beverages to the beach, cooler bags have exterior zipper pockets for your wallet, cellphone and keys! You can also transport wet swimsuits, towels, and trash back home in this bag!

Portable Speaker

What better way to improve your beach vacation other than pairing it with music! With a good portable speaker, you can listen to your favourite tracks and keep yourselves entertained!

Make sure the speaker you’re carrying has a good battery backup, as it’s possible that you won’t be able to find a plug point easily while travelling. Also, if you’re going to the beach, make sure your speaker is water-resistant!

Snorkel Gear

A beach vacation is incomplete without snorkelling and it is best if you carry your own gear!

This way, you wouldn’t have to waste your time standing in queues for the gear. It is also well known how ill-fitting or uncomfortable gear can ruin your experience so it is better to have equipment that is comfortable for you!

Beach Toys

beach toys
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Beach toys are essential for a family beach vacation! Who wouldn’t want to build a sandcastle right?!

A bucket, shovel, and a few sand moulds will be included in the most basic sets which are ideal for small children. But if you want to step up, get one of those fancy sets which include castle moulds! Having such toys is going to ensure a fun beach vacation for both you and your kids!

Traveling Essentials You Must Not Forget!

Irrespective of whether you are traveling to a beach or a desert, taking a flight, or embarking on a road trip, the following items need to be on your packing lists!

Cell Phone, Charger, and Power Bank

While it is unlikely you would forget your cell phone, remember to pack your charger and a power bank.

You would certainly be using your phone a lot while on the trip, and you don’t want it to run out of battery! So keep your charger close at hand. Also, because it may be difficult always to find power outlets nearby, it is prudent to carry a power bank!


If you travel to another country, the power sockets will be different in design. So add an adapter for your chargers, styling tools, etc to your beach trip packing list!

Even if you are in the same country, an adapter will come in handy when there aren’t enough power outlets available!


What good are beach vacations without equally good pictures, right?

So don’t forget to bring your camera and charger with you on your beach vacation to capture those special moments!

Headphones or Earphones

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Depending on your preference, headphones or earphones will keep you entertained, especially during your flight or road trip, whatever mode of transportation you choose.

You may also require some privacy while on your trip, or you may want to disconnect from the outside world for a while. As a result, such devices would undoubtedly be required!

First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is essential when traveling, whether across the state or around the world. Having the necessary items on hand is critical when your doctor’s office is a long-distance away.

Supplies for treating minor injuries and illnesses and pre-existing medical conditions should be included in your kit. Band-aids, pain relievers, pain relief gels, allergy medications (if any), and other essentials should be included.


A small travel pack of tissues is a must to ensure cleanliness and health! So, do not forget to put it on your beach trip packing list!

Tissues have the obvious advantage of being easily and quickly discarded after use. Tissues also trap germs and prevent their spread. The germs remain within the tissue, which is then discarded.

Water Bottles

While you should always bring a water bottle on any trip, it is especially important for a beach trip because the drinking water at most beach destinations tastes like saltwater.

Having your water bottles makes clean drinking water more accessible, which is especially important if you’re exploring the area!


While it is true that carrying snacks on a trip will make your luggage a little heavier, it saves your wallet and keeps you and your family from making unhealthy choices while you explore a new place!

You can’t always rely on every restaurant to serve sanitary food. So it is best to keep some tasty and healthy snacks on hand for when you need them, especially if you have kids!

Re-Sealable Storage Bags

Re-sealable plastic bags are resistant to air and water, and their material protects the contents from scratches and damage, making them one of the must-haves for your next beach vacation!

You can use these bags to secure valuables such as electronics, cash, and credit cards. They can also be used to carry snacks!

Credit Card and Cash

We know it’s unlikely that you’ll forget to bring money on your trip, but consider this a friendly reminder!

Also, even if you prefer a card, bring some cash with you because you may find yourself in places that don’t accept cards when visiting a beach destination.


Before leaving for your beach vacation, double-check all of the necessary documents!

Most hotels require visitors to present identification when checking in, and your hotel may do the same. So, in addition to the documents required for travel, ensure that you have such documents.

Travel Guides and Brochures

Purchasing or downloading a travel guidebook should be the first step while planning vacations.

Guidebooks lay out what’s on offer, how much things cost, practical information, cultural preferences, and a plethora of other useful information, often with accompanying photographs that serve as our first visuals of the location.

So don’t forget to put it on your beach trip packing list and bring it along on your beach vacation!

Card Game

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You must pack a card game in your carry-on luggage for your family beach vacation!

Whether you are experiencing a delay or simply bored, numerous card games can keep you entertained for hours! They are also a great way to keep kids busy on the journey!

Suitcase Locks

When traveling, you would have to distance yourself from your luggage at some point, be it at the airport or the hotel. And because you are on vacation, you might want to be carefree, but when traveling, it is critical to maintain a strong mind and be cautious about who you trust.

So we recommend that you use a suitcase lock to prevent your luggage from being opened without your permission. Some suitcases include a lock, but if not, you can always find a TSA-approved lock!

Now that we have covered all the items that need to be on your beach trip packing list, here is us wishing you a safe and happy beach vacation! Remember to have lots of fun and make memories of a lifetime! Sayonara!

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