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19 Amazing Coffee Shops Portland You Must Know

Want to know Which are the 19 best coffee shops Portland? Keep reading then…

Portland is known for various activities, including beer, bicycles, skiing, horseback riding, ziplining, mountain biking, boating, fishing, rafting, and just being strange and fun.

Coffee is also famous, and Duane Sorenson opened a small café with a few kilo roasters in 1999. Portland has an evolved coffee culture with dozens of independent roasters and cafés.

With a heady mix of local cafes and independent hip roasters brewing everything from espressos to lattes, the Portland city’s coffee culture has kept locals pleased and active.

Most of the city’s cafés offer an indoor cardamom latte, a Japanese iced coffee on the rooftop, or a cold brew mason jar takeout. Several Portland’s noteworthy coffee cafes roast their beans, combining coffee with spices like cardamom and cloves or making coffee mocktails with foaming and cinnamon-chocolate coffee salt.

Best Coffee Shops Portland
By: Roman odintsov/pexels. Copyrights 2017

There is something for everyone, whether you want to get some remote work done or chill after a day of sightseeing, from hipster hangouts to more classic and straightforward meals. If you’re looking for the best coffee in Portland, here are some of the best coffee shops Portland.

19 Amazing Coffee Shops in Portland

1. Coava Coffee Roasters 

A Rainy Day at Coava Coffee

Coava Coffe Roasters is a modern cafe that serves high-quality, delectable, and well-prepared roasted coffee. Because of its great coffee, baristas, and location, Coava Coffee manages to stand out in many excellent coffee shops.

In 2008, Matt Higgins, the roaster, opened a café in his garage. Coava is based on long-standing relationships with small farmers and is dedicated to producing ethical coffee.

Coava Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Portland and has multiple locations around Portland and beyond. Four are in Portland, and one is in San Diego, but the main store on Grand Avenue has a beautiful futuristic vibe.

Coava’s seating space is enormous and spacious, with an ultra-modern style. From humble beginnings to one of the city’s most fabulous gourmet coffee shops. Coava Coffee Roasters is concerned about the quality of its coffee and the satisfaction of its consumers.

This company prioritizes socially responsible and ethical coffee bean sourcing, and their careful detailing extends to its beverage preparation. This coffee shop attracts casual coffee lovers and foodies looking for delicious, ethically sourced brews.

You can choose from a single-origin menu or fantastic espresso drinks at the bar. Pastries from Little T, a local bakery, are also available. Coava is one of the best coffee shops in Portland. It’s worth a visit to experience the atmosphere.

2. Good Coffee 

Good Coffee in Portland

Honestly, the name says it all. Good Coffee is one of the most well-known and excellent coffee shops in Portland. Good Coffee has five locations in Portland, which offer lovely coffee. Good Coffee offers a great lounge area that makes you feel happy. The atmosphere is warm and comforting, and the time flies by as you relax and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness while enjoying your coffee.

You won’t be disappointed with anything on the menu, but their mocha lavender latte is incredibly delicious. The excellent coffee menu extends from drip coffee to lattes, and try the Tamarind Date Coffee Soda if you’re feeling experimental.

They offer USA cappuccino, using high-quality beans and professional techniques. They also offer breakfast sandwiches and a variety of pastries and other baked goods to go with your cup of excellent coffee!

If you adore Good Coffee’s goods so often that you want to start your day with one of their brews, you may buy a bag of whole coffee beans or sign up for a coffee subscription that will provide quality beans to your door. Coffee is a great leisure activity whether you’re working or just relaxing.

3. Cathedral Coffee 

"Cathedral Coffee Shop" Grand Opening 2013. Portland.Usa.

Cathedral Coffee is another lovely, unique, and best coffee shop with lofty ceilings, local art, mellow music, and live music on occasion. Cathedral Coffee in North Portland is one of Portland’s best coffee shops for a peaceful atmosphere.

Cathedral takes pleasure in becoming a neighborhood-friendly café. The baristas’ pleasant temperament is praised by customers, as is the welcoming atmosphere.

Cathedral Coffee makes outstanding coffee and tea, but the bakery, which produces goods in-house from freshly picked ingredients, is one of the most appealing aspects. Delicious, vegan, and gluten-free goodies are available on the coffee shop’s rotating menu.

Cathedral Coffee offers a warm and cozy atmosphere where you may calm and spend some time.

4. Barista Coffee Shop 

Barista Coffee Shop is one of Portland’s original third-wave coffee shops, run by coffee nerds. The Barista coffee shop is dedicated to promoting high-quality coffee worldwide. This coffee shop gathers the city’s most excellent workers and allows them to work their charm on various coffee drinks, including classics like macchiatos.

Baristas have many locations across Portland, but they all begin with high-quality coffee beans and processes. Barista is a small café with a plain wooden bar and seating outside the hallway.

This shop is the place to go in Portland if you take your coffee seriously. Traditional coffee drinks are available, but try something different, like the Oregon hazelnut latte or the gingery Tanglewood chai latte.

5. Proud Mary 

Proud Mary Coffee Live - Melbourne Roastery Tour

Proud Mary Café is a brewer and place to eat~ brunch, smoothies, and filter coffee, which is better than espresso. The fact that Proud Mary Cafe is a beautiful café with a magnificent outdoor seating area surrounded by trees and sunshine during the summer months. Proud Mary’s cold brew is commonly presented in other coffee shops Portland, like Cathedral Coffee, indicating the coffee shop’s high quality.

The coffee at Proud Mary, the sole U.S. location of the famous Australian franchise, is slightly more expensive than competing cafes, but not unnecessarily so.

Proud Mary cafe delivers a fantastic breakfast, with specialties like Sourdough Toast with Koji Cultured Butter, Chickpea Fries, Golden Child, a ricotta hotcake with charred peach, crème fraîche, and cobbler crumb, and Perpetual Renters, among others.

If you want something to eat while sipping your coffee, stop into Proud Mary’s Northeast Portland branch, where they also provide breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

You won’t be disappointed if you’re planning a visit, or you may subscribe to produce your brews at home.

6. Behind the Museum Café 

Japanese Cafe Behind the Museum Cafe ビハインド・ザ・ミュージアム・カフェ

One of the best coffee shops Portland, Behind the Museum Café, specializes in Japanese-inspired café culture. This cafe is a one-of-a-kind zen-like vintage cafe with kimono-clad servers serving coffee, tea, and light Japanese snacks. However, coffee roasted in the city gives it a unique aroma. The Portland Art Museum is conveniently placed near this cafe.

Come to this café for unique Japanese art drinks, such as a variety of teas and a menu of savory foods, sandwiches, and pastries, making it an excellent pit stop after a day of touring art, a premium destination in its own right.

7. Push X Pull 

Push X Pull Coffee

Push X Pull serves as one of Portland’s top espressos. They roast the most exotic coffees in a hip environment. This famous coffee shop is owned by two friends who want to provide “grade A, off-the-charts, get-me-out-of-bed-in-the-morning” coffee.

Push X Pull is a trendy coffee cafe that fills the voids even in this coffee-crazed city. The cafe specializes in uncommon beans and brewing methods, including one of the country’s only Mocca master coffee makers.

If you want to try different roasting and bean production procedures to discover the perfect cup of coffee, they also offer coffee brew samples. Besides good coffee, Push X Pull is concerned about the quality of its coffee and the satisfaction of its customers.

The coffee shop is built on solid collaborations and long-term ties with its suppliers. Its goal is to make a welcoming environment for the community.

The seating area at Push X Pull is massive and airy, with an ultra-modern touch. The atmosphere is friendly and warm, and the time passes quickly as you relax and take in the beauty and tranquility while sipping your coffee.

8. Upper Left Roasters 

056 Upper Left Roasters

In Portland, Upper Left Roasters serves up the best-roasted brews. It’s a trendy spot with a reputation for great coffee, and the café roasts its coffee and utilizes it to make delicious single-origin coffees. Upper Left Roasters is known for its coffee, but it’s also a terrific location to eat.

Upper Left Roasters offers excellent coffee and even better cuisine. The required avocado bread is topped with radish, soft boiled egg, and peppers. In contrast, another spell is topped with cashew adobo spread, pepitas, cilantro, and scallions, making for the ideal breakfast experience. Gluten-free bread is available for all brunch meals to satisfy dietary concerns.

Overall, it’s one of the great coffee shops Portland, Oregon, to work while having a delicious coffee, eating a mid-day lunch, and meeting clients or co-workers.

9. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

portland oregon, Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Without Stumptown, no list of the top coffee shops Portland would be complete. Stumptown Coffee Roasters first established its flagship store in 1999, and while it now has branches throughout the country, the downtown branch remains the company’s largest. When you go to Stumptown, you’re probably expecting a diverse collection of outstanding coffee.

The coffee shop is spacious and gorgeous, with some of Portland’s best coffee. Its coffee may be found chiefly anyplace, including your local supermarket, and Stumptown’s service is just as remarkable as its coffee. When it isn’t crowded, the baristas are ready to provide suggestions, answer inquiries, and interact with customers.

Stumptown is recognized as being the genesis of the craft coffee trend. They are known for sourcing and delivering some of the best coffee, espresso, and cold brew to selective coffee lovers. Try their regular espresso, the hair bender blend — it’s not bitter, simply delicious!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a must-visit for anyone looking for the most excellent coffee in Portland. I don’t have much to say about this world-famous roaster except that they offer expertise and excellence, and it’s a fantastic place to go to enjoy specialty coffee.

10. Prince Coffee 

Prince coffee is one of Portland’s heavyweight champs. This cafe is known for its fresh coffee and stroopwafels. An adorable Dutch-inspired cafe that began when the owner fell in love with Holland as a child and wanted to bring a little of their culture to Portland when she moved there.

They have an onsite kitchen that serves waffles, pastries, and sandwiches, but they’re best known for their stroopwafels and outstanding fresh coffee!

They’re best served with a Stroop Latte, “essentially a stroopwafel in a cup.” Anijsmelk Latte and Tanglewood Chai, a ginger-centric twist on the classic chai latte, are among the other exciting coffee drinks on the menu. Proud Mary is the source of Prince’s coffee beans.

11. Tov Coffee & Tea 

Tov Coffee serves tea, coffee on double-decker bus in SE Portland

Tov Coffee & Tea is a terrific location to get up with friends for delicious coffee, creative décor, and good vibes. Tov Coffee & Tea offers a touch of Egypt to Portland in a red double-decker bus, and it is a one-of-a-kind cafe that serves Egyptian and Turkish coffee and tea drinks.

This place, however, should not be dismissed as a cliche. Tov is included in one of the best coffee shops Portland, where you’ll be greeted by aromatic coffees and teas inspired by American and Egyptian traditions as soon as you walk in.

There’s also a Rose Mocha, Mucho Caliente, Mint Thing, and Egyptian coffee (finely ground with cardamom) (cold brew with mint and cream). If you’re hungry, try classic pastries like baklava or falafel croissants.

12. Water Avenue Coffee 

Meet the Roaster: Water Avenue Coffee

Water Avenue Coffee Shop was founded in 2009 and is located beside the Willamette River in an industrial neighborhood. This café quickly established itself as one of the best coffee shops Portland.

The roaster’s success is mainly due to its engagement with the community. Water Avenue Coffee takes pleasure in becoming a neighborhood-friendly café. The baristas’ pleasant temperament is praised by customers, as is the welcoming atmosphere.

Water Avenue is a popular café with customers coming and going, soft rock playing in the background, and fantastic coffee. Breakfast and lunch are also available. Simple and vegetable-heavy options include avocado toast, yogurt with cacao nib granola, and a couple of bowls.

Water Avenue Coffee attracts coffee lovers and connoisseurs desiring tasty, ethically produced brews such as Mexico Guienashi, sourced from indigenous communities in Southern Oaxaca. While their classics and a rotating cast of occasional brews are available for subscription, visiting their flagship location is well worth the journey.

However, downtown Portland’s water avenue coffee shop is temporarily closed (July 2021).

13. Heart Coffee Roasters 

Heart Coffee Roasters, a stylish café, roaster, and buzzing destination point with three locations in Portland, is Nordic. Heart, whose founder is from Finland. Outside Café’s flagship location, it is worth visiting only to see the shop’s centerpiece, a massive coffee roaster. Heart imports beans from Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and Guatemala.

From pour-over coffees to macchiatos, one can appreciate the quality of its coffee beans. Heart Coffee Roasters is as heartfelt as its name suggests. According to neighbors and respected experts, Heart Coffee Roasters is one of the best coffee shops in Portland.

Heart cares about the quality of its coffee and its customers’ satisfaction. Additionally, they must maintain ethical and direct relationships with the coffee producers from whom they source.

The coffee shop is dedicated to spreading the love of coffee and even provides brewing techniques on its website. It’s ideal for your coffee-obsessed buddies, as it offers high-quality espresso-based drinks. The spacious cafe is also a fantastic spot to work for a few hours between meetings.

14. Case Study Coffee Roasters


Case Study Coffee has several locations across the city, serving Portland-roasted brews sourced from the world’s best beans. They distinguish themselves by offering various unique espresso beverages to keep you getting back for more.

The espresso is the star, but the filter coffee was repellent. Case Study also has a good range of baked goods, making it a perfect destination for breakfast. Case Study’s seating area is large and spacious, making it relatively easy to find a seat even during peak hours.

The café, with a magnificent outdoor seating area surrounded by trees and sunshine during the summer months, makes it one of the coffee shops in Portland. Grab your favorite book or laptop and visit one of Case Study’s outlets to check out their distinctive flavored drinks, including the jasmine matcha latte.

15. Deadstock Coffee Roasters 

We can confidently state that Deadstock Coffee Roasters provides an experience that you will not find anyplace else. The goal of Deadstock is to make coffee that is “snob-free.” Deadstock’s sneaker and basketball decor collection are genuinely superb and unusual. The coffee shop with a sneaker theme changes out amazing graphics and unique sneaker collections every month.

It’s worth seeing what it’s all about, as it serves classic and innovative beverages. They also have decent coffee, and they have a massive selection of non-dairy milk, and the oat milk latte we had was one of the best we’ve ever had.

You may order perfectly roasted coffee brews, drip coffees, vegan lattes, and delicious cakes and pastries at this excellent coffee shop. The baristas will help you figure out what you prefer because there is no set menu.

With a laid-back vibe and sportive décor, the coffee shop hopes to attract individuals who aren’t necessarily coffee drinkers. It’s a fantastic place to go to enjoy specialty coffee.

16. Never Coffee 

Never Coffee
By: RandyUSA Rizo/Unsplash. Copyrights 2021

Never Coffee Shop is colorful and cheerful, with unique artwork and pastel-colored surroundings. The fluorescent sign over the door offers a nice classic look and informs you about Never. On the other hand, Never Coffee serves fantastic coffee and provides terrific service. Their barista was polite and professional.

Never Coffee is an amusing name for a local cafe that always sells coffee and is one of Portland’s best coffee shops.

Never Coffee is a coffee shop that specializes in handmade coffee and creative lattes made with herbs and cocoa. The inventive coffee shop is more like a coffee lab, with funky names and designs for their particular blends and drinks, such as the Rich Kids latte.

Drinks are offered in bright, locally crafted ceramic mugs. Never Coffee is a feast for all your senses, whether you order packaged coffee to be delivered to your home or visit the art-filled coffee shop.

17. Ovation Coffee & Tea 

National Coffee Day at Ovation Coffee and Tea

Frankly, Ovation Coffee & Tea is misleading because the coffee there is outstanding. Ovation Coffee & Tea stands out from the rest of the coffee shops in Portland. They specialize in Moroccan-spiced coffee and tea, and there are loads of options.

You can get a unique Moroccan pistachio latte or an excellent Spiced Matcha latte with one of their delectable handmade waffles. The one drawback is that the coffee is costly, but not so much that we wouldn’t revisit it.

Although the food menu is primary, the cafe more than lives up to its title. If you prefer indoor or outdoor seating, bring your laptop to one of the modern, spacious coffee shops and get some work done in a welcoming environment.

18. Jet Black Coffee Company

The Jet Black Coffee Company is one of the fantastic coffee shops in Portland and has a vegan bakery and coffee store. With its black walls, records, and punk-inspired décor, this Parkrose Heights coffee shop exudes effortless cool.

The excellent barista is quite friendly. Baristas at Jet Black Coffee Company collaborate with Water Avenue Coffee to create inky, dark chocolatey cold brews. They also provide a range of plant milk with their excellent coffee.

The company will let down those seeking a cappuccino brewed with cow’s milk. An amazing iced chai latte is always available, as is the morning meal. Shoofly Bakery specializes in pastries, and a caramel mocha with oat milk is one of the best mochas at this location.

19. Keeper Coffee Co.

Keeper Coffee in Portland Oregon

Keeper Coffee Co’s new café off Holgate featured marble cafe tables and vintage wooden chairs previously located within Adored Vintage. Keeper’s coffee menu is simple, with single-origin Coava coffee and seasonal lattes with flavors like lilac.

They serve freshly brewed coffee, Aesthete Tea, Mizuba Matcha, One Stripe Chai, and house-made pastries in the counter case. Peach hand pies, rose pistachio shortbread, and lemon lavender loaves of bread are among the items on the menu. The new cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating, and this is a place where you can indulge in your favorite beverage.

Closing Thoughts

These Coffee Shops in Portland are not to be skipped if you live in Portland or are planning a trip there.

Hopefully, you’ve gained a better understanding of the most fantastic coffee shops in Portland. So, get together with your friends or family and tour the city’s top coffee shops or choose your favorite and spend the weekend there. Enjoy your time off!

So that’s all we need to keep you up to date. Please leave a comment below if you have any queries concerning this topic.

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