9 Places With The Best Coffee In Portland!

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Hello, Brew-tiful!

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you must constantly look for a nice cup of coffee or a great cold brew.

Making a pleasant cup of coffee at home may not be a great option for some of us. In contrast, a few others find it fascinating and enjoy the challenge of experimenting with many brands, places, and multiple cafes until they discover one brand or coffee shop they genuinely love!

With the establishment of Stumptown coffee roasters and the downtown Portland region being of notable significance, it is largely responsible for the increment in popularity of premium artisan coffee, creative lattes, and latte art.

Portland, Oregon, was one of the world’s first epicenters of specialty coffee.

Its great beer, amazing biking trails, and plain quirky entertainment sights are just a few of the things Portland is renowned for.

It is also well known for its coffee, numerous coffee shops, and their brunch menus, including breakfast sandwiches and baked goods!

Before talking about the best coffee in Portland, it is important to become aware of the history of the region’s vibrant taste palates of coffee enthusiasts.

In 1999, the doors to Portland, Oregon, were opened for Stumptown coffee roasters. This had a significant hand in bringing about the third wave of the coffee industry, which we now have the option of enjoying and experimenting with.

And not much to our surprise, Portland is one of the largest coffee-producing towns in and around the world, as well as the United States.

Therefore, before visiting Portland, Oregon, in search of a good cup of coffee, there are several locations that a traveler should make a note of!

We are curating this list of multiple locations to help you gather the information required to try them on your own and experience the best coffee in Portland, Oregon.

No other place on earth has yet managed to match the biggest concentration of specialty coffee roasters and stores devoted solely to embracing the art of making coffee.

Best Coffee In Portland.
By: Ri Butov, Pixabay. Copyright 2021.

Portland, like Seattle, has a well-established network of quality coffee heritage, with many independent coffee roasters, coffee houses, and cafes. A combination of both a shop and a roaster can be found around the neighborhoods.

Searching for a cup of excellent coffee is not difficult in a city well known for its coffee heritage and options.

So if you are seeking the best coffee in Portland, let us be your eyes and ears, and peruse on!

Some of the city’s best cafes are extremely famous and very talked-about because of their creative and quaint settings.

Coffee shops with unique variations of local roasters’ coffees have reopened in one way or another with really interesting themes, such as an indoor oat milk latte made essentially with steamed milk, Japanese iced cold coffee on the patio, or even a nitro cold brew in a takeout cup.

Although many of Portland’s notable coffee shops are well-known for roasting their coffee beans, this virtual map highlights cafes experimenting with their beans by sourcing them from other coffee roasters and experimenting with their coffee craft.

A few different ways cafes have been experimenting with coffee include brewing coffee with a few cardamom and clove pieces, cinnamon chocolate coffee, coffee with hazelnut extract, or even adding coffee mocktails to the menu.

Not only this, many of these cafes and coffee shops provide an exquisite selection of snacks and pastries, including scones and stroopwafels, on their food menu.

The coffee culture in Portland, Oregon, has kept the local folk happy and awake for a long time with the help of its humble coffee shops and their extravagant options in coffee and, on theme, beautiful ambiance, luring the town folk towards the richness of a good cup of coffee. Portlanders are known for their exquisite love of coffee and ability to experiment with it.

The town is full of independent hip roasters brewing everything from cappuccinos to lattes, catering to various taste palates around town.

We understand that it can get a little overwhelming to be presented with a vast number of great coffee selections while trying to acquire that daily dose of caffeine before heading to work in a city where there are too many good coffee shops and not enough hours in a day to explore them all.

Although Portland is famous for many well-established, excellent coffee shops worldwide, not all of them can rise to the top!

The next time you want to relax after a long day with a delicious almond milk latte or wake up and energize your body with an Italian espresso shot to revamp your nervous system and brain, you can choose to visit any one of these fantastic coffee places that will satisfy your wanderlust for coffee.

If you want to try new coffee places or even some of the best coffee in Portland, you can peruse the list and pick your favorite!

Some Of The Best Coffee Shops In Portland-A Peek In The Portland Coffee Scene!

1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters


128 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, Oregon (and other locations across the city).

It’s no surprise that in a list curated specially to acknowledge the best coffee shops in Portland, we place the Stumptown coffee roasters at the start of the list.

A par excellence coffee roastery known for its good quality beans and well-mannered, professional staff.

Originally established in 1999, and since the franchise has opened numerous stores around the city, they have been credited with the increment in the popularity of artisan coffee in the current scenario!

If you ever decide to visit the store in search of a good cup of coffee, here are some things to look forward to A fantastic selection of outstanding coffee, a pleasant atmosphere with a rusty coffee aroma; superior coffee bean quality; and impeccable customer service. Stumptown Coffee provides both exceptional service and fantastic coffee.

The staff around the place chime in occasionally to strike up a good conversation with the customers and offer suggestions and advice. With a polite nature, they assist you with your queries.

It’s a terrific place to spend some time celebrating specialty coffee, hanging out with friends for a few hours, or simply grabbing a cup of freshness before work.

2. Coava Coffee Roasters


| (A) 1300 SE Grand Ave4003 N. Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon. |

The Coava coffee shop, originally established in the garage of roaster Matt Higgins in 2008, has been on the road to success and growth as the number of outlets opened throughout Portland has been immensely significant!

The Coava coffee roasters have always been known for their good quality products and humble beginnings with a very polite group of faculty members. Open to conversations and suggestions depending on the need of the hour; the place has maintained its famous personality as one of the greatest specialty coffee shops in Portland.

No less, thanks to the immensely passionate baristas, flavorsome coffee, and an excellent range of coava beans available at the stores, the coava coffee shops do not face any issues in standing out among other amazing coffee stores.

The facilities provided by the place are top-notch, but also the enormously spacious cafe seating area with beautiful industrial-style decor, which is a big factor in drawing people towards it.

The place provides a beautiful and rustic ambiance for all enthusiastic coffee lovers. To take in the atmosphere is worth the trip!

Fortunately, Coava offers a lot more fantastic features than just the structure. This coffee business’s wonderful, locally harvested caffeinated beverages draw casual drinkers and coffee connoisseurs.

Coava’s is based on long-standing relationships with local producers and significantly emphasizes creating an honest cup of coffee.

The fact that they roast their coffee and brew it is like icing on the cake for your refined taste buds!

3. We Are “Good Coffee” Lovers!


1150 SE 12th Ave (Salmon) Portland, OR 97214

Even though the Good Coffee Shop menu is a little restricted, the establishment and ambiance perfectly justify its longstanding reputation as one of the best coffee shops in Portland. The good coffee establishments have proved their excellence around the city, with as many as five outlets spread throughout the province, giving aid to coffee lovers!

With limited choices made to perfection, you can not go wrong with anything off the menu. Everything is simply excellent and delicious, from lattes to drip coffee.

They have some nice options even for a simple menu, extending from dark to light roast with a very common rotation among the single origin offerings such as espresso drinks or pour-over coffee.

Best coffee in Portland
By StockSnap, Pixabay. Copyright 2017

Hit up any five stores for a good cup of coffee throughout the day, with some work or simply hanging out.

The place adds a comfortable setting with either an in-house or outdoor setting to the equation, along with some great coffee.

Comfortable seating, a good cup of coffee, and your work laptop make up for an excellent work environment. Time also tends to fly noticeably fast in these spacious, airy good coffee stores while you breathe in the cozy atmosphere of the coffee shop.

Like many other establishments, The Good Coffee Shop also prides itself on its excellent coffee beans, roasted manually on the premises in one of its establishments in Troutdale.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and you enjoy the flavor and texture of Good Coffee Shop’s coffee, then you can definitely up your coffee game by either purchasing a bag of Good Coffee Beans or by signing up for their coffee subscription, which delivers fine quality, excellent beans straight to your doorstep!

4. Water Avenue Coffee


1028 SE Water Avenue #145 Portland Oregon

Since 2009, when the Water Avenue Coffee company established itself in the streets of Portland, it has garnered a good reputation for itself!

Named as one of the best coffee roasters, the neighborhood communities’ deep interwoven connections seem to play a significant role in their success!

The Water Avenue Coffee roastery is devoted to “economic, social, and environmental sustainability,” You’ll find the Water Avenue Coffee Roastery situated near the Willamette River in a neighborhood that was formerly industrial in nature!

Admire the sleek, modern industrial design, but the long, toasted roasting process that results in the shop’s distinctive espresso drinks is the true lure.

5. Heart Coffee Roasters


2211 E Burnside Portland, OR 97205

Not only the locals but also esteemed reviewers like Conde Nast Traveler rank Heart Coffee Roasters as one of the top coffee businesses in Portland.

Heart Coffee Roasters’ founder is originally from Finland, so it’s no surprise that the coffee shop, which has three locations in downtown Portland, Oregon, has a distinctly Nordic flavor.

The place exhibits organically sourced beans from various local organizations and states such as Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. These beans are highly significant as they provide customers with a unique, high-quality, and delicious coffee experience!

From pour-over coffee to French press coffee, you can experience the high quality of its coffee beans.

Although all three sites offer expertly brewed coffee, a visit to the Eastside cafe, the chain’s flagship location, is worthwhile if you wish to see the enormous coffee roaster that serves as the establishment’s focal point.

Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia are just a few countries from which Heart sources its beans. From macchiatos to pour-over coffees, you can experience the high quality of its coffee beans.

Best coffee in portland
By jules-21, Pixabay. Copyright 2019

While all three sites offer expertly brewed coffee, a visit to the Eastside Café, the chain’s flagship location, is worthwhile only to see the enormous coffee roaster that serves as the establishment’s focal point.

The coffee store is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of coffee and even offers anecdotes and tips on its blog.

Not only that, but it also offers advice on the finest brewing methods!

6. Ovation Coffee And Tea



With the many excellent coffee and tea choices available in the Ovation Coffee and Tea Shop, it gets difficult to choose what to have.

Among the famous Portland coffee businesses, the Ovation Coffee store established itself based on its unique touch regarding experimental coffee!

Not only does it specialize in coffee and tea assorted with Moroccan spices, wherein Pistachio Latte was mentioned in the reviews as being great combined with one of their freshly baked scones.

Additionally, Ovation offers espresso, cappuccino, and other similar drinks. With a cafeteria-like vibe, the coffee store depends more on the good quality of its products and amazing service rather than a flashy ambiance!

The only little drawback to the coffee is that it is on the pricey side, yet not to an extent where the customers wouldn’t return. If you are loyal to your coffee, you might visit the place again and again for its aesthetically experimented range of assorted coffee.

7. Proud Mary Cafe


2012 NE ALBERTA ST, Southeast PORTLAND, OR 97211

After establishing a cult following in its original location of Melbourne, The Australian Company Proud Mary opened a small store in Portland, Oregon, to expand!

And in no time, the Proud Mary Coffee Store garnered an amazing reputation as one of the most legendary coffee places and brunch venues with a cozy atmosphere and homely feel. The store was constantly packed with enthusiastic residents and curious travelers alike.

The great coffee was a bonus for the people. When counting the best coffee in Portland, it is obvious to rank Proud Mary, both a roaster and a restaurant, among the top coffee houses in the town.

It’s a charming store with a wonderful and vibrant outdoor seating area, lush with vegetation and natural light in the summer.

The menu is on the expensive side of the spectrum, but considering the availability of breakfast options and the coffee, it makes up for it.

8. Keeper Coffee Co


4515 SE 41st Ave, Portland, OR 97202

The adorable little cafe looks nothing short of a coffee haven for enthusiasts with its marbled cafe tables and aesthetically antique wooden chairs. The store’s beautiful interior seems to be brought to life straight out of a music video or movie!

Originally established inside the Adored Vintage, Keepers Coffee store has now expanded with a few modest stores around the city.

The Keeper Coffee offers an assortment of single-origin coffees from Coava Coffee Roasters, Aesthete Tea, and One Stripe Chai.

The coffee menu of the place has been kept fairly simple, with a twist of freshly baked pastries and cookies that harmoniously complement the menu.

The lemon-lavender loaves, rose pistachio shortbread, and peach hand pies are a few examples of the handmade goodness available at the cafe locations.

So if you are looking for a beautiful coffee place, The Keeper Coffee is a good option, and now that the new stores have both an inside as well as and outside seating area, you can enjoy the calming fragrance of coffee and freshly baked pastries while sitting outside in the sun. A perfect combination for cold mornings!

9. Never Coffee


| 537 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 | 4243 SE Belmont St UNIT 200, Portland, OR 97215 |

Never Coffee seems to be a unique name for a place that is essentially famous for its excellent coffee in colorful bags.

A charming little, well-lit Portland cafe renowned for its quirky vibe and vibrant interiors, with an assorted range of espresso-based drinks, single-origin coffees, and lattes that complement the menu of the store and add to its uniqueness!

The coffee store exhibits quirky art on its walls along with pastel-colored furnishings.

Among the specialty drinks at the Never Coffee Store, the customers’ favorites are flavored lattes served in lively and colorful ceramic mugs.

These exceptionally creative options, carefully curated by the hands of expert baristas, have a very inclusive range of seasonally assorted spice flavors such as fennel, shishito peppers, and yuzu.

The center of all coffee-based experiments, the Never coffee store, is like a working laboratory that provides various rich options of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and many others. Not only this, their specially curated blends come with many quirky names as well. The Holy Grail is one such example!

A few other examples from the famous menu of Never Coffee in Portland, Oregon, are:

9.1. OregonDulce de Leche • Cascade Hops • Jacobsen Sea Salt

The Oregonian flavor includes a pinch of sea salt to entice you, while the familiar taste of caramel soothes you and calls you in to savor every sip of the coffee. The inclusion of regional hops keeps the coffee interesting.

9.2. Pop-Tart Cherries • Matcha Makrut Lime

Powdered green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants, with cherry and lime.

9.3. Yuzu & SaltBurned Sugar & Coconut Cream Yuzu Fruit Sansho Pepper

Creamy smooth latte with a burst of flavor, including Oregon salts and Japanese pepper, and the rich and lovely taste of yuzu fruit to give you a fresh and tingly feeling!

9.4. Midnight OilSweet Fennel Seed • Star Anise • Black Licorice

Comforting coffee fused with black licorice. The coffee is mysteriously enticing to taste, with a slight sweetness to the dark texture, leaving you wanting more.

9.5. Rich KidRose Water Saffron • Cardamom

With the Extravagant balance among flavors, The Rich kid is famous for its spices, such as cardamom and Saffron. And the rose water adds uniqueness to the already delicious flavor!

With this being the last option on our specially curated list of stores, to help you find some of the best places for various types of unique and good coffee and make your own “Best Coffee in Portland” records, all the while journaling the best ones in your heads, we bid you adieu!

May your coffee kick in before reality does!

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