19 Best Family Dogs to Own!

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best family dogs
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Are you planning to have a new addition to your family? Keep reading to find out the best family dogs for you!

It is rightly said that dogs are a man’s best friend! People all across the world adore dogs as their chosen animal companion, giving them preference over other pets.

The reason behind the desire for a new pet may vary based on people’s needs and preferences. You may be looking for a dog to help with your loneliness, provide company to your children, or encourage you to be more active! Whatever the reason might be, there is a dog out there for each and every one of you!

How to determine the Best Family Dogs?

To figure out which dog is best for your family, think about the dog’s size and your family’s lifestyle and routine.

These three considerations can assist you in selecting a suitable family dog:

  1. Size – A dog’s size does not indicate whether or not it is good with people, especially kids. Both temperament and energy level should be considered while determining the size as larger dogs tend to be more docile, but smaller dogs are more energetic.
  2. Temperament – The temperament is the personality of the dog. A calmer dog, for example, can build strong ties with your children and be a wonderful companion. It would be best if you looked for someone with a pleasant demeanour.
  3. Energy level – This would differ from family to family. If your lifestyle can accommodate a highly energetic dog, then go for it! Otherwise, it would be better to go for a less active dog.

Here are the 19 Best Family Dogs to Own!

The 16 dogs on this list differ in size, temperament, and energy levels but would all make great additions to your family!

1. Golden Retriever

best family dogs
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If you’re looking for a dog that will fit in well with your family, a golden retriever is a perfect choice!

Golden retrievers are one of the best family dogs! They are self-assured, intelligent, loving, and loyal. They are not aggressive or timid and are exceedingly patient, making them a great companion for children!

They are medium-sized dogs and are very active and enthusiastic, meaning they require regular exercise but also enjoy playing for longer durations. They also do not require much care or maintenance, which is great for a busy family! A golden retriever also has a decent barking level, barking only when necessary.

2. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in America, making it a good match for your family and a great choice on this list of best family dogs!

It’s a gentle, peaceful, and easy-to-train breed. They are outgoing and friendly, and they get along well with others, making them one of the best dog breeds for kids! Labrador Retrievers are also exceptionally adaptable, capable of hunting, displaying, dock diving, tracking, and obedience.

Labs are incredibly energetic! They have a high energy level and aren’t afraid to show it. They, too require a lot of physical activity, so the Labrador Retriever would be the best family dog for you if you are an active family!

3. Beagle

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The Beagle is a fantastic dog breed for families because of its small size and quiet disposition! Beagles are also the fifth most popular pet breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club!

The demeanour of a Beagle is lively, affectionate, and even. They are rarely violent with children and like being in the company of humans.

Beagles are natural hunting dogs who enjoy being outside. In regards to grooming, they are one of the most low-maintenance breeds! This small dog is swift and lively, with a high energy level, and requires a lot of exercises.

4. Bulldog

Another dog breed that would make a great family pet, especially for apartment dwellers, is the bulldog!

Bulldogs are calm, brave, and pleasant. They are respectful yet entertaining and make for an excellent friend for children! These devoted canines can adjust to most environments, including apartment living, and enjoy spending time with their families.

Bulldogs are not particularly active, but they do require regular walks and the occasional frolic. They are generally quiet and easily trainable, but they do require regular grooming.

5. Newfoundland

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The Newfoundland, dubbed “Nature’s Babysitter,” is one of the world’s most smart dog breeds!

This gentle giant is known for being sweet, patient, devoted and super smart! Newfoundlands are one of the best dogs for kids as they adore kids and are fiercely protective of them!

Newfs are somewhat energetic, and they require space to play with their large, powerful bodies. Furthermore, they are very adaptable to training and bark only when necessary, making them one of the best family dogs!

6. Irish Setter

Irish Setters, known for their beautiful red coat is another one of the kid-friendly dogs!

This breed is sweet in nature and very outgoing! An Irish Setter adores being with its family and despises being alone, therefore they’re at their finest when they’re accompanied by their family members.

Irish Setters are highly energetic dogs who enjoy running and require a lot of space and exercise. Therefore for active families, this cheerful and easy to train a dog is ideal!

7. Pug

30819002 cute pug dog sitting down to the ground
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The expression “multum in parvo,” which means “a lot of dog in a short place,” perfectly describes the Pug, another one of the popular breeds for best family dogs!

Pugs are an even-tempered, endearing, mischievous, and affectionate dog breed! They are small in size but do not need to be coddled but they are motivated to be close to their family and to please them. Pugs are also very adaptable, feeling at ease in both a little apartment and a country property.

Pugs are somewhat active but they aren’t highly energetic. However, they do have powerful legs so they should be exercised on a regular basis.

8. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world, particularly among city dwellers!

The breed is versatile and gentle, making it ideal for new families. They are playful, intelligent, adaptive, and extremely enticing! They also respond well to training!

French Bulldogs are laid-back and not particularly active. Brisk walks however will keep them in shape! They also require occasional grooming.

9. Cocker Spaniel

cocker spaniel
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You know, there’s a pretty good chance that Cocker Spaniels believe they’re people!

They are compassionate, caring, and intelligent. Cocker spaniels also enjoy being around children! They’re also excellent therapy dogs and could be a suitable match for a nervous or special-needs child.

Cocker Spaniels are athletic, energetic, and active, and enjoy being in the middle of things! They would definitely prove to be a great pet for you!

10. Border Collie

Best known for their herding skills, Border Collies would be a great companion for families with children!

They are powerful, loyal, affectionate, quick, and responsive, along with being self-assured. They are calm and ready to please, making them an excellent family companion!

Border Collies are active and require daily exercise, yet they are content to relax at home the rest of the day. Because they are high-energy and enjoy moving around, a Collie is best suited for active families!

11. Poodle

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Poodles are one of the greatest dog breeds for families, so they might be the right fit for you!

These lovable goofballs are extremely intelligent and are easy to train. They easily adapt to new surroundings and enjoy playing with children! While no dog has a completely hypoallergenic coat, poodles appear to be one of the best canines for kids with allergies since they appear to create fewer allergens.

Poodles, regardless of size, are very active dogs. You would have to exercise frequently, drawing on their past as duck hunters. They’re also superb retrievers who enjoy jogging and long walks, and a good game of fetch!

12. Boxer

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If you include a Boxer in your family, you’ll never feel alone again!

These lively, medium-sized dogs are fiercely devoted and protective of people they love, with calm dispositions yet a desire to play, making them one of the finest dogs for high-energy children!

Boxers are highly energetic and require exercise, but be careful not to overwork them in hot weather as they overheat like all brachycephalic dogs.

13. Brussels Griffon

Next on the list of best family dogs is Brussles Griffon and this toy breed is another one of the great companions for families!

The Brussels Griffon is a strong, intelligent, and active dog. Interaction, activity, and cerebral stimulation are all things that he enjoys. His diminutive stature makes him an ideal apartment resident if you give him the opportunity to vent out some adrenaline.

Griffons are high-spirited and enjoy playing and going for daily walks with their owners, making them a good family dog! However, the downside is that this breed requires more grooming than most of the other dogs.


While this breed isn’t precisely well-known, it’s one of the best family dogs you can own!

The Vizsla is a loyal and friendly dog with lively energy yet a gentle demeanour. The breed is also intelligent, gentle, and self-assured. Vizslas form deep bonds with their family members and are quick learners.

Vizsla’s energy level is high, and they desire frequent activity, making it ideal for energetic families, especially those with older kids. Also, they have a short coat and a low-maintenance grooming routine!

15. Bernese Mountain Dog

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The Bernese Mountain Dog might be the perfect fit for you if you are a first-time pet owner, considering their loyal tendencies!

They are well-known for their pleasant, peaceful, easygoing personalities and their commitment to their family, which includes young kids. They are also pretty easy to train!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are active and require daily exercise. They also require regular grooming. They may exhibit destructive habits or excessive barking if they don’t get enough exercise.

16. Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are excellent companion dogs for older kids!

They are unbelievably sweet, fiercely protective, and easily trainable. They are often described as charming, playful, and at times mischievous! Bull terriers are also known for their crazy, funny antics and crowd-pleasing temperament, requiring affection.

The breed is highly active and requires a lot of exercises. This also makes it a great fit for your children’s playtime!

17. Chihuahua

best family dogs
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One of the smallest dog breeds, the Chihuahua is without a doubt one of the cutest toy breeds too!

They have a soft spot for youngsters and are devoted to their families. Chihuahuas prefer to live indoors and dislike extreme cold! They’re simple to train and enjoy sitting in the lap of the person who adores them the most.

But even though they are lap dogs, they are lively and prefer to be kept busy!

18. Bichon Frise

Next on the list of best family dogs is Bichon Frise, one of the most significant dog breeds for families!

Among the friendliest dogs globally, these dogs are kind, friendly, and playful! They’re also one of the fluffiest dog breeds, thanks to their cloud-like coats! Bichon Frises do best with consistent training and moderate quantities of exertion.

These dogs are relatively active and make wonderful playmates for hyperactive children! Because of their small size, they make excellent city dogs if you give them plenty of exercises.

19. Havanese

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This little beauty is Cuba’s national dog! Havanese are joyful and friendly dogs! They have outgoing personalities and like interacting with people of all ages. They’re also brilliant and convenient to train!

They are energetic dogs who enjoy playing games and learning new tricks with their owners. Do keep in mind that they’re a toy breed, so they’re not the ideal choice for rough-and-tumble play. Also, they don’t perform well in kennels and prefer to stay with their owners.

Finally, we come to the end of this list of best family dogs! We hope that it proved to be helpful to you and that you were able to find the perfect dog for your family!

Let us know your favorite dog on the list in the comments section and if you have any more to add, feel free to do so!


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