Dog Adoption NYC: An Ultimate Guide

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dog adoption nyc

 Dogs are popular pets because they are affectionate, energetic, and responsive. Dogs are also the most devoted companions that humans can have.

This article on Dog Adoption  NYC is an overview of the actual dog adoption process in NYC. 

dog adoption nyc
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 All About Dog Adoption NYC

Dogs are very friendly and loyal animals. Thus, they are the most common pets. NYC is a pet-friendly city, and a lot of people there have dogs and cats.  

There are certain things you should know before adopting a dog in NYC. First of all, caring for a dog is expensive in NYC, so you have to be sure about your finances before taking any major decision.

The size of your dog does matter in NYC as New Yorkers stay in tight living arrangements; thus, having bigger dogs might be challenging for the owner.

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There is a rule that on subways, the owners are supposed to carry their dogs in baskets, bags, or some sort of container, irrespective of the size of your pet dog. Hence, if you’re a regular on the subway,  smaller dogs are better for you if you are planning to adopt any time soon.

You can see many dog parks in NYC, where you can unleash your dog and let them play with other dogs or roam around freely. 

You must train your dog to behave in a social environment in the presence of strangers, such as in the park or even on the street. 

You are responsible for cleaning up any kind of litter caused by your dog when you take him for a walk in NYC.

A lot of dog walkers can be seen in NYC, taking dogs for group or private walks so that you can keep a dog walker for your pet as well. Apart from taking the dogs on walks, the dog walkers are also responsible for cleaning your dog’s litter.

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Medical facilities will not be a matter of concern for your pet as there are many veterinary clinics in New York.

You can easily find daycare, boarding, grooming centers for your pet. You can even get pet insurance.

It is really important to have good acquaintances around your neighborhood or in your family who can willingly help you look after your pet when you are not around or maybe when you are out for work trips.

Dog Adoption NYC – Process

Dog adoption NYC is very systematic and extensive. The adoption centers check and make sure if you are actually capable of taking care of the pet.

Adopting animals is a huge commitment, and adoption is not advised if you can not meet the pet’s basic needs.

The dog adoption process starts with you sending an application to the adoption center or rescue shelter.

You are supposed to answer some important questions regarding your history with pets ( if you had any pets earlier ); you have to give 2-3 references who can expect a call for verification from the adoption center.

If your application seems favorable to them, then they will call you for a phone interview. It almost seems like a job interview, which clearly shows how systematic and important this dog adoption NYC process is.

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They check your financial capability to handle the pet’s expenses along with all other expenditures.

After the interview, they match you with the pet or, in some cases, do a house visit for inspection.

The adoption range varies from breed to breed. One good thing about these adoption centers and shelters is that they cover all the basic vaccinations, operations (spay/neuter), and basic medical needs of the pet.

So the adoption fees can be considered worth it as you are adopting a medically sound and healthy dog. 

Puppies and kittens are immediately picked up and have more chances of adoption.

Dog Adoption NYC -Tips 

The animal care organizations have active adoption programs to find proper homes for the animals. Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility.

Different dog breeds have different nurturing needs.

It is said that a dog will love you more than anyone will ever do. They tend to become a part of your family.

Having pet dogs is literally like having small children around you all the time. They add color to your otherwise boring life. They light up your mood, entertain you, make you feel valued. 

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Clear your schedule before getting the dog home, as it is difficult for the dog if he’s a rescued dog to move from a rescue shelter to a new home.

Everything will be new for them the people, surroundings, the schedule. It can take time to develop a bond with your new canine buddy.

He can feel uncomfortable initially, but eventually, he will start getting used to his new routine and new home.

You have to spend more time with your dog during these initial days, and it is advised to take some time off work and spend it with your new housemate.

It is said that a rescue dog takes around 2-4 days to shake off the stress of being in a shelter home.

Clean your home properly before bringing the dog home; remove anything which can be dangerous or which can potentially cause any injury to your pet.

Keep away things that can lead to choking hazards as the dogs’ habit of chewing things (especially if he’s a puppy).

So keep things like chemicals, sharp objects, cleansing products out of your pet’s reach, and make sure he’s all safe.

While house training your dog, give him small treats, show him that he’s doing all good and he’s a good dog; by doing so, he will be a well-mannered dog and a happy dog.

Try to take him out for walks more frequently during the initial days.

Dogs love you, care for you, stay loyal to you and make your life mesmerizing just by existing.

Rescue dogs need our love and attention too. Dog adoption NYC inspires and motivates us to adopt more dogs, especially the rescued ones, because everyone deserves second chances, and so do our adorable canine friends.

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