22 Exciting Things To Do In Nashville With Kids

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Things To Do In Nashville With Kids
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Things to do in Nashville with kids – Planning a trip with your kids to Nashville, and you want to know how to make it exciting and happening for them?

Be it a family vacation, a weekend getaway, business meetings, or a romantic weekend, Nashville has a lot of attractions that cater to everyone. There are many fun things to do in Nashville with kids, and the whole family can have outdoor fun while taking a self-guided tour to visit the historic sites to learn about the place’s history.

Hop on to a double-decker bus and see the family-friendly attractions of the place and make it a family vacation that you will remember for a long, long time.


Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and is situated on the Cumberland River. Enjoy the Nashville sounds and sights and soak in the city’s hospitality while visiting there. Nashville is said to host some wonderful bachelorette parties, and the city’s temperate climate attracts visitors all year round.

Nashville is also known as the Music City, and it started when a hymnal called Western Harmony was published in the city. The music scene is very active here, and many popular venues here make Nashville live up to its reputation of being a music city.

Music runs through the veins of the city, and there is the Bluebird Cafe for songwriters to showcase their talent. There are around 70 recording studios in the city. Some of the famous artists who have made their music in the city include Bon Jovi, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Bubble, Sheryl Crow, and others.

Things to do in Nashville with Kids

There are a lot of things that cross your mind whenever you are visiting a place with your family. You want to look for family-friendly attractions so that the kids don’t get bored and enjoy their vacation. There are a lot of things to do in Nashville with kids without getting bored.

The city has a cool park, live music venues, family-friendly restaurants, and other sights and sounds that make it a city worth visiting. If you think there are interesting things to do in Nashville with kids, then the answer is yes!

Hop on to the Old Town Trolley Tours, go for a spin in the city, and enjoy the family-friendly things to do in Nashville with kids. Taking the Old Town Trolley Tours is one of the convenient ways to enjoy the Nashville sounds and Nashville sights.

Nashville Ghost Tour is another way to explore and enjoy Nashville and one of the things to do in Nashville with kids while visiting the city. You get to see many landmark locations and sites of downtown Nashville if you take the Nashville Ghost Tour. This tour is family-friendly, and if you are traveling with family and kids, you can book one of these tours.

1. Adventure Science Center

This is the perfect place to visit if are looking for things to do in Nashville with kids. Children will enjoy learning about science and nature in an interactive and fun way. They explore science and inventions with interactive programs and exhibits. The thematic exhibits, wonders of science and technology, and encouraging a better understanding of ourselves are good for children to experience.

Plan a visit to the Adventure Science Center in advance once you finalize your trip to Nashville and explore physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, space, earth science, and more.

2. Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Explore Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, the mansion, and the garden and its grounds, and get to know more about Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, his childhood, his family, and his stint as the President. Experience a piece of Nashville history by visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.

A walking tour is the best way also to understand the President’s historical ties to wine. Visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is one of Nashville’s attractions and the best way to know a bit of history.

3. Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar

Alan Jackson’s Bar in Nashville is one of the things to do in Nashville with kids if you are planning a visit to the city and want to know what to do during your stay there. The bar was founded by Alan Jackson, the country music superstar in 2016 and was voted number one Honky Tonk in Nashville by Billboard Magazine.

The bar has three floors, a sports bar, the Hullbilly Bar with night karaoke, and a rooftop bar that gives expansive views of the city. It is situated within walking distance of Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Each floor speaks of Alan Jackson, his career, and his personal life, and you get to experience the best live country music in the city.

The venue where the bar is historical and was once a Civil War hospital, home of the Bullet Records, and Nashville’s first used record store.

4. Belle Meade Plantation

Visiting the Belle Meade Plantation is a good way to enjoy your trip to Nashville if you are visiting with the whole family and this can be one of the things you can do in Nashville with kids without them getting bored or uninterested.

There are many ways to experience Belle Meade, and you can choose from the historic tours, guided Segway tours, or Wine and Food Pairings. You can go for curated family tours just for families and kids under the age of 12.

Choose this place for a perfect outing with your family and friends, and you can stroll through the grounds while experiencing the hospitality of the city and the region.

5. Centennial Park

Located in downtown Nashville, Centennial Park is an urban park stretching across 132 acres of land. The park hosts a full-scale replica of the iconic Parthenon, gardens, an art center, a lake, and a walking tour. A number of festivals are also held in Centennial Park, including a weekly series called the Musician’s Corner that runs in the summer and Tennessee Craft Fair.

6. Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park is situated between the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge and Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge and is a new Riverfront Play Park. The park prioritizes drawing the residents of Nashville to the riverfront place that throws light on the history and cultural life of the city. The stage pavilion in Cumberland Park hosts a lot of shows, plays, and events.

7. Dragon Park or The Fannie Mae Dees Park

The Dragon Park is known for its 150-foot-long sea serpent sculpture though it is named Dragon Park, and the park’s official name is Fannie Mae Dees Park.

The story of how Fannie Mae Dees Park came into existence is quite interesting. In the 1970s, many people were displaced from their homes for renewal efforts in the area. Fannie Mae Dees was one of the locals who raised her voice against it though she lived in the neighborhood. She had kept a coffin in front of her house to signify the death of a neighborhood. Her home was demolished, but one plot remained vacant after the developing plans failed.

A new park was built there and named Fannie Mae Dees Park after her though she had passed away by then. They thought the best way to bring the neighborhood together was to make a sculpture and get the residents to cover it with tiles. Many of them turned out and covered the sea serpent with colorful tiles. A portrait of Fannie Mae Dees is also kept there, and it is aesthetically wonderful to see the sea serpent winding and snaking through the park.

8. Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum was initially known as the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and is housed in Nashville’s historic Post Office building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places list. Admission to the Art Museum is free for those who are under 18 years of age.

The Frist Center brims with activities like summer camps, art classes, story time in the art galleries, all-day-long teen workshops, arts and crafts pottery seminars, and architectural tours of the building.

The Frist Art Museum is a unique experience, and you can put it down on your list if you are looking for things to do in Nashville with kids.

9. Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a weekly American country music hall in Nashville. This country music hall brings talents and country legends together every weekend, and this can be one of the things to do in Nashville with kids while visiting the city with your family members.

Things To Do In Nashville With Kids
By Riley Crawford / unsplash
Copyrights 2019

Take the daytime backstage tour and get to know more about the behind-the-scenes show that makes county music popular in the city. The highlights of the daytime backstage tour are:

  • Grand Ole Opry stories and access to the photos of the greatest moments at the country music hall
  • Getting to see the artist entrance when popular artists enter the Grand Ole Opry
  • A chance to get on to the stage or the wooden circle of Grand Ole Opry House
  • An amazing theater experience with music and special effects with the two hosts, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
  • You can opt for Post Show Backstage Tours, and the highlights of this tour are:
  • Seeing from where the artist entered that night for the show
  • A stop in Studio A, a live television studio and the former home of Hee Haw
  • Get on the stage and the famed wooden circle of the Grand Ole Opry House

10. Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum has a collection of automobiles, founded by Jeff and Susan Lane, mainly European. This is one of the things to do in Nashville with kids if you are visiting the city with your whole family.

The museum has a gift shop, a children’s area, and an art gallery and is said to have the largest collection of European vehicles in all shapes and sizes. The indoor kids’ area is a boon for adults to enjoy the museum without getting distracted if they are on a family vacation and have the kids with them.

11. Honky Tonk Highway

Experience any of the Honky Tonks at the Honky Tonk Highway and enjoy the live music being pumped onto the streets from 10 pm to 3 am. The Honky Tonk Highway is four blocks long, and you get to listen to world-class music on Nashville’s famous street.

Things To Do In Nashville With Kids
By Hari Nandakumar / unsplash
Copyrights 2018

Plan a trip and enjoy the neon lights and blaring music and see the music city from a different perspective and come back astounded and mesmerized.

12. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Take some time off, visit this famous wax museum in Nashville, and go on a memorable musical journey. Celebrate the icons and legends of music in this music city by visiting the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the world’s greatest wax museum.

The venue is perfect for any occasion. Host your next event at the Nashville Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and indulge in all the fun things you want to do.

13. Nashville Zoo

Visiting Nashville with your family and looking for family-friendly attractions? Then taking a trip to Nashville Zoo is one of the things you can do in Nashville with kids. The zoo is home to more than 3000 animals representing 325 species.

This zoological park is situated 6 miles South of downtown Nashville and is one of the popular regional attractions of the city. The adventure 4D theater in the zoo with all the special effects is a wonderful experience.

14. Nashville Music City Center

Music is the Universal Language; experience it like never before at the Nashville Music City Center. They host some of the best events, concerts, and music festivals, and it is one of the things to do in Nashville with kids if you are in the city. You get to know more about the culture and creative energy of the city by just visiting here.

15. Nashville Children’s Theatre

Planning a trip to Nashville with your family and looking for things to do in Nashville with kids? A visit to the Nashville Children’s theatre is mandatory as it throws light on dramatic arts, and parents and children can have a good time together watching shows. There are weekend matinee shows, making it easier for parents and children to watch shows together.

This iconic theatre has eight productions each season, and school children from local schools always book it. Summer camps are held for children, and the theatre brings high-quality performances to students and the public.

16. Nashville Shores

Situated along the shores of Percy Priest Lake, Nashville Shores Waterpark is a good place to go if you are looking for things to do in Nashville with kids. There are a lot of family-friendly attractions here, like the beach, a wave pool, a river, and exhilarating rides.

Book yourself at the Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort and enjoy the waterpark and the Treetop Adventure Park. Go ziplining over the forest and enjoy the Tarzan jumps, suspended bridges, and other adventures while going on a treetop adventure at the Treetop Adventure Park. This is one of the best things you can do if you are looking for things to do in Nashville with kids.

The resort is family-friendly and conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Nashville, and it has excellent amenities that will make your stay there comfortable.

17. Percy Warner Park

Visiting Percy Warner Park is one of the things to do in Nashville with kids. Enjoy the park by taking a walking tour or opting for walking trails and soak in the lushness of the rolling Harpeth Hills. The trails here cater to all skill levels, and there are mountain biking trails if you are looking to indulge in any outdoor activities while on your stay there.

This park is one of the popular parks in the city and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Enjoy this beautiful venue if you are in the city.

18. Percy Priest Lake

J Percy Priest Lake is one of the things to do in Nashville with kids if you are looking for a bit of outdoors, excitement, and adventure. There is a dam located on miles six and seven of Stone River, and this is a popular weekend destination during the summer seasons.

Swimming, fishing, boating, and other activities make the place perfect for camping. The campsites have picnic tables, electric hookups, and firepits. The lake and the dam are named after Congressman Percy Priest.

Enjoy the picturesque landscape of the place by going on one of the Percy Priest Lake tours, and the Percy Priest Marinas offer all the types of equipment and amenities to have a good boating experience.

If you are looking to visit an RV Park and Campground, there are a few located on the shores of the lake, and the Poole Knobs Campground is a good one as it has a lot of recreational activities for campers.

19. Ryman Auditorium

It is said watching a show from this auditorium can be a spiritual experience, and this center for performing arts is named after its founder, Thomas Ryman. The vintage-style wooden stage of the Ryman Auditorium is said to have held shows of Johnny Cash and Charlie Chaplin.

This Ryman Auditorium is one of the iconic structures of Nashville, and it is designated the position of National Historic Landmark for catapulting country music to great heights. This is one of the things to do in Nashville with kids, especially if they like country music and live music.

20. Station Inn

A visit to Station Inn, a music listening room in Nashville, is one of the things that are exciting to do on this music city’s trip. The live music of some of the best bluegrass in the world can be heard here. Many famous singers like Alan Jackson, Alison Krauss, Bill Monroe, and others have performed here. The goal is to bring great music and great family fun to Nashville.

The Station Inn is located in the heart of the Gulch of Nashville, and minors are allowed in if escorted by an adult. Their newsletter gives you information about who is going to perform each month.

21. Taylor Swift Education Center

The Taylor Swift Education Center at Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, is spread over two floors and has three classrooms, a hands-on instrument, and a children’s exhibit gallery for interactive exhibits.

The Taylor Swift Education Center has displays of student artwork where they have participated in the workshops. The center has art installations and special artifacts cases and activities for toddlers, teens, and adults. There is also a special space dedicated where everyone can enjoy and experience the culture of country music.

22. Tennessee State Museum

The Tennessee State Museum is a large museum in Nashville that gives good insights into the history of the United States. The building is 137,000 square feet, and there is a Tennessee Time Tunnel that takes the visitors through the permanent collections in the museum, six rotating galleries, a hands-on children’s gallery, displays of contemporary arts and artifacts, and a digital learning center.

The exhibition hall has an assortment of sketches, silver, and weapons, and a special section is dedicated to Native American cultures.

In The End

Things To Do In Nashville With Kids
By Drew Hays / unsplash
Copyrights 2018

You must be making plans to visit Nashville and must be checking for things to do in Nashville with kids. The Nashville, TN Play Equipment is the best way to discover the city. The above list will give you good ideas and options for the things you want to do to have a great family-friendly vacation.

Book yourself at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and take your kids to Escape Game Nashville, apart from the other sights and sounds of the city, and have a good break from your routine life. Enroll in an hour-long line dancing class and enjoy the line dancing lessons and other fun things while completely free from other thoughts.

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