12 Places to Find the Best Breakfast in Nashville

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Believe it or not, these 12 places will offer you the best breakfast in Nashville that you would want to check out at least once in your lifetime! If you recognize Nashville as Taylor Swift’s home, then it’s high time you know more about this city.

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee in the US. This city is exquisitely famous for the Country Music Hall and the best places to serve your cravings! Let me recommend you some of the best places to have the best breakfast in Nashville, TN.

Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Nashville

So, if you are a tourist, student, or maybe a native resident of Nashville, knowing the best breakfast zones in your town would be beneficial. Check out these 12 astonishing spots in Nashville, TN, to have your morning plate of happiness or maybe delicious weekend brunch.

All of these cafes in St Nashville, TN, are open during breakfast hours and are best suited for quick meals and takeaways. In terms of ratings and reviews, these are regarded as the best breakfast in Nashville.

1. Loveless Cafe

Best breakfast in Nashville
By Denise Mattox (Flickr Copyright 2022)

Don’t judge this café by its name, cuz it is more than that. The Loveless Cafe is located in the southwest portion of Nashville. Southern comfort food is presented at its best in this café at St Nashville, TN. The origins of this café date back to the year 1951. Currently, it is owned by Charles Elcan and Trisha Frist.

This café cum motel has its area divided into various units for fun and refreshment, where you’ll receive the best breakfast in Nashville. You will find a Hams & Jams country market, a smokehouse, the loveless café, a gift store, a food truck, and a biscuit kitchen in its periphery.

The café opens at the breakfast hours around 8:00 AM and stays up till 8:00 PM. Tuesdays are off days, and weekends are on; therefore, perfect to relish the weekend brunch menu.

Talking about the breakfast menu and specialty of this café, well, they produce around 10,000 biscuits every single day! You can imagine how savoring they may be. Or, if you wish to bring their taste to your private events, you can book their food truck as well!

Once you book yours, you can either select their exquisite dishes like fried chicken, fried steak, and freshly baked sweet biscuits or give them a customized menu.

2. Nashville Biscuit House

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By Lisa Fotios (Pexels Copyright 2022)

Nashville biscuit house is located on Ave Nashville, TN, and the restaurant breakfast hours start at 6:30 in the morning. Nashville biscuit house provides the best breakfast in St Nashville, TN, when it comes to sausage gravy.

According to the current schedule, they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They provide breakfast all day on Sundays. This restaurant is run by a family, and they are more into bringing to their customers a homemade taste.

They serve homemade desserts every day and have a pretty much amazing breakfast menu thus, assuring you the best breakfast in Nashville. They have a unique menu for kids as well. It includes dishes like vegetarian grits, Cheese grits, sweet potato pancakes, and small soda with it.

For adults, they have an impressive menu on the house. They serve delicious breakfast with a wide variety of menus for the customers to choose from. As mentioned earlier, they prepare homemade desserts, and the dishes are blackberry cobbler and peach cobbler.

While ordering your lunch, make sure to ask your waiter for the day’s special, trust me you won’t regret this! Veggies are available from Mondays to Fridays, but meat and steak are available every day.

3. Sky Blue Cafe

Breakfast in Nashville
By Emrah Tolu (Pexels Copyright 2022)

Fixated in East Nashville, this café is loved and adored by its customers. You might not witness a fancy ambiance but, they surely serve a delicious breakfast menu. This old rusty café has one of the most excellent staff services in the town.

They started in 2010 and have gained hefty customers over the decade. This café also has a dining room for holding events.

All of the workers are friendly and provide rapid services thus, saving your time. The café opens at 8 o’clock in the morning and stays up till 2 0’clock in the noon. The breakfast menu at Sky Blue Cafe is simple and sweet.

You can order scrambled eggs benedict or homemade granola with a honey drizzle. Steak biscuits are worth a try as well. Other dishes worth having a bite are bagel sandwiches, stuffed French toast pancakes, fried eggs, smoked pork chop, three-egg omelets, fresh bagels, smoked sausage, fresh fruit, and breakfast burritos.

You can pick your breakfast sandwich from breakfast sandwiches available here. Chadwich, grilled chicken, Beastwich, Garlic burger are some of the top recommendations. Also, similar to other breakfast restaurants in Nashville, TN, you can get beverages like coffee drinks, espresso drinks, red-eye, latte, mocha, Cappuccino, etc.

4. Monell’s Dining & Catering

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By Daria Shevtsova (Pexels Copyright 2022)

Your search for the best breakfast in Nashville, TN, with an affordable dining room ends right here. At Monells’s dining, you can be assured to receive best-in-class service with a mouthwatering taste. They serve southern-style food in their restaurant.

It is because of their exquisite service and appetizing taste every single time. You can check out Monell’s at Germantown Ave Nashville, TN, or the Manor. Both restaurants offer you vintage-style surroundings to enjoy your weekend brunch or a regular casual breakfast.

Apart from serving palatable breakfast, they also offer other alluring services as well. One of the most praised ones is The Rehearsal Dinners. These dinners arranged by Monell’s are a great way to practice and hold small gatherings or functions related to weddings.

Also, they take orders for wedding parties and offer scrumptious catering in the town.

Coming back to the breakfast hours, here are some traditional dishes you surely wanna try at the Monell’s. Fried chicken, skillet-fried chicken, hot biscuits, southern steak, two fried eggs with sausages and bacon, country fried steak, country ham, and breakfast tacos.

Feel free to visit this place with your family as this place is perfect for families to spend the breakfast hours together. Plus, the location and the surroundings are aesthetic enough to make you feel blissful.

5. D’Andrews Bakery and Cafe

pexels flo dahm 1065030
By Flo Dahm (Pexels Copyright 2022)

At D’Andrews you will find modern calmness with southern proficiency, which is why many regard them to be the best breakfast in Nashville.

Originally, they started in New York City and eventually shifted to downtown Nashville, TN, intending to serve the best breakfast in Nashville. Although the name of this restaurant may give you some serious bakery vibes, don’t worry; they have savory dishes as well.

Here at D’Andrews, you can enjoy pastries, sandwiches, soups, salads, drinks, and other baked stuff. They also offer cookies in different flavors like chocolate chunk cookies, Double chocolate dulcey cookies, Oatmeal cookies, Peanut butter cookies, and Coco oreo cookies.

Carrot cakes at this bakery are purely relishing and a great pick for your Christmas celebrations. Furthermore, you can pick your choice of beverage from a variety of coffee drinks available here. Be it Espresso, Macchiato, Latte, or Americano; you’ll get all of them here.

For lunch, one may order two eggs benedict with bagel sandwiches, Georgia peach pancakes, or buckwheat pancakes with powdered sugar, country ham, French toast, fried apples, chicken sausage, and granola for younger ones.

6. Yeast Nashville

pexels vitezslav vylicil 5412351
By Vitezslav Vylicil (Pexels Copyright 2022)

Located in East Nashville, TN, this hotel serves a fresh breakfast menu starting from 700 hours! They surely serve you the best breakfast in Nashville, as is evident from their breakfast menu.

Unlike other cafes, the Yeast Nashville Café has a dish unique to itself. Although, the owners of this café are constantly busy recreating different desserts and baking tiny molds of happiness. They serve a dish known as Kolache.

Kolaches are made from yeast dough with a variety of resins and other toppings on them. This is a light sweet dish that can be a nice appetizer in the morning breakfast hours. Similar to other breakfast restaurants, you can have a decent amount of savory items as well.

Do try the Drew’s Brews’ coffee during the breakfast hours at this café in East Nashville, TN. You won’t feel the need to visit any other coffee shop once you step in here. They present to you the best breakfast in Nashville, are available from Sundays to Wednesdays and are closed on Fridays and Tuesdays.

7. Pinewood Social

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By Ryan Dickey (Flickr Copyright 2022)

Who says you can delish the breakfast recipes only in the morning? At Pinewood social, you can enjoy your brunch throughout the day! Yes, you heard that right. 

This restaurant, located in St Nashville, TN, is famous for its food and bowling game lanes. This is one reason why many regard this to be the best breakfast in Nashville.

You can visit this place alone or go along with your squad. One thing is assured that you will be spending a nice warm and cozy time here. One thing you must keep in mind while visiting Pinewood Social is their timings.

Check for the timings before you plan your trip. The menu for Pinewood Social is extremely long enough to be written in here. Click here to check out what they offer.

For breakfast, you can elect from pastries, croissants, juices, plates, bowls, eggs, and starters. In brunch, you get a variety of dishes apart from the plain sandwich and country ham thing! Buttermilk biscuits, Buttermilk sticky buns, and Chipotle BBQ wings are worth trying.

If you are overwhelmed by consuming pastries and don’t want them anymore, then you can try the muffins and croissants offered at Pinewood Social. Also, don’t forget to get your soup of the day! Ask your waiter for the same, and he/she will serve you with a soup that is uniquely customized for that day.

8. Wendell Smith’s Restaurant

pexels trang doan 1099680
By Trang Doan (Pexels Copyright 2022)

This restaurant is situated in Ave Nashville, TN, and functional hours are 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM (Mondays to Fridays), 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Saturdays), Sundays closed. Similar to some old and well-established cafes, Wendell Smith’s Restaurant has stood high for the last 65 years!

Their four generations have been working in the same business and have gained the confidence of their customers to serve the best breakfast in Nashville.

As this food line is an old player in the game and has served several generations already, they have an excellent staff, fast services, and are trustworthy! Let me share with you some quick picks to order when you are at Wendell’s, the best breakfast in Nashville.

For breakfast, you can get country ham and two eggs, three-egg omelets, bacon & biscuit, raisin toast, oatmeal, French fries, along with hot chocolate. There’s also a wide range of sandwiches and salads to opt from.

You can get cheese hamburgers, cheese sandwiches, combination salad, grilled sandwiches, hamburger steak, etc. Grilled cheese, kid’s burgers, and chicken tenders are kid’s menu options. Other than these, you can order veggies for specific days (ask your server for the same). Similarly, you can also get the meat for specific days as well.

9. Copper Kettle Cafe and Restaurant

pexels huy phan 1391301
By Huy Phan (Pexels Copyright 2022)

If you are more of a rating and review freak person, then let’s talk about the ratings for Copper Kettle Cafe and Restaurant.

In terms of service, food, value, and atmosphere, this restaurant scored 4.5 ratings out of 5; and customers regard this place to serve the best breakfast in Nashville. Therefore, you can be relieved that they’ll offer you the best breakfast in Nashville.

At a mere 6.2 km from the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum, you will locate the Copper Kettle Cafe. They serve American cuisines and are the perfect place for the vegetarian population. They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

With that being said, let us take a quick look at what the menu at Copper Kettle, the best breakfast in Nashville, has in store for you!

The menu is broadly categorized into four categories- salads, sandwiches, meat for 3, and wraps. As far as wraps are considered, you can either order a vegetarian wrap or non-veg ones (grilled chicken and turkey wraps).

For salads, Copper Kettle offers you four options that are equally balanced for both veg and non-veg customers. Similar is the case for sandwiches. However, you will have to check the latest available meat in the hotel for ordering meat for 3.

10. Pancake Pantry

pexels ash 376464
By Ash (Pexels Copyright 2022)

With an exceptional rating from customers, we surely cannot forget the Pancake pantry. This café is located in downtown Nashville, TN. Now you may think as to why I regard this café as exceptional. Let me clear your doubts because I am surely not baffling about any of my statements.

One reason that is enough to regard Pancake pantry to be exemplary is that they make everything fresh every single day. There’s no other way here. Every day you visit this place, you’ll witness their staff cooking and brewing freshly made dishes. Compotes for all desserts like blueberry compote and sweet Georgia peach compote are prepared daily.

This is the reason why you’ll get a homemade taste every time you visit this place that offers the best breakfast in Nashville. They have starters, egg meals, beverages, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, rolled cakes, waffles, French toast, rolled omelets, sandwiches, and a distinguished kids menu which surely doesn’t end with one or two forced dishes.

The kid’s menu includes beverages like hot chocolate and fruit juices, hot tea, plain milk, and brunch meals like French toast, waffles, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. Apart from the above-mentioned items on the menu, you even get to order specialties on the sides and hash browns. This is why I recommend them as the best breakfast in Nashville.

11. Proper Bagel

pexels daria shevtsova 1467435
By Daria Shevtsova (Pexels Copyright 2022)

A café with chic and pleasant vibes is what you need when you are on tour. Proper Bagel does the same for you. The owners of Proper Bagel have mastered their baking skills from New York City, established their business down in Nashville, TN, and serve the best breakfast in Nashville.

Be prepared to receive vintage-styled dishes with modern bold flavors here. This combination of old and new is why many people regard this to be as best breakfast in Nashville.

You can either order your brunch from the menu at the café or even get your custom cream cheese hash browns, French toast, fried egg, feta cheese, sourdough toast. Also, you can order your pancakes customized as per your need.

They are available from 8:00 AM till 3:00 PM at Belmont, Nashville, TN. Currently, the dine-in services are discontinued concerning covid-19 protocols, but you can still order online. The top recommendations on the menu would be smoked fish sandwiches, bagel sandwiches with cream cheese and sour cream.

Other worthy mentions are the beverages like homemade hot chocolate, iced tea, Arnold palmer, homemade syrups, espresso, latte, and cappuccinos. They also offer catering services for events like marriages and birthday parties. Thus, if you are searching for a chic and appetizing caterer staff, they are the ones available.

12. Hermitage Cafe

pexels julian jagtenberg 103124
By Julian Jagtenberg (Pexels Copyright 2022)

They are on from Tuesdays to Sundays, and Mondays are off days. Takeaway services are available. The opening hours of hermitage café are 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

The menu is quite simple and basic; maybe this is why it is regarded as the best breakfast in Nashville. It suits a fast-paced schedule when you are in a hurry and need to grab a French toast to get going.

They offer cheese omelets, sausages, and slices of bacon with eggs, veggie breakfast, French toast, pancakes, and a variety of other sandwiches. This café has a little issue with the number of seats available but, it surely gives off the retro vibes.

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