How to Roll up Cake Pops : 10 Easy Tips

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One of the first eye-catching desserts that you might stumble across while navigating the food counter at a party might be a stack of vibrant colored cake pops. These cake pops are just the right-sized bites of delicious cake of different flavors that you can munch upon. The best part about cake pops is that they are easy to make, but they are also so easy to customize.

If you are someone who struggles to eat a giant piece of cake owing to the sugar rush that you might experience, A cake pop might be the ideal thing for you!

Making cake pops is so easy and thrifty! These are great for you to have small doses of sweetness throughout the day and can also be great for any party you might be hosting. You can always reuse the leftover cake and reinvent it into a new avatar.

The best thing about cake pops and making them is that you can make them the way you like. You can choose how you want to test with the infinite combination that you can think of.

It is also possible to make everything at home – right from the cake to the frosting that you would be using. If you are running short of time or are just having a lazy day, you can always use a cake mix and readily available frosting and flavorful yet straightforward candy melts! Making cake pops has never been easier!

Pretty sure you are sorted for what your next party favors could be – A batch of beautifully decorated cake pops! Not only would they grab their eyes, but they also have several dessert connoisseurs reaching out for bites of these irresistible homemade cake pops.

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Vanilla Cake Recipe

You can use any cake that you like, that is, it can have any flavor that you want. You can use a box cake mix, because who doesn’t like the convenience! You can also choose to make a simple vanilla cake at home to make his cake pops if you feel fancy. However, you can also use this recipe and have different coverings for cake pops. After all, vanilla is a much-loved versatile base for any dessert!

You can go crazy as you decorate your cake pops. You can use any candy coating, chocolate covered, or cheese cream frosting. The possibilities are just endless.

1. Ingredients

To make this dense and crumbly vanilla cake, you will require,

  • 1.200 g of cake flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 3/4 please phone of baking soda
  • One and a half cups of butter which is preferably unsalted and is at room temperature
  • 400 g of sugar
  • Take three large eggs and two additional egg whites
  • One entire tablespoon of the best quality vanilla extract that you can find
  • 8. About 360 ML of buttermilk

Take a 9-inch cake and cover it with a baking sheet or parchment paper. Ensure that you grease the baking sheet with butter so that the cake comes out of the pan effortlessly.

Take in the drying ingredients, the cake flour, baking powder, salt, and soda, and mix them in a large bowl.

To make the homemade cake in another large bowl, mix the sugar and butter at a very high speed to become very creamy and smooth. You start adding the three eggs and the additional egg whites and vanilla extract and mix them in a large bowl.

Ensure that the wet ingredients of the cake mixture are mixed well.

You add the cake mix, which is your dry ingredients. Start whisking it all by hand and ensure that the cake mix lacks lumps. All the cake mixture is now ready to be popped into the oven.

You can start pouring the batter, which by now will be very thick, into the cake pan or Bundt pan and toss it into the oven.

It would take anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes to cook through.

2. Assembling Into Cake Pops

To make a great patch of cake balls or cake pops, whatever you like to call it, your cake must be perfectly calm. To attain the cooled cake, you need to ensure that it is at room temperature. A cooled cake makes the process so much easier.

A great combination is to bake the cake the previous day and keep it overnight at room temperature. These are small cake pop tips that make the process super easy! Or ensure that you are allowed the homemade cake to cool completely.

Once your homemade cake or leftover cake or even a yellow cake you might have baked using an excellent old boxed cake mix.

It is vital that while you are trying to make your cake balls, you must have the correct ratio of cake crumble and buttercream frosting. If the proportion is off, it can affect the structural integrity of the cake pop. You must use the right amount of cake crumbs and cream cheese frosting to perfect cake pops.

You must use the right amount of cake crumbs and cream cheese frosting to perfect cake pops.

Once crumbled the cake in the prepared pan, you can transfer it into a medium bowl. In the medium bowl, ensure that the cake crumbles have been reduced to fine crumbs and transfer them into the frosting of your choice.

Once you have mixed the fine cake crumbles, ensure that you mix it well with the covering of your choice. This, as mentioned earlier, is candy, vanilla frosting or white chocolate or chocolate frosting or cream cheese frosting, or just plain chocolate coating. You can also try to make your homemade frosting.

You can have so much fun with the options available. You don’t need to worry when you have a cake base as simple as a white cake that can be super versatile. Now all you need to do is dip the cake balls into the covering of your choice.

The rolled balls can be of any size that you like, but ensure that you have the size of the lollipop sticks or even the toothpick inserted taken into consideration.

The cake pops recipe is so versatile that you can feel free to throw in the leftover cake, the half batch of a cake that You baked into a large bowl, and you can be assured that it would taste delicious.

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3. Easy Tips

Some tips that you can bear in mind while rolling up your cake pops!

3.1. Making Rolling Easy

    • To make rolling the cake balls easy, ensure that you let the cake cool completely, making the process much easier.
    • Many also believe that the best way to make cake pops is by using stale cake instead of freshly baked cake. The reason behind this is that they found that stale cake is much drier than freshly baked cake. As a result, it absorbs the frosting much better. The cake pops turned out to absorb a lot more flavor.

3.2. Choosing the Lollipop Stick

    • A lollipop stick is your best bet to ensure that your cake pop sticks well to the stick and the cake pop upright can be arranged. Lollipop sticks can be readily available in the market or any of your favorite department stores.
    • The lollipop stick can be 6 to 8 inches long, but you can also use a shorter lollipop stick if required. Ensure that the size of your cake pop is proportional to the size of the lollipop stick that you choose.
    • The lollipop stick can be 6 to 8 inches in length, but you can also use a shorter lollipop stick if you require it. Ensure that the size of your cake pop is proportional to the size of the lollipop stick that you choose.

3.3. Deciding the Proportion of Frosting and Cake Crumble

    • Just as you can go wild while deciding what flavors you wish to use and how you wish to decorate cake pops, even the texture of cake pops is highly customizable.
    • A preferred proportion of making cake pops is using one bowl of cake crumbs mixed with one-third of cream cheese frosting. You can determine what proportion works well for you based on feel and preference.

3.4. Ensuring that Your Cake Pops Are Set Upright

    • To ensure that your cake pop stick is well attached to the cake balls, ensure that you stick the lollipop stick or whatever you are using into the melted candy melt or whatever covering you are using, and then stick it into the cake balls.
    • Getting the toothpick inserted or the lollipop stuck into the cake pop requires excellent care. Ensure that you do not insert the stick into the entirety of the cake pop.

3.5. Not Overdoing the Frosting


  • While a good buttercream frosting may seem the most enjoyable part of a finished cake, you must be mindful of the amount you use for a cake pop.
  • Too much frosting used can produce a batch of greasy cake pops. Therefore, while making cake pops, you need to be careful of the ratio.
  • Before you dip your cake pops into the covering of your choice, ensure that they are frozen well before doing so.


3.6. Opting for Apt Frosting

While too much frosting can be dangerous, you also need to realize that before you rush into choosing your favorite chocolate frosting, you must realize that the frosting you choose must be pretty sturdy and not runny.

You can still opt for melted chocolate, homemade frosting, white chocolate, candy coating, or any choice as long as it provides structural integrity to your cake pops.

3.7. Melting Your Candy Melts the Right Way

  • Using candy melts to cover your cake pops is a favorite of many, and cake pops recipes recommend it!
  • Candy melts are a great way of making your cake pops look attractive and taste delicious. However, you must be mindful of ensuring that you do not burn or scorch the candy melts. While eating the candy melts, it is essential to obtain the melted candy in a microwave or a double boiler and keep mixing it well to distribute the heat evenly.

3.8. Ensuring that Your Candy Melts and Cake Isn’t at Two Extreme Temperature Points

  • If your candy melts are too hot and the cake pops are too cold as they’re brought out of the freezer, it could result in cake pops that have severe cracks. Ensure that your candy melts and cake pops at relatively similar temperatures.
  • Once you are also done dipping your cake pops into the covering, you can ensure that you gently tap the cake pop on the sides of the vessel so that there isn’t too much frosting or excess candy coating.

3.9. Cooling the Cake Pops

  • You are done with putting cake balls and have decorated them with sprinkles of your choice. The next step is figuring out the best way of cooling your homemade cake pops. It would help if you kept the cake pops upright so that they don’t get disturbed and smeared.
  • The recipe for going about this Is by reaching out to a trusty cardboard box or even a readily available Styrofoam block that you might find lying around in your house. Poke holes into the cardboard box or the block, and you can stick your cake pops into them.

3.10. The Sprinkles Instructions

  • Ensure that you do not douse your cake pops in sprinkles or decorative ornaments by dumping them into a bottle of the sugary magic! Hold them over a medium bowl and sprinkle generously! Gently tap to shake off the excess sprinkled, and you are good to go!
  • You can also be very creative in packaging the cake pops the way you want! They can also be stopped for a few days under proper conditions! Remember, we love cake pops, and even if there is excess chocolate, excess frosting, or minor cracks- they always taste good, and we love cake pops in every form!

4. Some Fun Cake Pop Recipes You Can Try!

4.1. Reese Oreo Cake Balls

Free Black Round Cookies On White Surface Stock Photo
Oreo on White Surface. Anshuman/Pexels. COpyright 2020


  • One package of Oreo cookies
  • 10 tablespoons of cream cheese at room temperature
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter. For this, the smooth and not the nutty peanut butter would work better
  • 4 tablespoons of semisweet baking chocolate
  • 1 cup peanut butter chips
  • Toothpicks or lollipop sticks


  • Break down the cookies into fine crumbs and put them into a medium bowl.
  • Into it, add the cream cheese and also the peanut butter. This is similar to every other cake pop recipe where the homemade cake gets mixed with buttercream frosting. Mix well until all the ingredients are combined
  • Roll them into balls. Allow them to cool for some time
  • Please take out the Cake balls and start dipping them in melted chocolate. You can use a double boiler for melting the chocolates. Once you are done dipping the balls, you can place them on a prepared pan covered with a baking sheet.
  • Once the melted chocolate has become firm, you can melt the peanut butter chips and start drizzling them over the Oreo chocolate cake pops. The vibrant orange over the chocolate cake pops would give a great aesthetic!
  • Stick the stick into each ball and rest them over a Styrofoam block.
  • Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.
  • You can go crazy as you set out to make cake pops with so many options available. With these recipes, if made correctly, with the tips given above, the question of how to make cake pops becomes easy to answer! These are the absolute best party favors or dessert cuisine you might need! They are convenient, and if it’s a lazy day, you can always use the box cake mix to make cake pops.

You can also make cake pops and decorate them for various occasions, whether it is Christmas, Halloween, or theme park birthday parties! Everybody loves cake pops up!

While even your simple classic vanilla cake or a great finished cake batch of pound cake or white cake or a simple chocolate cake tastes great, you can jazz them up into cake pops with several options available with regards to candy melts as candy coating, food coloring, and even cake base options, the possibilities are endless!

With the numerous options that you have with food coloring, varieties that you can make of homemade frosting, and melted candy options, you can go wild with your artistic side as you make this cake pops better, shielded with the goodness of a luscious homemade cake and buttercream frosting covered in candy or even melted chocolate of your choice like white chocolate!

5. Decadent and Dense Cheesecake Cake Pops

Free Plastic transparent bowl with white cream placed on wooden table near kitchenware on blurred background Stock Photo
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Pick up any 8-inch baked cheesecake, any flavor of your choice. Must be chilled well and of firm consistency

5.1. Ingredients

  • 500 g of chocolate candy coating. You may also use plain milk chocolate or white chocolate for the chocolate coating
  • You can also opt for hazelnut chocolate spread to mix the cake crumbles with
  • Vegetable shortening, as needed
  • Sprinkles or any edible embellishments to decorate cake pops according to an aesthetic of your choice
  • Small candies or candy melts
  • Chopped nuts, optional PRO TIP: if you wish to make a decadent cheesecake cake pop, we highly recommend you for a baked cheesecake as it would be firm!

5.2. Steps

    • Cool your cheesecake such that it is not just cold but also firm! You may use a cookie scoop to shape the cheesecake into small balls and place them on your baking pan or baking sheet prepared with parchment paper.
    • Fix in a skewer or toothpick and freeze the batch for a couple of hours! So that they are firm and don’t break down.
    • We start the dipping process once you realize whether cheesecake pops are ideally frozen and firm. This is best done when your chocolate has been liquefied. To melt the chocolate, you may use a microwave or even a double boiler that you fix over simmering water.
    • While using a double boiler method, ensure that you keep storing your chocolate so that it misses too much heat and burns. You must ensure that the chocolate does not attain a scorched texture! Save the half batch of the chocolate and shortening for later dipping, or opt for another variety for coating.
    • You can also make chocolate melt via the microwave for a few seconds with intermittent stirring.
    • Immediately dip a frozen cheesecake pop in the melted chocolate, swirling quickly to coat it thoroughly. Tap off any excess into the melted chocolate. You can add great aesthetic value to the cake pops with attractive decorative options. You can also opt for milk chocolate coating and roll the pops in decorating options!
    • Then you can prop up your cake pops on a Styrofoam block and put them in the fridge to chill.
    • Put the cake pops into the refrigerator for about a day, and they are ready to go!
    • Feel free to decorate cake pops to match the occasion you are looking out for. You can arrange them in decorated containers in decorative plastic wraps, have eye-catching ribbons around the sticks and make them look pretty!
    • You can also opt for shaping your cake pops into various shapes like a square to resemble a gift box, a favorite animated character, or anything that you like!

So, the next time you have leftover cake and feel artsy, you have ample opportunities to recycle the cake and upcycle it with a gorgeous batch of cake pops that no one can resist popping into their mouth!

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