4 Interesting Facts about Mount Shasta Mysteries

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mount shasta mysteries
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Mount Shasta mysteries have a fair share of theories, myths, and exciting tales. The 14,000 feet towering mountain in Northern California is the most famous hotspot to climb, camp, hike, and enjoy the beauty that the mountain has to offer.

It is one of the most magnificent mountains in the United States, along the Siskiyou Trail. It runs from Canada to California. Numerous tales about the mountain mysteries make the place even more interesting for spiritual seekers and adventurers.

Here are some fun facts on the Mount Shasta mysteries to make the place even more enjoyable.

1. The Mount Shasta Myths and Legends, Believed by the Native Americans

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Many myths and tales surround the place of Mount Shasta, and when heard, each one could be more interesting than the other. Many lineages date back to the times when the eruptions had happened, a long time ago.

The mountain is considered sacred by the numerous tribes inhabiting the Wintu, Modoc, Achumawi tribes. It is essential to the Wintu tribe, who consider it blessed and date back the origin to the spring of the mountain. Many local tribes believe Mount Shasta is inhabited by the spirit of Chief Skell, who has descended from heaven through the mountain’s summit.

The mountain is also believed to be the home of native American legends like G’ mokumk. The tribes also considered the place to be their place of worship, and it was where the original bones of Modoc tribes were found; therefore, it is pretty common to bring offerings and visit it to show respect to the dead people. The tales of mythical creatures like matah kami, which means bigfoot, the protector of woods, also include the Mount Shasta mysteries.

In 1899, Frederick Spencer Oliver published a book named ‘Dweller on Two Planets’, which claimed that there were survivors from the continent called Lemuria that had sunk under, where the survivors are still alive. Lemurians described by Frederick Spencer Oliver lived in a network of tunnels and would occasionally be seen walking surface dressed.

2. The Lost Continent of Lemuria

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By Ryan Hoffman/ Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The most famous among the most exciting mount Shasta mysteries listings are probably not the legends but Telos’s hidden city. The Native American Legends believe that Lemuria’s sunken continent exists; it might have sunk under the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. People who survived the catastrophe live beneath the mountain and are believed to be the successors of the Lemurians, the advanced beings.

Some say the mythical lost continent of Lumeria lies beneath the volcano. Some also believe there to be a series of tunnels that leads to the Lemurian Civilization. They come up seldom to cast lenticular clouds to save their goods from others.

Some enthusiasts who want to explore the place hearing of the tales believe in having seen humans, seven feet tall, with long flowy hair and wearing long white robes; they are believed to be Lumerians. Not only do the Mount Shasta mysteries stop with this, but it is also believed that it is the place where lizard people, the reptilian humanoids, live.

3. Multiple UFO Sightings

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By Marco BiccaUnsplash. Copyright 2022

One of the most interesting Mount Shasta mysteries also includes UFO sightings. The latest claim of the UFO sighting was in February 2020. This picture went viral on the internet, and people claimed it to be a UFO from outer space. It is said that the picture visualized very much like a glowing orb in the sky; it looked somewhat like a flying saucer from outer space.

Some theorists believe it to be a rare weather phenomenon, as the mountain itself is so tall that it can create its microclimate. The US Forest Service claimed the phenomena to be humid air masses rising the side of the mountain, creating lenticular clouds that might be taken as the UFO.

A Shasta resident, Wallenstein, in his published book ‘Mount Shasta Sightings,’ has mentioned the photographs, stories, and detailed research about the UFO life in Mount Shasta.

4. Strange Disappearances of People

mount shasta mysteries
By Philip Calderone/ Unsplash. copyright 2022

Another strange fact adding to Mount Shasta mysteries is the missing people cases. These are some of the most bizarre mysteries not yet solved over time.

The first mystery was accounted of JC Brown, gone missing in 1934. He has been reported lost since the day, never to be seen again. he was about to set the adventure-filled journey leading the 80 member team to find the treasures of Mount Shasta.

However, a fair share of instances have been reported time and again. Another instance was when a five-year-old boy went missing in the mountains; he was found several hours later. He said that he was taken to the cave by strange beings who looked like aliens. There were discussions made to study the boy; eventually, it wasn’t possible, so he was let go.

Another disappearance recorded was an adventurer set to climb the mountains in 1999. And, talking about the latest disappearance, it was of a 28-year-old San Francisco man, who has vanished without leaving any traces.

Can the Mount Shasta Mysteries be Solved?

Often different theories have been put up regarding  Mount Shasta mysteries. They are massive power spots, just like the pyramids of Egypt, that were thought to be a portal to a different dimension; in the same way, Mount Shasta is considered a concentrated energy location.

Many theories on Mount Shasta mysteries suggest the site is a hidden portal to the earth’s magnetic field, as indicated in NASA-funded research conducted in 2013. A study also revealed that these portals open and closed several times daily. Other theories suggest that aliens could use this place as a base while visiting earth.

But the most logical explanation about the happenings is that it is an active volcano, and the eruptions keep happening in the place. Therefore, the volcanic gases could cause hallucinations in the sightings.

Now and then, new theories come up regarding the Mount Shasta mysteries. There is a special aura about the place that people might say about it. It can never be said in words, but the truth about the sites could only be felt when seen.

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