10 Interesting Things to Do in Mount Shasta

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things to do in mount shasta
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Want a list of things to do in Mount Shasta? Keep reading this article and learn all about the fun place and activities to indulge in here.

Mount Shasta: An Overview

Located in Siskiyou County, Northern California – Mount Shasta is known for its hiking trails, gorgeous views, and the main attraction – the magnificent Mt Shasta mountain.

While Native Americans enjoyed the natural resources of this area, by the 19th century, Mt Shasta became known for its recreational opportunities, with attractions like destination vacations, luxury resorts, and wilderness camping in modern times.

So, this calls out not only to the spiritual seekers and nature lovers but to everyone looking for a break from the mundane routine.

Let us look at what a visit to Mount Shasta entails.

1) Top 10 Things to Do in Mount Shasta

This ancient and sacred site does not only hold relevance to the past but can also be enjoyed in modern times through the following sites and activities –

1.1) Mt Shasta

mount shasta
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Located in Cascade Range, Northern California, Mount Shasta is one of the highest and largest stratovolcanoes globally, rising to 14,179 feet. It is also prominent as part of the Pacific Beach’s ‘Ring of Fire’ Volcanoes, where major earthquakes and eruptions occur.

Although considered dangerous, it was labeled a National Landmark in December 1976 and recognized as a Native American Cultural and Cosmological Property. With over 11,000 old human habitation artifacts, it is also one of the longest-occupied areas of North America.

Considered a sacred mountain for the Native Americans who view it and the surroundings as holy ground, it was only in the 19th century that naturalist John Muir spread its religious and legendary fame that it became a popular Northern California tourist destination.

1.1.1) Things to Do in Mount Shasta

You can enjoy the drive up to the mountain, go on beautiful hikes, know and experience its spiritual significance, and, if lucky, see the famous Lenticular clouds visible when the elements align.

Know about its mythical history here.

1.2) The Shasta – Trinity National Forest

One of the top outdoor destinations where you can plan the things to do in Mount Shasta is California’s largest national forest, which surrounds the town over 2.2 million acres.

It has volcanic mountains, placid waterways, and beautiful small towns, making it a good choice to visit for anyone – from a climber to a fisherman.

1.2.1) Things to Do in Mount Shasta

Activities one can enjoy here include – Fishing, hiking (especially along the trinity alps, Bunny Flat to Panther Meadows), camping, and waterfall viewing.

Winter-themed fun includes snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing. All these are conducted in various wilderness areas like streams, rivers, and mountain lakes.

The Shasta trinity national forest is not far from the city; traveling along the Everitt memorial highway is just 14 miles. The campgrounds and trailheads present here would keep one relaxed and occupied for days.

To know more about the attractions at Shasta Trinity National Forest and visit details post covid, click here.

1.3) Panther Meadows

Located near the timberline, this campground has 15 sites within walking distance, providing plenty of things to do in Mount Shasta.

The panther meadows trail is short and easy, providing a great hiking experience. You’ll get to travel through the rugged terrain and view beautiful rocks and cliffs, rushing creeks, vistas of the volcanic peak, and delicate meadows. The views themselves are worth hiking through the path.

The trail stretches over 1.4 miles, and the season apt for traveling would be summer and fall. For more details on panther meadows, click here.

1.4) Lake Siskiyou

lake siskiyou
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A perfect summer vacation destination is lake Siskiyou at Mt Shasta Blvd, nestled near the foot of the Trinity divide. With warm waters and a sandy shoreline, it is perfect for single and family trips.

Located less than three miles southwest of downtown mt Shasta, Lake Siskiyou borders the Shasta Trinity National Forest. It is particularly famous for its trailheads.

1.4.1) Things to Do in Mount Shasta Stay at Lake Siskiyou Resort

The lake Siskiyou resort is a good choice for families to stay in. You can rent a cabin or build tents. While the kayaks and paddleboards might attract the couples, water slides are available with ice cream as refreshments for children. Lake Siskiyou Trail Guide

The 7-mile popular trail can be used for walking, running, and cycling, including a scenic crossing on the famous Wagon Creek pedestrian bridge (where you can take plenty of selfies).

If you choose the hiking trails here, you could also visit the high alpine Castle Lake. The trail path is perfect for viewing and photographing nearby famous sites. Visit Mount Shasta Resort

Providing a good view of the lake on the east side, you can also enjoy these facilities.

1) For sports enthusiasts, the golf course at Mount Shasta Blvd. gives you a chance to play among the greens.

2) To relax, book a pampering session in the Sacred Mountain Spa or visit the Siskiyou Arts Council gallery on mt Shasta Blvd.

3) For food lovers, a 10 minutes drive to the city will give you plenty of options to try. You can also get your outdoor gear at the Fifth Season.

If you are a history enthusiast, skip staying here and choose the nearby Mccloud River Mercantile company, built in the 19th century featuring apothecary goods, gourmet food, and wine.

So, choosing this location is not only for the peaceful waters but also for the activities and other nearby popular locations you can try out. Click here to know more about Lake Siskiyou.

1.5) Castle Crags State Park

Located at a 20 minutes distance from Mt Shasta, Castle crags state park borders the huge castle crags wilderness in the Shasta trinity national forest.

It is considered one of California’s best state parks due to the 6000-foot Castle crags and granite spires, with around 25 miles of hiking trails at the bottom of these huge monuments and over 75 sites available for camping.

1.5.1) Things to Do

Choosing castle crags to visit means you get to enjoy camping, set up picnic tables, go on hikes and do peaceful fishing along with your travel buddies.

The campsites are equipped with food locker, fire rings, flush toilets, showers, and drinking water facilities. Picnic sites are also located around the Sacramento River.

Going on these hiking trails would lead to Vista Point, from where you can view the castle crags, Mount Shasta, and gray rocks. You can also visit the pacific crest trail through this park.

The Sacramento River can also give you areas to fish and hike, with a famous pedestrian suspension bridge crossing over it.

So, this location would give you the whole Shasta and Siskiyou County experience. To know its timings and other things to do in Mount Shasta, click here.

If you are keen on visiting state parks, here are other suggestions to try out in the California region.

1.6) Mount Shasta City Park

Located a mile north of downtown mt Shasta, the city park is a decent public place to spend your holiday.

It houses the Recreation & Parks District Headquarters and the popular Headwaters of the Upper Sacramento River.

1.6.1) Things to Do in Mount Shasta

The facilities one can enjoy here are scenic picnic areas, public buildings, and a playground. You can also rent these spaces for any special events.

The amazing spring, known as the headwaters of the Upper Sacramento River, is located at the base of Spring Hill in Mt Shasta city park. Visitors can sit on the patio and benches on the pathways for a peaceful time.

You can also visit the lower picnic area located south of Shasta city park. This has beautiful trees, a large BBQ facility, and playgrounds for kids. Restrooms and horseshoe pits are accessible as well.

If you are a dance lover, add this to your future visit as it is a building in progress. If you wish to make reservations or know more information about this mt Shasta spot, click here.

1.7) Mt Shasta Ski Park

ski park
By Jsayre64/Wikimediacommons. Copyright 2022.

Located at a distance of 6 miles from Mount Shasta, this ski park is perfect for everyone to try, with beginners to advanced terrains available over almost 425 acres of terrain.

Mt Shasta ski park also receives an ample amount of annual snowfall, contains terrain parks of different difficulty levels, and has night skiing facilities on 14 trails, accessible by two lifts.

You can also access the lodging facilities nearby in areas like Dunsmuir and McCloud, where many hotels, chalets, and vacation homes are available.

To discover in-depth about the things to do in Mount Shasta, click here.

1.8) Shasta Sisson Museum

Located on the west side of Interstate 5, the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum is a volunteer-operated to shed light on the origin and development of the region.

Opened in 1893, the museum shares its property with the oldest operating fish hatchery to exist on the west of the Mississippi River.

The various exhibits here would show the history and science of Mt Shasta and its surrounding area.

1.8.1) Things to Do in Mount Shasta

Your visit to this mt Shasta location would include touring through the 3 large exhibit halls and events room for any special displays and activities.

The community importance is broadcasted through magnificent art shows, music, drama, dance performances, quilt exhibits, and annual History Nights.

Traveling here would also open your visit to the adjacent fish hatchery that offers public tours, setting picnic tables at nearby areas, and going on a serene walk down the Elsa Rupp Nature Trail.

You can visit anytime between April to December, however, to know more about the timings and other information about Shasta Sisson Museum, click here.

1.9) Medicine Lake Highlands

Located at a 30 miles distance northeast of Mount Shasta, the aloof and beautiful medicine lake highlands has some of California’s most varied volcanic fields.

The Biological integrity consisting of clear lakes, mountains, boulders, forests, various animals, and plants is preserved amidst the prominent Medicine Lake Shield Volcano – the most voluminous one of the Cascades.

Although considered a high threat, the volcano is a huge water resource for California, discharging over 1.2 million acres of snowmelt from the Fall River springs to the Sacramento River. It provides pristine drinking water while preventing drought conditions.

1.9.1) Things to Do in Mount Shasta

The recreation opportunities available here include –

1) 4 campgrounds at Medicine Lake with restroom facilities.

2) Boat launch, Fishing, Swimming, and Picnic Area

3) Winter sports facilities at Doorknob Snow Park and Lava Beds National monument.

You can also join the group travels to 22 developed and 700 discovered caves within this national monument.

To know more about this area in Mount Shasta, click here.

1.10) McCloud River

One of Northern California’s famous and most scenic waterways is the Mccloud river.

It is not only covered by the subterranean waters from the volcano but also by cooled lava flows, basalt, and cliffs when it passes through the deep canyon, making it a scenic channel.

1.10.1) McCloud Falls and Trail

What distinguishes the trail is the trio of McCloud falls, with each pathway leading to overlook one of the three. Picnic areas and campground facilities are available here to make pit stops.

Along the trail, one can witness the lower falls, where the river falls over a huge basalt block into a pool, the middle falls extending over a broad rectangular sheet, and the upper falls that are twice the size of the lower one.

Other prominent attractions one can witness on the trail are the Lakin Dam and Bigelow Meadow, a good choice for a quiet picnic evening.

All of these provide stunning views that one should not miss. To know more about the things to do in Mount Shasta, click here

2) Other Things to Do in Mount Shasta, Northern California

Apart from the famous places and activities mentioned above, Mount Shasta can also be visited to view the following –

2.1) Shastice Park

Located at Rock fellow Drive, the Shastice park spreads over 38 acres containing a softball field, multi-purpose field complex, tennis courts, picnic spaces, dog park, playground, skate park, and the famous outdoor Siskiyou ice rink. Thus, providing plenty of things to do in Mount Shasta. 

Here, viewing the Mt Shasta scenery can be enjoyed with activities like skating, skiing, and biking, all prominent and funded profusely.

To know more about this area in mount Shasta, click here.

2.2) Heart Lake Trail

The trail extending from Castle Lake to Heart Lake will give you gorgeous views of Mount Shasta, Castle Crags, and the distant Lassen peak, all within a 3 miles distance.

Although heart lake is only a tenth of the size of castle lake, the finest views of Mount Shasta and warm summer swims make it worth the short walk. 

Click here to get more details about the heart lake trail and things to do in Mount Shasta. 

2.3) Hedge Creek Falls

Located at the heart of Dunsmuir, it is a super short (0.6 miles) and easy stroll which takes less than one hour to reach the falls that provide a view of Mt Shasta and Sacramento River in Siskiyou County.

The trail along this pathway is unique as the collapse of columnar basalt at the base creates a huge cleft in the rock through which one can cut the trail through. It is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, from adults to small children.

The small scenic little waterfall can be encountered on this trail, the wall through which it flows creates a cave of some sort. It is a popular destination for rock climbers and even natural observers.

So, from the start of a picnic area to the ending with lush green forests, it provides ample things to do in Mount Shasta.

Know more about how to make this mt Shasta trail enjoyable here.

2.4) Fine Dining in Mt Shasta Boulevard

Of course, eating at popular food outlets is also one of the favorite things to do in Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County. Some prominent ones are –

Yaks Shack

From the popular coconut crème lattes, marathon bars, mochas, and cookies to iconic burgers, barbecues, and fresh salads, this place is a good eat-out to try a tasty treasure and beer of your choice. Click here to know more about things to do in Mount Shasta.

Black Bear Diner

All the breakfast connoisseurs are to visit this original location, which now has plenty of outlets serving a diverse breakfast menu all day.

You can not only choose the usual pancakes and waffles but also meaty nonveg options like chicken fried steak and eggs, bear’s benedicts, and some delicious breakfast extras like sausage and bacon.

So, choose your favorite beverage along with a breakfast option here.

Lily’s Restaurant

At Mt Shasta, Siskiyou County, this location houses organic California cuisine with pacific rim influences.

The fresh menu serving biscuit & gravy, fried chicken, omelets, sandwiches, other starters, and entrees makes it a good destination restaurant to eat at.

Click here to plan a visit and know more about things to do in Mount Shasta.

Seven Suns Coffee and Café

This restaurant at Mt Shasta serves some delicious meal options, tasty coffee, and other drinks to be enjoyed by both families and solo travelers.

The outdoor setting adds to its appeal, where you can relax and breathe some fresh air.

Click here to know more about your things to do in Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County. 

2.5) Art Galleries In Mt Shasta, Siskiyou County

This list is for all art lovers looking for things to do in Mount Shasta

Snow Creek Studios

Established in 2012, there are three unique areas: the gallery, workshop or studio space, and offices. All their practices are environmentally friendly.

While showcasing the works of the diverse local artist Chris Messer, who also holds the painting and teaching classes, many other art, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry are yet to be shown.

One of their main policies is the Siskiyou County community outreach by being active in not only areas of arts but also government and economic development.

Click here to know more about things to do in Mount Shasta. 

Mei Drucker Art Gallery and Gift Shoppe

This art gallery at mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, is run by a lifelong artist and designer who wishes to spread happiness and calmness through the art she portrays.

Her vivid paintings come to form with a unique expression showcasing emotions that touch people, especially the famous Green Buddha painting. The style includes traditional Chinese Art to abstract subjects.

The main purpose of Mei Drucker Gallery is – to create designs that everyone accesses through affordable mediums. This place stands out from dragons, jewelry, photography, and many other items.

Click here to know more about how the place came alive. 

2.6) Shasta State Historic Park

Located at a distance of 70 miles south of mt Shasta, Siskiyou county – this historic park near the Whiskeytown recreation area is a wonderful place for all history buffs.

It is considered the site of ‘Shasta City,’ which was prominent for its famous gold mines in the 18th century, reduced to crumbled buildings and collapsed roofs.

While the information provided here would help gain a picture of the glorious past, some of the buildings restored, like the Courthouse Museum and Litsch General Store, seems like their original replicas.

Plan your visit to this historic mt Shasta location here. Add eating here to the list of things to do in Mount Shasta. 

2.7) Black Butte Hike

Most of the street corners at mt Shasta, Siskiyou county, would point to a conical peak, an important landmark along interstate 5 – The black butte.

This trail of the Everitt memorial highway will lead you through dirt roads due to its rocky slab composition, making it a strenuous journey.

But, the summit’s 5-mile round trip and over 1800 feet route gains are worth a hike due to the awesome view of Mt Shasta and trinity alps waiting in the end. Traveling here can definitely be among the things to do in Mount Shasta. 

2.8) Mossbrae Falls

By cestes001/unlimphotos.com Copyright 2022.

Considered one of the most scenic waterfalls in California, this location in Shasta city is pristine and worth the hassle.

Spanning almost 3000 feet, the falls gush straight out of a lush green hillside, making it stand out to people who come to visit from everywhere.

But this is a private location, and the hike is along an active railway which means trespassing is taken seriously here. However, initiatives to make it more accessible are being made.

Click here to know more about things to do in Mount Shasta. 

2.9) Gateway Peace Garden

Visiting mt Shasta also includes a quiet place to meditate every day from sunrise to sunset at this gateway peace garden.

This inspiration to open this place is due to its natural surroundings of cedars, oaks, and the breathtaking views of Mt Shasta. Their purpose is to maintain peace and follow the guidance of nature.

You can truly relax and connect with nature in this location. Click here to know more about their mission.

3) Other Places in Northern California

These locations at mt Shasta, Siskiyou County, California, aren’t the only attractions to visit in this state.

Some well-known sites like the Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Oakland, redwood national park, Calaveras County, Point Lobos state reserve, and Pfeiffer Beach are just some of the options one can try. Know more about these sites here.

If you found this article informative, add more to your California travel guide through this piece.

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