17 Spectacular Colorado Springs Hiking Trails to Explore

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Colorado Springs Hiking
Colorado Springs Hiking

The beauty of Colorado Springs hiking invites explorers to adventure the base pike’s peak, and it has been a hub for the outdoors, who relish the place.

The hikers doing hiking trials rejoice in many trails throughout, read on to find more!

Colorado Springs Hiking

Colorado Springs hiking is mainly known for its nature and beauty. Also, it is close to the mountains and has natural landmarks like the Cave of the Winds.

Colorado Springs hiking has many other options like trail running trails, mountain biking trails, and many more. The person looking for the best trail in Colorado Springs hiking in the world should visit Cheyenne Canyon Mountain State Park or Mueller State Park.

In Colorado Springs hiking, you will also find amazing waterfalls in the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods. The garden is filled with the snow of Pikes Peak, and the Colorado Springs Hiking is situated at the bottom of the foothills, with many trails in Colorado Springs.

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The Benefits of Hiking:

  • It lowers the chances of heart disease.
  • It maintains blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  • It boosts bone density which plays an important role in weight-bearing exercise while walking.
  • Build up strength in the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and lower legs.
  • It strengthens up’s your core
  • It improves the balance in your body.
  • It helps to control your weight.
  • It also boosts your mood. Gregory Miller, the president of the American hiking society says that hiking has an extremely positive impact on reducing stress and anxiety symptoms. 

17 Best Colorado Springs Hiking

1. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The Red rock canyon open space is one of the most famous places to do Colorado springs hiking.

It has various and unique types of trails which include ridges of red rock, it also gives great views of trails of the Garden of the Gods. The red rock canyon trails are connected to other hiking trails. They also offer a free bike ride on the mountain and also the dog loop trail.

2. Mount Cutler Trails

Mount Cutler, which is in Colorado Springs, is an easy hike.

It is a 1-mile hike to the summit of the peak of the foothill that overlooks Seven Falls. Cheyenne Canyon’s canyon system offers panoramic views that will make your hike a great idea for family and friends to visit this place.

It would help if you experienced the entire area of Mount Cutler hike the profile below for a trail map, driving directions, tips, and details to help you enjoy this adventure in Colorado Springs.

3. Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Colorado springs hiking also has Cheyenne mountain is present in the south of Colorado springs.

One can experience nature’s diversity with prairie-to-peak ecosystems. There are many bike trails in Cheyenne mountain within 20 miles of Colorado springs hiking.

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4. Garden of the Gods Park

In Colorado springs hiking, you will have gardens of the gods’ park, where you can find both paved as well as nature trails.

This wind through the formation of red rock and amazing views of Pike’s peak. Despite hiking, god’s park’s garden provides various activities like biking: horseback riding, birding, rock climbing, and even other ways to see the park.

5. Palmer Loop Colorado Trail

Palmer loop trail, also known as the red rock Palmer loop, is a hike of moderate difficulty with pine forest and a small waterfall. In the Palmer loop trail, the first mile is mostly exposed and may also be brutal in the summer because the heat radiates off of the red rock.

Then just after the first mile, the trail mostly goes through the Ponderosa forest. Palmer loop very popular trail, so there are lots of people visiting this trail after their work or during summer weekends.

6. Helen Hunt Falls or Silver Cascade Trails

The cascading Helen hunt falls is the shortest trail in Colorado springs hiking, which gives a pleasant hike through the forest. It provides a great view of the stream and waterfall.

The visitors also experience the area through interpretive exhibits, scheduled hikes and walks, and by talking with the informative staff and volunteers on site.

The gift shop features Colorado scenic guides and history books, maps, nature books, videos, gift items, and drinks.

7. Manitou Incline Springs Trail

Manitou incline trail with this name we can know that it’s a steep-rise trail made from a historic rail car line. Trail is descended by 4 miles lower of Barr trail. Manitou incline trail has free hiking, but you should pay for the parking.

This hike is also considered the most extreme and most advanced hike compared to other hikes.

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8. Barr Trail Colorado Hiking

Barr trail is the most difficult hike, you will find in Colorado springs hiking.

It is 7,800 vertical feet from Manitou springs up to 14,115 feet summit of pikes peak. All in all, the Barr trail is an amazing place for walking.

9. South Canon Trails

In Colorado springs hiking, the advanced mountain bikers will have fun with this 10 miles trail system. You should follow the single track to have great views of the southern side of the royal gorge.

10. Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Paint mines park is Rich in both animal and plant life. This park has gentle trails that take you by overhangs, spires, hoodoos, and chasms.

These all are in beautiful colours such as golden yellow, rose pink, snowy, and white. Also, remember that there are no dogs in the paint mines interpretive park.

11. The Bear Creek Dog Park

This dog park is located near the foothills, it is a 25-acre off-leash park that provides your dogs and their owners with a variety of hiking options and great amenities such as shade, a creek, a small dog area, an agility course, restrooms.

It is named a top-10 US dog park and is considered to be among the region’s finest as Colorado springs hiking.

12. Intemann Hiking Trail

This trail is a new 3-mile trail that is a round-trip and provides access to a summit that is recently opened to the public. Intemann Trail has finally succeeded in completing going through the newly formed Iron Mountain Open Space.

This also means that there is a final connection between the Manitou Springs trails and the trail in western Colorado Springs.

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13. Palmer Park in Colorado

Palmer Park is a 737-acre park that offers hiking and biking when you overlook the city. It has an enclosed off-leash dog park and also a separate off-leash area.

The views of this park are just incredible, and dogs are always leashed in all other areas. 

14. The Hermann Hiking Trail

Hermann trail is a 4-mile out-and-back trail that is rated as the best trail hike, it is a great place for outdoor adventures.  The visitors will find many types of activities which are ranging from a stroll around the historic district to an exhilarating zip throughout the forest.

There are several self-guided walking tours, which also give the visitors a chance to explore the community’s history and also derate with great views of Monument, Colorado Springs hiking, and the mountains.

15. The Pancake Rocks Trail

This pancake rock trail is 5.5 miles out and back hiking trails which are located near Woodland Park.

The pancake rocks trail is also rated to be the most difficult Colorado springs hiking trail. It is an amazing trail for hiking and mountain biking from May to October.

16. Catamount Trail

This trail is a 6-mile round trip which is moderate difficulty. The Catamount trail starts in Green Mountain Falls and ends at South Catamount Reservoir.

Ultimately, the Catamount Colorado springs trail is all about sharing winter adventures with friends, new as well as old.

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17.  The Tunnel Drive Trail in Colorado

his hiking trail is a historic part of the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail. Tunnel drive enters three separate tunnels and offers stunning views of the Arkansas River Gorge.

Also, this trail is very easy when compared to other above trails.

Closing Thoughts

The above were some beautiful and amazing hiking trails, which one can go and experience difficult, moderate, and easy hiking with family as well as friends.

Also, Explore The 8 Best Colorado Mountain Ranges for an amazing experience.

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