10 Best Places To Enjoy Hot Springs Colorado

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Hot springs Colorado

Colorado is best known for hot springs as the most popular outdoor activity. After enjoying an entire day in the lap of mountains, hot springs are the best way to relax. The options for hot springs in Colorado are huge, and each place is undoubtedly beautiful.

They offer great and unique amenities like water parks inside the hot springs. And obviously, the scenic beauty of the surroundings is breathtaking.

Colorado is a fascinating place for winters with loads of outdoor activities to keep visitors’ hearts racing throughout their trip. Visitors also expect soothing hot springs for their sore muscles when they come back after the adventurous journey. Many options for hot springs Colorado even have kid-friendly amenities to keep the little ones busy.

1. Why are Hot Springs relaxing and good for health?

Hot springs are highly beneficial for people. From detoxing your skin to a relaxed mind, one can achieve many things while enjoying hot springs. Even a study confirmed that people should try hot springs for better health.

hot springs Colorado
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And as everyone knows, hot springs Colorado is the best place to enjoy perfect hot springs. But knowing the benefits is essential too.

1.1 Good for better skin

Enjoying hot springs is a great way to detox your skin entirely. Due to the high amount of silica in hot spring waters, it can automatically soften dry skin. Also, the high mineral content of the sulfur springs has shown healing skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.

1.2 Helps in relaxing mind

Hot springs and baths can do really amazing things to your body. It has shown that people who tend to enjoy hot healing water sleep more soundly than normal people. People also have comparatively lower stress levels. A study even confirmed and suggested that hot-water bathers have better subjective health and are more happy in general.

1.3 Acts as a natural painkiller

Hot springs are effective when it comes to pain relief. Bathing in a hot spring really does block pain receptors. This results in making us feel that certain pains may go away when first entering the pool.

It is proven that it may give relief to people with serious health problems. Problems like joint pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia get relief after trying a hot spring.

1.4 Helps in circulation

There is always a boost in the hydrostatic pressure in people’s entire bodies during a hot spring. This majorly happens due to the water’s natural heavy mineral content. Hydrostatic pressure basically means when our body induces the blood flow through our veins.

This results in increased cardiac output and better metabolism. As everyone knows, our bodies need better circulation to keep our hearts in better condition. Better heart condition lets our vital organs work well.

So the health benefits are enough to encourage people to try hot springs. But be sure to ask your physician about each point before blindly believing them. There are loads of options for hot springs in Colorado, so make sure to try all of the options mentioned below.

2. The Best Hot Springs Colorado Options

Though there are plenty of options from which people can choose their preferable hot spring Colorado options. We are going to provide the best ten places for hot springs in Colorado. The best places for enjoying a delightful day in the hot spring are:

2.1 Glenwood Hot Springs

This is an infamous place for hot springs in Colorado because of the huge size of the main pool. In fact, Glenwood hot Springs is the largest hot spring pool in the world. The temperature is always kept at a comfortable 90 degrees throughout the year.

Not only just hot Springs, but they also offer an entire Resort for visitors to enjoy a delightful stay. There are modern and comfortable lodging facilities, too, along with the hot spring. Other amenities are a poolside grill and amazing food options, which will make visitors’ mood even better.

Hot springs Colorado
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Along with the amenities, visitors can also enjoy the surrounding mountains’ scenic beauty and the Majestic Colorado river. This resort is dreamlike and is perfect for your friends’ group or family. As this is the world’s largest hot springs pool, the activities and facilities are endless.

Even during summertime, two different water slides are operated. There is an Avalanche Falls Slide from where interested people can soar down on inner tubes. Another water slide is Shoshone Chute which is a traditional body slide option. For lounging and eating, they provide lounge areas and outdoor and indoor seating arrangements.

2.2 Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs

Strawberry park hot spring is the best destination in this list of hot springs Colorado. If anyone is looking for a soothing experience, then this place is nice. People with a large group of friends or your beloved ones will find this place beyond perfect. This place is open year-round so that people can enjoy anytime in any weather.

At a minimum temperature of 104 degrees, this natural mineral hot spring pool is preferable for large groups. The Steamboat Springs hot springs are situated in Strawberry Park and are fully natural, spring-fed pools.

opp scaled
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Except for the natural rustic cabins, camping is also available. Camping here can automatically help people get rid of the regular chaotic city life. After sunset, this hot spring area is only available for adults and has a clothing-optional affair. They even dim the lights to give the place an even better view and rustic feeling.

2.3 Iron Mountains Hot Springs

Spend your alone time within the banks of the Colorado River. There are 16 different types of hot springs pools available for visitors to choose from accordingly. With the breathtaking views, this is one of the best places for hot springs Colorado.

Especially people going with families will love this place because kids can even play in the freshwater family pool. Included are the amazing view and surroundings; this place is amazing in every way possible.

These 16 pools are naturally shaped, and geothermal pools are situated in a tranquil region. During winters, the heated walkways are always snow-free and comfortable to walk on. And during summers, there are large umbrellas for tourists’ comfort. Usually, this place is highly preferred by visitors who previously visited this hot spring Colorado option.

2.4 The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs

Another amazing and highly preferred place to enjoy hot springs Colorado. This is the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring, with more than 23 different pools for tourists. From budget-friendly lodging to deluxe rooms with kitchen included. This lets visitors get any room according to their preferences.

kkv scaled
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When people choose the resort for staying, they can automatically get entire access to their all-exclusive pools. With the attached spa, visitors can enjoy a lot of amenities while staying in the resort. From an elegant and romantic hot spring vacation to a family-friendly environment, any group can enjoy it here.

2.5 Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

Including the rich history of this place and unique natural attractions, this place is preferable for beginners. Hot Sulphur Springs is the picture-perfect place to unwind and relax. People can enjoy hiking and camping on hidden terrains; tourists can swim and fish in the Gold Medal Waters.

People can also enjoy a unique and calm spa experience in the clean waters of the natural hot springs. This place is one of the finest resorts situated in Colorado, consisting of 23 different pools. This hot springs Colorado option is perfect for people who prefer calmness.

This natural hot spring has been flowing from seven different natural springs for almost hundreds of years. At first, this place was used for healing by the Ute people during the old days. Try other pools they provide and try out different temperatures and views.

2.6 Ouray Hot Springs

The views primarily make Ouray Hot Springs one of the best options for hot springs Colorado. This place is surrounded by 13,000-foot mountain peaks covered with snow. Visitors can choose between an adventurous summer vacation or a lovely winter getaway.

This place offers an infinity pool, a lap pool, a shallow pool, and even a hot pool. There is something new for everyone and every age group. Adults and kids can also take swimming lessons here.

The pool has a unique and adventurous adult-only soaking section which includes two fast water slides. They also provide an obstacle course and climbing walls in their exclusive activity pool. This place also offers two family pools, a few geothermal pools, and even playing pools.

Though they don’t really offer lodging facilities, so keep your hotel booking somewhere else.

2.7 Dunton Hot Springs

This is another best option for hot springs Colorado for a proper vacation. If your budget is high, this place is perfect for holidays with your family or beloved ones. This place beautifully restored the 19th-century ghost town.

Dunton hot springs are situated deep in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Colorado. The luxurious and phenomenal interiors of this place are hidden behind the rugged buildings.

Also, get ready to experience uncompromising food and facilities of great quality, sheer comfort, and different real mountain adventures. The 13 separate luxury cabins can accommodate approximately 44 guests. Interested people can even rent the entire town for weddings, corporate parties, and any special events.

2.8 Aqua Hot Springs, Buena Vista

Another great underrated option for enjoying hot springs Colorado for families. This geothermal mineral hot spring option is also perfect. People can even hire this place for their entire family or friends group. This place can offer enough space for 2 to 6 people, but no pets are allowed.

This place is a great option including two king bedrooms, two twin beds, and two bathrooms. Visitors can expect anything with a fully furnished kitchen room, dining room, living room, and a balcony.

This place also offers no TV or internet access, making people explore many other hobbies. In the lap of nature, one can cozy up with one favorite book. People can even roam around the surrounding areas, which are truly aesthetic.

This place also offers private yoga or meditation studio for visitors for a peaceful day ahead in the morning. Altogether this is a perfect preference for people trying to get rid of technology and enjoy some warm nature.

2.9 Cottonwood Hot Springs

Situated in the beautiful Cottonwood Creek banks, this place offers geothermal, natural mineral spas and a hotel. There are old-styled cabins and various tent sites in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The hot springs were used for many years as a spiritual gathering place—the temperature ranges from 94 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hotel also offers spa services with various massage therapies, body wraps, iridology, and many more. The entire place is designed to provide a peaceful way to balance your mind, spirit, and body. This place is one of the best places to enjoy hot springs Colorado.

Cottonwood Hot Springs gives tourists four different soaking pools and also a plunge pool. The pools have geothermal water with temperatures ranging from 94° to 110°F. The main pool is beautifully created from the local river rock stones filled with authentic hot spring mineral water.

This place also offers guests plenty of sites for lounging purposes and relaxing. They also provide other pools, including private soaking tubs. The place is open daily and operates till midnight.

2.10 Indian Hot Springs

This place is the most underrated option in this list of hot springs Colorado. This place is world-famous for more than 100 years. The features they give include unique men’s and women’s beautiful geo-thermal cave baths.

They also provide different indoor private bath facilities and outdoor jacuzzis. This place also offers a Mineral pool, spa, hotels, and cabins too.

Enjoy the 108° hot mineral water pools in the grandeur of the natural outdoors. Their large modern Jacuzzi tubs are too perfect. The beautiful private jacuzzis are surrounded on all three sides for better privacy and spending some alone time. Open to all, anyone can book this place to view the unspoiled mountainside and the sky above.

Hot springs Colorado
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The geothermal caves are inside the solid rock mountainside and offer unique facilities. Each cave has many huge, walk-in hot tubs. These tubs are filled with natural hot mineral water at temperatures ranging from 104° to 112°.

Every cave is gender-specific, and bathing suits are optional too. But children of age 16 and under are not allowed in these caves.

They also have Big Kahuna BBQ Restaurant, which offers mouth-watering foods. People can Come during the day and spend the rest of the night in their cabins or hotels.

This is a perfect place for a quaint romantic getaway. Altogether it is fun and relaxing for both adults and children of all different ages. Every amenity makes this underrated hot springs Colorado option even better.

These were the entire list of places to experience the best hot springs Colorado. Trying each one is great thinking as the places are unique in their way. Almost every option mentioned above has special deals and offers. So don’t forget to check their official websites for the best deals.

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