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Soothing Soaks: 5 Must-Visit Hot Springs in New Mexico

There are so many places located in this world, and every place has its specialty. Many times people visit the place according to the weather to enjoy the specialty of the place with significant weather. States like New Mexico, with humid temperatures, are famous for various activities and their hot springs in New Mexico.

Hot Springs are a whole different place in New Mexico, which is a great fun stop to enjoy and relax. Every hot spring serves various features and services for the people.

About New Mexico:

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New Mexico is a state in the Southwestern United States. It is one of the Mountain States of the southern Rocky Mountains, sharing the four corners region of the Western U.S. Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. The capital of New Mexico State is Santa Fe, the oldest capital in the U.S.

New Mexico is a state known for its hot and humid temperature and an abridged winter season. Its climate and geography are highly varied, ranging from forested mountains to sparse deserts. New Mexico is the fifth-largest state in the United States, with one of the most diverse landscapes of any U.S. state.

New Mexico has some of the flattest land and some of the most rugged mountains in the country. Some portions of the state are rich in pine forests, meadows, and fish-laden mountain streams, while other areas are devoid of any water bodies.

Two of the unique physical features of New Mexico are the caverns near Carlsbad, which are among the most spectacular natural rock formations in the world. New Mexico’s climate is one of the most fantastic attractions because of its pleasant temperature.

Hot Springs:

Hot springs are hydrothermal springs or geothermal springs is a springs produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater onto the surface of the Earth. By using the shallow bodies of molten rock (magma) or circulation through faults, the groundwater is heated to hot rock deep in the Earth’s crust.

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Hot springs water often contains a large number of dissolved minerals. The chemistry of hot springs ranges from acid sulphate springs with a pH as low as 0.8. Some springs contain abundant dissolved iron. In any case, radioactive decay is an ultimate heat source with naturally occurring radioactive elements for the layer beneath the crust.

The primary purpose of hot springs for humans is relaxation bathing. But as the groundwater is heated with the help of minerals, sometimes the hot springs can boil, leading to harmful acts. Sometimes the doctors advised the patients to use the hot springs as a therapy for about a thousand years.

Hot springs have been used by hand for thousands of years. Mainly it is used for the relaxation process. Hot springs can be found in resorts, hotels, and even people’s houses in the form of hot tubs but not too intensely. Too many excess hot springs can be problematic for humans. Therefore, people should maintain proper guide and precautions to be safe.

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From natural hot springs, and hot spring resorts to hot spring pools every hot spring gives a different vibe for the people to just relax. If you want to relax and wash out your worries.

Hot water is perfect for relaxing and having the time of life. New Mexico has one of the finest and best hot springs that vary according to the person’s choice. Soaking pools, outdoor pools, outdoor hot tubs, and private outdoor pools are available for people to enjoy the hot springs as they wish.

As the state is located among the mountains and deserts, the hot springs feel more relaxing and have many varieties.

Facts About Natural Hot Springs:

Hot springs, geothermal or hydrothermal springs a springs produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater onto the surface of the Earth. Geothermal hot springs water is naturally from the crust of the Earth.

It has so many benefits and the purity of the water from nature itself makes the hot springs have its charm. The natural hot springs are used for their healing properties,s which are beneficial for people to heal and relax.

It is good to get the purity of the healing which is gifted to us from Mother Nature are many and many features that people need. So it is better to know more about the hot springs and what specialty they have.

Let us see some of the hot springs in New Mexico and the features they all provide:

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1. San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs is one of the famous hot springs located in New Mexico. San Antonio hot springs are a group of geothermal springs located in the Santa Fe National Forest in Northern New Mexico.

It is 12 miles north of Jemez Springs. Some hot springs nearby include Giggling Springs, Jemez Springs, McCauley Hot Springs, the Soda Dam Hot Springs, and Spence Hot Springs. The San Antonio hot spring is also known as Murray Spring.

The springs are located off of Forest Road 176. There is a short but steep hike up the hill to reach the springs. The hot spring water emerges from several sources on a steep hillside and flows into several rock-lined pools of varying temperatures.

The water emerges from the sources at 129o F / 54o C. As the water flows downhill it cools to various temperatures and the downhill pool temperatures become more remarkable. The uppermost soaking pool is approximately 105o F.

The trail to reach up the springs is primarily used for hiking and nature trips accessible year-round. The specialties of the hot springs make the person decide whether going there is worth it or not.

2. Montezuma Hot Springs

Montezuma Hot Springs, also known as Las Vegas Hot Springs, are groupings of 20 to 30 thermal springs in the Montezuma unincorporated community of San Miguel County, near the town of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The people used the springs for their healing properties for many years.

There are three groupings of concrete soaking pools with sand and gravel bottoms of differing depths. Montezuma Hot Springs aims to provide people with hearing facilities, relaxing with the mineral-charged pools that are said to have Mother Nature’s myriad blessings in northern New Mexico.

The history of the Montezuma Hot Springs is somewhat like the holy water that healed the wounds of national warriors from the battle centuries ago. The luxurious Montezuma Hotel from the 1980s had the blessing of holy water. Today the bubbling springs are captured in open-air cement pools that remain for many years.

The Montezuma Hotel, in eyeshot of the pools, now serves as the administration building of the United World College -USA. Although the pools are located on private property, the UWC allows for free public access but maintains regulations for using the tubs and keeping the spring clean. A bathing suit is required.

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3. Black Rock Hot Springs

Black Rock Hot Springs are primitive rock-bottomed pools along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Down the road, bypassing Manby Hot Springs you will find two soaking pools about body temperature depending upon the season in which one visits.

To reach up the Black Rock Hot Springs there is a hike along the Rio Grande to the natural hot springs. The Black Rock Hot Springs are mud-bottomed pools that give the springs a dark appearance. The hike is short and in the end, the Black Rock Hot Springs is there to relax all your tiredness.

From the Black Rock Hot Springs, there is a perfect view of Rio Grande and the pools are perfect to enjoy with the surreal view. Even though the walk is only 10 minutes, the road is quite rocky, so be cautious while walking. The spring is at 97 degrees on average, perfect to relax and the upper spring is a little warmer than the lower spring.

Due to its dark appearance, as the sun sets, it can get very dark and chilly at hot springs, so going in the morning is an ideal time. As well the Black Rock Hot Springs is quite known so don’t expect to be alone.

4. Gila Hot Springs

Gila Hot Springs is a place with everything for the people to spend their vacation. Located 40 miles from Silver City and 4 miles from the Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument. For staying one night to several the Gila Hot Springs has the amenities for people to have fun and relax.

The Gila Hot Springs, Gila National Forest, Gila Hot Springs Campground, and Gila River, so the ranch has everything to spend a perfect holiday. Surrounded by Gila National Forest and the Gila Wilderness, areas the peace and solitude are found in Gila Hot Springs Ranch.

There are a lot of amenities available for the families. One can rent furnished apartments with kitchen loading rentals, and the best part here is that there is no phone and television available so one can spend vacation soaked entirely in nature.

Rv park and campgrounds are available in the Gila Hot Springs, making the experience more authentic. In the middle fork of the Gila River, a fire water lodge provides a relaxing and comforting atmosphere for the people.

5. Faywood Hot Springs

Faywood Hot Springs are thermal springs in Grant County, New Mexico, United States. It is a rustic, natural geothermal resort in southwestern New Mexico. It has both outdoor public and private soaking pools for people to enjoy the mineral water baths. A proper bathing suit is required and for private or group bathing clothing is optional.

Faywood Hot Springs also provides tent sites for camping, R.V. parks, and private cabins for overnight lodging. The hot springs were first used by the native Mimbres people and later by the Apache. Faywood Hot Springs has been there for such a long time. So there is so much to see and explore about nature.

Faywood Hot Springs offers people the perfect vacation to relax their worries and even stay overnight for more experience of nature.


1. The most significant advantage of any hot spring is that the warm water and nature around the springs make people relax all their worries. It is built for people to relax and enjoy without doing anything.

2. The hot springs are famous because it has their enjoyment that depends on the weather. Every weather the feel of a hot spring is very different.

3. Even though camping is not allowed in every hot spring there are hotels available nearby if someone wants to stay a little longer.

4. Besides the relaxation in the hot springs, the people also connect with nature as trails for hikers and nature trips.

5. There are so many other hot springs so one can enjoy their time to the fullest.

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Closing Thoughts

Everyone needs a perfect vacation to relax and enjoy without having worries. So going to a place where you can unwind your stress and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around you, so having an option to go to a hot spring is a perfect choice.

Other hot springs you experience in New Mexico are; Riverbend Hot Springs, Turkey Creek Hot Springs, San Francisco Hot Springs, and Jemez Springs Bath House. Hot springs are naturally made so they do not harm the environment, making them more enjoyable.

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