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Unveiling the 5 Best Hot Springs in New Mexico

Are you looking for an escape location to go on a trip? Then we recommend you check out some great hot springs.

New Mexico, a beautiful state of the southern Rocky Mountains located in the Southwestern United States, is a hot spot for hot springs. 

And why is that? Well, all thanks to the region’s geothermal activity. Surrounded by the serene beauty of New Mexico, these hot springs can be enjoyed in their natural states or as hot pools. 

There are cultivated hot springs, which you can easily find in various resorts and spas. All you need to do is, let yourself completely relax in the hot waters. 

If you ever plan to visit New Mexico, then better not return from there without seeing at least one of the springs in New Mexico. If you return from New Mexico without having a look at any hot springs, then we are damn sure you will regret your decision.

This article is the ultimate guide to some of the best hot springs. Have a look at this article and learn more about it.

Hot Springs in New Mexico
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What are hot springs?

A hot spring can be described as a spring of groundwater that emerges out of the earth’s surface due to high pressure and temperature within the world. Hot springs contain a lot of dissolved minerals. Hot springs are considered the geographical and natural treasures of a particular location.

Humans have made use of these hot springs in an excellent manner. They have been used for bathing, relaxation, therapy, and mainly as tourist attractions worldwide.

New Mexico is also one such place that is blessed with hot springs. They are just a treat to your eyes. If you are a travel freak, then you must visit these hot springs at least once.

Are you wondering which are the best hot springs to visit? Don’t you worry? We have got your back. Read through this article to learn more about it.

Five most mesmerizing hot springs:

1. San Antonio hot springs

San Antonio hot springs
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San Antonio Hot Springs can be considered one of the best hot springs. This hot spring is present along the mountainside. It has a spectacular view. San Antonio hot springs look unbelievable with their crystal-like flowing water.

Jemez hot springs are considered landmarks to reach this hot spring. To reach this hot spring, you must take a short hike from Forest Service Road 376. You will have to travel 6 miles from Jemez Hot Springs to approximately get to this beautiful destination.

Once you reach the Jemez hot springs, it’s not that far. A few more miles is what will take you to your destination. This beautiful hot spring near Jemez Springs will bless your eyes with incredible views. This is a perfect place for people who love adventure.

It would be such a loss if you could not experience the beauty of nature to the fullest extent. It is recommended to park your vehicle somewhere before starting your journey from Jemez Springs to your destination.

San Antonio Hot Springs is the place for you. This hot spring is highly recommended for all the adventures out there. Sast give it a try, and you will for yourself know how beautiful it is.

2. Montezuma Hot Springs, New Mexico

Montezuma Hot Springs, New Mexico
By: Birdie Jaworski/Flickr

If you are a hot spring lover, this place is definitely for you. Montezuma Hot Springs is situated in Las Vegas. These hot springs are beautiful and are just a treat to your eyes. Rockpools are present here.

This place is a must-go, especially if you are in Las Vegas. This place is very healing. New Mexico hot springs have the power to heal you physically as well as mentally.

This place also has a great history. This hot spring is an example of Riverbend hot springs. After their battle, it is said that many warriors came to this excellent hot spring to heal their wounds and battle scars.

This hot spring located in New Mexico is situated on private property. There are many small hot spring pools. This can be considered one of the finest hot springs. There are many rock-lined pools situated in these amazing hot springs.

The temperature here is also very mild and warm. This is a place everyone would enjoy. The hot springs here will mesmerize you.

3. Black Rock Hot Springs

Black Rock Hot Springs
By: Kevin Munchie/Flickr

Black Rock hot springs are yet another fantastic miracle of Mother Earth. These hot springs are Riverbend hot springs. They are filled with incredible beauty and serenity.

This hot spring situated in New Mexico has two concrete soaking pools. This is one of the most popular. This place is suitable for hikes as they are rocky and have a lot of mountains and small hills. You can chill in these private pools. Another point to be noted is that clothing is optional.

Black rock hot springs have small pools that could fit a handful of people. These pools are located near the Rio Grande. These hot springs near the Rio Grande are an excellent choice for picnics and for spending quality with your family and friends.

The fantastic view of the Rio Grande highlights this beautiful place. The cold river water, and hot springs resort are also a part of these hot springs. Natural hot mineral water is also available in this hot spring. But a few precautions have to be taken as these hot springs, and rock pools are very steep and rocky.

So, if you are looking for a perfect place to plan your trips or picnics, this place is also definitely for you. These Riverbend hot springs will not disappoint you.

4. Turkey Creek Hot Springs

These amazing Riverbend hot springs are another asset to beautiful New Mexico. They are filled with a lot of wildlife and greenery. You will be lost in the beauty of this location once you visit it. This is the perfect place for all the nature lovers out there. The rock pools and outdoor pools make these places much better.

The outdoor pools are stunning. Gila hot springs are not very far from here. The Casitas De Gila Guesthouse is in close proximity to this hot spring. 

This hot spring is like the gateway to the Gila Wilderness. So, for hikers, it is a paradise. 

Another vital point that must be noted here is that accessing this hot spring is not always possible. As they are situated in a wide forest-like area, you might not be able to visit this place whenever you want to. It is located in the heart of a forest. There are many natural pools with appropriate pool temperatures.

This place is a recommendation to all those who love adventure. This is also a fantastic place to visit if you ever go to New Mexico. You might not be able to explore a lot of this place as it is hidden in a thick canopy.

Going here will not only bless your eyes with the outstanding beauty of nature but will also cheer your soul with many adventures to experience.

5. San Francisco hot springs

By looking at the name, you must be wondering if we are talking about hot springs situated in San Francisco. No, this amazing place is located in New Mexico itself. This place is well-known and famous for single-day hiking and other adventurous activities.

This is a popular name among New Mexico’s hot springs. Gila national forest is situated near this place. This national forest has acquired the reputation of being the 6th largest national park in the United States of America. The San Francisco River and the Gila River also flow nearby.

Reaching some of the light feather hot springs and mud-bottomed rock pools. You will have to cross many paths before you get to the place you are planning to go. You might have to cross the Gila River somewhere in between to reach your destination.

Only a short hike might be possible here because of the rocky and uneven nature of the land. Going here and exploring new springs would be like entering a completely new and different world.

You will be lost entirely in this forest-like area. Carrying out group hikes would be a lot of fun. You will be able to explore some of the undiscovered treasures of Mother Nature.

Imagine yourself in this place, having a bath in the warm pool with hot chocolate by your side. This seems so incredible. The thought of doing this is just enough to excite someone. Are you feeling excited too? Do you also want to explore these fantastic spots and have the time of your life? Then this article is just for you.

This will be a perfect guide for deciding which hot spring you want to visit.

Other famous hot springs

Other than the spots mentioned above and destinations, there are also a lot of different places to explore in New Mexico. Some of the best examples of other famous destinations in Mexico are Mccauley Hot Springs, Soda Dam Hot Springs, Faywood Hot Springs, Santa Fe, Silver City, San Diego Canyon, Santa Fe National Forest, and many others.

New Mexico and its incredible hot springs are worth visiting. They are once in a lifetime experience. If you are an adventure lover, you must go to the ones mentioned above. They will not only soothe your stressed mind but will also rejuvenate your mood.

The calm, soothing nature, the serenity, and the tranquility is the gift of going to these places beautiful places. The rivers, greenery, and nature around you will take you by surprise and wonder.

Start your journey of exploring this world by starting with the beautiful hot springs hope you enjoyed this article. Happy reading!!

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