4 Unusual Places to Stay in Cloudcroft New Mexico

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Cloudcroft New Mexico
The El Paso Railroad is synonymous with the town of Cloudcroft itself. Craig Garver/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Cloudcroft New Mexico
A signboard shows the altitude of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.
Road Travel America/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Sitting at an incredible 2700 meters up in the Sacramento Mountains, Cloudcroft truly is “9000 feet above stress level,” as the town moniker goes.

Calm during the summer months, breathtaking in the winter snow, this mountain town in New Mexico has been a find for the ages.

“9000 Feet above Stress Level”

Osha Trail
The Osha Trail is a popular hiking trail around here.
uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

This region, with its high mountains and miles of forest cover, is a prime tourist destination. Visitors can explore kitschy local art and food at the unique shops on Burro Street Exchange in town or try their hand at activities like biking, hiking, or even simply walking up the gorgeous Osha forest trail.

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Cloudcroft transforms into a snowy wonderland during the winter months.
Randi Hausken/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

During the winter months, the mountain around Cloudcroft, New Mexico, comes alive- with the snow arrives, visitors search for the mountain’s snow-blanketed skiing trails.

 Gary Bembridge/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Ice skating at the Cloudcroft Ice Rink is another activity people enjoy when visiting this stunning area of New Mexico.

History of Cloudcroft New Mexico

As over a century-old pioneer village, the Cloudcroft enjoys a long and rich history.

El Paso Railroad
A photograph of the old El Paso and Southwestern Caboose. The railroad has played an essential role in the town.
Craig Garver/ Flickr/Copyright 2021

The Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railroad, part of the wider El Paso and National Railroad, once ran through the land, bringing tourists in search of scenery to the region and transporting timber from the lumber-rich mountain forest to the commercial centers down below.

The train also worked to connect this scenic area to the bustling frontier town of Alamogordo till the year 1948, when the service was discontinued.

Mexican Canyon Trestle
The Mexican Canyon Trestle stands as a proud reminder of the railroad that once ran through these mountains.
Allen Sheffield/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Today, the Mexican Canyon Trestle high up in the Cloudcroft mountainside stands as a reminder of the land’s rich history.

The present Lodge Resort and Spa is another unique site that bears the marker of this pioneering past.

the lodge
The Lodge was built over 100 years ago, in 1899.
Las Cruces Digs/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

This building was initially constructed for tourism, to house people who rode up to Cloudcroft to explore its unparalleled natural beauty.

Cloudcroft’s natural beauty attracts people from all over New Mexico.
garlandcannon/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Today, tourism is the primary driver of commerce in this New Mexico town. With a wide array of outdoor activities like hiking and biking, coupled with charming little kiosks at the center of the city to explore, Cloudcroft has always been a popular vacation spot.

Based on the quality of basic amenities like food and lodging and added facilities like shops and restaurants, here is a list of the best hotels in the area to stay in.

Richard Masoner/ Cyclelicious/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

If this town happens to be your next holiday destination, with the family or your group of friends, be sure to hit these places for the best Cloudcroft experience.

1. The Lodge Resort and Spa At Cloudcroft

Founded way back in 1899, The Lodge has always been a popular vacation spot.

The Lodge, Cloudcroft
The historic Lodge Resort and Spa, Cloudcroft.
Convivial/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

In the mid 20th century, the village of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, grew to be a well-known tourism destination, and The Lodge was used to accommodate these tourists who flocked here to enjoy skiing, biking, and other exciting outdoor things this scenic mountain provided for.

The inn has had a long life, being burnt down at least thrice in its lifetime. However, it continues to stand tall and remains a popular vacation destination.

Judy Garland
Judy Garland, of The Wizard of Oz fame, is one of the famous guests of this lodge.
Insomnia Cured Here/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Among other things, people usually come to this resort for its colorful past (Clark Gable and Judy Garland were past guests at this hotel!), but they stay for its welcoming ambiance and delicious food.

Today, the resort also houses one of the best restaurants around, Rebecca’s at The Lodge, offering excellent service, combined with a rich menu that you and your family are sure to enjoy.


601 Corona Place,

Cloudcroft, NM 88317

Tel: 575-682-2566


Golf Course at 9000 feet

golf course
The Lodge Golf Course is one of the highest in the country.
Sean Macentee/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Lodge Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses in the country.

Standing at 9000 feet above sea level, the park, featured prominently on the hotel website, regularly hosts tournaments and other group golf events.

Rebecca the Friendly Ghost

Rebecca the Friendly Ghost
Rebecca’s a friendly one.
crudmucosa/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

People who visit The Lodge at Cloudcroft, New Mexico, may also chance upon Rebecca.

And in case you are wondering, Rebecca is The Lodge’s poltergeist!

Even the hotel restaurant, Rebecca’s at The Lodge, is named for the friendly ghost, whom many claims to be the spirit of a young, fun-loving chambermaid from back in the day.

2. The Crofting Inn Bread and Breakfast

The Crofting Inn in Cloudcroft serves that cozy, comfortable Christmas vibe all year round, with its warm country-style barn aesthetic.

Located within Lincon National Forest, this inn combines rustic western charm with modern facilities like high-speed wi-fi and parking on the premises for people who visit.

As for the food, this B&B includes a complimentary home-cooked breakfast for those who stay a night.

osha trail
ss Patrick Alexander/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Osha Trail, one of Cloudcroft’s well-known hiking trails, is located nearby for those looking for some outdoor fun and can be followed up to the Mexican Canyon Trestle.

A view of downtown Cloudcroft.
Matt Simon/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

However, if a day out in the forest park is not up to your taste, Cloudcroft’s main commercial center, Burro Street, lies in the opposite direction, full of quirky shops and restaurants to explore.


 300 Swallow Pl,

Cloudcroft, NM 88317

Tel: +1 575-682-3604


Mad Jack’s

Texas-style barbecue is the specialty at Mad Jack’s.
Merete Veian/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Mad Jack’s is one of the many great restaurants in the vicinity serving mouth-watering food and is famed all over the area for its delicious Texas-style brisket and barbeque.

Plus, its Mac and Cheese is undoubtedly the cheesiest and the most delicious in the whole of Cloudcroft.

Do visit!

3. Burro Street Boarding House

This one is right out of an old western flick.

The decor and ambiance of this place are inspired by the boardinghouses featured in old western flicks.
Insomnia Cured Here/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

As the official website itself states, this Cloudcroft Boardinghouse seeks to “recapture the almost forgotten tradition of the boardinghouse.”

With its porch overlooking the busy town and the famed Burro Avenue, its kitschy shops like the Cloudcroft Trading Post, selling local arts and crafts, this place is an excellent lodging choice when in Cloudcroft.

Head out to the ranch to pick luscious cherries and apples during harvest season.
McKay Savage/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Meanwhile, if it’s picking season, you can even head out to the nearby Nichols Ranch and Orchards to pick some delicious apples and cherries with the family.

An increasingly popular vacation spot, the setting of this place is reminiscent of old western films, adding up to an unforgettable experience for those who decide to stay here.


608 Burro Avenue

P.O. Box 462

Cloudcroft, NM 88317

Tel: 575.682.3601 – 575.551.2468

E-mail: Linda@cloudcroftbnb.com


Noisy Water Winery

Noisy Water Winery is one of those rare finds that you happen to stumble upon by chance.

Take a wine tour with a friendly host at Noisy Water.
Nick Webb/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Located on Cloudcroft’s busy Burro Avenue, this winery produces wines and cider from locally sourced New Mexico fruit.

People love the variety this place offers, with wines varying from sweet to dry, whites to reds, rosé, sparkling, and even specialty wines like the fruity, chili-infused, Besito Caliente Green Chile Wine winner of numerous state fair awards.

wine 2
Alex Brown/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

It’s not only the great selection of wines that people are bowled over when they visit this place, but the staff here are also famously hospitable, and their wine tours are much raved over by customers.

Head to the official website at www.noisywaterwinery.com to browse the different categories of wines, ciders, and beers available for purchase.

You will not be disappointed.

4. Summit Inn and Cottages, Cloudcroft, NM

The Summit is all about simple, fuss-free living.

inn 1
The rooms at the inn are simple, fuss-free, and comfortable.
Hector Martin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

While the amenities provided by the inn are not very fancy, the modest, clean, and simple feel of the place is very refreshing.

You can choose between a hotel room or a personal cabin to stay in. In addition to its simple charm, the inn’s proximity to the hiking range makes this spot more popular with hikers rather than people simply on vacation.


Joel Kramer/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Hikers will undoubtedly appreciate the healthy meals and comfortable lodging at this Cloudcroft Inn after a long day of trekking.

155147995 4112ff32b2 k
Guests can take advantage of the outdoor grill in the picnic ground to grill themselves a delicious barbeque.
Samer Farha/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

There is also a designated picnic ground within the campus, with a barbecue for your grilling needs.

Additionally, free parking at the spacious inn car park means that you never have to worry about the safety of your car when hiking up the beautiful slopes.


103 Chipmunk Ave.

P.O. Box 62,

Cloudcroft, NM

Tel: 00 1 844-218-7484


The Sacramento Mountains Museum and Pioneer Village

Just a 15-minute walk from the inn is the Sacramento Museum.

model village
StockyPics/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

This place is known for depicting the formation of the settler’s camp of Cloudcroft, complete with a model old west village with an old log cabin and other ranch exhibits showcasing the hard life of farming in the Wild West.

The photo gallery sequentially depicts the history of Cloudcroft.
Allen Sheffield/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The photo gallery at the museum is exhaustive and detailed, meticulously tracing the growth of Cloudcroft -its humble beginnings as a small mountain village to the charming place it is today- all through a sequence of old photographs.

The museum also hosts music events and food festivals to promote local talent.
Henry Lam/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The place also regularly hosts exhibits and events, from lectures on the flora and fauna of New Mexico and neighboring Texas to food and music festivals promoting the arts in Cloudcroft.

Head there to get a feel of the ripe history of this little village.

The compound is even available to rent for private functions and events. Just head to the official website at www.cloudcroftmuseum.com for more details.

Cloudcroft: 118 Years and Counting

Cloudcroft possesses a rustic charm and an unwavering air of serenity.
uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

What makes Cloudcroft, New Mexico, so remarkable is that it has lost not one ounce of its charm despite its many years as a famed tourism spot.

Without good reason, then, it is not that this century-old community continues to thrive so well even into the 21st century.

Cloudcroft’s signs are as charming as the mountain village itself.
uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The shops downtown, Higher Altitude, and Rustic Essentials of Cloudcroft, to name a few, provide the opportunity to shop local souvenirs to take back home.

Meanwhile, to promote the arts in Cloudcroft, the Sacramento Mountains Museum and local bodies like the Cloudcroft Light Opera Company organize festivals and other local events during the summer months.

9402479936 8f4bf72121 k
The undeniable natural beauty of Cloudcroft is what continues to draw people to this day.
Jason Wolff/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The vacation destination truly ticks off every category in the box- during summer, there are things like biking and hiking up the mountain trail. At the same time, this place becomes a prime skiing site in the winter months, with a large inflow of tourists into town.

This much is accurate, and one cannot run out of exciting things to do when in Cloudcroft.

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