Things to Do in Austin: 4 Thrilling Ways to Explore

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Things to do in Austin
brucecarlson66/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Howdy folks! Welcome to Austin, Texas!

It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be full of sun, and Austin, it’s going to make you want to return.

Welcome to Asutin
Jeremy Keith/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

So pack your shorts, and don’t forget your sunscreen (the city gets 300 days of sunshine a year), and hop on it; there are just too many exciting things to do in Austin waiting for you to hurry up.

Spoilt for Choice: Things to do in Austin

WordRidden/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

As the capital city for the Lone Star State, Austin is packed with exciting places for visitors to tour.

The city enjoys a rich culture associated with Native American history and an equally pervasive Latin American influence.

Austin streetfood
Austin’s famed Tex-Mex.
Jason Rosenberg/ www/ Copyright 2021

On the city street, visitors can enjoy free art, Austin’s famous live music, and mouth-watering Tex-Mex food, an homage to its Latin-American culture.

There are city tours available for visitors, with the tour taking them to visit live music venues, a few Austin parks, and even an art center or museum.

Rainey Street and East Cesar Chavez are two Austin hotspots.

Rainey Street, Austin
Night on Rainey Street, Austin.
Steve/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Frequented by everyone from University of Texas students to families with kids, Rainey Street and Cesar Chavez are synonymous with sumptuous Austin fare and exciting, hip spots.

There are also popular hiking trails running around downtown Austin, on Lady Bird Lake, in the city’s heart.

Austin hiking trails
Weekend hikes are popular among Austinites.
Philip Stewart/ Flickr/Copyright 2021

South Austin is home to more hiking trails, and with many a swimming hole scattered around Barton Springs, visitors are guaranteed to have fun when on a visit to Austin.

1.5 million bats take to the night sky from the Congress Avenue Bridge every night in the summer.
Kenneth Hagemeyer/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

But suppose a mere street tour of the city is not exciting enough. In that case, Austin, Texas, every May to September, also witnesses a massive congregation of over 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats.

Visitors and locals alike gather at the South Congress Ave. Bridge in downtown Austin, under which the bat colony nests, at sunset to watch the bats emerge.

bullock Texas State History Muaeum.
Pieces of Texas history are on display at the Bullock Texas State History Museum.
Paul Hudson/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Many a family visit to Austin also spends time off the city street soaking up some art and Texas history at the Bullock Texas State History Museum or the center at Hope Art Gallery.

With so many options, anybody visiting the city would be spoilt for choice when considering their list of things to do in Austin.

1. Bat Watching, Hike and Bike Trail, City Tour, and More Things to do in Austin

From the bats on South Congress Ave. to the sheer size of Barton Springs Pool in Austin, nature surprises you in the most exciting ways.

a. Bat Watching at Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge

Bat watching, austin
A crowd gathered to watch the bats on Congress Ave. Bridge.
reader of the pack/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The bat colony nests under the South Congress Avenue Bridge.

Every May to September, 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats take to the sky in the evening hours in a spectacular display. The sight of the dark mass of bats against the vermillion backdrop of the evening sky is breathtaking, and many people visit Austin for the sole purpose of watching the bats.

Bats at Congress Avenue Bridge
Bats flying off into the sunset at Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin.
Earl McGehee/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

As evening falls over Austin, one park after the other empties of visitors, and many people end their day’s outdoor activities here, watching the bats take flight as the dark hours descend.

Bat watching tour
Boats under the bridge gathered to watch the bats.
Steve/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With several tour companies offering family services, visitors also book ferries and kayak rides under the South Congress Avenue Bridge to watch the bats in close range.

Watching 1.5 million bats fly into the night hours remains one of Austin’s most famous attractions.


Congress Avenue
Austin, TX


Evening Hours
7:30 pm to 9:45 pm

May to September (Summer Months)

b. Outdoor Hours at Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Springs Greenbelt.
The Barton Creek Greenbelt is filled with spots like these.
Brandon Turner/ Flickr/Copyright 2021

Stretching from Zilker Park towards Southwest Austin, Barton Creek Greenbelt is an Austin hotspot.

Frequented by everyone from excited visitors hitting the hike and bike trail to nature lovers looking for some outdoor fun, the Barton Creek area is an integral part of life in Austin.

Swimming hole
Swimming holes like these line the Barton Creek Greenbelt.
Kevin Muncie/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The easy access to the nearby Barton Springs Pool, the Zilker Botanical Garden, and the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, means that any family with kids looking to spend a few fun hours together won’t be disappointed with a tour here.

The Zilker Park area is popular year-round, but especially so during festival season.

Zilker Park
Zilker Park also hosts the annual Austin City Limits festival.
Jonathan Cutrer/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With massive outdoor events like the South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits hosted by the city every year, people make it a point to tour the Barton Springs Pool region when they visit Austin.

i)Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs Pool
A stretch on the gigantic Barton Springs Pool.
Matthew Rutledge/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021on

The massive swimming hole in the middle of busy Austin is beloved by the city for a good reason.

Barton Springs Pool.
A swimmer takes to the waters of Barton Springs Pool.
Randall Chancellor/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Fed primarily by the main Barton Springs, the pool water is always fresh and consistent 70 degrees year-round, so a pleasant swim is always guaranteed.

Zilker Park, on which the Barton Springs Pool is located, to which admission is free, is an ideal place to explore after a few laps.


2201 William Barton Dr,
Austin, TX

ii) Zilker Botanical Garden

Zilker Botanical Garden
A pretty waterfall on the compound of the Zilker Botanical Garden.
Heather Cowper/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

From its soft, shady paths to its glimmering koi pool, a visit to the Zilker Botanical Garden feels a bit like a trip to fairyland, and a family day with the kids to this park is a sure delight.

Zilker Park
A dinosaur statue on the lawn of the Botanical Garden.
Heather Cowper/ Flicker/ Copyright 2021

The best time to visit is early spring, when the flowers in the botanical park are in full bloom.



iii) Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

Umlauf Museum
Umlauf’s variations on the Madonna and Child can be seen all over the garden.
Rick McMaster/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Opposite Barton Springs Pool and Zilker Park lies the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum.

Centered primarily around sculptor Charles Umlauf, the sculpture garden and the museum are a seamless blend of nature and art, and a few hours spent soaking up art at this center is time well spent.

Austin-Things to do
Shady trees all over the park add to the serenity of the setting.
Rick McMaster/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The serene, calming air at Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum allows a moment of relief from the busy urban world around.

This heady mixture of art and soothing nature at this center visits Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, one of the most relaxing things to do in Austin.


605 Azie Morton Rd.
Austin, TX

c. Tours of the Texas Highland Lakes

Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and Lady Bird Lake are three of the seven reservoirs on the Colorado River around Austin.

i) Lake Travis

Lake Travis
A beautiful sunset over Lake Travis.
Trey Perry/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Largest of the Highland Lakes, Lake Travis, with its brilliant pool-like waters and miles of shoreline, is a vacationer’s dream come true.

The Oasis, a three-storied outdoor restaurant built around Lake Travis, is known for its view and breathtaking sunsets.

Sun-bathing on the banks remains popular, and a park tour is well suited for the whole family- parents, kids, and pets included.

ii) Lake Austin

There is certainly no shortage of things to do when on a visit to Lake Austin.

Lake Austin
Lake Austin, Texas.
G. Lamar/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With the exhilarating view of downtown Austin from the top of Mount Bonnell, the tours of the art center at Laguna Gloria, to the charms of Mayfield Park, the lake checks off all boxes on any visitors’ list.

Both outsiders and city locals love a fun day out to Lake Austin and its surrounding park areas.

iii) Mayfield Park
Mayfield Park.
This old bell encapsulates the rustic charm of Mayfield Park.
small curio/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

A few hours at the secluded Mayfield Park is the perfect way to unwind after some fun on Lake Austin. Its calming environment and proximity to the nearby Mount Bonnell make this a popular spot for visitors on their tour of Austin.

The park, complete with its relaxing trail, its resident peacocks, and a lotus pool or two, makes it an ideal spot for some self-reflection.


Mayfield Park
3505 W 35th St,
Austin, TX

iv) Laguna Gloria
Laguna Gloria
The elegant main building at Laguna Gloria.
Red/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

You can indulge in a little bit of art and Texas history at Laguna Gloria on a day out to Lake Austin.

The current campus of The Contemporary Austin (originally the Austin Museum of Art) also includes original property belonging to the “Father of Texas,” Stephen F. Austin, for whom the capital city is also named.

An art museum since 1961, the center has been an important contribution to Austin’s artistic community and plays a vital role in promoting creative talents through its adjoining art school.

Laguna Gloria
Tom Friedman’s “Looking Up” on the Laguna Gloria compound.
Barbara Budish/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Its amazing outdoor sculptures are a treat for lovers of contemporary art, including memorable pieces like Juan Muñoz’s charming “Last Conversation Piece” and Tom Friedman’s massive stainless steel installation, “Looking Up.”


Laguna Gloria

v) Mount Bonnell/Covert Park
Mount Bonnell
The short but steep climb up Mount Bonnell.
Lars Ploughmann / Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Standing at 775 feet above sea level, Mount Bonnell is considered the highest point in the city, at least within Austin city limits.

Sitting on the eastern bank of Lake Austin, it is a popular weekend spot for visitors. The park offers a sweeping, panoramic view of the Austin skyline, particularly the downtown area.

Mount Bonnell on Lake austin.
Lake Austin from Mount Bonnell.
crocodile/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Mount Bonnell also enjoys a rich history, having been a popular place for visitors since the mid-1800s. The site has a long association with Native-American culture, with the ‘Indian Trail‘ as an important marker of this past.

The Covert Park area, as Mount Bonnell is formally known, is a prominent place in the history of the Lone Star state and was placed in the National Register of Historic places in 2015.


3800 Mount Bonnell Road,
Austin, Texas,

iv) Lady Bird Lake

Downtown Austin, along the Congress Ave. A bridge is where Lady Bird Lake lies.

Lady Bird Lake
The famed boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake.
sbmeaper1/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

It is a reservoir named after former First Lady Bird Johnson, who played a major role in beautifying the park.

The visitors to 416 acres of Lady Bird Lake and the adjoining park can enjoy activities like kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding.

lady bird lake
Boat tour of Lady Bird Lake.
J Dimas /Flickr / Copyright 2021

Its calm waters are also the preferred spot for the nearby University of Texas rowing teams to hone their skills.

The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail, along Lady Bird Lake, covered with lush vegetation and cool shade, is especially crowded during the hot Austin summer.

lady bird lake
The lush vegetation surrounding Lady Bird Lake, Austin.
Nick Amoscato/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Its ease of access (the park is located in the heart of downtown Austin) makes Lady Bird Lake and park a popular place to visit for the people of Austin.

With the added excitement of the annual bat watching event on the nearby Congress Ave. Bridge, a visit to Lady Bird Lake, remains on the list of Austin’s best things to do.

2.”Keep Austin Weird”: The Best Things ‘Weird’ Austin Has to Offer

Keep Austin Weird
From bumper stickers to murals, the city’s motto can be seen everywhere in Austin.
Delwin Steven Campbell/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Adopted by the city of Austin, “Keep Austin Weird” is a slogan used to promote small local businesses. Many visitors to Austin today visit specifically to explore its weird, zany delights.

Be it quirky live music venues, an odd-looking park, or a center dedicated to weird objects. There is always fun to be had and weird to be explored when you visit Austin, Tx.

Here are the best things to do in zany Austin.

a. Gourdough’s: Visit Austin’s Favorite Doughnut Stop

Gourdough's Austin
The food truck on S Lamar Street.
Sarah Page/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

“Gourdough’s Big Fat Doughnuts” on 1503 S 1st Street is an Austin institution, beloved of locals and visitors alike.

While the menu includes family favorites like the PB&J Doughnut, many visits for its more non-traditional options, like the Gourdough’s special “Squealing Pig” and “Mother Clucker.”

Austin food
A highlight of Gourdough’s is the ‘Flying Pig’ doughnut.
Sarah Page/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The former boasts cream cheese icing, strawberry jalapeño jelly, grilled bacon topped with candied jalapeños. At the same time, the latter is a glazed doughnut laden with fried chicken strips with honey butter.

Unexpected? Yes. Delicious? You bet!


Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Doughnuts.
1503 S 1st Street,
Austin, TX

b. time to be Kids at Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Pease Park
Kids all dressed up for the fest.
Anna Hanks/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

On the last Saturday of April every year, Pease Park in central Austin plays host for the festivities of Eeyore’s Birthday Party.

The birthday of the beloved character from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories has been celebrated since the 1960s when it was started by a University of Texas faculty.

Pease Park, Austin.
The celebrations are in full swing at Pease Park.
Jane Hammons/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Costume competitions for kids and adults, free food, and live music make this joyful celebration a long stay city tradition and a visit here, at the end of April, is one of the most Austinian things to do in Austin.


Pease Park
1100 Kingsbury Street,
Austin, TX

Last Saturday of April

c. Go Bingo! at the Little Longhorn Saloon

Best things to do in Austin
The entrance to Ginny’s.
Gary J Wood/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

If you ever plan to visit the Little Longhorn Saloon on Austin’s 5434 Burnet Road, make sure you do it on a Sunday night.

While the week’s rest is occupied with great live music and line dancing, Sunday nights are special at this city bar.

Ginny's Longhorn Saloon
The unusual game of bingo at Ginny’s.
Gary J. Wood/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Wildly lauded by visitors to Austin, this little bar hosts a game of chicken sh*t bingo every weekend. Yes, a game of bingo where the numbers are chosen according to the spaces on which the all-important chicken excretes.

Staying true to the weird spirit of Austin, this bar is on the must-do list of many a traveler and remains one of the most fun and quirky things to do in Austin.


5434 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas

d. The Hare and…the Turtle (?) at Little Woodrow’s

With 5 locations just within Austin city limits, Little Woodrow’s is a major player in the bar game.

2606951097 4af5581315 c
Sign outside Little Woodrow’s, Austin. Jon Lebkowsky/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

However, Woodrow strives to maintain the Austin spirit despite its franchise status, and ‘visitors who happen to drop in on Thursdays are sure to be flummoxed.

Instead of the usual drinking hour, Thursday night here is turtle night.

Yes, you read that right, T.U.R.T.L.E. night. Thursdays at this Austin bar, a crowd gathers to watch turtles race and make bets on the racer of their choice.

Aside from being a crowd-pullers for the bar, it has also become synonymous with the Austin experience. For this reason, Little Woodrow’s makes it on the list of the most fun things to do in Austin, Texas.

e. The Art of Punning at the O. Henry Museum

Come show off your punning skills at the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships, held every May at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, Texas.

O Henry Museum
The O Henry House and Museum, the venue of the competition.
Barbara Brannon/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

One of Austin’s literary treats, both the competition and the museum, is named after O. Henry (real name William Sydney Porter), author of well-known stories like The Last Leaf and The Gift of the Magi, and a city resident 1882 onwards.

Be it simple family fun or serious contenders looking to grab the top prize. The competition is certainly a firm reminder of the delightful quirkiness of the city.

Moreover, the proceeds go to the benefit of the museum and center, so there is a purpose to the fun too.


409 E 5th Street,
Austin, TX

f. Fun to Be Had At Floppy Disk Repair and Co.

austin speakeasy things to do in Austin
The misleading sign over the Austin speak-easy.
Cory Doctorow/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Behind the facade of this mundane ‘floppy disk repair’ shop lies an iconic speak-easy in true Austin fashion.

Entry is via a secret door requiring a secret passcode, opening into a room with a one-way, tinged glass wall through which the patrons can look out into the street but not vice-versa.

Serving memorable signature cocktails and a creepy, horror-tinged theme throughout, a night out to this Sixth Street bar is a complete experience.

Visit if you are looking for a way to explore Austin’s unique culture.


119 E 5th Street,
Austin, TX

3. Texas History and Culture at the Lone Star Capital

a. Visit the Imposing Texas State Capitol Building

Texas State Capitol Building
The majestic Texas State Capitol Building in Austin.
Jonathan Cutrer/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The stately Texas State Capitol located on busy downtown Austin is a stunning Renaissance revival-style building, inaugurated in 1888, and is one of the best-known places in Austin.

Today the Texas State Capitol Building stands as a proud beacon for the people of Austin as a brilliant piece of engineering and an ode to the city’s remarkable past.

Free guided tours are available Monday through Friday, though the available hours are limited. Self-guided tours of the Capitol are free as well, with more flexible timing.


1100 Congress Ave,
Austin, TX

b. It’s Learning Hours at Bullock Texas State History Museum

Bullock Texas State History Museum
The imposing 10m bronze star in front of the museum entrance.
Jordan Hatcher/ Flicker/ Copyright 2021

An imposing 35 feet bronze star of the ‘Lone Star State’ proudly welcomes Austin’s Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Located in downtown Austin, just a few blocks north of the Texas State Capitol Building, this museum is dedicated to all things Texas- the history of its land, its cultural identity, and the innovations that make it the state it is today.

Bullock Museum
Interesting exhibits at the Bullock State Museum.
Paul Hudson/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With engaging exhibits dedicated to recounting the story of Texas- the Native-American history, the Civil War years, and the new Texas- the center excels in its mission to keep the past of Texas alive.

Visitors, especially families on tours with kids, will love the fun and colorful art, as well as the many interactive displays that line the museum hallways.

1800 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701

c. Latin-American History at the Mexic-Arte Museum

mexic-Arte Museum
Jane Hammons/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Mexic-Arte Museum, located on South Congress Avenue, is an homage to Austin’s Latin-American influence and Hispanic population.

The exhibitions are a celebration of the city’s long association with Mexican and Latin-American culture.

Mexic Arte Museum
A photographic installation at Mexic-Arte Museum.
David Burn/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Housing prints, photography, sculpture, and other media, all dedicated to the Borderland and the Hispanic experience, the museum is an essential reminder of the multi-faceted identity of Austin and Texas.

419 Congress Ave,
Austin, TX 78701

d. Hope Outdoor Gallery

39902197193 7a18658f5c c
The vibrant walls of Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin. Daniel McGrotty/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Hope Outdoor Gallery is Austin’s mural haven and street art center.

Starting as a temporary outdoor art installation, over the years, Hope Outdoor Gallery has grown to represent so much more for the city of Austin.

It has come to represent the free-wheeling spirit of Austin.

Its vibrant murals, graffiti, wall art, and numerous open-air art installations are the expression of an entire generation’s art.

Hope Outdoor Gallery
Nick Amoscato / Flickr/ Copyright 2021

A bustling creative center bringing together street artists, city locals, and visitors alike, Hope Outdoor Gallery is a triumphant expression of the vibrancy of Austin’s art and its culture.

4. Music, Food, Film: Austin’s Love of a Good Time

The city of Austin loves a good celebration; the easy mix of good music, delicious food, and great mood can be found in almost every street across the city. This city hosts several festivals all year round.

Sixth Street, Austin
Austin’s famous Sixth Street.
Charlie Llewellin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The scale of the South by Southwest, the buzz of the Austin City Limits, the charm of the century-old Zilker Park Kite Festival, and the vibrant nightlife on Sixth Street- Austin always guarantees a good time.

Here are the highlights, specifically selected to highlight the diversity of the Austin experience.

a. South by Southwest

Gadget show during the SXSW Festival.
Nan Palmero/ Flickr/Copyright 2021

When the SXSW calls, visitors arrive from all over the country to attend Austin’s premier music event.

Held every March, the South By Southwest is a concoction of music, film, and gaming. Preparations go year-round for the event, which sees around half a million visitors pouring into Austin.

Crowds during the SXSW.
MarkScottAustinTX/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With major musical headliners, blockbuster films, and the launch of new gaming titles, the popularity of the South by Southwest is evident in the sheer volume of attendees.

But in true Austin fashion, the event also gives an enormous emphasis on promoting new, upcoming artists, offering them an opportunity to be discovered by record labels in the process.

As one of the largest music festivals in the world, the SXSW is a monumental feat for the city of Austin.


March, every year.

b. Family and Kids Friendly Fun at ABC Kite Festival

Usually hosted on the lawns of Zilker Park, this annual festival is a century-old Austin tradition.

ABC Kite Festival, Austin
Kite Festival, Zilker Park, Austin
sewing/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

A day at the park, coupled with great food, makes this event a great opportunity for a family outing, a perfect way for the people of Austin to unwind and explore the city they love.

On the day of the festival, the Austin sky is a patchwork of colors, as adults and kids alike fly their kites, many of them hand-made and lovingly painted by the entire family.

Zilker Park
An intricately shaped kite at the Zilker Kite Festival.
Jon Clegg/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Encouraging art and creativity in children and giving the entire family to connect and explore Austin’s parks, it is clear to see the appeal of this event.

c. Austin: Live Music Capital of the World

Austin has always been known for its stellar music scene. Boasting many a homegrown talent, its live music venues are the stuff of legends.

It is, therefore, fitting that the city is called the live music capital of the world.

live music Austin things to do in Austin
Austin’s live music scene is legendary. Nan Palmero/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Its numerous music festivals, both indie and mainstream, demonstrate Austin’s propensity to nurture great musical talent.

From local music legends at iconic city bars along Sixth Street to new emerging talent at some hip spot downtown, the music scene in Austin, like the city itself, is varied, diverse, and inclusive.

Among Austin’s best live music venues is the famous The Moody Theatre, the venue for long-running Austin City Limits Live, spawning the enormously popular music festival of the same name.

Austin live music scene
Rock band Widespread Panic is performing at Moody Theatre, March 18, 2011.
Earl McGehee/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Another popular spot is the Elephant Room, a jazz bar on Congress Ave. Famed for its great music, ambiance, and excellent acoustics.

live music capital of the world
Blues musician Paul Geremia live at the Elephant Room, February 14, 2013.
Roberto Cipriano/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

End of the Austin Tour

One thing is for certain- Austin is a riot-its sprawling outdoor, its exciting festivals, its steadfast dedication to “keep Austin weird” means that visitors never run out of things to do in Austin.

Austin goodbye.
An Austin street.
Sergey Galyonkin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The easy availability of tours to places like its famed museum and art center, as well as the natural grace and charm of the locals, makes Austin an enduringly appealing destination for all.

Why Austin Is The Weirdest City
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