16 Magnificent Parks In Las Vegas

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Most of you know Las Vegas for its nightlife, particularly clubbing, hotels, food, and much more exciting stuff. But another interesting place that this city is offering to people is Parks! You will definitely be amazed after learning about the parks in Las Vegas.

You will see oases and wetlands in these parks of Las vegas. The Strip is one of the tremendous amusement parks. We have created a list of parks in Las Vegas. Although it is a limited list you will get to know many amazing things about this park.

If you are on a ride in las vegas then at a little distance from The Strip you will notice a different and unique side of Las Vegas. This phase of Las Vegas has streets filled with trees, parks, and a lot of natural magnificence. If you are searching for a place to spend some quality time outdoors and greenery then there are a variety of options for the same.

There are no words to describe the beauty of parks in Las Vegas. It’s like nature itself expresses the infinite and divine creativity through these parks. From mountains, canyons, and forests to deserts there is everything in Las Vegas. You can enjoy beautiful nature experiences within driving distance. Within a day in these parks in Las Vegas, you can experience a relaxing holiday.

16 Magnificent Parks In Las Vegas

     1. Floyd Lamb Park

A green grassy park filled with trees offers a magnificent view. This FLOYD LAMB PARK  is one of the well-known parks in las vegas. It is constructed within an area of around 680 acres of land. Besides trees, this park has many ponds which support animal and plant life. You can enjoy fishing but it is allowed only with a license. But wading and swimming are not permitted here. This ground has various critters which include geese, peacocks, and ducks. These are usually fed by the people visiting the park. In case your kids are small, be a little extra careful as these huge birds may end up scaring them.

Picnic tables are the major attraction of this park. If you are searching for a park for a picnic or walk then this is a perfect choice. You can enjoy the sight of wildlife as well. The equestrian center of this park offers horse riding but for that, you need to take an appointment.

Floyd Lamb Park has jogging paths, mountain bike trails, jogging areas, a track for bike riders, and BMX, and spots for games such as a basketball court basically, Floyd Lamb Park offers everything required for a las vegas lifestyle. Floyd Lamb Park hosts special programs like concerts and festivals. Floyd Lamb Park has 4 lakes, a view of spring mountain ranges, and free space for kids to play.

Why You Should Go Floyd Lamb Park

Floyd Lamb Park is one of the best parks in Las Vegas. This park offers many exciting things such as swings, bicycling, walking trails, playing volleyball, obstacles course ropes, dog parking, wildlife, mountains, aquatic center, basketball court, slides, picnic tables, trees, stone benches, restrooms, beaches, ponds, open areas, & also host events.

2. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

parks in las vegas
Source: Unsplash By: CARL HUNLEY JR

Another park on the list is red rock. You can reach this national park within 25 minutes. This conservation area has around 200,000 acres of desert wilderness. It is quite harsh but still beautiful. This place has hiking routes, and other adventurous activities as well. Although it’s technically not a park, it can still be considered one. It is a wonderful place to visit.

There is a huge track which is no less than a park. If you want to do hiking, then a 3 miles long trail (Calico Tanks Trail) is the perfect family-friendly option for the same. Seasonal waterfalls are also available here from December through April. If you are willing to perform a challenging adventure then the Icebox trail is also here.

3. Sunset Park In Las Vegas

Sunset park is in las vegas since 1967. Expansion of phased park has developed in 185 acres till now out of 323 acres in total.  This makes sunset park one of the largest parks in Las Vegas. It offers people an excellent area to play sports like volleyball, tennis courts, a basketball course, and a disc golf course as well. This sunset park also offers a fitness course.

This is a dog park and also provides good spots for a picnic, a fish lake, and a lot of wide open space. The recent development of this park includes walking trails. Sunset park has natural dunes which earlier dominated the southern end of Las Vegas valley. This park hosted various specific events that were opened to the public like the yearly Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival.

Why You Should Visit

It is one of the best dog parks in Las Vegas. It has jogging trails, shaded picnic spots, a playground, a disc golf course, tennis courts, walking trails, offers fishing, and most of all it is a dog park. It also offers a fitness course. It offers a variety of choices for everyone.

Note: fishing is allowed only with a license. You can get this license through the website of this park. A link is available on the official website of sunset park. This link will redirect you to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. You can apply and get your fishing license from there. The cost for a 1-day license for a nonresident is $19.

4. Clark County Wetlands Park In Las Vegas

parks in las vegas
Source: Unsplash By: Elizabeth Villalta

This Clark County Wetlands Park is located in the way between lake mead and Las Vegas. It is on the east of boulder highway around 1 mile far. Urban area water flows through this Clark County Wetlands Park providing wetlands to the plant community and helping them to thrive. Clark County Wetlands Park is the shelter of around 200 bird species that include burrowing owls, blue herons, snowy egrets, and wood ducks. So Clark County Wetlands Park is rich in wildlife and besides this over 70 reptiles and mammal species are here. 13 miles long hiking trails out of which 6 miles is a nature preserve.

Why You Should Visit This Park:

The watery habitat of this Park provides visitors an opportunity to enjoy the view of the desert uniquely.

Note: there are many Picnic spots available throughout the park, including the Cafe. Here people can chill and enjoy their picnic together in a comfortable climate.

5. Valley of Fire State Park

This state park is 50 minutes from Las vegas. This park is no less than something shown in a sci-fi movie. It is one of the most popular parks in Nevada. It has 46,000 acres of red sandstone. This park has some excellent rock formations all over the world.

This place is a perfect spot for hiking, picnic, sightseeing of wildlife as well as camping. The fire state park is the oldest and most beautiful park in Nevada. This is a perfect place to experience the mesmerizing view of the sunset.

There is a variety of hiking trails, which offers people to choose the trail they prefer according to their needs. People irrespective of their age difference can enjoy hiking on different trails. For example, the prospect trail is superb for adventurous people, it is challenging but offers blissful views. There are many other jogging trails

If you want to do something besides hiking and camping is also available here. Else you can just explore the place on a car ride for 5 dollars.

6. Springs Preserve

Another park on the list of parks in Las Vegas is springs preserve. It is around 3 miles away from the well-known spot “Las Vegas strip”. It is a perfect family destination, there are around 180 acres of area to explore the greenery, desert, and best botanical gardens of Las Vegas.

You will get to know many things about nature, wildlife, science and much more. Out of 180, 110 acres area is full of gardens, biking and walking trails, wildlife habitat, many educational resources, and so on interesting stuff.

The botanical gardens of Spring preserve have over 1200 species of different desert-adapted and other native plants. The indoors of this preserve have traveling and art exhibitions, the Nevada State Museum and  Origen Museum.

Why You Should Visit This Park

It has an amazing botanical garden, museums and butterfly habitats, and long walking trails. It is one of the best parks in Las Vegas. A family-friendly location, the Origen museum is an extremely interesting spot for kids. This park offers an opportunity to see the recreation of natural phenomena. you will get an experience of desert life, together with huge green space.

7. Lorenzi Park

Lorenzi Park is a result of David G. Lorenzi’s vision. He bought around 80 acres of land in 1912 which is roughly 2 miles, to the west of the townsite. Since 1926 this park has been known as Lorenzi’s Lake Park.

It has interesting offerings including a pool, gardens, a dance pavilion, basketball courts, and lakes. Lorenzi park is registered in the city’s Historic Property Register. as it is a historic region. Also, it is recorded on the Nevada State Register of Historic places.

The major attraction of this Lorenzi park is its twin lakes, together with fishing. Although you need a license for fishing from the Nevada Department of Wildlife. You can plan your special events to be celebrated here as it is one of the best parks in Las Vegas.

Why You Should Visit Lorenzi Park

This park has Picnic spots and Shade Structures. Besides this Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Band Shell, Children’s Play Areas, and Baseball Fields

8. Centennial Hills Park

This is a modern park constructed on 120-­acre land. It offers a playground, which inclines facilities for all. The location of this park is amazing which makes it a perfect spot to celebrate your special event. It was constructed nearby a historic reversed riverbed, Centennial Hills park has a walking path and a view that describes the historical importance of that area. Besides this, it has an amphitheater. This amphitheater has over 3000 grass seats.

Why You Should Visit This Park

It is a dog park, abundant space to play, soccer fields, picnic areas, sand volleyball courts, concession stands, water play areas, and many more exciting offerings.

9. Rainbow Family Park

Another amazing family park on our list is a rainbow family park. This park is constructed in a space of 26 acres which is comparatively lesser than the other parks in Las Vegas. But this park is not less than any of the big parks. It has baseball and soccer fields that can be reserved.

Rainbow family park is a fine park to celebrate some special occasions. It has open space just like the rest of the parks in Las Vegas. You can be a good host for a picnic in this park. The beautiful views of fields and grasslands will mesmerize your soul. You can spend some time here bird watching.

Why You Should Visit This Park

This rainbow family park offers walking paths, a picnic area,  Fitness Court, Playground, Horseshoe Pit, and a deer springs entrance.

10. Bruce Trent Park

This park is named after the original superintendent of Las Vegas parks. This park pays tribute to the passion of Bruce Trent for exercise and sports. Every Wednesday a farmer’s market occurs the time of this market is 2-8 p.m. Bruce Trent park is also an excellent spot for celebrating your special events. It has a wide and open space and it offers a fitness course. This is a nice park.

11. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This park is located down the street from Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. This spring mountain ranch state park is a little oasis, in the Mojave desert. The major attraction of this park is the natural springs. From the earlier times of Native Americans to modern people, springs attract everyone. Throughout the area of this park, various historical buildings are located; some have been there since the 1860s. So you can learn about the early Las Vegas lifestyle here.

Grassy areas, hiking trails, and trees surrounded the ranch house. Visitors can enjoy their lunch in the picnic areas. Guided tours are available to guide and answer your queries. It is a wonderful spot for hiking as well as for picnics. You can also have your meal in the cafe.

12. Gardens Park

Summerlin is a place that has various parks. Gardens park is in the heart of this area. An authentic location for a picnic with your family. It offers many facilities that’s why it could be a great spot to visit with your family.

Gardens park has areas for picnics, basketball courts, wide fields, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and a bocce court as well. In case you don’t want to cook, you can skip taking your lunch and have it in the nearby restaurants. A convenience store is also available within walking distance. This park offers various family-friendly activities. It is a wonderful place to spend quality time.

Why You Should Visit This Park

It has a beautiful and well-maintained structure filled with trees, a sports area, and picnic tables, and is full of excitement.

Note: in summer every Tuesday, a farmers market is arranged here from 4 pm to 8 pm where you can get fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

13. Mount Charleston

This is a part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Mount Charleston is also known as Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. It is just 30 minutes from Las Vegas, so we can count it in the parks in Las Vegas. This park was constructed on 316000 acres of beautiful area. It offers natural diversity.

The major attraction at Mount Charleston is skiing during winter. On the other hand, in summer, hiking attracts visitors. picnicking and camping stay constant throughout the year. There are over 50 plants and animals, which specify that Mount Charleston supports wildlife. Other activities that you can enjoy in mount charleston are mountain biking, horse riding, and rock climbing.

14. Lake Mead National Recreation Park

This Lake Mead National Recreation Park is located around 4 miles away on the southeastern side of boulder city. This area provides fun, entertainment, and relaxation to visitors. This area is built in 1.5 million acres of space, which is just twice the area of Rhode Island. This Lake Mead area is the largest reservoir that is man-made.

The most interesting fact about lake mead is that 3 out of 4 desert ecosystems of America are- the Sonoran desert, the Mojave, and the great basin connected by this lake. This park offers various marinas, fishing, boating, and other water sports. Other activities that you can perform here are climbing, hiking, camping, and exploring the area by car rides.

The 2 main roads that cover the huge part of the mead lake are Northshore Road and  Lakeshore Road. The lower level of water in this lake resulted in moving or closing some spots. Pay attention and stay careful as this area is a shelter for various species of animals and plants.

Why You Should Visit This Park

It offers a variety of outdoor games and activities such as fishing, camping, boating, and hiking as well. You can take some popcorn to feed the fish of this lake.

15. Paseos Park

This park is Located in the middle of The Paseos. This paseos park is built in a space of 12.5-acres. It has a volleyball court, tee-ball fields, basketball courts, a toy play area, a soccer area, grassy areas, and a splash pad. This park is situated in the Paseos Village. This paseos park also has trails that connect with the Summerlin Trail System.

16. Vistas Park

This park is in The Vistas Village, which is on the western side of Summerlin village. Vistas Park is 24 acres, and it is a great place to play. As it has sports areas which include a football field, tennis court, softball fields, a huge picnic area, and basketball courts

Some Other Parks In Las Vegas:-

  • Old Las Vegas Mormon State Park
  • Tule Spring Fossils National State Park
  • The Park
  • Fox Hill Park
  • The Park Vegas
  • Arbors Tennis And Play Park
  • Willows Park
  • Oak Leaf Park
  • Downtown Container Park
  • Exploration Peak Park
  • Tule Springs Fossils Bed National Monument
  • Cottonwood Canyon
  • Wetlands Parks Ln
  • Centennial Hills Park
  • Barkin Basin Park
  • Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex
  • Woofter Family Park
  • Clark County Dog Fanciers Park
  • Bark Park At Heritage Park
  • Mesa Park
  • Pueblo Park
  • Trails Community Center
  • The Vistas Pool
  • Summerlin Center Community Park
  • Sagemont Park
  • Snow Canyon And Red Cliffs Conservation Area
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Mojave National Preserve
  • Cathedral Gorge State Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Coconino National Forest
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
  • Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park
  • Petrified Forest National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Dead Horse Point State Park
  • Yosemite National Park

Note: these all above mentioned are not only parks in Las Vegas but include the park areas around Las Vegas.

Final Note

These all are the parks in Las Vegas as well as around Las Vegas. It is a beautiful place and the parks are the soul of this place. There are many parks in Las Vegas you can plan a picnic or camping with your family and friends at any of these parks. There are multiple options to choose your destination.

Parks like Floyd lamb park, sunset park, park MGM, spring mountain ranch state park, and spring preserve which is 3 miles away from the Las Vegas strip other parks offer baseball and soccer fields, historic buildings, shaded picnic areas, a huge pond, green space, shade trees, hidden springs, desert vegetation and organization of the particular event.

Depending upon your mood and location you can choose your picnic spot. Which one is your favorite to share with us in the comments? These parks not only support and are a shelter for wildlife but they are entertainment spots for many visitors irrespective of their age. These parks offer something to everyone! enjoy

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