What is Mexico Known For: 4 Incredible Things.

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what is mexico known for
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Tacos, Mariachi bands, and Caribbean Beaches… What strikes your mind when you hear these words? ‘Mexico’ is pretty much the thought that strikes anyone’s mind when you hear these words.

Mexico is nothing less than a stunning country that you might want to visit once or again. So, What is Mexico known for? Is it the two amazing coastlines, cultural heritage, and beaches? Yes, it is, but Mexico is truly the crown of Latin America, and it has hidden gems to be known about more than anything else. Have you heard of those?

Well, read further to know more about what is Mexico known for so that it will be much easier for you while you plan your next trip to Mexico!

1. Famous Mexican Landmarks

To think of what is Mexico known for, you cannot miss out on the landmarks. From vast sand beaches to the cathedrals and churches, you can never go wrong choosing Mexico as your travel destination.

White Sand beaches

Truly, Mexico can be the best winter getaway for you. You can choose from amongst the two very different shoreline beaches. The Pacific beaches like the River Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, and Acapulco are located. These beaches are classic and will give you more of a chill vibe. At the same time, the Atlantic beach is both home to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The beaches are more white, and the waters are turquoise on this side.

what is mexico known for
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Well then, what is Mexico known for? Is it the white sand beaches or the beach locations? No matter what season you choose to visit Mexico, there will always be a beach destination that’s perfect for you.

The beaches around Cancun and Tulum are warmer, while the beach locations such as Yelapa and Bucerias are more rugged and off-the-beaten-track locations, giving a more chill vibe. And generally, that is what is Mexico known for, taking into consideration its forever touristic and welcoming weather.

Beaches like Puerto Escondido and Sayulita are best for surfing, while island beaches like Holbox and Cozumel are best for diving and snorkeling.

Mayan Temples

Depicting some of the most important events of the past, Mayan temples were built around 2000 years ago for sacrifices, worship, and adores for the royals. This was known as one of the most important parts of Mayan villages and settlements. For a long time, these temples were hidden in the dense jungles until it was discovered by archaeologists very recently.

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Although we know the culture and cuisine are something that Mexico is known for, pondering well into the question of “What is Mexico known for?” Mayan temples are the next best thing that might inspire the people to take a tour of Mexico. Some of the best sites that will be quite a good deal to see the Mayan Temples are Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, and Palenque.

Mexico City

Mexico City is all that a visitor might ask for; from fantastic food to the wondrous architecture, Mexico City has it all. It is a hub for all cultural, political, and financial transactions. The city can also be termed as the ‘heart and soul’ of the country, ever since it became the capital of the Aztec Empire around the 1300s.

what is mexico known for
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It is home to about 20% of its whopping population of about 130 million people. Nevertheless, it is an amazing city to explore and learn more about the culture and the past of the Mexican people, and it is something you should add to your list of “what is Mexico known for?”.

Pueblos Mágicos

Talking about what is Mexico known for, how can we forget about the magical colonial towns of the country. The country’s colonial towns were termed “magical” or ‘pueblos magicos’ by the Mexican government to promote tourism.

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Famous destinations like the gorgeous San Miguel de Allende were one of the first towns to be claimed as pueblos magicos in 2008; after that, it was also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. More than 130 of them are present, and it will be great to consider them while planning your Mexican vacation.

Cathedrals and churches

The Santa Maria Tonantzintla, Cathedral Basilica de Zacatecas, and Los Remedios are some of the most well-known sites worth visiting. The beautiful interiors and well-detailed exteriors are noteworthy and have their specialty in themselves.

cathedral 5905601 1920
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We cannot forget the churches and cathedrals of the country while we talk about what is Mexico known for. Mexico is quite religious, and around 80% of the population is predominantly catholic, making the country rich in cathedrals and churches.


Various cenotes range from big to small in and around Tulum and Playa del Carmen. You can dip into these waters for a rejuvenating experience and witness the subterranean world beneath the surface.

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What is Mexico known for? Is it the beaches or the natural swimming pools? These natural swimming pools are also known as ‘cenotes.’ The erosion of limestone bedrock forms these, and the cave-like pools appear with clear waters below that.

In the olden Mayan times, these served as a sacred well in the Mayan, which served freshwater during the droughts. Today, the cenotes serve as popular spots for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

2. Mexican Cuisine

How exactly can we say what is Mexico known for when the list can be endless. Especially when it comes to delicious food, Mexico provides a wide range of cuisines from tacos to tequila; you won’t deny it to be the best of all.


Chocolates are something that Mexico is widely famous for. The famous cocoa plantations are in Yucatan and Oaxaca, which are also the most famous places for chocolate manufacturing.

The Ibarra chocolate disks are a Mexican delicacy used to dissolve Mexican-style hot chocolate into boiling milk.


Speaking of what is Mexico known for, we cannot miss out on TACOS! These are small, round, and soft corn tortillas often topped with shredded meat and a squeeze of lime and herbs. Tacos are the specialty of Mexican food. These are usually centered on the vegetarian versions, yet plenty of other versions include centered around pork and beef with all the spices and sauces.

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The Mexican favorites other than tacos that you could choose from are tortas, tostadas, and tamales.


Another favorite thing Mexico is known for is its tequila. It is another popular Mexican export that is loved all around the world.

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The traditional tequila is made only in Mexico out of the sugars of the blue agave plant. It is only known to be tequila is made in Mexico and produced in this procedure only. Otherwise, it would be known as ‘Tequila Mixto,’ adding other ingredients and sugars.


The art of Mexican beer-making dates back to the times of German immigrants in and around the 1800s. Since then, they used malts, barley, and hops and began making beer.

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Some of the most famous Mexican beers that have made their way into the world are Corona Extra, Sol which comes in handy with some lime is a perfect day drink. Also, another one is Desperados, which is the same with some tequila added.

3. Mexican Culture

Day of the Dead

Mexico is well known for its fascinating culture, and Día de Muertos is one of them celebrated as catholic feasts on All Saints and All Souls Day, which are November 1 and 2.

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Have you watched the famous animated movie Coco? This movie depicts the celebration of the Day of the Dead in a most magnificent way. On this day, the Mexicans decorate the tombs with flowers and leave gifts for their beloved. It is believed that they would cherish these favorite foods and drinks. And, when talking about what is Mexico famous for, we cannot miss out on the spooky-themed parade called the ‘La Calavera Catrina’ or the ‘elegant skeleton.’

Mariachi Bands

Mexico is known for its traditional Mariachi bands. It is a genre mixed with local and European genres; however, becoming more and more urban, it has also turned detached from its birthplace, the countryside. It embraces both the indigenous and foreign elements.

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The mariachi bands emerged in the late 1700s in western and central Mexico. The mariachis are dressed typically in traje de charro, the attire for the cowboys of Jalisco, and the musical ensemble is composed of a variety of stringed instruments.


About 80% of Mexico’s population is catholic, and we see it considerably growing day by day. Ironically, there could be seen a turbulent relationship between the Mexican government with the Holy See and the diplomatic ties with the Vatican in 1992; it was years after having seized the church’s property worldwide.

Also, we can see the blend of catholic beliefs with other religions like the cult of Holy Death and Afro Caribbean Santeria.


Mexican culture cannot be doing away with cinemas. It can be termed the ‘heart of Mexico.’ Mexico also has one of the most successful movie industries in Latin America. Some world-famous directors like Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Alejandro González-Iñarritu are known for their Mexican American productions in the industry.

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All thanks to these directors for making the century-old cinematic tradition the most prolific one.

Soap Operas

Considering cinemas as the heart of the Mexican culture, soap operas are the Mexican culture’s mind. Typically these soap operas are known as telenovelas, and typically the single season of the soap goes from about six months to a year.

Although telenovelas face quite competition from other American tv series in recent times, telenovelas face quite a competition from other American tv series; people enjoy the overly-romanticized plots and storylines of the Mexican soap opera. We cannot deny that sappy storylines and romantic plotted telenovelas are also something, ‘What is Mexico Known for.


What is Mexico known for? It is known for its unique narcoculture. Even though drug trafficking has taken serious turns in the country, it is fascinating to see the drug lords being the heroes as they have escaped poverty in the region.

The long idealized way of glorifying the drug traders is not very much wrongdoing in Mexico. This has even given birth to its mythical saint named, Jesús Malverde. He is often compared to Robin Hood, and the devotees praise and honor his altars.

Drug Cartels

On to the listings of what is Mexico known for, there is yet another savory thing that Mexico is known for that is the drug cartels, who are known for smuggling drugs illegally across Central America and Mexico.

These drug cartels have considerable control over large parts of the country, such as El Paso and other border towns like Juarez, Tijuana, etc. These are some places that are best to be avoided to be on the safer side. However, this does not mean that the whole of Mexico is unsafe. You can have an incredible and safe trip rather than being in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and other places.

Frida Kahlo

This Mexican artist is known for her surrealistic self-portraits that depict vibrant colors, passion, boldness, and indigenous culture.

what is mexico known for
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Frida is remembered to have a turbulent life. She had suffered from polio at the age of 6 and a terrible bus accident while 18. Also, her marriage to the muralist Diego Rivera was quite chaotic. However, she managed to channel her hardships and pain into her art. And it was because of her activism and art, that she is known worldwide today, inspiring the new generations.

Her famous self-portraits were ‘Self portrait in a Velvet Dress,’ painted in the style of 19th Century portraits that the European Renaissance greatly influenced. Some of her other renowned paintings were ‘Self-portrait -Time Flies’(1929) and ‘Portrait of a woman in white(1930)’.

4. Adventure Sports and Activities

When listing out the things what is Mexico known for, we cannot leave out the most adventurous of water sports. As the coast lies on both the sides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, therefore it offers water sports adventurers the opportunity all year round.

Scuba Diving

Mexico has some of the best scuba diving locations, including Banco Chinchorro, Isla Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya. While diving into the waters, you can see everything from turtles to sculptures and tropical fishes to whale sharks.

diver 549380 1920
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To be able to venture into this beautiful underwater would be a real treat for yourself!


The Caribbean and Pacific sides are the best choices for diving and snorkeling.

You also find some amazing cave and cavern diving in Mexico, particularly around Tulum, where one can dive in the cenotes and explore the underwater tunnels and caves.

You can also find some of the most amazing and unique museums in Mexico, including the world’s largest underwater museum off the coast of Cancun. You can also dive and snorkel around the underwater gallery of statues. If you want to dive up close to the ocean giants, then Baja is your place. However, on the Pacific side of Mexico, snorkeling could be a little risky for you, as it brings in large-scale shark migration.


Listing the facts about what is Mexico known for, we cannot leave out surfing. It is one of the most famous sports practiced along the coastline, home to many amazing waves.

what is mexico known for
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From March to December, the surfing season in Mexico holds the best swells of the year. One of the most famous waves is the Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca. A huge swell can be held on this beach break to create a barrelling wave that only experienced surfers can tame.

The surf bungalows found in Barra de la Cruz are also worth mentioning. This surfers’ paradise will be worth your visit.


Listing the facts about what is Mexico known for, we cannot leave out surfing. It is one of the most famous sports practiced along the coastline, home to many amazing waves.

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The fishing opportunities range from fly fishing opportunities to saltwater flats fishing on the Caribbean side of the country. Also, many fishing lodges are available ready to be the perfect fishing paradise you always wanted to visit.

To say what is Mexico known for? Some might say it is Mexico City, while others say the beaches. From Mariachi Bands to the celebration of the Day of the Dead, it is something to be found only in this incredible country of Mexico.

Ultimately when it comes down to what is Mexico known for,  these are just the highlights; there is so much more than these that Mexico is famous for. From incredible coastlines to the splendid Mexico City, Mexico is so much more than we can just put our words into. It is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. Hopefully, this post has made a great makeshift in your travel plan to the ‘Land of Mayas and Aztecs.’

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