blue ridge texas natural attractions blue ridge texas natural attractions

Discover Blue Ridge: Texas’ Top 10 Natural Wonders

The wonders of Blue Ridge Texas Natural Attractions, with azure lakes, lush forests, and clear blue skies, should be at the top of your bucket list.

The United States of America is full of remarkable and spectacular miracles of nature. You have the Ozarks of Arkansas, the Northern Lights of Alaska, the Acadia National Park of Maine, and The Grand Canyon and The Wave of Arizona. So, the soils of the U.S.A. have endless places to visit and explore.

The Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions comprise some of the most diverse ranges of marvels like falls, trees, rivers, trails, birds, and animals.

1. Get To Know The Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a portion of the famous Appalachian Mountains.

You may have heard about some of the wonderful mountains in Texas, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are a significant part of them.

It runs over six hundred miles from Carlisle through some areas of Maryland, Virginia, North, and South Carolina and stops at Mount Oglethorpe in Georgia. The Blue Mountain range is quite narrow, and its right is not rising much. The reason is that the range is so old that it has become weathered by time and elements of nature like wind and rain.

The densely forested area surrounded by natural wonders with incredible flora and fauna is a significant part of the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions.

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Funnily enough, the ‘blue’ of the name does not directly contribute to nature. In truth, it is a beautiful combination of both Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions and science. It was first that the European colonists discovered the bluish haze formed by the mountains and created the term “Blue Ridge Mountains.”

Regardless, the Cherokee initially connected the color blue with the mountains. They started calling their home – the mountains ‘Shaconage’. It translates to ‘the land of the blue smoke and thus began the legend of the aptly named Blue Ridge mountains.

So get ready to explore some of nature’s most incredible wonders by visiting the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions.

2. Visit the 10 Best Blue Ridge Texas Natural Attractions

Full of miracles of nature, the “almost heaven” Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions – the lands, the rivers, trails, mountains, trees, and falls- this place’s “country roads” do feel like they are taking you home.

So make sure to visit these most beautiful Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions for a trip worth remembering.

2.1 Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway gives the eastern United States mountains the most scenic sights. It passes over four hundred miles between Virginia and the northern part of Carolina, making it one of the most popular natural attractions in Blue Ridge, Texas.

The ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway can be split into various segments. You can take a road trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway any time of the year, and you will be rewarded with the mesmerizing beauty of Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions.

However, the autumn season somehow makes the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions more enchanting and magical.

With soft blue skies and fiery fall colors, an enchantment will fall on you during autumn. While a huge part of riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway is cherishing the spectacular views, you will also find amazing things to do while on the road.

Exciting activities on the road trip include biking, trekking, hiking, and much more. There are endless Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions and marvels to seek and explore on your ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway, which includes mountains, waterfalls, and gorges.

a) The Waterfalls

The region is home to many beautiful waterfalls, including Looking Glass Falls, Cascades, Tom’s Creek Falls, and Hebron Falls.

b) The Linville Gorge

While visiting the Linville waterfall, take some time to see the deepest canyon lying on the eastern part of the Grand Canyon – Linville Gorge.

c) The Caves

Enter into the caverns of the Blue Ridge Parkway and let your eyes feast upon the works of nature.

Some of the most known caves of this region are Linville Caverns, Luray Caverns, Shenandoah Caverns, Skyline Caverns, and finally, the home of the biggest underground lake – The Lost Sea.

d) The State Parks

To complete your Blue Ridge, Texas Natural Attractions journey, check out Chimney Rock State Park and Mount Mitchell State Park.

e) The Trails

Your explorations of the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions will not be complete unless you walk some of the iconic trails of the area.

Among the most popular ones of Blue Ridge Parkway, as well as Virginia, are the Linville Falls West Rim Trail, White Rock Falls Trail, Otter Lake Trail, Thunder Ridge Trail, Fallingwater Cascades Trail, and, of course, the Appalachian Trail.

f) The Abbott Lake

You will discover more trails around Abbott Lake, but the most important reason is to stop here to catch a glimpse of the amazing Sharp Top Mountain.

While it is not a part of Blue Ridge, Texas, natural attractions, you should not miss the Blue Ridge Music Center, a Crooked Road segment.

If you are a music lover, go for a quick drive to experience a live concert at Virginia’s heritage music trail, which is an experience of a lifetime.

You could spend your whole trip exploring and loving the wonders of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but you have many more miles to cover if you want to experience all the natural attractions of Blue Ridge, Texas.

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2.2 Aska Trails

The very popular Aska Trails offer tourists numerous opportunities for activities like hiking, biking, and cycling.

Paths rise to over three thousand feet, with panoramas of hills, cliffs, and ridges, and dive to Lake Blue Ridge’s waterfronts.

The Aska Trails get visitors and tourists all year round, but every season comes with its signature highlights.

a) Spring

Nature is full of vibrant colors during the season of new beginnings, so the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions also get more beautiful. The waters look bluer, the grass greener, and the flowers bloom with all the rainbow colors.

b) Summer

Summer months are best for dipping into the cool blue waters or relaxing under the shade of trees. Water activities like swimming, rafting, and tubing are also much loved.

c) Fall

During the fall months, the skies become a prettier shade of blue, and the trails dress up in fiery red, orange, and gold; the beautiful fall foliage is truly beautiful. Hunting is also a popular activity at this time.

d) Winter

Winter days are chilly and refreshing, with wonderful scenic views of the blue ranges. Aska’s trails are made up of Stanley Gap Trail, Green Mountain Trail, Flat Creek, and the Long Branch Loop.

2.3 Long Creek Falls

The two most important components that form the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions are waterfalls and trails, and the Long Creek Falls presents you with both.

This is a spectacular stretch of trail to travel, with gorgeous falls waiting for you at the end. The level of the trek falls somewhere between easy and moderate.

It goes on for two miles and allows you to explore fragments of the Appalachian Trail and the Duncan Ridge.

You have to cross a hard gravel road to reach the trailhead, but the stunning scenic beauty of the river that awaits you at the end of the road is worth a difficult hike.

It also takes you to the center of the Blue Ridge Wildlife Management Area. The lands filled with deer, turkey, and bear present you with activities like hiking, fishing, birdwatching, and hunting.

You can also spend a relaxing day picnic with your loved ones or try an exciting adventure with horseback riding.

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2.4 Blue Ridge Dam

The dam holds back the Blue Ridge Reservoir, located on the southwest rim of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You will be rewarded with gorgeous scenic views from either wall of the dam.

One gives you a picturesque view of the mountain. At the same time, the other angle has crystal blue water with visitors enjoying activities like fishing, paddle boarding, and having a ‘dam’ good time.

If you have been on the road for a long time exploring the natural attractions of Blue Ridge, Texas, this place offers you a chance to sit, relax, enjoy various recreations, and take a much-needed break.

2.5 Mercier Orchards

You cannot compare anything with spending a lazy afternoon picking apples with your friends, family, and kids.

The Mercier Orchards of Blue Ridge is one of the most wonderful orchards in Georgia and maybe even America.

A day at the Mercier Orchard consists of apple picking, a delicious country-style breakfast with pies and apple cider, and generous and friendly Southern hospitality.

Get ready to tackle a sizable crowd to taste the award-winning pies or a sip of their homemade cider.

You will also find a charming selling sweet candy-coated apples, a definite hit among children.

2.6 Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge is a reservoir just by the town of Blue Ridge in the northern region of Georgia. The lake was made when Blue Ridge Dam was constructed in 1930 on the Toccoa River for hydropower generation.

The lake, with an impressive area of over three thousand and three hundred acres, consists of about sixty miles of shoreline.

The crystalline blue water of Lake Blue Ridge makes it one of the most prominent Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions, as well as a favorite of the visitors. Numerous slopes envelop the waters for boats, multiple campgrounds, a harbor, and a beautiful and pristine picnic spot.

There are also polluted swimming spaces. A large portion of Lake Blue Ridge is a part of the Chattahoochee National Forest. It is home to various animals like squirrels, river otters, weasels, black bears, and foxes. Birds include Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Carolina Wren, Tufted Titmouse, Blue Jay, and more.

A family-friendly beach at Morganton Point is also filled with smooth and colorful pebbles. You can enjoy exciting things like kayaking and paddleboarding along with a waterfront beach permit.

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2.7 Jacks River Falls

The Jacks River Falls is one of the most beautiful Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions on the Beach Bottom Trail.

It is a rocky and spectacular waterfall that rumbles amid the Cohutta Wilderness of Georgia. With blue waters cascading over a lush land full of rocks and grass, the Jack River Falls is something you must see to understand its magnificence.

The grassy lands are filled with blooming, colorful, and vibrant blossoms. You might even glimpse wild animals like bears, snakes, and many hunting birds.

The trail is difficult to navigate, especially for inexperienced tourists and beginners. Yet it cannot be denied that going through the challenging hike is worth it once you reach the land of Jack River Falls – something that feels right out of a fairy tale.

2.8 Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain is another one of the most majestic Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions found in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Rising to a height of about 3700 feet, this mountain is a popular hiking destination of Blue Ridge.

If you are not a seasoned hiker, the hiking trails of Springer Mountain might feel like a strenuous challenge. But the hike is beautiful, filled with diverse landscapes, twittering birds, and colorful stones and rocks scattered over the grounds.

Proudly sign your name on the trail log after the challenging and long trek when you achieve the final summit. The panoramic view of Springer Mountain is something that you should give a try while you are exploring the natural attractions of Blue Ridge, Texas.

2.9 Shenandoah River

You have heard the name, and you have listened to the song. New walk along the country roads and experience the sacred lands of the Shenandoah Valley.

You can also spend time at Virginia Caves, Roanoke Star, or the Peaks of Otter. A branch of the Potomac River, the blue waters of Shenandoah are loved most for fun and recreational activities like river tubing, rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. And if you are a newbie, proper guided tours are also available.

Your experience of visiting the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions will remain incomplete unless you explore the Shenandoah River and Falls.

2.10 Great Smoky Mountains

Rising along the frontiers of Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains are a branch of the great Appalachian.

The lands of Smokies are covered in blooming and colorful flowers. The place is heaven for nature lovers, with a diverse range of trees, wildflowers, rhododendrons, and even orchids.

Mountains are rich in both flora and fauna. It is home to numerous mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibious creatures, and fishes. The most prominent animals are flying squirrels, river otters, bats, foxes, and bears.

Along with various lizards and snakes, you can also find multiple birds. Northern parula, Tufted titmouse, Mourning dove, Blue jay, Eastern bluebird, and Indigo bunting are some of the feathered friends you can find in this Mountain of Blue Ridge.

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3. Special Mentions

If you have completed your journey of the Blue Ridge Texas natural attractions but don’t want to end your lovely vacation just yet, read on to find some more fantastic places in the Blue Mountains that you can visit.

The Baugh House Historical Museum by the Fannin County Heritage and Tank Town U.S.A. will take you back in time with a tour filled with the rich history and culture of the region.

Toccoa River Swinging Bridge over the Mississippi River will provide the best views, while its Wilderness Tubing will give you an exciting adventure with your kids.

Vertigo Pinball above the Blue Coyote Grill in downtown Blue Ridge is a great place to go for both food and entertainment.

Head to gift shops like Out of the Blue or Huck’s General Store to buy yourself a little souvenir to take home. The land of blue smoke is vast and never-ending. No matter how long you stay and explore here, you will still feel like you missed a lot.

The place is filled with so much to see and do that it is impossible to check off every site on your list on a single vacation. What is the best solution? Come back to the Blue Mountains again and again and still feel like returning one more time.

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Closing Thoughts

Now that you are familiar with the world of the Blue Ridge Mountains, what are you waiting for?

With lakes, forests, rivers, trails, parks, and anything you can think of, the blue smoke has it.

So pack your bags for a lifetime trip and venture into the wilderness to seek and explore the most beautiful Blue Ridge Texas Natural Attractions.

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