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Bear Creek Kayaking:12 Best Locations

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Alabama is an abode to several water bodies. This makes it popular among those who love water and water sports.

A small creek of water replenished by reservoirs, Bear Creek, is well-known for such activities. Bear Creek Kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports are ventures attracting most of the tourists here.

These recommendations are a stand-out for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. Let us begin with it without any further delay.

1.0. Terrestial Insights:

Alabama’s Marian County has a town named Bear Creek, which is what this article deals with.

Bear Creek is a class II, low gradient drop which gets water mostly in summer. Upper Bear Creek Dam is responsible for satiating Bear Creek with whitewater.

The trails start for Bear Creek Kayaking at the Upper Bear Creek Dam and end at the Bear Creek Reservoir. Except for this, fishing, sightseeing, and birdwatching can be done at Upper Bear Creek Dam.

The water is clean and slow-flowing; isn’t it a perfect combination? This makes Bear Creek Kayaking suitable for beginners.

2.0. Rentals & Trails:

The trails are most important while kayaking, canoeing, or rafting. Here are the routes you might get on to luxuriate these sports.

2.1. Bear Creek Paddle Route:

It is a point to point, 11.3 km long trail. It is rated as moderate for kayaking. Bear creek paddle route has an elevation of 58m. The trail is for hard kayakers as the water is shallow. If you are doing it for the first time, then this route is for you.

2.2. Bear Creek Canoe Run:

The Bear Creek Canoe Run provides the safest and pleasurable canoeing and kayaking accommodations. The rentals are cheap, and you do not need to worry about minors here. Kayaking through factory falls can make you repeat their trails.

There is a seasonal canoe trip that commences on Memorial Day and terminates on Labor Day. At this time, you can witness the bear creek canoe run. The trail is the most fun one, with dazzling views.

Bear Creek Kayaking

3.3. Bear Creek Floatway:

They provide canoeing and kayaking services for class I. The Bear Creek Floatway also accommodates upper and lower factory falls, but they come under class V and class VI.

Experiencing Bear Creek Kayaking or Canoeing here will make you high on adrenaline. You must note to be cautious at the factory falls. The water and rocks at factory fall show mercy to none. Be there only if you are a professional.

4.0. Sites in Bear Creek:

There are sights in Bear Creek you will never forget. During Bear Creek Kayaking, you get to experience the cool and friendly water. Here mentioned are some other attractions from the place.

Kinlock Falls


4.1. Water Falls:

There are several enchanting waterfalls in and around Bear Creek. Additionally, these places offer you Bear Creek Kayaking facilities too.

4.1.1. Kinlock Falls:

The Kinlock Falls is in the Haleyville of Alabama, sixteen miles from Bear Creek. It is a small natural fall with exceptional vision. As it is a public place, you can drop-in anytime. The trail around this fall is a closed-loop.

4.1.2. Parker Falls:

Another beauty from Haleyville, Parker Falls, is apart from Bear Creek, about sixteen miles.

The water here is serene, and you can find hiking trails if you do not want to get in the water. The water trail is moderately rated for kayakers, canoers, and paddlers.

4.1.3. Rainbow Falls:

The Rainbow Falls is at the mouth of a sandstone gorge, Dismals Canyon. It is around sixty-one miles from Bear Creek in Waterloo, Alabama. If you have a dog and kids in your family, then visiting here ain’t an issue. The short and safe trail here is irresistible and safe for everyone.

4.1.4. Butler Falls:

Situated at Franklin County, Butler Falls is thirteen miles from Bear Creek. Well, the vital activities to submerge in here are water trails and hiking.

4.1.5. Quarter Creek Falls:

Winston County’s Quarter Creek Falls can be visited if we travel just nine miles from Bear Creek. Except for kayaking, canoeing, and hiking, this place is a good spot for polishing your fishing skills.

4.1.6. Seven Falls:

Falkville is home to Seven Falls. Bear Creek is just forty-five miles from this charming site. You will not notice any water trails. Instead, hiking trails here are infamous.

J P Coleman State Park

4.2. Parks:

Natural beauty resides in the wilderness, and parks at this locale prove this.

4.2.1.Tombigbee Lake State Park:

Named after the river Tombigbee and surrounding a 90-acre lake, this park is located at Mooreville. While in Bear Creek, travel for approximately fifty miles, and you will be here.

4.2.2. Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo:

Mississipi’s largest zoo, Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, is forty-one miles away from Bear Creek. The place started as a cattle ranch but now is a preserve.

4.2.3. Tishomingo State Park:

Around thirty-seven miles from Bear Creek, Tishomingo State Park is situated in Tishomingo County. It is home to Bear Creek Canyon.

4.2.4. J P Coleman State Park:

This inviting place is at a distance of 57 miles from Bear Creek. J P Coleman State Park is in Luka, MS.

4.2.5. Joe Wheeler State Park:

Hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, and camping; get everything at Joe Wheeler State Park. The park is situated in Rogersville, Alabama, and is at a drive of forty-seven miles from Bear Creek.

4.2.6. Lake Lowndes State Park:

Lake Lowndes State Park, Ethelsville, Alabama, is fifty-seven miles from Bear Creek. Picnicking, fishing, and camping are some recreational ventures here.

As I promised, 12 best locations for you to explore. These six falls and six parks should be on your checklist whenever you decide to visit.

5.0. Ventures:

So, the bear creek does not end only at bear creek kayaking. You got a lot more to do there. Enjoy a vacation filled with outdoor activities like fishing, picnicking, mountaineering, canoeing, camping, and hiking.

The adventurous sports in Bear Creek like kayaking, hiking, and canoeing sound risky, but a little caution will make you go through them unscathed. This is sure that Alabama is a heaven for those who like to disburse in the water. Besides, the location is a stunner to the eyes of its visitors.

Being the land with lakes and rivers every few miles, Alabama facilitates all these activities in different regions. Alabama offers several canoeing opportunities; click here and know more.

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