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Choosing Excellence: 6 Boarding Schools in Texas

Are you seeking the top boarding schools in Texas for your kids? If so, then this is the right article for you. 

Parents have many valid reasons for sending their kids to boarding schools, whether it is better academic training, overseas work, single parenting, more disciplined training for individual character training, or special needs. 

When you prepare your kid for boarding schools in Texas, you should consider certain features. You should be aware of the distinctions among these schools.

Some boarding schools facilitate opportunities to excel in academics, whereas some other schools focus on excellence in a particular career field. And some boarding schools focus on students with difficulties.

1. List of 6 Boarding Schools in Texas

1.1. Brook Hill Christian Boarding School

This school is one of the top Christian Boarding Schools in Texas. Like other religious boarding schools, it also follows a core academic curriculum.

Academic excellence under biblical overview is the educational goal of the school. This private boarding school is most favorable for those who seek spiritual direction or a faith-rooted family.

The Pursuit of Academic Excellence with Spiritual and Character Formation is the school’s vision.

It aims at equipping students by providing comprehensive Curricular and nonscholastic programs. Free Weekend Trips and activities and ESL courses are included in the syllabus.

The school provides cozy facilities like fully furnished rooms, separate private bathrooms, and spacious activity areas. 

Full-time coaches and winning athletic teams add more feathers to its cap. The school emphasizes and encourages the students’ interest in arts as well.

The school trains students as global citizens, as around 15% of them are international students.

1.2. St Stephen’s Episcopal School

This American boarding school was the first co-educational Episcopal school in the United States.

Co-ed schools believe that men and women should compete with each other in the real world and work together. So the school gives different halls for girls and boys to stay in but take their classes together.

The school boasts about its talented and dedicated faculty, its student-teacher ratio is 8:1, and the average class size is 17.

The school offers a balanced program of academics, athletics, service learning, and the arts. The school’s doctrine is appreciating all faiths and customs and respecting other cultures and viewpoints.

Their axioms include making learners serve others and promoting social justice. They support equity and inclusion and thereby make the learners good stewards of the environment.

This boarding school believes that the inclusive community can help the pupils develop a deeper understanding of the outside world to face challenges and opportunities easily.

The classmates from different backgrounds help them see the world from a different perspective, as only 30% of the students are natives.

1.3. San Marcos Academy

This academy is one of the best Christian Boarding Schools in Texas. It is a SEVP-certified school that can accept international students who come on an F-1 Visa.

This Texas Academy offers classes in grades 6-12 for boarding students and grades K 12 for day scholars.  Approximately 20% of the school students are boarding students, and the rest are day scholars.

Further, Military leadership programs, other leadership training programs, and plenty of entertaining activities are also included in the school programs.

The Texas School follows the “Teaching for Transformation” (TFT) curricular model. Worship, truth, justice, service, and community are the values they like to discipleship in their students.

The student-teacher ratio is 9:1, and the average class size is 12.

The school emphasizes athletics and sports. The school furnishes baseball, basketball, volleyball courts, a fitness center, football fields, indoor and outdoor pools, and sand volleyball courts. 

They accommodate students facing mild to moderate learning differences. Learning Differences Support, ADD/ADHD Support, Evening Study Assistance, and Subject Tutoring support students’ learning.

American Sign Language, Spanish, Latin, and French are the other offered languages in the school.

The school offers various club activities and special programs. Distinctive visual and performing arts, new programs, various organizations, and numerous sports activities are the amenities in the school. 

1.4. The Village School 

A clean campus of one of the Boarding Schools In Texas, The Village School.
Image from the official website of The Village School

The Village School is one of the top Day and Boarding Schools in Texas for the 2 to 18 age range; it was founded in 1966 and is a member of the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family.

Learners from all over the world study here as the school provides a diverse and global environment.  The student-teacher ratio is 8:1, so your child will receive additional focus.

The school’s diploma options are:

  1. The International Baccalaureate Diploma
  2. The Entrepreneurship Diploma
  3. and The Village School U.S

The school offers technologically advanced facilities and the world’s best resources. It works with educational institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and collaborates with organizations like UNICEF as well.

Through their online learning platform, Global Campus, all Nord Anglia students can connect and interact through collaborative projects.

They give importance to athletics and the fine arts, and the school is furnished with a 1,000-seat indoor gymnasium and an indoor aquatic center.

Several tennis courts, an eight-lane track that circles their turfed field, are there for sports enthusiasts. Various championships and community service learning are part of their physical training programs.

They collaborate with The Julliard School of Performing Arts to provide various performing arts opportunities.

1.5. Marine Military Academy 

A group of students parading in the Marine Military Academy in Texas
From the official website of the Marine Military Academy 

Marine Military Academy is an all-boys boarding school for young students in grades 7-12, located in Harlingen, Texas.

The school applies the United States Marine Corps concepts of leadership and discipline in its curriculum.

Their Marine Corps Junior ROTC programs supply the preliminaries needed for young trainees to become leaders through discipline, initiative, and leadership. 

The academy provides personalized guidance and a phenomenal flight training program. The school offers more than 55 academic courses and around 20 sports and activities. Furthermore, the student-teacher ratio is 12:1.

Nearly 30% of the learners are international students. Along with 7-12 Grades, it offers an optional advanced degree year as well.

It is a 142-acre gated campus with a swimming pool, gymnasiums, athletic fields, and tennis courts. A marksmanship center and a 40-acre LEAD complex are also present.

The school has a structured and regimented environment which prevents the boys from getting distracted from their learning.

This school boasts of its 100% college acceptance rate. This military academy propounds advanced placement courses, honor courses, and enrichment programs.

1.6. TMI Episcopal San Antonio

A campus of the TMI Episcopal San Antonio Boarding School in Texas.
From the official website of TMI Episcopal San Antonio

This school was founded in 1893 and comes under the Episcopal Diocese.

It is a 6 to 12 Grade school, one of the best military traditioned high schools in Texas. 

The school offers JROTC and boarding programs. In addition to academics, the school covers devotion, fine arts, athletics, and enrichment activities as well.

The school’s optional program, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, takes a military structure to develop leadership skills in the students.

Most military schools follow the residential system, but this school is also open for day scholars, and it welcomes all kinds of students irrespective of race, color, or ethnicity.

The school is recognized as one of the most beautiful boarding schools in Texas as it is an 86-acre campus with a chapel, garden, and walker innovation center.

The school opened as West Texas Military Academy in 1893 and adopted its current name, TMI Episcopal, in 2017.

2. Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas

Boarding Schools in Texas include several therapeutic schools.

These schools understand the problems of those teenagers who make complications in their own lives and society; they help them overcome these teenagers’ life-guzzling issues.

The main focus of these schools is healing the learners who are emotionally troubled through therapies. Yet, these schools offer academic programs also.

These academic programs are designed with the help of well-trained and professional experts in the concerned fields. So that the students can get back on track once their behavioral issues are worked out.

The majority of therapeutic boarding schools in Texas work through a spiritual approach. Most of the plans rely on Christianity’s principles, including honesty, faith, perseverance, and courage. 

Some of the best therapeutic boarding schools in Texas are:

  1. Ozark Trails Academy
  2. Red Hawk Girls Academy
  3. Thrive Girls Ranch
  4. Treasure Coast Academy
  5. Trinity Teen Solutions 

3. Closing Thoughts

Texas is a state with a plethora of schools, and the Texas school system consists of public schools, private schools, and military training schools.

Texas schools vary from junior to high schools, therapeutic to military schools, and gender-based to mixed schools.

Each school is different in terms of curricular strategies, learning environment, and approach toward the learners. Before selecting any school for your child, you must understand the needs of your kid.

All the best!

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