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How to Apply at Healdsburg High School: Guide [2022]

Healdsburg High School is a public high school located in the street Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California, United States, having four grades from 9 to 12th. Founded in 1880, Healdsburg High School has been named a California Distinguished School twice.

Some of the common facts about this high school are:

  • County- Sonoma
  • School- Public High School
  • District- Healdsburg Unified school district
  • School Address- 1024 Prince St. Healdsburg, CA 95448-3449
  • Open date- July 1, 1980
  • Grade level- 9 -12
  • Enrolled students- 522
  • Graduation Rates- 94%
  • Student-teacher ratio- 17:1
  • Type- Traditional high school
  • Minority Enrollment- 57.9%

1. Pillars

The head members of the Healdsburg High School include

  • Amy Jones-Kerr (Principal)
  • Francisco Manriquez Torres (Principal Asst.)
  • Lucero Mendiola (Secretary)
  • Jody Pruitt (Administrative secretary)
  • Espie Roman Nunez (Parent Outreach & Education Assistant)

2. Overview

The School colors are Cardinal Red and Black. Healdsburg High School is recently awarded a long-term possible six-year term of accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This school is famous for its safe environment and its ability for the admission and advanced placement of its students into prestigious universities around the country.

Healdsburg School needed modern renovations and remodeling to increase learning spaces and classes for Career technical education (CTE) and STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) programs.

In June 2012, the first modernization was approved by the Healdsburg community to improve facilities. Second modernization remodeled a fine and applied arts wing consisting of two art classrooms and a digital arts lab with a large green room for video recording, a sound room, and two recording studios.

In addition to this, a 9,616 sq. ft. STEM building with science labs and engineering and construction labs with a covered outdoor workspace. They renovated 72,881 sq. ft. of an unneeded old science wing and transformed it into a room for the development of a new campus entry plaza for student gatherings, a new entrance hallway, as well as outdoor learning spaces that adjoin interior study areas.

The building of a new conference room, a new staff meeting room and various classroom renovations, and the 80-inch high definition TV monitors in every classroom to facilitate instruction were involved in this modernization phase. The roof, heating, and air conditioning of the main building were also replaced.

The site is developed in a way good for water conservation by reducing irrigation requirements. Along with this, Campus energy consumption was reduced through lighting controls that adjust to daylight contributions.

Back To School Welcome Video 2021-22

3. Healdsburg Education Foundation (HEF)

Healdsburg Education Foundation is a non-profit and privately funded organization that aims to raise money in the community for the beneficiation of all private school children of Healdsburg and Alexander Valley.

Teachers of school districts, Site administrators, parents, local businesses, and the street Healdsburg community are the HEF partners working to enhance the educational excellence in all Healdsburg private schools. We encourage all the parents to assist HEF in future efforts to support our student’s educational experiences.

4. Athletics

The athletic programs provide increased opportunities for improving physical skills, playing skills, teamwork, promoting friendship, and learning good sportsmanship.

Documentation required:

a) Proof of medical insurance;

b) Proof of physical exam by a licensed doctor;

c) Completed online forms.

To be eligible for any team, the student must attain 2.0 GPA. Eligibility will review at the end of each progress report card. If a student is ineligible cannot participate in any contest but may practice with the approval of the coach and Athletic Director.

To be eligible for an athlete letter, Student-Athletes accordingly be must complete the entire sport’s season and accordingly be evaluated for the Athlete letter.

To be eligible to earn semester credit for athlete participation, Student-Athletes must complete the entire sport’s season.

5. Sports

Healdsburg High School sports
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels/Copyright 2022

There are many sports facilities at the Healdsburg school, and competitions are held all year round. Healdsburg High School features two multipurpose fields, tennis courts, and an all-weather track on 11 acres of land with lighting arrangements.

School fields are used not only for football, softball, and soccer teams but also for bulldog’s football, youth soccer, adult soccer, COH Softball league, tennis, and basketball. And there is tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, cheerleading, basketball, softball, swimming, and diving for the girls also.

6. Clubs

There are many clubs founded in Healdsburg school. They are:

  • Mountain Biking Club: all ages cross-country.
  • Art: promotes an interest in art.
  • Ballet Folklorico: Learn Mexican Folk dancing.
  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF): Academic honor society.
  • Future Farmers of America (FFA): Promote leadership in agriculture.
  • French Club: promotes French Culture.
  • Key Club: Community service.
  • Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO)
  • Peer Helpers: provide peers support.
  • Progressive Club: human rights activists.
  • Rotary Interact: provides services for the school and local communities.
  • Science Alliance: Science tutoring; arrange for speakers to give science-oriented presentations.

7. School Data

The following are the data provided by Healdsburg High School.

  • Graduation Rate: 94%
  • Grades Served: 9-12
  • Setting: Large suburb

8. Advanced Placement Courses

Students have the opportunity to take advanced placement courses, and these Rigorous courses help students prepare for and get into college. The AP participation rate of Healdsburg High school is 56%. The total minority enrollment is 58%, and 44% of students are economically disadvantaged.

  • AP mathematics course: Participation rate- 3%
  • AP science course: Participation rate- 7%
  • Other AP courses: Participation rate- 40%

9. Test Scores

U.S. calculates these values according to the student’s performance on state-required tests and internationally available exams on college-level coursework (AP and IB).

10. Apply at Healdsburg High School

To register your child at Healdsburg High School, You need to fill out:

  • Registration Form
  • Health Information Form

To be eligible, you need to do documentation that includes:

  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of age
  • Immunization Records
  • Last Report Card
  • Special Education Student; Current IEP

#No student will be permitted to attend the school if all the requirements are not fulfilled.

To apply for the jobs, check this link out.

11. Career Panels

11.1. Future Prep Program:

This program is designed to help students with their career-related decisions. This program provides support to the junior internship program by exposing career options to the students before they select their job placements.

12. Scholarship Program

pexels jeswin thomas 3380743 scaled
Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels/Copyright 2022

The Rotary interact club of Healdsburg school organizes a Scholarship program. It focuses on supporting the continuation of education of The Healdsburg high school. The Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of the school is responsible for the Scholarship funds.

The two committees operate the fund. Financial management is charged by one committee, and the second committee is responsible for screening, interviewing, Club, and selecting the award recipients.

There are three types of scholarships:

  • Academic: This scholarship is given to a High School Graduating senior who is attending a community college.
  • Vocational: This scholarship is given to a high school Graduating Senior applying for a two-year selecting internship program.
  • Health Care Studies: This scholarship is given to a re-entry student of Santa Rosa Junior college or a similar institution who will be focusing on a field of Health Care.

They award 20 and 30 scholarships to High School Graduating Seniors and 2 Health Care Studies awards.

12.1. Eligibility Criteria

  • Academic Performance
  • Demonstrated work experience
  • Financial need
  • Participation in school activities and team sports, volunteer work with a community service project

13. Internship Program

With the generous support of the Healdsburg Education Foundation, Healdsburg high school provides an opportunity to get an internship. The purpose of this program is to expose high school students to real-world work experience.

This is a 6-day internship program at a local business in January and February for all the juniors of Healdsburg high school. Students are required to conduct career research, draft a resume and cover letter, attend an interview, and have workplace etiquette. Each student has a specific project focus at the internship site and a key deliverable.

The students are provided mentors based on the student’s career interests. Businesses are coached in preparing for their internship and asked to give honest, specific feedback on their student’s performance.

For the map directions, click here.

This is all about the Healdsburg High School and how you can apply in it. If you liked the article, do let us know in the comment section below.



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