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Top 8 Private Schools in Denver

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You will get plenty of options to choose from when you select the finest school among the private schools in Denver. Parents always like to choose the best for their children. But mostly, people get confused between several options. The same happens at the time of the selection of the best school too. 

When you select a school for your kid, the school should meet your ward’s physical and mental requirements because each kid is unique. 

Like other schools globally, Denver schools are also different- from their learning strategies to the learning atmosphere. This article will help you find the top 8 private schools in Denver.

Top 8 Private Schools in Denver

1. Colorado Academy

Colorado Academy is located in southwest Denver. This school has shown its excellence since 1906. The school is one of the best private schools in Denver. 


  1. Beautiful Campus

    One of the hallmarks of this academy is its magnificent campus. This more than a century-old school has a lot more things that are connected to nature. This 94-acre campus has wooded pathways, trails, sculptures, fields for athletics, and Woody’s pond.
  2. Arts

    1. Arts is a part of education at Colorado Academy from Pre-K to 12 students. The young artists’ works are displayed everywhere in the school. Senior students could host their own art shows here.
    2. Ponzio Arts Center is Colorado Academy’s gallery space that showcases artistic talents in art studios for mixed media, printmaking, ceramics, digital design, photography, and film studies
    3. Schotters Music Center is for those music lovers and Froelicher Theatre for young actors. The learners cover 11,000 private music lessons per year as part of education. The technical theater could students exhibit their talents in lighting and building sets.
  3. Athletics

    Colorado Academy gives importance to athletics and physical education also. Their teams have won many league, state, and national level championships. 
3800 South Pierce Street, Denver, Colorado 80235 Phone: 303-986-1501

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2. Accelerated schools

Accelerated Schools is a private school in Denver for talented students. It is a 4-12 class school and offers help for those students who need remedial help in the classroom. This school was established in 1966. It is one of the best private schools in Denver for students.


    1. An individualized academic plan based on pupil’s needs is the foremost thing here. Students get individual attention and care relevant to their necessities.
    2. Open enrollment in high school and middle school. Your ward can begin his class any day in an academic year in this school.
    3. Their classroom ratio is 7:1, so they can give specific attention to each kid here. Students get a daily report card. 
    4. They offer special programs for students who face learning difficulties and admit average grade level students also. There are no age restrictions for the admission of students. 

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2160 South Cook Street
Denver, CO 80210 Phone: 303.758.2003

3. International School of Denver

This IB world school in Denver was founded in 1977. It is a Pre-K-8th Grade multilingual school. This is a global school and makes internationalism possible through multi-languages. It is one of the international private schools in Denver.


    1. They have Interdisciplinary International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme in the middle school.
    2. They synthesize French, Spanish, and Chinese language enthrallment in education.
    3. 5th Grade students get the opportunity to study abroad in France, Spain, or China to adapt to these foreign countries’ cultures and diversity to acquire their educational goals.
    4. They send Grade 8 students to Costa Rica for 10 days as a service-learning trip every spring.
    5. The student-teacher ratio is 6:1.
    6. The school promotes bilingualism and treats learners as global citizens. Hence it takes its pupils on global trips to immerse in world cultures.

Apart from the regular school events, the notable events this Denver school conducts every year are Night of the Tales, Language Program Festivals, World Tea Fare, Annual Fund Raising Gala, and International Bash.

7701 East First Place, Unit C Denver
CO 80230 303-340-3647

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4. Denver Academy

This Denver school, founded in 1972, focuses on teaching diverse students, such as students who face dyslexia, ADHD. It is one of the best private schools in Denver for differently-abled learners.


    1. Denver Academy is a K-12 School. The teacher-student ratio is 1:12.
    2. They accept those students who find it difficult to continue in traditional schools because of their learning differences.
    3. It is a school with a special program emphasis and follows non-traditional learning styles.
    4. The sports offered in the school are Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Track and Field, Volleyball.
    5. Apart from athletics and sports, the school emphasizes other extracurricular activities also. They make sure their students get hands own experience, cultural learning, and field trips.

4400 E. Iliff Ave. Denver CO, 80222

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5. The Denver Waldorf School

Waldorf Education aims at training the child as a whole. It focuses on every aspect of the kid’s development. Waldorf education does not emphasize academic education. Its goal is to teach students through arts and activities. 

This Denver private school is a PK-12 Grade school. The content and skills are comprised based on the kids’ stage of development.


    1. World Languages

      Denver Waldorf School follows a Spanish integrated curriculum. Spanish Club and expert Spanish teachers endeavor to incorporate the language well. 
    2. Athletics

      Athletics play an important role in the Waldorf curriculum. They believe in the overall development of the students by training them in Teamwork, sportsmanship, and facing both victory and defeat with composure and elegance.

      Athletes are expected to achieve their highest potential with a balanced routine, including academics, societal activities, arts, and family.
    3. Arts

      The school aims to integrate arts, music, and academics to make the learners flexible, empathetic, confident citizens.
    4. Preschool

      Formal academics, Whole individual learning-: “head, heart, and hands,” minimal technology, practical and imaginative learning are the keystones of Waldorf learning.

2100 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80210 303-777-0531 303-744-1216

6. Graland Country Day School

This is an independent Pre-K-8th Grade school in Denver. The school was established in 1924. It is one of the oldest top private schools in Denver.


  1. The school aims to make its pupils progressive by giving them a strong educational foundation.
  2. Their program is based on academics and character development through athletics and arts, and learners get an inclusive learning environment.
  3. They follow traditional classroom settings and experiential learning, and at the same time, they are ready to adapt to new situations to meet today’s needs.
  4. Community service, Overnight Trips, Innovation, Invention are the other indicators of Garland Country Day School.
  5. Graland`s distinctive program makes kids ready to become engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders.

55 Clermont Street  Denver, CO 80220  303-399-0390

7. Regis Jesuit High School

Regis Jesuit High School is one of the top schools. This catholic private school in Denver was founded in 1877. It is a School for 9-12 Grade students.


    1. Regis Jesuit High School goes after the advantages of single-gender instruction. The school has a strong foundation of a 500-year-old tradition of Jesuit education.
    2. The school has a separate Girls Division Building and Boys Division Building. Each division has a distinct full-size gym, multi-media library, and chapel.
    3. The school’s shared facilities are nine athletic fields, six tennis courts, a field house, and a pool.
    4. The 82-acre campus has a performing arts and student commons building—the Steele Center—with a theatre, music classrooms, a communications center with the broadcast studio, and common spaces for community gatherings.
    5. Though the school curriculum is based on single-gender instruction, the students have all advantages of co-educational interaction unescorted by the social pressures. 
    6. Vegetarian and gluten-free food items are available at their cafeteria.
    7. Each student here should involve in some kinds of activities. Several clubs are there to balance students’ academic life with self-development. Athletic, non-athletic, and service-oriented activities are offered to the students.

6400 S Lewiston Way, Aurora, CO 80016, US 303-269-8000

8. St. Mary’s Academy

This Loretto school is one of the oldest private schools in Denver.  The school was established in 1864 by the Sisters of Loretto. It is a Co-educational PK-8 and All-Girls High School.


    1. This independent catholic school in Denver emphasizes the formation of four Loretto School Values of Faith, Community, Justice, and Respect in students and academics.
    2. They provide opportunities in visual and performing arts, athletics, community service, and other enrichment programs for the child’s overall development.
    3. 50 percent of the students come from Catholic backgrounds, and the other half from various faith traditions.
    4. This Denver private school offers before- and after-school programs for children.
    5. The school treats learners as global citizens. Every year, there is a language immersion trip to a French or Spanish-speaking country. 
    6. Middle School goes two trips a year. The school lets the learners enjoy local field trips and international trips alike. 
    7. Spanish, French, Mandarin, and American Sign Language are the various languages high school students choose from.
    8. In lower school, it is Spanish, and in middle school, the foreign language is either French or Spanish.
    9. The school hosts The High School Placement Test.
    10. The school does not provide school transportation. It has a fee-based lunch program, or students can bring their own meals from home.
4545 S. University Boulevard, Englewood, CO 80113, 303-762-8300

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