5 Best Things to Do at Montrose Beach

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Montrose Beach
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Looking for a beach to visit with your family, friends, or your favorite dog? Montrose beach is one of the best options if you are looking for a family beach, a beach for your dog to play, a nice place to surf, or just a quiet stretch of sand where you can swim and soak up the sun.

Located near Simonds & Wilson/Montrose and the Dock Concession, this beach is famous for providing visitors with a wide range of amenities, including food stands, restrooms, showers, and places to rent kayaks and volleyballs. It is a dog-friendly beach with parking, a shop, and an amusement centre.

It also features an ice cream shop, pools, a pitch and putts course, and a children’s play area called Seafront Splash.

But this isn’t everything; there are many fun activities and locations you should not miss out on if you plan to visit Montrose beach. Want to know how you can have a great beach experience at Montrose beach? Then don’t stop; stick to the end of this post!

About Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach
Source: Fabian Wiktor / Pexels Copyright 2018

One of the best beaches in Chicago, Montrose beach, is a part of Lincoln Park. A short distance from Uptown is where you may find this Beach at 4400 N. Lake Shore Drive (Montrose Ave. at Lake Michigan). The North Avenue Beach House served as the inspiration for the construction of the historic beach house there in 1934.

It was rebuilt after the beach house burned due to an accident, and the public can still use it as a beach house. On the beach, there is a wheelchair-accessible path and public restrooms.

The Montrose beach stretches over three miles from Montrose to the North Esk River, offering beautiful views of Scurdieness Lighthouse to the south. All types of swimmers enjoy the expansive beachfront, and long-distance swimming is possible parallel to the shore. There is street parking as well as a pay-and-display parking lot.

In addition to being stunning, Montrose beach is also a bird refuge and has lovely hiking paths close by. Take in the scene from a jet ski or have a couple of cocktails at the beach bar.

Things to Do at Montrose Beach

1) Check out The Dock at Montrose Beach

The Dock at Montrose Beach is a hotspot for late-night luaus, delectable eats, and live music all summer long more it’s then just a sandy retreat from your day in the sun at Montrose Beach. This location is great for people looking for delicious foods and drinks along with good food concessions offers.

Sitting on the dock and looking at the fascinating view of the beach with geese flying past and gulls on the beach s gives you a feeling of being relaxed and satisfied. This restaurant also offers party packages. So, come in for a drink or two to find out why everyone likes to dine and party at the Dock of Montrose Beach.

2) Participate in Events at Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach
Source: Wendy Wei / Pexels Copyright 2018

Lincoln Park is home to the best of Chicago, from award-winning entertainment and nightlife to renowned restaurants and Chicago street festivals. Likely, Montrose beach doesn’t let you down regarding events.

From beach parties, potluck & volleyball events to various genres, concerts held at Montrose beach are enough to attract the attention of its visitors. So, before you set out for your trip to Montrose beach, check the information regarding all the upcoming events right here.

3) Explore the Montrose Beach Dunes Natural Area

On the eastern end of Montrose Beach in Lincoln Park of Chicago lies a natural area of 11 acres of designated natural habitat called Montrose Beach Dunes. To promote dune growth, the Chicago Park District stopped grooming the area in 2001. The region was initially created by landfill; since then, natural processes have altered it.

The Dunes are home to foredune and globally endangered pan habitat, as well as more than 150 different bird species and state-listed and regionally unique plant species. A spacious area supports a greater variety of breeding and migrating bird species. That naturally includes piping plovers from the Great Lakes.

Some Montrose Beach Dunes areas may be off-limits to visitors during the migration and breeding seasons to provide birds plenty of room for feeding, resting, and nesting. Try out the in-depth tour of Montrose Beach Dunes’ distinctive flora and wildlife for a new experience.

4) Discover the Lincoln Park Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary

Montrose Beach
Source: Stephy Miehle / Unsplash Copyright 2016

Tens of thousands of migratory birds stop by Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary in Lincoln Park each spring and fall to rest, eat, and find shelter. The Magic Hedge, a spacious yard section of bushes and trees inside the natural area, earned its nickname because it draws an oddly large number of migratory birds.

Adjacent to Montrose Beach Dunes, Montrose point bird sanctuary recorded more than 300 species of birds that have been identified. You shouldn’t miss out on this internationally recognized area while visiting Montrose beach.

5) Kiteboarding and Other Recreational Activities

Montrose Beach
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This recreational beach is full of fun activities. Volleyball, kiteboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, surfing, and other water sports are the main highlights of this beach. Montrose Beach is among the few beaches that allow kiteboarding.

Jet Ski Chicago offers premium jet skis for hire. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Chicago skyline from the Lake Michigan waters, thanks to Jet Ski Chicago. In addition, Kayak Chicago offers rentals for additional paddle sports. The Wilson Avenue ramp and the south end of Montrose Beach both provide access to the Lake Michigan Water Trail for non-motorized board and paddle sports, including kayaking, canoeing, and others.

In the End

Montrose Beach
Source: trapezemike / Pexels Copyright 2017

Montrose beach is the best option among all the beaches of the lake shore dr. This sandy beach has it all, beauty, food, and fun activities and events. The most important part is that it is among the few beaches in Chicago where dogs are allowed. Consider visiting this beach to run on the golden sand with your beloved dog to have a good barking experience!

There are many attractions near Montrose beach, including the Scrudie Ness Lighthouse, Montrose basin, Dunninald Castle, and many more. At this lovely shoreline, take some time out of your busy lives to have an enjoyable trip with your family, friends, and adorable pup! Don’t get ready to go home just yet when you’ve had your fill of the beach and the sun.

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