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5 Incredible Water Parks in Chicago to Beat the Heat

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Confused about which place to begin your summer vacation with?

Well, it’s simple! Nothing can be better than water parks in hot weather. The hot water tubs in some water parks also make it favorable for wintertime. So, pack your swimming suit and get ready for a splashy holiday, for Chicago offers you some of the best water parks.

You can make the best use of Chicago’s brief summertime by visiting these jaw-dropping water parks. Ranging from zero-depth leisure pools to diving pools, the water parks provide it all.

1. Water Park in Kalahari Resort 

Kalahari resort
Image Source: Kalahariresorts

1.1. Supplies You with an Endless Variety of Entertainment

Wisconsin Dells include several beautiful waterparks. The wholesome place comes with a wide range of options. Also, you have great choices of indoor and outdoor water parks over here. The variety here gets you swooning in no time. So, stay tuned to get a better view of the splash country. Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells is worth a try.

Want to visit a waterpark with indoor and outdoor facilities? Wisconsin Dells bring you the pleasures of it. Kalahari Resort is best known for its wide variety of water park features. The place has been nominated to have the best indoor water park.

If you are thinking of visiting the place with your partner or your kids, whatever it is, this spot is the best for you. It is broken into water park spots suitable for different ages. Although costly, it is among Chicago’s best indoor water parks. So, let me list the best highlights of this water park for you!

Kalahari Waterpark Resort (Wisconsin Dells) Tour & Review with The Legend

1.2. Master Blaster and Victoria Falls: Slides for Grown-Ups

The farthest back area of the water park has two great slides. The blue slide or the Master Blaster, while the yellow is named Victoria Falls. The Master Blaster features uphill and downhill segments of the waterslide.

The 570-foot water slide adds a roller coaster feel. You’ll be shot up the slide with potent water splashes, or you can slide down into a lazy river pool. This slide is wide enough for using a raft. So, get some of your friends and have a blast!

These two coaster slides will not disappoint you. Victoria Falls on a gentler slide. It is a slide that extends outside the resort as well. This is a raft slide too that ends down to the lazy river. It is one of the best water parks in Chicago.

1.3. Slide Complex With 4 Different Water Slides

Kalahari never disappoints when it comes to the indoor water park. So, here are some more details you can note down on your wish list. The Elephant’s slide and zig-zag zebra are stirring slides that you should not miss. These slides are suitable for bigger kids to adults. So, give it a try if you are a fan of moderate thrill rides.

Rippling Rhino and Tanzanian Twister are the other two water park slides. The latter one is a very adventurous slide. You can slide down to the lazy river from both of these rides.

So, better be an excellent swimmer to try this spinning champagne bowl slide. Here you fall into a 9 feet deep pool. The vortex pool lets you test your strength against the strong currents.

1.4. Other Attractions 

There’s a different water park segment for small kids. The toddler slides over here are pretty popular. There’s a play structure for kids situated on a wave pool. There’s a mini lazy river for the toddlers as well.

You can even take your toddler on a water donut and have a worry-free wave pool ride. The lazy river is attached to the wave pool. You take a relaxing ride around the park floating on this lazy river.

You can even test your surfing skills in the raging waves that the Flow Rider offers. The waves are approximately 5 feet. So, even big kids can try this stuff!

There are hot tubs as well. So, you can visit the water park even during the wintertime to reap the benefits of the warm water therapy pool. There’s a water bar as well.

So, you can take a fruity drink enjoying the perks of warm water during cool weather.

The place provides world-class dining for its customers. But if you are looking for outdoor dining, there are plenty of options. The Great Karoo is one of them.

2. Timber Ridge Lodge and Water Park 

You need to see this  - Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark Lake Geneva, WI. Alvarado Family Adventures

This park is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Dells. Timber Ridge Lodge is excellently rated for its praiseworthy cleanliness. Other than this, it has all the perks that a water park provides! Let me list some of the best features of the water park for you. The water park here is called the Moose Mountain Falls Water Park.

2.1. Special Features

This is one of the most unique water parks. It features two golf course segments, tennis courts, a gym, and locker rooms and provides a horseback riding experience.

The place is not as spacious as the one at Kalahari Resort. But in general, it is pretty big. It gives you 1,300 acres of splish-splash family fun!

The place is family-friendly and follows specific rules. You cannot wear too revealing swimwear or display vulgar tattoos in this water park.

If one fails to comply with the dress code, the person has to leave the place. It makes the spot unique to visit!

You’ll find the fascinating quality of food here. Links Bar & Grill is one of the perfect spots where you can satisfy your taste buds.

2.2. Water Park Highlights

The 50,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor water park has everything that makes your family time worth remembering. There are two giant water slides and lazy rivers as well. The tube slides are named Timber Rapids and Avalanche Falls.

The Timber Rapid Tube slide is wide enough to accommodate a swim ring. So, without worrying about the water depth, enjoy!

There’s a kid’s activity pool as well. Here the children can enjoy the 1-foot-deep pool without any fear of drowning. This activity pool consists of several arcade games that keep the kids engaged. The lazy river is yet another highlight that you can’t deny.

The wading pool and a mushroom fountain enhance the place’s beauty. Tiki Island consists of splash pads, waterfalls, and bucket soakers.

3. Turtle Splash Water Park in Chicago Il 

Turtle Splash Water Park - West Chicago, IL

You’ll not be bored of the water playground. This water park is a must-visit for the variety of slides it offers. Let me bring these splashtastic features into the limelight for you.

3.1. A Lap Pool

The 25-yard-long lap pool adds to the specialty of this water park. So, the adults can put up a few laps here while the kids enjoy the perks of the children’s activity pool.

This swimming pool for kids has a variety of slides that they can enjoy without any worry. The park has it all, ranging from the zero-depth leisure pool to a diving pool.

Turtle Splash Park in West Chicago, IL

3.2. Four Sorts of Slides

Captain Corkscrew Slide, Snapper Tube slides, Crush Body Slide, and Squirt Tot Slide are the four slide highlights that you can enjoy. The zero-depth pool is first-rate for toddlers. Water basketball, fountains, and kiddie slides are other things that the water features.

4. Bensenville Water Park and Splash Pad

Bensenville Water Park & Splash Pad

If you are looking for water parks near Chicago, do not forget this spot! It is not a resort-based water park. You do not have to pay a lot to get in here. Enjoy the open swim without much money!

Bensenville Water Park: PlanitLife Showcase

4.1. Perks That the Place Offers

There are several perks that this space provides. The stunning slides, sand play area, and concession stand are worth noting. Splash pads, zero-depth pools, diving boards, and play areas having sprinklers are some of these specialties.

The 155-foot water slide forms the main attraction of the water park. The place also offers special bookings for birthday parties and private rentals. These add to an element of fun for kids and families. The park district never falls short of recreational activities and special events.

There are great restaurants near the park too. Green St. Grille and Joey Cs Deli are two of the best to recommend.

5. Hurricane Harbor

5.1. Thrilling Ride in the Chicago Waters

Hurricane Harbor is famous for its series of water parks. These water parks form a section of six flags, Great America. All the parks vary greatly. But the standard features would interest you greatly. Body slides, tube slides, wave pools, dump buckets, tumble buckets, and lazy rivers build up these fantastic spots.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor overview

As the name suggests, the place is full of thrilling water rides! The place features nearly 40 thrill-inducing slides. You will even find 75-foot plunge slides to your interest if you are a daredevil. But the place has set 48-inch height criteria for trying these vast slides.

Tsunami Surge Off-Ride Footage, Hurricane Harbor Chicago Water Coaster | Non-Copyright

Suppose you want to experience a relaxed time devoid of the thrill; the place also suits that. You can enjoy the laid-back pleasure of the lazy river over here.

Ranging from the rapid water channel to the tot pool, you’ll find everything right here. So, visit the place to get the real taste of roller coasters and tunnel slides. They won’t be disappointed.

The place is distinguished when it comes to food. So, you do not need to enjoy yourself with a growling stomach. The Hurricane Bay Bar and Banzai Beer and Snacks are two wholesome places where you can find affordable meals and drinks.

Closing Thoughts

You’ll have no confusion when you decide to visit one in Chicago. All the water parks near Chicago are unique in their way. The water parks have everything from roller coaster slides to gentle water slides.

If you are booking a resort and want swimming pools there, consider the ones with indoor water parks. All of These water parks are child-friendly too. So, you do not need to fret while thinking about a family visit to these areas. So, why do you sit? Book your favorite water park without delay!

Also, if you want to explore museums in Chicago alongside the water parks, go ahead and explore the wonders that the city offers!

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