Best places to live in Maine Best places to live in Maine

Discovering the Best Places to Live in Maine

Maine offers some of the best places. These places are safe for residents as they have a low crime rate and offer easy access to places like public schools, markets, hospitals, and a thriving community. The national average population growth of these places has been increasing recently, as people are moving to the small towns in Maine.

Maine Living Places - 10 Best Places To Live In Maine

If you plan to live in Maine, here are some places to live in Maine that can be afforded a median income. All the amenities can be accessed quickly, and the housing costs are not much. These places also have the best neighborhood in Maine, which acts as a bonus.

1. Augusta

Augusta is Maine’s capital. This city is located near the Kennebec River and is an excellent place for residents who want picnic areas near their place. Augusta is also one of the most beautiful cities in Maine. The median home price in Augusta is less than the median home value in Maine. The living cost in this city with your family is exceptionally affordable.

Where To Live

Some of the best places to live in Augusta with your family are Randolph, Newcastle, Oakland, and Winslow. These areas in the country offer excellent education access and offer a good standard of living as well. The population of these areas is not too much, making it easier to find a house. The crime statistics of this city are also low.

2. Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth, which is a town located near the Atlantic coast, is one of the best towns to live in Maine. This is because the cost of living here is extremely affordable, and there are a lot of families that reside in this town. Cape Elizabeth offers a lot of facilities like public schools, and it has low crime rates too. The job opportunities in this town are also abundant, so if you want to search for a job if you decide to be a resident of this town, you can search easily.

Cape Elizabeth
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Reasons To Live In Cape Elizabeth

The house prices in this town might be slightly higher as compared to other places in Maine, but this is because it offers all local amenities and also has excellent schools in the neighborhood. It is also a great place for people who are nature lovers as it is located near the Atlantic Ocean. The natural beauty of this town is a great attraction too. Residents of this town suggest it highly.

3. North Yarmouth

North Yarmouth as the population of this town is not much. Life in North Yarmouth is excellent as there are a lot of restaurants, parks, and shops here. This place in the country also has a significantly lower crime rate and offers access to a great community. The unemployment rate in North Yarmouth is 3.9%. This means that it offers excellent job opportunities. It is an ideal place to live with your family. Cumberland center was once a part of North Yarmouth.

4. Belfast Bay

Belfast, is located near the Penobscot River, as it is one of the best cities there. This city offers houses for people with a median household income too. If you cannot afford a place, this city also offers houses at median rent. Most homes are purchased by families; thus, it offers a friendly neighborhood. If you like to have an adventurous life every day, Belfast is your place. You can do a lot of outdoor activities as you get easy access to rivers that are friendly for fishing and boating.

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5. Mount Desert

It is a town located on Mount Desert Island and is one of Maine’s best places to live. Your search for a median home will end here as it is an excellent place for residents in low deserts. It also has a low crime rate as well. The topography of this place is vibrant as it offers not only land and sea but also mountains and shore. Therefore, a lot of outdoor activities can be done here. There are many homes that are near a golf course; thus, you can enjoy yourself with your friends there.

Mount Desert
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6. Lewiston

If you are not fond of living in a small city, then Lewiston is your place. This city lies across the Androscoggin River and is one of Maine’s best places to live. It is the second-largest city in the state of Maine. One of the best features of this city is that it supports local businesses. The unemployment rate of this city is 5.7%, and the population, as calculated in the 2019 census, is 36,095.

Places To Live In With Median Household Income

Lewiston is one of the busiest cities in Maine, United States of America. However, it is a fantastic place to live as many families live here. The median home value is affordable in Maine and great for people who have a median income. The city also offers easy access to good schools, a variety of shops, universities, and hospitals.

Affordable Places To Live In Maine

Here is a list of places you can explore. These cities like Portland and Orono are not only affordable but also offer a lot of amenities within walking distance. These places are also located near nature and are extremely beautiful.

1. South Portland

Located near the Cumberland center, South Portland is the fourth-largest city in Maine. It has also been considered one of the best places to live because most residents live with a family, and life is safe because of the low crime rates. Living in a community that is both safe and harmonious is essential, and South Portland offers that community to people. All types of transportation are also easily accessible because of the North Portland Harbor.

Portland Tram Cityscape Willamette River Bridges
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Other Places Near Portland

The Crescent Beach State Park, located in Cape Elizabeth near Portland, is a beautiful park for recreation. It has become another attraction for people to live near Portland. The society and the community near this are incredibly safe and secure.

National Average Salary

In South Portland, Maine, the national average salary is more than the median annual income of all other cities in the United States of America. Therefore, you can search for jobs here, and even the unemployment rate here is 3.7%.

2. Bar Harbor

Located in Hancock County on Mount Desert Island, this small town in Maine. The cost of living in Bar Harbor is affordable compared to the other places in Maine. The prices of groceries, healthcare, and the costs of houses are not much, and the families live together like a community in this small place.

Bar Harbor
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3. Bridgton

Bridgton is located near the Highland Lake, one of the cleanest lakes in Maine. The community surroundings of Bridgton are incredibly safe and secure. Even though it is a small town, it offers all amenities like shops, hospitals, and schools.

Reasons To Live In Bridgton

The population of Bridgton is 5,418, which is not much. This means that if you search for a home here, you can find one easily compared to the other places in Maine. The Bridgton Academy, a well-reputed school, is also located. Families also own several small businesses near this place.

4. Orono

The University of Maine, the alma mater of Stephen King, the famous American author,  is located in Orono. The highly liberal community resides in Orono. Compared to other places in Maine, like Portland, in Orono, there are a lot of professionals. This place is extremely safe and offers a friendly neighborhood.

Stephen King

Stephen Edwin King is a famous American author born in Portland, Maine. His parents were also married in a place near Portland. He is known for writing horror stories and novels. In Portland, Stephen witnessed many events that inspired him to write novels based in Maine. He became a part of the writer’s community after many hardships.

Other Places To Live In Maine

1. Hampden

Hampden is considered one of the most beautiful places in the United States of America. There are many parks near this place which gives a rural feel. So if you do not like crowded places, you can live here. If you and your family are looking for a place that is not jammed and where you can get a place to breathe, then Hampden is the place for you.

Reasons To Live In Hampden

There are a lot of reasons why one should live in Hampden. One of them is that there are many things that one can do around this place. For instance, if you and your family like to enjoy the nightlife of a place, there are a lot of bars and clubs near this place. The Laughing Brook Wildlife Sanctuary is another place in Hampden that attracts tourists and people to live near it.

2. Topsham

Located in Sagadahoc County, Maine, The United States of America, It is incredibly safe compared to the other areas in Maine. Even though it is an expensive place compared to the other places in America, it is worth investing that amount of money. The community in Topsham is diverse and friendly. This place’s air quality and temperature are good and will make you feel comfortable.

3. Falmouth

Located in Cumberland County, Falmouth is one of the best places to live as it is a very liberal place. Many people prefer to live here after retiring as it is a calm place and offers a friendly and safe neighborhood. There are a lot of facilities available near this place. These include parks, schools, universities, hospitals, and cafes. If you are a person who prefers a peaceful environment and avoids crowded places, then Falmouth is the place for you.

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4. Farmington

Farmington, as the name suggests, is a rural place in Maine. It is highly affordable and beautiful. The population of Farmington is moderately high, yet it offers a lot of space to new people. Many job opportunities are also provided in this place, and the community is amicable and safe too. Even though the transportation and food costs have been increasing gradually in Farmington, it is still affordable compared to other places.

Reasons To Live

One of the main reasons to reside in Farmington is the several rivers near this place. If you like cold weather, then it can be an excellent place for you as it witnesses snowing too. The average density of residential homes is also not much, which means it offers a spacious environment.

These are some of the best places to live with family, also known as the pine tree state of the United States of America. These places in Maine offer many facilities like golf courses, transportation, good schools, and universities. The national average income and literacy rate of Maine is also high.

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