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escape room chicago
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Imagine yourself in a room, which is locked and to unlock yourself. You need to solve puzzles in a limited time. You may have played such mysterious and adventurous games on your mobiles or as a video game. Now, you can experience this thrilling adventure in the escape room Chicago.

escape room chicago
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There are many benefits of playing escape room:

  1. Boosts mental health

2. Creativity can be enhanced

3. Become more focused

4. Learn how to manage your time better

5. Communicate effectively

6. Become a detail-oriented person

7. Put teamwork to the test

8. Enhance your problem-solving abilities

9. Improve your ability to think critically

To make your work simpler, here is a list of the 7 best escape rooms in Chicago that you should visit if you are looking for some adventure.

1. The Escape Game Chicago

If you are getting bored by your daily routine and want some adventure, then The Escape Game Chicago is the best you can choose to experience the adventure of the real-life video game. This escape game is a 60-minute live-action adventure!

Choose your topic – anything from a 1950s prison to deep space, or even a historic art heist – and then work together to follow clues, solve puzzles and accomplish your mission in under 60 minutes! Their games offer a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience for families, friends, corporate parties, and anybody seeking a thrilling, unplugged adventure!

escape room chicago
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Each member of your group will check-in as they arrive. You’ll meet your game guide and begin your adventure. Your game begins with a brief film that introduces you to your task and explains some basic rules. Then it’s up to you to collaborate and finish your assignment in under 60 minutes! Throughout your quest, you will have access to your game guide at all times.

How is The Escape Game Chicago different from Other Escape Rooms?

  • Designing the Game

They created their trip from the ground up in-house. Committed designers, scenic artists, prop experts, and robotics engineers bring their worlds to life.

  • Making Memories

Your adventure will be tough, enjoyable, and even humorous! For years to come, your team will be reminiscing your most memorable occasions.

  • Surprises Galore

Things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to in this escape game. They throw curveballs and reveal secrets in every trip to keep you guessing until the very last second.

  • Enjoyable for all Ages

This escape game is both user-friendly and engaging. Everyone can help with the action, and everyone has an opportunity to save the day, whether they are 8 or 80, new or experienced players.

2. Fox In A Box Escape Room Chicago

With Fox In A Box Escape Room Chicago, you can live the ultimate reality escape! A trip to the Fox In A Box Escape Room Chicago will prove to be a fun, entertaining, and challenging activity for families, corporate team-building groups, or friends seeking a challenge. Typically, themed missions are 60 minutes long and are designed to impress 2 to 6 people.

During this highly engaging experience, individuals forget about the stresses of everyday life, enjoy a total escape from reality, and battle against the clock to uncover the room’s riddles.

escape room chicago
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The activities are constructed so that they cannot be completed individually, and they cannot be completed by teams who lack coordination. It is necessary to have communication and collaborative performance. You can even learn about the team members’ strengths and limitations.

This escape room has two unique features:
1. They allow your group to enter one room as the rooms are private.
2. You won’t be grabbed by zombies.

The goal isn’t simply to open the chamber; it is to help you enjoy those 60 minutes in a unique way, which they will undoubtedly achieve.

3. The Great Escape Room Chicago

The Great Escape Room Chicago is a true-to-life escape room. They specialize in business team building as well as public, alternative entertainment. A series of clues will lead you to your epic escape, but you and your team have to find them and solve the puzzles to make it happen.

The Great Escape Room Chicago is a room escape game that takes place in real life. Escape games are the latest sensation sweeping the country, providing a fun, team-building, and brain-busting experience! The door is shut behind you, and the clock is ticking down to 60 minutes!

escape room chicago
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You must work together to uncover clues, solve riddles, and search for items that can help you escape. Only around 20% of organizations succeed in meeting the task and escaping in time!

The Great Escape Room Chicago truly puts your decoding, problem-solving, and combination-cracking skills to the test. It is enjoyable for people of all ages and levels of experience and can bring the excitement of escape room Chicago for huge corporate groups.

4. PanIQ Escape Room Chicago

Those who are looking for something different can try PanIQ Escape Room Chicago’s escape rooms. Their teams are tasked with completing tasks within an hour of entering the room. It involves finding clues, solving riddles, cracking codes, and performing other difficult tasks to win.

A brand-new generation of guest rooms is now available at the Logan Square location. Themes include: forgiving past transgressions while escaping a medieval torture chamber; stopping a national catastrophe before it’s too late; or putting your magic to the test by completing our wizarding trials.

escape room chicago
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While the Fulton Market location has been wowing locals since 2015 with its iconic rooms, you can still experience these new rooms, which are pushing the boundaries of what an escape room can be.

You can grab the cash and escape a rival mob in prohibition-era Chicago; become a scientist and find a cure for a fatal disease, or scare away the bad spirits that haunt a Haitian home. Each of these escape rooms has been meticulously crafted to take you on an unforgettable trip.

PanIQ Escape Room Chicago offers various escape room experiences to cater to different tastes and is one of the top choices for a varied escape room experience.

5. Team Vs. Time-Primer Escape Room Chicago

At Team vs. Time-Primer Escape Room Chicago, you and your team will learn about mysterious places, discover interesting objects, and use clues to uncover the solution to a series of puzzles during a 60-minute escape game session. You’re about to embark on an adventure!

escape room chicago
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You can usually choose from three different experiences while playing escape games. Throughout the year, a new team challenge with a new theme and difficulty level is introduced. Your quest will take you from tracking down a lost book of magic spells or uncovering a conspiracy to depose the queen to uncovering a time when the mafia ruled the city streets.

Room escape games at Team vs. Time-Primer Escape Room feature visual and tactile puzzles, immersive environments, and thrilling encounters. This is the room escape game you’ve been waiting for! Taking on a challenging task requires your full attention – can you handle the challenge?

6. Room Escape Adventures

Room Escape Adventures is the brain-teasing blend of online escape games, the time pressure of minute to win it, and Sherlock Holmes’ investigative skills to create a team-building experience that will put your heart racing and get you pumped up for action.

Participants play heroes in an intriguing plot that evolves and develops differently based on the group’s personality and experience in our team building/interactive theatre workshops.

escape room chicago
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Bring some pals and be ready to witness a side of them you may not have seen before as you solve riddles and race against the clock to escape!

This escape room in Chicago is perfect for the following events:

  • Team building events will be a great test of your teamwork skills as you will not be able to escape unless you work together!
  • Crazy fun with friends!
  • A cool idea for a date night
  • An exciting and adventurous family outing
  • Birthday parties

7. Lock Chicago Escape Room

Lock Chicago offers creative escape room adventures and events in the Chicago area. Whether you’re with your friends or playing in the bar, it’s the perfect game for your group.

escape room chicago
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In Evanston, Il, near Northwestern University, Escape Rooms, Evanston offers three different escape room experiences: Matsuri, Malfunction, and Icarus. You can even test your mettle to see if you match their “wall of champions” and join them! Perfect for team-building events as well as family and friendly occasions.

Lock Chicago is different from other escape rooms in that you will not be confined in a room. Instead, you will be given alternate end-goals for each challenge, making it more of a challenge room adventure than an escape room.

There you have it, the top escape rooms in Chicago. Now that you know what to expect from your live entertainment, you can get ready for it! Apart from Chicago, New York City and Houston also have several escape rooms to have a great time.

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