7 Best Park City Art Galleries

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Art in this era has numerous forms and park city art galleries preserve them in an enclosed haven. Let us now find a map to some of these historic yet latest park city art galleries.

Accessible and thought provoking the Park City Art Gallery is a treasure trove that is attracting the attention of art collectors from all over the world. The city has its own piece of history which stretches from silver mining to Olympic celebrations. The city’s economic growth has shot up and it is grabbing a lot of attention from its exposure to international art trade.

There are local artists as well as contributing artists who claim a lot of benefit from the burgeoning art scene. In a way it helps to boost Utah’s unique artistic creations.

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1. David Beavis Fine Art:

David Beavis Fine Art park city inspires and connects through art. David Beavis Fine Art shows the thoughts of the present world, the real world. He is an International Award Winning Artist and has been a 75-time award winner for his arts.

David came from Perth, Australia, to Park City, Utah, to fulfill his dream of making his vision into existence with his wife Anthea and their four children.

The gallery came into light got its popularity due to the different and unique themes that David captures and the sincerity of the photographs that he presents. That is obvious that his pictures are so perfect, all because of his patience.

David Beavis Fine Art
David Beavis Fine Art

People at David Beavis Fine Art work together to gain perfection through their shots. David is figuring out the absolute technology to make out the best, and he prefers the Danish Phase One Camera for most of his work.

This camera praises David’s latest yet traditional style, accenting David’s unique, frigid imagery and 3-D glance. Turning on with the modest but bold contents to the textured canvas prints, David proceeds to shift the complexion of nice sculpture photography.

Some of David’s original photographs include Running Free where the Camargue horses which are an ancient and indigenous breed are seen galloping from a distance and it was a difficult photograph to take.

Another piece of photograph Take the Lead shows horses walking in perfect unison. Unleashed another photograph shows horses galloping with joy along the sea which is a sight to behold.

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2. Kimball Art Center:

The Kimball Art Center is one of the nonprofit park city art galleries from a community. It is positioned in Park City’s cultural hub. It excites and appends through the arts. It is a world-class gallery that plans numerous annual community events without expecting a single penny, all for free.

The Bjarke Ingels Group(BIG) were the developers of Park City, the Kimball site and the city’s mining heritage. The first miner settlers had used heavy timber and the very same technology inverted was used for residential construction.

Every fair in the Kimball Art park city always had a motto that says creativity puts people together. It also accelerates new ideas to pop out and encounters a chance to challenge certain things.

Park City Art Galleries
Kimball Art Center

Art acts as a source of inspiration as the Kimball Art Center connects through art. KAC in a way gives you light about art and artists and everybody has access to its galleries. KAC hosts many exhibitions, programs and events  and acts as a platform where art and art enthusiasts can meet.

The exposure that Kimball Art Center presents empowers all the artists and the art buffs to admire, learn, and explore the real spark they possess within themselves. It has always been a school of learning.

In a new arrangement Kimball Art Center is moving to a new space called The Yard on Kearn’s Boulevard. The Kimball Arts Center has its annual art festival and it helps them to raise funds to keep them going throughout the year.

The Kimball Arts Center signed a 4-and-a-half-year lease to occupy a space at the Yard. Many of these classes are taking place virtually and they are curating the special openings that will take place in the month of January.

You can find Kimball Art Center’s official website here.

You can also reach out to them via email.

3. McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery:

Millen Fine Art Photography gallery is one of the must-watch Park City art galleries. It is located at 505 main street, Park City, UT 84060, United States. Jared and Trish McMillen tete-a-tete supervise photography clinics.

McMillen Fine Art Photography is meant for its beautiful geography photography. It will take the visitor to the moments that may have been extinct a long back. This is one of the Park City art galleries that provide the visitant with ancient therapy.

McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery is the right place for all those interested in getting into photography and looking for experience in photography. And now, it is giving suggestions to all those trying to get into the research field in Photography, which is a fantastic offer if used accordingly.

The images that have been captured in camera by photographers is very different from the images of other digital photographers. The images that have been captured on medium and large format cameras have been included in this unique collection.

The McMillen’s also undertake orders where they custom make for home and interior decor. Their exquisite pieces make for amazing focal point and conversation pieces for any structure.

McMillen’s photographs captures the images of some of the most beautiful landscapes. They generally observe a landscape for six long months. The frequent watch over weather pattern will probably help them to take the photographs with the most beautiful skies featuring in the background.

McMillen’s photographers film almost three to four images and then choose the best image. Then there is the long process of these images receiving their final shape where they will see a new release after three or four months.

The excursions that are managed at McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery are available for individuals or organizations. They build up some strength within the photographer, and the standards rise in the process of understanding some of Utah’s most dramatic landscapes.

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4. Fatali Gallery:

Fatali gallery is most commonly referred to as the light hunter because it has been operating the light for thirty years, notwithstanding the film. It is found that Fatali is usually defined as the nation’s top landscape shutterbug and a champion of the morning.

Fatali’s park city was first inaugurated in Page, Arizona in 1991. After so many ages, he changed his location to the edge of Utah’s Zion National Park. And just a few years back, he established his gallery in Park City, Utah.

Fatali is often referred to as the Light Hunter and it has been chasing the light for some thirty years now. He is regarded as the best landscape photographer and a master of light. All his images are captured using custom large format film cameras and classic darkroom.

All those pictures he captured use high-definition film cameras and set a dark backdrop to establish each picture of his. He didn’t use any photoshop or artificial lights while capturing his photographs, and he spilled out his magic with just the sun’s light.

Light Hunter has a number of art collectors world wide. Light Hunter’s photographic collection has simply increased in value and they still get all the attention. The images are created in limited edition, special edition and are also available in their original form.

He is an artistic and adventurous photographer who had a piece of very detailed knowledge about light and paused hours, days, and weeks for a perfect picture. It is usual in his profession to prowl a location for two weeks for only susceptibilities of disclosures.

This is such a blessing for and his way of granting it back to us all. He is one of the first to photograph now-famous opening ravines and other hidden supernatural landscapes within the southwest.

Fatali’s positive portrayals have been a true blessing for us to witness such undigitized and so natural photographs in town. This park city has many photographers who have been improvising their work, and few have been re-generating Fatali’s pictures. This is not knocking at those photographers but uplifting the spark embedded in Fatali Gallery.

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5. Meyer Gallery:

The Meyer Gallery is a main street park city positioned in a crux building since 1965 in a significant place. The hallway shows fine modern work by provincial and federal artists.

park city art galleries
Picture from Meyer Gallery

The fundamental works in the gallery are different oil paintings, carvings or sculptures, Photography, and diverse media. The construction has lavishness in this silver shoveling town as the First National Bank, which is enclosed in the Park City Museum Historic Tour.

This is in fact one of the most well known galleries of Sante Fe. The art collection is gorgeous, and world class artists and their works have been displayed in this gallery. There are also pretty life like structures displayed outside the museum which people find breathtakingly beautiful.

Meyer Gallery is very well organized and a very lit, cozy place with a pretty high quality of work with a good blend of oils, acrylics, watercolors, and sculptures.

6. Gallery MAR:

The Gallery MAR was established in 2008, and from that point in time, it has been the place with all the beautiful artistic perceptions put together across the world. Gallery MAR strives to teach and stimulate collectors while aiding and promoting nationally touted artists with a natural and vibrant environment.

Gallery MAR
Gallery MAR

The works of artists living in Vermont to California including Utah has been showcased in this museum. Local Park City artists Bridgette Meinhold ‘s work with wax encaustic, beeswax, resin and raw pigments have found a place in this museum.

Shawna Moore and Michael Kessler are the two other artists whose works deal with abstract expressionism and have picked up many accolades from connoisseurs of art. If you are making a plan to take the plunge here Mullin is there to help you out with his team of collectors who will actually make sense after reviewing your work.

One of those galleries with a distinct pattern of arts is always modifying, but the foundation of artistic talent and exceptional client support continues the same. This park city gallery team provides detailed information about everything, such as the creativity conferences, site examinations, and custom councils.

7. Julie Nester Gallery

Julie Nester Gallery park city welcomes you with their contemporary work that is suggestive and vulnerable. There is a wide range of artists who have just begun their career, a few were in mid-career, and some are established ones across the United States.

Forty nationwide artists extend a color of paintings that are related from nowhere to everywhere. They provide a field where specialists can unearth integrity artwork from arising and famous artists.

Julie Nester Gallery
Painting from Julie Nester Gallery

Julie Nester Gallery resides in the resort town of Park City, Utah. They are sheltered in a repaired, huge shed in the Iron Horse District. They can also show up their huge and beautiful work with tall canopies and large banks.

This gallery exhibits contemporary artwork that is at once accessible and pulls the crowd from around USA. It showcases the work of artists who are beginners to mid career professionals to artists who have earned quite a name for themselves in their profession.

This art is a collection of diversity of styles from landscapes to lyrical abstracts. The gallery features original paintings, media prints, photography and sculpture. Salt Lake Magazine conferred the title of the best gallery in 2005 to this gallery.

Julie Nester is one of the art galleries which had experience of around 25 years in the art industry and has worked with a range of clients to create collections.

Like all the park city art galleries, it is also devoted to meeting customers’ and artists’ needs. They are even service-oriented while working. They are enough motivated to bring only the best quality work to the buyers.

8. Thomas Anthony Gallery

Thomas Anthony Gallery is situated in Historic Main Street park city around mountain resort, Utah. Thomas Anthony Gallery park city is enclosed by two resorts, Deer Valley Resort and Park City Resort.

Showcasing such a collection of quality artists from several nations allows the occasional visitors and the significant collector a pictorial thrill unmatched in any spa galleries experience. It showcases portraits by regional experts and beginners as well.

For over 20 years, Thomas Anthony Gallery has featured award-achieving masterpieces and sculptures from national and international artists. Some added services that are provided by the owners of the gallery are complimentary crating and shipping, personal oversight of packaging and crating, emailing and tracking the client regarding information about their shipment.

This gallery combines old world service with new world technology and then coupled with its resort location it caters to a long list of established clients located in different corners of the world.

This gallery offers its clients an array of services, their art purchasing experience becomes unique as the level of personal involvement is never the same compared to other galleries.

Owners Tom and Carolyn deal with a hands-on boutique strategy to gallery possession in the exhibition. They take care of every aspect, all the phases of the gallery, and monitor the entire work in the events.

9. J GO Gallery

J GO park city is one of the must-watch park city art galleries, where the owners choose the arts that access the ability and zeal of the artists who are creating them. The artwork from the enthusiastic artists is both stimulating and exciting. J GO is one of the park city art galleries that are historic kind.

The staff at the J GO Gallery exhibition gives outstanding assistance and support to the visitors. It also works to make it simple to and own collect fine work, and you can further find some sparkle handcrafted jewelry, artistic curiosities, and many fantastic themes of toys.

J GO gallery can always boasts about artists who have technical expertise, aesthetic excellence and a dash of creativity.  J GO is also favorably located at ‘The Rock’ and is part of a creative community space with an atmosphere that reverberates with energy and music.

There is a surprise called the wonder box, which has exciting stuff to look forward to.

Thus art displayed in these museums serve a variety of purposes they are aesthetic enjoyment, historic preservation, education and marketing purposes. All these galleries also play an important role in maintaining a network of connections between artists, collectors and art experts. It serves as a common platform for interaction as well as for gaining publicity about an artist or a particular school of art.

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