13 Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

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Salt lake city
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Coffee energizes you as it has caffeine present in it. We have often seen people drinking 4-5 cups of it a day to feel fresh and work efficiently. Also, we love to go for coffee with our near and dear ones.

Utah’s famous Salt Lake City will pleasantly surprise you as it has a great coffee culture and has some good coffee shops where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

They open in the early morning and operate till late at night, where you can relax, work, enjoy yourself with friends, and have a great coffee.

So, if you are looking for a place to rejuvenate yourself in this fantastic Salt Lake, we have brought you a list of some of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.


Situated in the northeast corner of Salt Lake valley and surrounded by the Great Salt Lake, the city is the capital city of Utah. It was established as a pioneer city by Brigham Young.

It has since then developed into one of the best cities in the US. It is surrounded by several neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Avenues, Sugar House, and Wasatch Hollow.

Salt lake city
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Downtown Salt Lake is the most populous area with numerous restaurants, cafés, and bars, thus attracting huge crowds. The many shops mentioned below are in this area.

13 Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

1. The Rose Establishment

best coffee shops in salt lake city
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Situated in the south of the Gateway and north of Pioneer Park in Downtown Salt Lake, the Rose was founded by Erica O’Brien in 2010 in a brick-made building of the 20th century.

Initially started as a tea shop, the Rose Establishment rose to prominence with its famous four-barrel coffee and has been included in the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City. The menu has multiple coffee drinks like delicious espresso and drips coffee.

Its coffee is its magnum opus, and its breakfast and lunch menus are mouth watery. If you are a health-conscious person and are advised to eat gluten-free and vegetarian food, the rose establishment is an attractive option. The bakery items like the cheese biscuit and tea cake are damn delicious.

The shop does not provide a Wi-Fi facility, but still, you won’t get bored. It has a community-type atmosphere where you can keep aside your phone and talk with others. The seating arrangements and available board games provide a cozy atmosphere to relax.

2. La Barba

Famous for its Charming Beard coffee and espresso drinks, La Barba is situated at 327 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

The cafe is stationed in an old Lemongrass Thai building inside a Spanish restaurant, Finca. It’s a pretty small dark place, but the coffee quality is superb, leaving behind Starbucks.

The presentation among all the small local coffee shops in Salt Lake City is excellent. Instead of drip coffee, you will get coffee in the pour-over method. Along with its coffee and similar drinks, the chocolate drink Mezzo and well-off pastries are commendable.

One of its specialties, apart from coffee, is its taco breakfast. You will enjoy the delicious taco items like the potato taco and chorizo taco. People come here mainly for its taco breakfast plus coffee. It’s just a deadly combination of La Barba. Undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

3. Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy coffee
Screenshot by Jayanti Karn

Looking for the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City? Well, this is the right place. An excellent coffee shop operates at two locations presently, one at 390 E 1700 S in Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City Ut 84115, and the other at 271 N Center Street on Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City. The former is 0.3 miles away from Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake.

The coffee beans they use are from Salt Lake Roasting Company. Their menu has espresso drinks like latte/cappuccino, and some of their signature drinks like Chai Latte, Choco Chai, and hot cocoa, significant for any coffee drinker of the local community there.

There are also delicious food offerings like avocado toast and peanut butter banana swirl. The Alchemy coffee shop has a small outdoor seating arrangement where you can relax and enjoy your coffee with your friends.

Whether you like coffee or not, I recommend that you visit this Salt Lake Alchemy coffee shop to relieve your mind from all distress.

4. Salt Lake Roasting Company

One of the oldest and best coffee roasters has a big hand in establishing a coffee culture in Salt Lake City. If you want to taste the coffee varieties from different parts of the world, you must visit this coffee shop.

Due to roasting more than 30 types of beans here, it is regarded as one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City and the whole world.

John Bolton established this coffee shop at 820 E 400 S in downtown Salt Lake City, UT 84102.

You will like the seating arrangements in and out, having cozy chairs and tables. Also, there is free Wi-Fi. They have several kinds of fabulously decorated cheesecakes, quiches, tasty sandwiches, cookies, and other baked goods.

5. Sugar House Coffee

Housed in the neighborhood Sugar house of Salt Lake City at 2011 South 1100 East, this coffee shop is considered one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake. It is of the most inclusive coffee shops in the city’s coffee scene.

The environment has an inviting atmosphere full of liveliness. You will always find it full of college students, local artists, working people, etc.

This can be a place to meet friends and hang out. Sugar Households live jazz music for several weeks, attracting the local community.

Their menu includes all the local favorites, including Utah’s best locally-roasted Rimini Coffee. They have a good collection of items like salads, porridge, and vegan dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I indeed think you must explore it, it is one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

6. Blue Copper Coffee Room

Blue Copper Coffee is a small roasting company at 179 900 S in downtown Salt Lake City. It roasts some of the highest quality beans in the state and supplies them to other states of the US. So, it has made its name on the list of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

In the Blue copper coffee room, you will find quite good coffee varieties like iced latte and cappuccino as they are passionate about offering espresso. The mouth-watery coconut coffee cake is their most delightful product with coffee.

The baristas are very friendly and offer excellent services. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, so it is an excellent place to rest your mind or do your work without any disturbance

7. Publik Coffee Roasters

The list of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City is incomplete without Publik coffee roasters. They are one of the leading coffee roasters in Salt Lake City. Initially beginning in Park City, they have now established four shops in total in the town.

Their major coffee spot is 975 S West Temple, downtown Salt Lake City, UT 84101. The most admirable feature of this shop is that it operates in a completely solar-powered warehouse which was a printing press before.

It would be best to try its delicious cup of cold brew coffee and its luscious avocado toast, which is its specialty. Their drip coffee and americano are also worth trying.

The shop has a good Wi-Fi facility, small conference and meeting rooms where you can do your important professional meetings with a cup of chai latte, and good seating places with chairs and tables. You won’t realize your time will pass while sitting inside with a good coffee as it has a friendly community.

The shop in the Avenues neighborhood has good interiors and seating arrangements. The Publik Kitchen in the 9th/9th neighborhood has a fantabulous breakfast menu. It would help if you explored it with your cup of espresso.

8. Greenhouse Effect

Famous for not only coffee but a great cup of tea and legit crepes, it is a family-owned coffee shop not located in Salt Lake City but in Millcreek. It has a Greek culture but a suitable environment for everyone and is undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

The delicacies have many creep varieties like Thai creep, mushroom cheese, and veggie creeps. The shop operates till late at night, so you are welcome if you feel like relaxing your mind with a coffee cup and spicy creek. On Sundays, they have an open mic night which is great fun.

The decoration inside is unique, making you feel as if you are in an art classroom of the school. They have different kinds of furniture with a high chair, low chair, and leather couches where one can work/study with complete focus.

The baristas are excellent, and also you can access free Wi-Fi for surfing the internet.

9. Coffee Garden

Situated in the flourishing 9th/9th neighborhood of downtown Salt Lake City, Coffee Garden is stationed inside Sam Weller’s book store at 878 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105.

The menu has a wide array of items, including pastries, tarts, scones, quiches, cakes, and Cafe Ibis fresh coffee. The quality of the lattes and the cold brew is incredible and available at a reasonable price. Without a doubt one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

Whenever you come here, you will always find it lively with all the people gathered there. Classical music is always played in the background, relaxing your mind while sitting and having your favorite coffee. The walls of the cafe have beautiful paintings on them.

The seating places inside and outside are very good with couches and chairs. It’s open till late midnight, so you can come here and chill out with your favorite chocolate cake and coffee after a busy day. The place also welcomes the LGBT community and pet dogs what else do you need for it to be one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

10. Cupla Coffee

Cupla Coffee
Screenshot By Jayanti Karn

Owned by two twins, Abigail Purdie and Bethany Heath, they roast their beans grown organic and fair trade from different coffee plantations. The menu contains organic food and drinks having vegetables, protein, and healthy carbs without compromising the flavor.

Located inside the axis building at 175 w 200 S, downtown Salt Lake City. The enthusiasm and creativity these two girls serve the customers are adorable.

Their service makes the customers feel comfortable, so they consider it among the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

The coffee, especially the house-made mocha and the baked goods, seem heavenly, having a proper texture and taste. The breakfast food is classic and popular among the locals there.

11. Three Pines Coffee

Next to the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City is the Three Pines Coffee, owned by Nick Price at 165 S Main St, downtown Salt Lake City, UT 84111. It is a cute little space with lots of natural light, minimal decor, and a record player.

The coffee menu has a collection of different flavors of coffee and bites. Their specialty coffee, vanilla latte with homemade almond milk, is the most popular. You will also get a chance to have delicious pies from a pie party in the locality.

The seating is also minimal both inside and outside, and so you have to wait many times to get your coffee or a seat as it’s very busy due to its location on the main street.

12. Campos Coffee

One of the Australian Coffee roasters in downtown Salt Lake at 228 S, Edison St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. If you are an Australian and hunting for a native coffee shop in this foreign territory, you should come here, especially if you are looking for the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

There are pretty good beverage options like black coffee. The brunch items are also very wide and contain many vegetarian ones. So go and explore them and enjoy the Australian culture.

13. Nobrow Coffee Werks

Joe Evans established Nobrow Coffee Werks as one of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City at 179 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

He was impressed by the coffee culture prevailing in Salt Lake City in his childhood and thus decided to open one of it in the future.

Along with Blue Copper, it is producing some of the wonders in the coffee world and is developing as a new coffee spot in the town where you can have some suitable cups of lattes and cappuccinos.

The world has become so competitive and advanced that we are competing to achieve our best. The routine has become completely unbalanced, having no proper time to eat, sleep or wake up. You can visit these mentioned best coffee shops in Salt Lake City during such times.

If you think we have left out any that must be mentioned, you can surely recommend us. For more information, click here.

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