7 Best Pittsburgh Breweries To Visit For Some Beer Tasting

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Pittsburgh breweries
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Pittsburgh has over 30 breweries for every taste bud, age group, and occasion. These breweries even allow you to craft your own beer alongside their experts, offering a wide range of spectacular beer menus.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a tourist, you’re going to enjoy each of these Pittsburgh breweries we have on our list below.

The 7 Pittsburgh Breweries You Need to Visit Today! 

Pittsburgh is nestled around the north-western Allegheny plateau. Golden Triangle, also known as the city center, is a must-visit for tourists all around the globe.

Pittsburgh is well known for its theatre arts and performance venues, and of course, the breweries.

1. Church Brew Works

Pittsburgh breweries
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Settled in cultural Lawrenceville, Church Brew Works is rich in hospitality and a happening atmosphere. This Old Catholic Church has been transformed into a beautiful modern brewery and is among the best Pittsburgh breweries you will find today. Even though Pittsburgh breweries are known for their modernization, this church has still kept its aspects – including stained glass and pews.

In short, it’s got everything that makes it feel like a church; a holy and sacred place. The beer they serve here is spectacular, but the most amazing thing to witness here is its interior. Their beer and strange root experimental ales are just mouth-watering. If you decide to visit this one amongst Pittsburgh breweries, don’t forget to get a flavor of their ‘American Eclectic’ cuisine, which secured some awards!

2. Roundabout Brewery

Pittsburgh breweries
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It is one of the smaller breweries in town. Having said this, their menu has a great variety of fine brews, it might take you a lifetime to make a decision! Their Kolsch, Long Black Stound and pies on Wednesdays are some of the items that the visitors come back for.

In light of the Pandemic, only outdoor dining is available for now. This open-air beer garden is super gorgeous and trendy. Quality food trucks are added perks to the place.

It’s one of the most photo-perfect Pittsburgh breweries. If you’re a photographer it’s just the right match for you! The pristine beauty of the lake and the beer garden is sure to leave you in awe.

3. Grist House Brewery

Pittsburgh breweries
Image source- Wikipedia.com

This one of Pittsburgh breweries is truly a fun and chill place. While the place isn’t as well-known, it’s just the ideal spot if you’re looking to spend some quality family time.

Interesting trivia – You can bring your own food. You can also opt to buy from outside food trucks or the nearby Pizza place, Iron Born. These are amazing places to relish flavourful food that is pocket-friendly too.

The place’s dog-friendly. The spacious indoors will keep you warm and cozy, which strikes a balance to the outdoor chill. Their menu also offers a wide variety of brews to pick from. Some of the top picks are Hazedelic Juice Grenade, Fire On the Hill and Flood Line. It is a must-try if you are a beer devotee!

4. Hop Farm Brewing Company

Pittsburgh breweries
Image source- Cp Thorton / Flickr @ 2017

Explore the culture of Pittsburgh breweries with a visit to The Hop Farm, founded in 2011. They offer you mouth-smacking brews along with hearty meals from the farm. The friendly and knowledgeable staff there would be happy to give you the best suggestions from the menu. The top scorers of their globally rated brews include Wooden Finger, Rhineland Champagne and Bourbon Barrel Aged Kulak. They offer a variety of seasonal brews and conducts beer and food pairing sessions often. It is also a pet-friendly space. The place is spacious with exceptional ambiance and is a total go-to suggestion.

5. East End Brewing Company

Pittsburgh breweries
Image source- Wikipedia.com

Established in 2004, this Brewing company is known for serving some good local beer! They supply kegs throughout Downtown Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania and the north side. You will often find special beer tasting events and tours. The brewery owns a big taproom, a pinball machine and what not! They even have outdoor seating for those who love to sip their beer while soaking in the freshness of nature.

And if you’re looking for munchies alongside, they have food trucks around. For take-aways, they have draft beer and packaged beer ready to be chilled and drunk. It’s a cool place to go hang around with a bunch of friends and colleagues. There has been a rise in the number of Pittsburgh breweries ever since they started the brewery business. You’ll definitely not regret the experience here.

6. Dancing Gnome Brewery

Pittsburgh breweries
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Started in 2014, this is a much recent addition to the family of Pittsburgh breweries. Don’t get fooled by their small menu, this place has a lot to offer than it might seem. The Lustra, Infinite Highway, Better One or Two and many such include the long list of their best brews. The garden just adds up to the classic vibe of the place. Since it’s one of the most famous Pittsburgh breweries, it is mostly crowded – and not your choice if you’re looking for a private brewery experience.

7. Allegheny City Brewing

Pittsburgh breweries
Image source – wikimedia.com

The Allegheny City Brewing is located in Deutschtown and is a prominent member of the Pittsburgh crafts brewing community. Even though it’s not an old brewery, it still has its place among the hearts of people of all age groups. Their hand-drawn logo and murals on reclaimed wood add to the rustic ambiance of the place.

The small private-spaced brewery has a capacity of 50. They have a wide range of sour beer but don’t forget to try out Alleghany Common – surely their best product. They don’t have a kitchen, but the lip-smacking food from the food trucks compensate just fine. The house provides complimentary snacks like popcorn and chips which goes well with the drinks.

Both the city and the Pittsburgh breweries are worth a visit if you’re in Pennsylvania. Also consider paying visits to nearby breweries like Spoonwood Brewing, Helltown Brewing, and Penn Brewery; just as amazing and worth experiencing.

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