A panoramic view of a swimming pool from one of the water parks in Baltimore. A panoramic view of a swimming pool from one of the water parks in Baltimore.

Dive into Adventure: 9 Unforgettable Water Parks in Baltimore

Splashing water in the summer months is the best moment to lower the heat of the body. And this gets more fun and entertaining with getting into the water park.

However, it is not only summer when you can get yourself entertained in a water park, no matter what the season is, but you can also easily have a blast in the great water parks and aquatic centers of Baltimore.

1. About Water Parks in Baltimore

In the ocean city of Maryland, Baltimore stands as the largest economic center, which is quite famous for its splash mountain water park, shallow wading pool, and other water slides that people enjoy. However, the summer month populates the city like none other.

It is the best time to enjoy some of the best outdoor waterparks with some really rollercoaster rides and slides as well as huge splashing wave pools, some quite lazy rivers, and exciting areas for the kids to enjoy.

A beautiful scenic view of the pink sky and several buildings with twinkling lights from Baltimore City, Maryland.
Baltimore. By Sepavone/ Depositphotos

It is believed that the fun water parks in Maryland are literally found in Baltimore, which you can easily find through a quick internet search. Apart from being the locals, you can also have a really fun time with your family here, as the water parks provide full filled entertainment for all age groups.

It may be a splash pool, wave pool, or even a lap pool, but a wide range of entertainment is stamped once you are here. However, if you do not belong to this place and still want to make it to the place, there are still ways.

Maryland is quite a densely populated area, and transportation facilities are available in ample amounts. You can easily choose any one of them and an overnight stay also makes it quite fun with the given facilities.

Moreover, making a drive to this place also gives you a lot of fun here. However, sometimes people travel with more than one plan of having fun in water parks. Here, Baltimore becomes a fine destination for you, which comes with a lot of other facilities like some good hotels to reside in and some delightful food to have.

Apart from this, if you are traveling with a camper, then facilities are more effective and feasible for you, with some of the best water parks available near ocean city.

2. Seasonal Activities in Waterparks & Economic Developments Through Water Park

It is during the summer and the rainy season when people mostly enjoy visiting here, but there are also some water parks present in Baltimore that are perennial. Some of the waterparks here are indoor water parks that provide you with a closed environment where you can have the exact feeling that you want in a water park.

Although this facility is not available in every other water park in Baltimore, the seasonal change in this place makes it quite accessible to these facilities. However, it is during the summer only, which makes sense for you to splash water and water slide in a water park, but nonetheless, you can also have the experience in every other season, having a whole family fun.

Apart from these fun activities, the Baltimore water parks provide a great source of revenue for the economic sphere of Maryland. This gives the government enough reason to invest in the developmental process of the place, through which it can attract more than enough tourism.

The water parks are attached to some fascinating mini golf courses, along with some recreational swimming pools, making it the best place to spend some quality time in the summer. To make the water parks more accessible and fascinating, the government also runs a lot of schemes and developmental projects.

All these efforts and schemes make it believe how important the water parks in Baltimore are for the economic backbone of Maryland.

3. 9 Best Water Parks in Baltimore

Choosing the best water park in Baltimore is like finding the best-looking flower in a blossomed garden. Water parks are mushroomed over each and every corner of Maryland, especially in Baltimore, and this gives a hard opportunity to choose the best from the rest.

However, making it quite simple for the tourists and also the locals, here are some of the best available water parks. These can give you some great time to invest and, if needed, also swimming lessons, along with a mini golf course, therapy pool, leisure pool, and water slide for anyone.

3.1. Frontier Town Water Park & Mini-Golf

Of the all-available water parks in Baltimore, which stands out, is the Frontier Town Waterpark & Minigolf.  Frontier Town is a family-friendly campground that offers a wide variety of amenities, including its own pool, hot tub, and quiet water park.

The waterpark features lazy rivers, cliff-side slides, and pools with a stagecoach-style water slide, 2 water filtration systems, and pools and a pool bar. A walking distance from Ocean City on Sinepuffent Bay, the campground also offers a miniature golf 18-hole course, High Ropes Adventure Park, Western Theme Park, and 600 campsite locations.

Frontier Town Water Park

Campers enjoy unlimited access to Frontier Town water parks during the peak summer. The campgrounds are open all weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Apart from providing this available entertainment and amusement, the Frontier Town water park also gives a proper preschool water slide and swim lessons.

You can easily go down wrapping your bathing suit and beat the scorching summer swimming and having fun in the water parks. This can also provide you a good family time on the weekend away from your busy life.

3.2. Six Flags America

Situated in the North of Maryland, Six-Flags America is a thrilling amusement park franchise offering a variety of fun rides in over 50 countries. Six Flags is located 45 minutes north of Baltimore, in Woodmore, and includes Hurricane Harbour Waterpark.

This park is a great place to have fun for the family, where they can come with kids too. This water park holds something for everyone and is quite family-friendly, too. The young visitors here love to come along with their bunch of friends and have some thrilling rides.

The guests will find many activities, including lazy river rides or speed-dive rides. The water rides have an average of 16 seats for kids and adults. The kids love the Splashwater Falls, with over 125 water features and a fun interactive playground. Bamboo chutes, Buccaneer Beach, and Calypso Cannonball have a similar speed too.

All these facilities make the huge Six Flags America a true hidden gem that needs to be explored more often. Situated a bit off from the city, this gives you a day out from your hectic schedule, and this makes a perfect family time together.

For easy and hassle-free access, you can also book tickets beforehand and visit anytime from 9 in the morning onwards, and you will have a great time across the street.

3.3. City of Gaithersburg Water Park at Bohrer Park

Out of all the available water parks in Maryland, The City of Gaithersburg water park is an invaluable community resource that facilitates the people of the place enormously. Although it is quite famous, it regains its uniqueness every time, as it is only available during weekday holidays for Gaithersburg residents.

Gaithersburg Water Park Drone, Gaithersburg, MD

This offers to be the best place for your whole family to have some fun with the shades of palm trees. The hall aquatic center, the cascade lake, and zero depth entry make it quite fascinating for people to enjoy there. Family fun is offered by the water slides and pool area, and swim lessons are offered to the kids at no cost.

Young visitors can enjoy the splash pad having some wild fun around, and parents enjoy a bit of sun over the wet bodies on the lawn. This makes the trip wholesome and filled with family and makes it one of the best parks for recreation. After going scuba diving, the families will enjoy an enjoyable game of miniature golf and pool passes for the rest of the residents.

3.4. Meadowbrook Aquatic & Fitness Center

Not every water park in Maryland provides a vicious indoor and outdoor pool, but this Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center stands out. This offers every swimming need you have, and its huge swimming pools, 50 meters long, and having 10 lanes can help in lap swimming and training.

Thinking of the safety of children, the children’s pool is separated from the main pool, and its maximum depth goes up to 2.5 feet. The kid’s pool also contains its own raindrop fountain, shallow water jets, and fascinating air bubbles for kids, guaranteeing a fun-filled time in the fully shaded lawn.

Indoor pools here may also be used for lap swimming, training, deep water physical therapy, and advanced swim lessons. Apart from this, the interactive play area gives a space for the whole family and also becomes your fitness center along with the water park.

3.5. Splash Mountain Water Park, Ocean City

Designed with specialty, the Splash Mountain Waterpark in Maryland is a place you can never miss out at any cost. It is filled with natural beauty, and the park can whole host your family easily.

Its enormous and unique rides, water slides, and swimming pool provide fun for all ages of children and also for every gender. Adrenaline fans will love the vast selection of slides, specifically designed for every fun that a person needs of every age group.

Splash Mountain Water Park Ocean City, Md

All those who are fans of watery designs and water plays must not miss the Aqualoop’s uniqueness. The slide has a 360-degree loop, which you’ll go rushing around once you hit the trapdoor. Run down 400 ft twisty turns. It’s not a gimmick. Slide 45 feet up from the vertical sides and then down again. Jump onto an airframe to get into Hurricane Eye’s huge bowl slides.

Talking about the visiting times, the Splash Mountain water park is open 24 hours a day, and one can visit any time to have a great time there.

3.6. Edward Hall Aquatic Center, Prince Frederick

Facilitated by an enormous, heated pool, which has three diver boards and lap swim areas, the Edward Hall aquatic center is a place that can entertain a group of all ages. The water sports area is mostly crowded with water slides, zero sand, zero depth entry, and drop boxes, which becomes a source of enormous fun.

Apart from this variety of activities, the center also offers a wide range of spa or sauna areas for those who are under the age of 18 years. Along with that, as the water park is situated a bit away from the city, it gives you enough reason to choose it for a break from your everyday busy life.

The scenic beauty of this place also facilitates you to have some aesthetic perspective while having fun with the waters. The hot tub, the quiet waters park, and the swim lessons make it a wholesome place to go with your family.

3.7. Laurel Municipal Swimming Pool, Laurel

Laurel Community Spotlight: Laurel Pools Opening Memorial Day  (Story posted - March 31, 2021)

The best part of the Laurel Municipal Swimming Pool is how it is extended to a huge area of around ninety-two thousand square feet. For a water park, this makes a huge area to go, and this can also provide enormous time for the visitors to soak wet, beat the sun, and splash fun.

Families love this huge main pool, which provides just a one-stop destination for swimming, splashing, and relaxing. The Laurel swimming pool is open seasonally from Memorial Day until Labour Day, and people can enjoy it anytime.

For the advanced lap swimming facility, there is a great lap pool, which can give you a vast swimming experience. The ones who are newbies to swimming can also entertain in the baby pool, brushing up their diving skills at the diving well.

The pool also gives some good concessions on the pre-booking sites, and if necessary, you can even avail of the offer. Nonetheless, this makes it a go-to spot for the fun time needed from the chaotic and monotonous daily life.

3.8. Martin Luther King Jr. Indoor and Outdoor Swim Center, Silver Spring

Every weekend is meant for fun and recreational purposes, and when it’s summer, everyone wants to take a little breath from the monotonous life and delve deep into the water to beat the heat. This is when the Martin Luther King Jr. Indoor and Outdoor Swim Center comes to be the best place to visit.

This indoor and outdoor swim center holds a huge and enormous eight-lane, twenty-five-meter pool, with completely associated diving boards that make hours of fun organized for you. In case of extreme weather, the pool also gives you the chance to enjoy the indoor pool, while Best-Keptstill has a great time the way you want outdoors.

With this, the swim center also takes care of all the best-kept age groups and is organized in such a way that everyone has their own fun. The center has a right-size pool for the kids, and that too is attached to a hydrotherapy pool. This gives the kids safe fun when the parents enjoy themselves.

The center is filled with many entertaining and recreational activities like recreational swimming and aquatic fitness classes, including lap swimming, swimming lessons, and even kayaking. All these facilities guarantee that you have a great fun time while in this center, and you never feel missed out.

3.9. North Arundel Aquatic Center, Glen Burnie

To beat the scorching heat and have a great fun time, you can go straight down towards the North Arundel Aquatic Center, grabbing your swimsuit. This center provides you with a huge eight-lane, with a twenty-five-yard competition pool.

Maryland’s Best Kept Secret!! Indoor Water park. Hidden Gem ???? North Arundel Aquatic Center

Along with this, you can also enjoy zero-depth entry in the leisure pool, a water slide with a thirty-four-foot water slide, and a spa for adults. The kids can have super fun in the dumping buckets and preschool water slide.

It is truly a myth to believe that no matter how old you are or even what’s your gender, you have a lot to enjoy and activities you will love for sure. However, along with this, the aquatic center also facilitates swimming lessons and aquatic classes with an extra subscription.

4. An End Note

Everyone wants to have their share of entertainment in the heat and the water parks in Baltimore. Maryland gives a handful of opportunities to spend some memorable time in the diversified water park field.

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