Alaska Brewery: 15 Best Breweries

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alaska brewery
alaska brewery

Breweries are exciting. Breweries are amazing. Breweries have beers and ales—especially any of the Alaska brewery.

Alaska breweries make quality beers and ales, carefully handcrafted, keeping in mind the beer’s taste and texture and making them elite in quality in all of the united states.

If you are soon planning on visiting Alaska, you must also pay a visit to any Alaska breweries.

Check out this list of Alaska Breweries that we think you might like.

Top 15 Alaska Breweries

1) Alaskan Brewing Co

alaska brewery
Alaska Brewing Co

An amazing Alaska brewery with a gift shop. The brewery abides by three rules: to make quality beer, to produce internationally recognized beer, and to make sure to have fun growing as a group as well as individually.

Go around for a tour and stop by the gift shop to pick up souvenirs for your loved ones back home while also picking up a few memoirs for yourself as well.

2) Anchorage Brewing Company

Here at the anchorage brewing company, you will be served the best quality beer of any other Alaska brewery.

You could get yourself enrolled for the brewery tours or go through a 3D virtual tour on their website.

Located in anchorage, this brewery is generally not too busy around 5-7 pm. If you want to go in for a quiet time, you could visit during these hours.

Enjoy the many events hosted by the brewery for its customers to participate in.

3) Denali Brewing Company

The Denali Brewing Company has a cool taproom where you could order from various foods and snacks while you gulp down your glass of chilled beer.

Denali is home to Alaska meadery, Alaska cider works, and Alaska spirits and is a very famous Alaska brewery.

For more information, visit their website.

4) Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

Alaska Brewery
Midnight Sun Brewing Co

The Midnight Sun Brewing Co is a comparatively smaller craft Alaska brewery.

They host weekly tours, so if you are interested in a tour, make sure to check out their event calendar online.

They have a full serving restaurant with many snacks and comfortable seating, and a tasting room where you could rediscover your love for ales and beers.

5) Arkose Brewery

The next Alaska brewery is the arkose brewery.

This brewery is famous for its 4 best products: Lava MTN Russian Imperial stout, Vanguard New England Hazy IPA, Beauty Blonde, and the Snarly West Coast IPA.

You can also visit their website and order beers for pickup.

The taproom here has many taps, including a few other taps from the local Alaska breweries. Try them all and pick your favorite.

6) Resolution Brewing Company

alaska brewery
Resolution Brewing Company

This Alaska brewery located in anchorage makes small batches of brews. They have a very artistic themed taproom with the best out of waste made art props.

The taproom is quite cozy and homely and will keep you in the vibe as you enjoy their brewed ales and beers.

Enjoy a memorable evening with this brewery and get your taste buds involved in the delicious brews and ales.

7) Bleeding Heart Brewery

alaska brewery
Check out the on tap menu

The bleeding heart Alaska brewery produces the most premium quality beers.

They make sure that you unforgettably enjoy every beer. They keep rotating taps in their taproom so that you don’t get bored of the beers as well.

Enjoy ciders, ales, and beers made exclusively by them.

8) Turnagain Brewing

This Alaska brewery is famous for making its beers in the old world fashioned Alaskan way.

If you want to discover and explore traditional Alaskan beers, this brewery is the place for you. They make sure to add a modern twist to their traditional brewing styles so that the beer stays traditional but modern.

They have an indoor taproom and an outdoor garden where you could enjoy drinking beer as you enjoy the weather.

9) HooDoo Brewing Company

alaska brewery
HooDoo Brewing Company

This Alaska brewery is a type of microbrewery. A cute neighborhood brewery that offers a variety of handcrafted beers and ales.

This brewing company was established in 2012 and had been making fresh brews since and is located in Fairbanks, Alaska’s heart.

The taproom is very welcoming and has the option to bring your own food, or you could also choose from the variety of food truck snacks on the outside.

10) Girdwood Brewing Company

This beautiful Alaskan brewery has the best taproom in all of the other breweries.

Sure, they make small batches of beers, but they ensure quality over quantity.

Taste a variety of their beers from core beers, special one-off brews, and many seasonal beers.

They have an indoor taproom lined with benches and chairs and an outdoor seating area that overlooks Alaska’s beautiful snow-capped mountains.

11) Matanuska Brewery and Taproom

What would you say if we tell you could enjoy beers in igloos?

Obviously yes! Here at the Matanuska brewery and taproom, you could enjoy your beer in a taproom in one of their igloos. A unique concept showcased by this Alaska brewery.

They have three brewpubs – midtown anchorage, downtown anchorage, and eagle river.

Visit one or visit them all!

12) Kenai River Brewing Co

alaska brewery
Kenai River Brewing Co

The Kenai river brewing co makes top-notch brews with the best ingredients that can ever be used.

You will feel the quality of the ingredients used as soon as the first sip reaches your tongue.

This Alaska brewery host plenty of events for their customers to enjoy and have a beautiful taproom with amiable staff.

If you are clueless about what to order, ask one of the staff members, and they will help you find your taste.

13) Cynosure Brewing

This brewing company has an online store to get your beer delivered to your doorstep.

You could also get your growlers exchanged here, be it cynosure or non-cynosure.

Order from kegs, growlers, and growlers in their taprooms. Feel free to browse through the other beverages from their menu.

They serve a variety of sodas and snacks as well. Perfect for all age groups.

14) Skagway Brewing Company

The Skagway brewing company makes amazing gold spruce tip blonde ales and ensures that you have a hearty meal.

From a large variety of snacks and brews, you will have a guaranteed fun time as well as a fully satisfied appetite by the end of your visit.

This has been one of the favorite Skagway Alaska breweries amongst the Alaskans.

15) Homer Brewing Company

alaska brewery
Homer Brewing Company

This virtual Alaska brewery has a very homely vibe to it.

The homer brewing company is located at the end of the Kachemak bay road and cook inlet, about 220 miles from anchorage.

You could enjoy sample pints as you take a tour of the brewery and observe the step by step making of their famous brews.

Order a brew and have it in their very own taproom or take a pack of cans to go!

Alaska Brewery

Visiting any one of these Alaska breweries from the list will guarantee a sure-shot way of entertainment and fun. Not just that, if you ever feel like you want to meet new people, going to the Alaska brewery is the right place for you!

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