Best 12 National Parks in Missouri You Should Visit

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Why Should You Visit National Parks in Missouri?

It is Missouri this time; let’s explore and appreciate the eye-feasting beauty of the national parks in Missouri. People have not always considered local tourism a thing.

I believe that this is the most common mistake they often make. Before you make time for this, make time to explore your backyard first.

Two distinguished waterways, a gift to the state of Missouri are the Mississippi and the Missouri River. These Rivers have attracted many travelers throughout the centuries. These paths have been used for merchandise, transportation, and out-migration.

Through this, the western state is the hub of many distinguished historical and cultural events and, therefore, the home of the many distinguished events throughout America’s history. That’s one way to put it, go out and explore.

Pack your bag and book your tickets to Missouri, take advantage of the beauty of Missouri’s national parks that await you, and learn from nature itself.

Nature teaches us many things which we might have never imagined, and it provides us with experiences that no one can teach. The most subtle way to put this is to relive the history of the creation of fire.

12 Parks in Missouri that you must visit

Hey there, this post is all about the best National Parks in Missouri. This post includes parks in Missouri maintained by the National Park Service, including national historic trails, sites, monuments, and many more. Ya, this post also includes Missouri’s Gateway National Park.

Fun Fact: The busiest day and a successful decade were the 1960s for the National Park Service. The Organization, too, turned fifty.

1. Gateway Arch National Park

National Parks in Missouri
By Roger.W/ Flickr.

This national park in Missouri, located at the heart of St. Louis is, “The Gateway Arch. “The Gateway Arch is an impressive structure, which stands over 630 feet tall. This Arch was built around the 1960s. While you travel on Route 66, the Gateway Arch is a popular thing to see.

Interesting Fact: The shape of the Gateway Arch is based on a catenary curve, and it is only supported by chains and hanging cables at the end.

This massive structure was constructed uniquely. This Gateway Arch was constructed in two separate pieces, and then this Arch was welded together as a piece. If you love massive structures, then my dear explorer, this National Park is just the one for you.

If you love seeing the scenery, you shouldn’t waste a second. This Arch has an elevator that can get you to the top. Once you get to the top, your eye will feast on the beauty of nature.

2. Sainte Geneviève National Historic Park

This National Park in Missouri is the oldest European settlement. It is the “Sainte Genevieve National Historical Park, and this trail was known for its trading.

This was a trail used by settlers, and it was back then when Missouri wasn’t even a state. In the 18 th century, the French used this trail for trading with Spain.

If you plan to travel to this trail, Extensive research is necessary. It’s needed because most of the trails have long gone, and you need guidance to explore.

Guidance from the National Park Service. Finding the exact location could be tricky, but we recommend you rely heavily on the National Park Service for visiting tips.

3. Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

National Parks in Missouri
By Road Travel America/ Flickr.

As the name suggests, Lewis and Clark explored this historic trail when it was bought.

The Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail stretches to a vast extent. Napoleon bought this National Historic Trail for fifteen million dollars in 1803. It was done so to help fuel his war funds.

This trail doesn’t start exactly from Missouri, but it runs over the State; it can also be viewed from Parkville, Missouri.

Are you planning to visit these locations? If yes, then all you need is a car. Yes, you can enjoy the view from the comfort of your car.

Keep in mind that you explore and learn about these small towns while traveling through them.

Make sure you stop at the historic downtown and learn about the Lewis Clark National Historic trail that has impacted them.

4. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

This National Park in Missouri is known as Wilson’s Creek National Park. It is more like a battlefield remains. The first major battle was fought in the Civil War on this Battlefield, which happened west of the Mississippi River.

It was important to gain control of the Mississippi River during the American Civil War. It was long and was fought hard, and it’s been recorded as the first major victory for the Confederate army. It served as an economic and psychological advantage for the North and the South.

This battle was fought in 1861. If you had to visit, you would learn many things, what the Civil War was like, and how west of the Mississippi River served as an advantage.

National Historic Site

5. Harry S. Truman National Historic Site

This Historic site has been named after Harry S. Truman. This Harry S. Truman national historic site has two major historical sites. These sites are in Grandview and Independence, Missouri locations.

These locations are dedicated to his memory. He was a great man with a great history.

These sites are located at 219 North Delaware Street. One of the sites is a national site that would cost you around $8 to visit. That fee is worth the price you pay! Inside the place, you get to see the history of Truman before and after he was the president.

“The Wallace Homes” is located in Grandview, Missouri. Truman and his wife spent many years along with their friends all their lives long in this place.

6. Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

Ulysses S. Grant was a war hero, president, and one of the foremost celebrated men in American history. Whereas he didn’t leave a lot behind, this historical site is one of a previous couple of preserved history items from his life.

The historical site is found in St. Joe Louis, wherever you may be able to see his personal belongings and find out about his request. However, he’s buried elsewhere if you wish to go to his topographic point.

Since St. Joe Louis is one of the most important cities on Route sixty-six, there are several things to try here on the far side of the historic website if you have longer.

Historic trails

7. California National Historic Trail

National Parks in Missouri
By Beaurau of Land Management / Flcikr.

The majority of the California Trail starts in Missouri; in fact, two of its starting points are within the borders of Missouri. One of which is in Gardner.

This one-thousand-mile-long path was normally used by people taking off to join the California Gold Rush. They might walk this path through harsh and strange environments, hoping to succeed in California. Within 3 months, if they created it the least bit.

Of course, currently, it’s not that dangerous. Currently, you’ll be able to take your leisure time driving down it and taking in its nice beauty.

National Parks in Missouri
By mypubliclands / Flickr/ Marked with CC BY 2.0.

Ever imagined how was the postage traveled across the country? Well, all thanks to the Pony Express. The Pony express was the version of the “Wild West” of the United States mail system. People could only send their postage faster than the railroad system back then.

If you are thinking of visiting places on the Pony Express, then I must say that you need to plan your trip carefully. Places from that time have either been demolished or renovated into modern post offices.

But in the small towns, you might find one or two that have been able to remain intact. We recommend you get an old-style map for better routes and easy traveling.

8. Santa Fe National Historic Trail

The Santa Fe Trail leads from Missouri to New Mexico. This trail was first designed to take White settlers from one place to another, and this trail was built using oxen and cattle. It was to help them bring all of their important stuff along with them.

You might know this trail, as it is mostly known for the suffering and loss that transpire on that, whereas the settlers were trying to form it to their new home.

If you are thinking of taking this trail, the complete trail is currently paved, and you and your family might enjoy the view from the comfort of your automobile. Or else, you’ll hike or walk on the trail. It could be a heck of a trail.

Well, there are some things I would recommend you consider. A check on the gas tank and your network strength.

Always check if your cell phone carrier’s service is strong or not, as there are spots where you can have low signal strength.

Also, you must keep an eye on the gas tank as you can run low on gas. There are portions of the trail where you could run out of gas if you are not careful.

9. Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

The path is also known as the trail of tears. This is due to a tragic part of Native American history, and this is also known for its terrible suffering and loss to the affected Native American tribes.

Americans forced tribes to depart their homes and take this path to Oklahoma, wherever the new reservations had been a wind of.

Many of them left their homes and started their journey on this ultimate trail, but most could never reach the way they were heading; as the legend says, this National Historic trail is still haunted by their ghosts.

If you’re thinking of traveling on this path, don’t worry, the majority of the trail is still intact and stays preserved to honor the lost lives.

10. Oregon National Historic Trail

National Parks in Missouri
By Bureau of Land Management/ Flickr/

Oregon National Historic Trail is a popular travel destination. This Trail Park doesn’t have its origin in Missouri state.

Unlike others in Missouri, this trail park runs across the state. This trail park has been the first subject of computer games. This was around the 1980s and 1990s.

This trail stretches for over 2000 miles, and it takes a heck of a time to go around the full trail. The best thing about this park is that you can travel this trail in your cozy Car with your Ac’s. Isn’t that great?

Too much family time, right. This trip could be more like a road trip. This Trip can give you a chance to experience the beauty of America.

If done correctly, you can also get the experience of small towns, and this trip can be completed in a week.

11. George Washington Carver National Monument

National Parks in Missouri
By RuggyBearLA/ Flickr/

Geroge Washington Carver was well known as the plant doctor. He was mostly known as the peanut man. This National Park in Missouri is named after “George Washington Carver.”

George Washington Carver has lived in Newton County, Missouri. His achievements were recognized, and his achievements were commemorated as a national historic site. This national historic site includes the statute of this great man.

Are you planning to visit George Washington Carver soon? There are various hiking and walking trails at George Washington Carver. I recommend you carry a bug cream and a pair of hiking boots.

Before exploring various trails, be careful not to wander off too deep without a partner. These deep forests are connected to the walking and hiking trails. The great part about these trails is that they are open to the public and free.

At George Washington Carver, always keep safety in mind if you go hiking! People have been reported missing and are later found by the search teams. Except for that, you are safe except for bugs bites.

12. Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Ozark National Scenic Riverways was built to protect a riverway. You can do many adventurous things; this park has many outdoor things that you could give a try.

This park hosts various activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and more things on the list are available.

If you are not a fan of outdoor things or if it’s not a cup of your tea, then don’t worry. This park has numerous shopping areas and natural caves to explore with your family or friends.

If you are planning to go in the months of winter, then we don’t recommend you go. In the winter months, this park, or most parks, remains closed. It’s better to go in the months of summer.

Well, enough with national parks in Missouri, how about checking a few state parks?

Lake of the Ozarks, State Parks in Missouri

Lake of the mountain chain State Park provides solitude and has untouched natural beauty. You are minutes from amusement and restaurants.

Outpost Cabins and campsites provide nightlong lodging throughout the year, whereas the park store carries lots of provides for guests.

The park offers sealed boat ramps, boat rentals, 2 beaches for swimming for water enthusiasts, and onshore trails for bicyclists, equestrians, backpackers, and hikers to meander across streams and little springs, through sunny glades and open woodlands, and up to bluffs that yield nice views of the surround Lake of the mountain chain space.

Knob Noster State Parks in Missouri

The Knob Noster State Park provides a peaceful retreat of oak ground alongside several spots of grassland land that run on each bank of the winding Clearfork Creek.

The state park is a locality for families desirous to pay for quality day trips in nature, anglers trying to catch some fish, horseback riders, hikers, and mountain youth subculture seeking time on the paths.

Knob Noster State Park is additionally home to associate degree oxbow slough in what’s referred to as the Pin Oak Slough. The park includes electrical and basic campsites, 2 cluster camps, and family campsites.

Hurry Up

With many places to visit, including National Parks in Missouri, it has one of the nation’s foremost adventure-endowed areas.

In Missouri’s several state and national parks, you will find nature at its best, like battlefields, river systems, and other things.

Whether or not you are looking for a bit of a journey or even a multi-day excursion, National Parks in Missouri can be the mantra for stressbusting.

Missouri has a wide selection of national parks and monuments to give travelers a wonderful experience!

So there you go, the motivation to book your tickets for the trip to the great national parks in Missouri!

If you want to know what’s in store in the state of Washington, then this article is for you; click here and explore if you wish to explore something else from the National parks in Missouri.

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