Best 19 Sports Bars in NYC to Visit Right Away

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Ah, what fun it is to spend some time with friends in a sports bar, right? And speaking of sports bars, Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner too. And with the English premier league going on, it’s time to cheer and chug your glasses at your favourite sports bars.

There are lots of sports bars in NYC. In NYC, you have baseball, football, basketball teams, any sports team, and you name it, NYC has it. And coming to sports bars, NYC is referred to as a sports town than being referred to as anything else. 

Watch football, meet sports fans, cheer on with teams, watch sports and match the vibes when you are at any of the sports bars in NYC. If you want to about good restaurants to watch football, then scroll down.

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Why Choose a Sports Bar in NYC (New York)?

Here in NYC, Sports is a priority more than anywhere else. If you have some broken bones, you can get them fixed here. There are lots of transplants done here. Even if your soul is broken, you can fix it here as the audience can match your vibe and vibe with you all day long.

This might be the right time for hanging out at a sports bar in NYC. Your search for fun sports bars near me or neighborhood bar for arcade games will end with this article. The weather is great, most of us are tired of staying indoors and playing FIFA. Now that everything is in control, it’s nothing wrong with hanging out at a sports bar in NYC.

On a game day, it is vital to go out and cheer for our favourite team and supply the energy of encouragement, and it’s no secret that it’s one of the only things that keeps many of us sane. For that gameday bars near me is the biggest search of New York people to enjoy watching games. 

Listen up, when game day arrives, we need 4 things: A vibe check, a chill place to hang out, lots of good food, and an ice-cold drink matching our vibe.

So, today we are here to present to you 19 of our favourite and best sports bars in NYC or big screen tv restaurants near me in NYC, no matter what sport it may be:

Sports Bars NYC (Best One’s)

1. Keg & Lantern Brewing Company

Born in 2020, this brewery was born initially in Greenpoint. It shows the major sports to pair along at their bar. This brewing company started its new location in Red Hook in 2020.

They are known for their signature fermented sour ales and hazy IPAs. Keg & Lantern provides its customers with daily specials throughout the week and Tv screens to watch out for your big game.

Keg & Lantern is half Zen Garden and half sports bar, a unique mix of the two that people thoroughly enjoy. This brewpub is an ideal location for die-hard Rangers fans.

Their daily specials include nachos and pitcher combo, and their food menu ranges from Buttermilk to Fried Chicken Fingers. They also serve Buffalo wings, tempura Buffalo Cauliflower, Steak au Poivre, and Shepherd’s Pie.

2. Boxers

The Boxers is a gay sports bar that opened in 2010, and this original gay sports bar is located in Chelsea, NYC. The other gay sports bar has been closed now.

A new Gay sports bar is all set to open this spring season. As the name suggests, the bartenders are shirtless, and you guessed it right, they only put on boxers as a uniform.

You can come here for sports, enjoy the pool tables and their brick oven-made pizzas, plasma sized TV screens, and watch sports leagues on a big screen. The Bar has happy hour specials from 4-9.

3. Smithfield Hall NYC, Chelsea

The Smithfield Hall NYC is one of the best premier sports bars in New York. It is considered a restaurant and the best soccer bar in the city. This bar offers late-night cocktails and nachos to set the right mood on a cold late night.

It is not the same on a game day; on a game day, the Smithfield offers nine outdoor heated tables, 8 big flat-screen TVs for your comfortable viewing experience. Inside, there are two soccer bars with twenty-six TVs so that you don’t miss a second while you watch games.

4. Blondies, Upper West Side

On the upper west side, there are criteria that you need when evaluating a sports bar, and one of them is the food availability. It is a family owned sports bar.

People are equally into the games offered at the sports bar the type of food available, mostly buffalo wings. And Blondies is best known for the wings they serve in NYC.

It’s a go-to spot for parties. It is recommended to reserve a table for game day, for watching football or the Champions League.

5. The Whiskey on Grand, Williamsburg

This sports bar was started by 3 brothers in the year 2016. The goal of this sports bar was to provide “drink specials, tasty food, and a comfortable setting.”

Here at this bar, you are treated like a star. This Bar has a menu full of options like loaded tater tots and lemon garlic wings.

It’s a cosy sports bar with wooden walls, lots of booths, and multiple TVs.

6. The Big Whiskey

When in NYC, you will see a lot of bars with the name “whiskey,” and let me tell you, they all belong to the same group. And the Big Whiskey is just another name from the bunch of “Whiskey” bars in NYC.

You can probably guess that this bar definitely offers a lot of options in whiskey, and they sure do. They have a pretty big space that might seem like a converted warehouse, with a few beer pong tables.

There are a couple of booths for bigger groups, too, from where you can get a good view of the raised TVs.

7. Brooklyn Tap House Bar

Brooklyn Tap House is a serious sports bar; this bar is known especially for NFL and Big Ten games. It is one of the best spots in the entire city to watch football. If you live in Brooklyn, then this one is the closest sports bar to this location.

You can do other things rather than just watching games, and it’s a place more than just sports. You will find the best selection of beers with over 40 varieties.

This sports bar in NYC is like no other in the city, with having a big backyard housing a number of big screens.

8. Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting Sports lounge located in Flatiron has over twenty TVs. They ensure that you don’t have to get up from your place on game day by serving a super bowl package of Paloma or Mega Mule.

You can choose food ranging from mac and Cheese, Truffle Mushroom Flatbread, Hanger Steak, and Churros.

While in the evenings, the Club also organizes various extraordinary events and parties that can last till 4 in the morning.

9. Wogies (Philly-themed sports bar)

The inside of this sports den’s appearance is not different from the one you most likely visit back in your town, wherever jerseys and sweatpants are acceptable apparel, and therefore the check is served with wet naps.

There’s a huge, pleasant bar, seating, and flat screens. This bar is mostly for Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers games. But you should visit Wogies to watch non-Philly teams play as well.

10. Bronx AleHouse

Are you tired of hearing how the Bronx Alehouse is the borough’s best sports bar? We are too tired of writing about why it’s the best sports bar.

It’s time for you to open your place. Or you’ll save yourself the difficulty and embarrassment and slide on over for craft brew, an outsized menu of tavern food, and games like darts, Skee-Ball, and Jenga, to play in between the sports games you’re cheering on.

Bronx Alehouse is where you can visit anytime, be it a game day or not. Even with their big screens turned off, you will have a good time here.

11. Plug Uglies

Located close to the park slope, this Gramercy sports bar is built, and it looks like a big clubhouse on 3rd Ave New York, NY.

There are a couple of TVs embedded into its plywood walls, and when you jump off and come to realize that Sam Darnold isn’t going to bring you back from twenty-four down in the second half, you’ll be able to focus your attention on the massive screen ahead of the bar.

Plug Uglies is an Irish hideaway that offers you a huge beer selection.

12. The Supply House

All the sports fans of all stripes will trail the generous range of screens at the Supply House.

The big house has lots of paths and tall tables up front close to the bar, furthermore as booths and tableware toward the rear.

The menu options are cooked sandwiches, solid salads, and crisp wings. The Supply House is known as the Upper East Side’s favorite.

The front of the bar is a garage door that adds a unique

13. The Irish Rover

This has many loyal customers, and it’s not hard to get a buyback if you are on your best behavior throughout the game.

Don’t miss Wednesday night here, just so that you don’t regret your decision; let me tell you that when there isn’t a game, the bar usually hosts trivia night.

If you are going to the Irish Rover, you must be prepared for trash talks with rival fans cause that’s gonna happen.

14. The Village Pour House

The Village Pour House is all about watching the game, drinking some beer and repeating it.

Whether it’s the famous Wednesday night trivia or watching your favorite sports game, this Bar has ample seating space with a flat screen to keep you entertained.

This Bar can get busy during gaming season, and it is expected to be because of its advantages; the primary advantage it has is the location and the best food that it serves at a decent price.

If it’s about having a reservation for your fantasy league, then they have the facility to book online through their website. With more than 20 websites, this is the best sports bar you can visit.

15. Mudville 9

If you are new to NY and desire to taste Buffalo wings, don’t go to a fancy restaurant; hop in here. Here the Buffalo Wings are like some magical recipe -it’s amazing how often they just suck at their marketing, but once you taste the wings here, there is no going back.

The Wings are meaty, not-too-crispy, and can be eaten with the 30 draft beers, and if you let them know which game you like during your reservation, they’ll make sure it’s playing.

They would make a reservation for you and let you eat and watch the game on the big screen nearest to your table.

16. Stumble Inn

If you have visited Hair of the Dog and six other bars, then the Stumble Inn is for you. They’re here to help you transition into the real world without too much of a shock.

Like the others, this location on the higher side has nice drink specials and half-off brew on weekends and many TVs.

Half of the individuals are also more curious about games than music videos.

17. Break Bar

Ever wondered, could a bar be an amusement park for adults? Then it’s time for you to stop wondering and experience the Break Bar.

This bar is like an amusement park for adults. So, spin around until you vomit; this bar has a huge industrial pool and courts.

These activities make it a great spot, a great spot to spend time with a group; it is even the best sports bar in the city.

You can get nice buffalo wings and TVs and projectors everywhere – together with round-the-game equipment just in case you feel like multitasking.

18. Blue Haven

If there is ample space on Houston Street, you are standing next to Blue Haven; it’s a valuable alternative when you wish to watch football or something that could be worth your time, like basketball.

It would be a good place to watch games, no matter the location. Blue haven is always crowded with the right amount, with lots of TVs, including one with big flat wall tv that is seven feet across.

It has beautiful windows that always ease your pain if your team isn’t winning.

19. Standings Bar

At this sports bar, sporting events are essential. You want all your concentration on the game, so don’t miss a second of it.

It would be awkward if you went on asking the other person sitting next to you about the second you missed.

All you want is to focus on the game. To provide with kind of facility, one of the best bars, where distraction isn’t tolerated, is Standings in the East Village.

It is like a big studio if compared to this size.

The bar is covered up with TVs, and to avoid distraction, the volume is always up, and high-quality beers are always on tap.

And there you go, 19 of the best sports bars in NYC to visit right away.

Let us know your experiences when you visit any of these sports bars in NYC.

Have fun, mates!

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