Best 7 Culinary Schools in Michigan

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culinary schools in Michigan

Michigan amazes its visitors in awe with its Great Lakes, pristine intrinsic beauty, and automobile history. If you are interested in the culinary arts programs, there are certain things that you should take care of.

Michigan offers various culinary schooling options. You can find 18 culinary schools in Michigan, and four of them are graduate programs.

      • First, you should decide what type of degree you want to secure.
      • Many schools award a certificate or Associate’s degree programs. Certificate programs are meant to enter the workforce or proceed the learning toward an associate degree.
      • A certificate program is one year or less, while an Associate’s degree demands two years of full-time learning.
      • Associate Degree is for entry-level positions in restaurants and hospitality enterprises.
      • Whereas a Bachelor’s degree is the most lengthy decision, challenging about four years of full-time study.

Culinary students learn courtesy management, kitchen management, food service, preparing and serving, and many more in culinary schools.

There might be various questions in your mind relating to culinary schools. Such as career opportunities, top culinary schools, etc.

This article will help you find the top culinary schools in Michigan and discuss everything about culinary schools.

Only a passionate learner can take a culinary degree because it combines your talent and creativity. The culinary schools render you the trade tools to ignite the sparkles inside you.

You will touch great getaways to various exciting career opportunities when your passion meets with techniques. It would help if you learned how to merge culinary art and science to reach an astonishing career.

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Various Culinary Degree Programs

Culinary arts degrees start with the associate degree, which takes around two years. The next degree is the bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree in culinary arts is for aspiring to a career in the food and beverage industry.

Associate Degree Programs

Associate degree programs mean learning the fundamentals of cooking, knife skills, different kitchen procedures, and the history behind the techniques. Students will spend much of their time doing firsthand dish work, listening to speeches, and practicing their crafts.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Those who want to begin careers in the hospitality management industry like to take bachelor’s degree programs.  Students will learn cooking and kitchen skills, business policies, budgeting, cost summary, and other professional matters. They will learn to manage restaurant groups or work on the corporate side of a food and beverage organization.

Master’s Degree Programs

One who wants to pursue a master’s degree in culinary arts has to spend an additional two years after the bachelor’s degree. It is a more broad educational program to spend. The degree aims at perfecting the learners’ culinary skills with proficient and notable chefs. They will get a broader and deeper knowledge of the business of the food industry.

Best Culinary Schools in Michigan

1. Great Lakes Culinary Institute

It is one of the top culinary schools in Michigan. This culinary arts school aims at equipping passionate learners with the fundamental skills necessary to be in the culinary field.

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Programs offered:-
    1. Baking Level I Certificate

This curriculum is intended for those students who prepare to enlist in the baking industry. Learners get practical instruction in all phases of industrial baking preparation and presentation.

2. Culinary Arts Level III Certificate

This course is intended for those students who prepare to register in the culinary industry. Learners get practical instruction in all phases of all aspects of commercial food preparation and presentation.

Other areas are lecture courses in nutrition, sanitation, purchasing, and management. This culinary institute of Michigan is an American Culinary Federation accredited Michigan college.

3. Associate Applied Science Degree

The course is designed to prepare students for entry-level chef and kitchen management positions. It focuses on the science and techniques related to the selection, preparation, and serving of foods.

4. Associate in Applied Science Degree in Culinary Sales and Marketing

The Culinary Sales and Marketing program aims at preparing aspirants for food sales, marketing, and appropriate jobs within the food industry. It is a combination of education in food preparation and business courses.

2. Baker College Culinary Institute of Michigan

This is one of the award-winning culinary schools in Michigan. This culinary institute was started in 1997. It is a division of Baker College.

Small class sizes, individualized attention, and world-class training facilities are the specialties here. The Culinary Institute of Michigan grants three associate degree courses.

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Programs offered:-

1. The associate’s degree program in baking and pastry.

2. Food and Beverage Management

3. 2 years Culinary Arts Program

It includes three consecutive courses in cooking and topics in meat products, gastronomy, and restaurant services.

4. Certificate program for baking and pastry

All learners should attend culinary math and first aid. Culinary Portfolio must be developed.

3. Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

Secchia Institute for Culinary Education is also one of the award-winning culinary schools in Michigan. It comes from Grand Rapids Community College.

It has accomplished 25 years of expertise and offers degrees and certificates in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, and Baking & Pastry Arts.

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Programs offered:-
    1. The Culinary Arts Certificate focuses on equipping you with a solid education in commercial food preparation and presentation phases.
    2. Personal Chef Certificate: The focus is to equip you to start your own profession as a private chef.
    3. Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate: It offers a certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts. The goal is to help you elaborate on your baking and pastry skills.
    4. Craft Brewing, Packaging, and Service Operation Certificate
    5. Associate Degree: This program includes restaurant services, dining room assistance,  Classical and American provincial cookery, and Catering and dinner planning.
    6. Pathway Degree with Culinary Arts, Hospitality, and Brewing Concentration, A.A.: Exploration in varied occupations is the ultimate aim of this program.
    7. Pre-Hospitality Management, A.A.: The program aims to prepare you for your bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.
      Hospitality graduates are in a huge need to satisfy the rising demand for equipped restaurant, food and beverage, and hotel management experts.

4. Macomb Community College

It is a 1972 established community college in Michigan.

Macomb’s Culinary Arts program will help you gain abilities of kitchen skills through a variety of international and local menus. They will train you in safe food handling and food order here.

They train front-of-house service operations, traditional baking methods. They cover using a menu as a control tool and the creative or decorative side of food presentation.

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Programs offered:-
  1. Culinary Arts
  2. Culinary Management
  3. Prep Cook
  4. Hospitality Management

5. Oakland Community College

This culinary arts school is one of the American Culinary Federation accredited culinary schools in Michigan.  They give certification based on students’ work experience at the time of graduation.

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Programs offered:-
  1. Culinary Arts
  2. Baking and Pastry Arts
  3. Hotel Management

The program aims to prepare the learners to choose a career as a culinary expert. They can take a position as an executive chef or food and beverage manager.

Students will learn foundation skills, technical processes of food safety, cookery, baking, and guest services in the first year.

Students will learn the study and practice of classical and contemporary cuisines, pastries, and skill refinement in the second year.

The course covers management principles, industry standards, and human resources.  Financial applications practiced in food and beverage operations are the other area in the curriculum.

Oakland culinary school conducts nationally recognized Culinary competitions during the course.

6. Henry Ford Community College

This is one of the progressive culinary schools in Michigan. They have some special features in their culinary courses. Professional TV-studio kitchen, HFC Ice Carving Club, and Garden Maintenance are some of them.

As a Henry Ford culinary arts student, you will get the opportunity to produce herbs, lettuce, vegetables, and flowers.

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Programs offered:-
  1. Culinary Arts
  2. Culinary Arts Supervision
  3. Culinary Skills
  4. Hospitality Professional Management
  5. Hospitality Service Career
  6. Hotel/Restaurant Management

The first semester focuses on classic and contemporary dishes and meals in their productive, practical classes. Students will learn baking, nutrition, menu development, food safety, and cost control.

To develop their business and communications skills, learners here have to participate in restaurants, cafes, and campus catering services.

Paid internships are offered at local restaurants, schools, catering venues, or hospitals for a real-life experience. This helps students to put their knowledge into action.

Their culinary arts programs are all fully accredited through the American Culinary Federation.

7. Lansing Community College

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This Michigan culinary school offers a novel and enjoyable experience for its learners. Their successful events include Team Building, Employee Incentive, Holiday Party, Client Entertaining, Networking.

They give a wide range of practical cooking classes for students of all experience levels, from easygoing newcomers to perfectionists.

Small class size to give personal training for active participation from food preparation to the final plate performance. This culinary school offers a futuristic classroom kitchen and gourmet cookware store.

They set brilliant gardens on a three-acre area. Students are offered garden tours gathering green herbs, fruits, and vegetables for preparing the seasonal menus.

Programs offered:-
  1. Food Service Management
  2. Hotel/Lodging Management
  3. Hotel-Lodging/Food Management
Some Michigan Facts

Michigan is headquarters to companies like Faygo, Kellogg’s, and Better Made.
Michigan is famous for fishing and its novel food items.
In Michigan, some striking food items are Mindo Chocolate, Detroit Bold Coffee, McClure’s Pickles, etc.

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