A lighted amusement park in New Hampshire. A lighted amusement park in New Hampshire.

Thrills Await: 3 Amusement Parks in NH

Welcome to the unreal world of famous and splendid theme parks and Amusement parks in New Hampshire. This place has many options for having fun. 

This place in New Hampshire happily welcomes everyone with their hearts open to enjoy the fun along with beautiful surroundings. This place is best for the whole family trip or even the friend circle, which will create the most everlasting memories filled with fun.

In this place, you can find many rides that you wish to ride on and have fun. You can ride any of these and have fun accordingly. 

It does not matter if you prefer the most aggressive rides or the slow ones; these amusement parks in New Hampshire offer both options. 

Don’t worry if you are traveling with children, as these places even have another section filled with engaging children’s rides. Rides in these areas are taken special care and are comfortable as well as fun for children.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some engaging and best amusement parks. So don’t miss it and read it all.

Top 25 Rides and Attractions in New Hampshire

1. What You Should Know about New Hampshire:

This place present in the United States is very beautiful and stunning. If you are ever going to visit, just don’t forget to take a camera as this area has many stunning scenes.

It is mostly famous for its captivating nature, including the mountains, lakes, and many more. These scenes will surely take your breath away.

This place even offers many locations you can visit while staying here. You can try many outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and many more.

Amusement parks are one of many options where you can enjoy and have fun at the moment. Also, there are many options in these amusement parks, so you can choose whichever you appreciate the most.

An aerial view of a town in New Hampshire.
Photo by Seth Dewey | Unsplash | Copyrights 2018

2. 3 Best Amusement Parks, New Hampshire:

2.1 Canobie Lake: 

A Carousel Swing in an amusement park in New Hampshire.
Photo by Israel Palacio | Unsplash | Copyrights 2018

Canobie Lake Park, present in Salem, New Hampshire, is one of the most visited amusement parks. It is a well-known location with very lovely surroundings.

In this place, you can find many things along with the rides to have fun. You just have to explore the whole area and find the exciting things hidden.

Also, this place has many sections prepared according to the age of visitors. They have the kids section, adult section, and elders sections. 

Some information about this place is below:

Location: Canobie Lake Park is in Salem, New Hampshire, at 85 N Policy St, Salem, NH 03079.

Timing & Price: As per the timing provided on the official website of Canobie Lake Park, the regular duration is 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. But it’s best to contact them and check their official website before you visit.

So, to enter and have fun in this amazing area, you have to pay a price. The ticket price may vary according to the age of the visitors visiting. 

You can check the price on their official website and even by visiting their office.

2.1.1. Things to Do Here:

So, to begin with, this amusement park offers many rides, including exciting thrill rides and even slow ones. It’s your call on which you will have fun first.

After having enough fun with these rides, you can relax at the water parks present inside only. Or spend some precious quality time on carnival rides with your loved ones. 

In the evening time, this park even has a section where you can enjoy live entertainment shows. You can watch magic shows, comedy shows and many more.

Each day, they provide different fun activities and entertainment for visitors. At last, they even have a place where you can eat and refresh once more. 

So to sum up, this popular amusement park has everything inside only. You just have to go and have fun inside.

2.2 Story Land: 

One of the amusement parks in New Hampshire.
Photo by Brandi Alexandra | Unsplash | Copyrights 2018

Story Land is a magical place you can visit in  New Hampshire. This place is specially designed for young children and families.

This place is like a theme park. You can find many things related to famous stories like fairy tales, etc. You can surely visit this place with your children and even with families.

Below are some information related to this place:

Location: Story Land can be found in Glen, New Hampshire. This park’s address given on its official website is 850 NH-16, Glen, NH 03838.

Timing & Price: As with any other top theme park, this park opens at midday and closes at evening time. It’s best to contact the park worker to have the correct information.

This theme park lets you have an unforgettable adventure with your friends and families. And to enter this wonderful place you have to pay the price of entry fee.

The prices are different for the time duration you spend inside. So pick the best ticket which suits you the most.

2.2.1. Things to Do Here:

Here in this amusement park, there are many things to explore and have a taste of family fun and entertainment. As you enter this place, you can see a beautiful site of fairy tale villages to be built inside.

You can even find people dressed up as real-life storybook characters inside. You can even take photographs with them to create a lovely memory.

Apart from these attractions, they even have some amazing and exciting rides. These attractions and entertaining options made this place the top theme park in New Hampshire.

For kids, they have prepared another play area with many engaging games to explore. Here, the kids can join in some active play and engage themselves while having fun.

While having fun, you can enjoy some ice cream sundae and other eatery options present here.

This place has all things packed inside and is best for fun-seeking travelers. So if you visit New Hampshire, don’t forget to have a tour of this place.

2.3 Whale’s Tale Amusement Park:

A water slide in an amusement park in New Hampshire.
Photo by Toa Heftiba | Unsplash | Copyrights 2020

Whale’s Tale Waterpark is an exciting water park that is a must-visit place while traveling in New Hampshire. This Hampshire amusement park offers Thrillsville Aerial Park and many fun activities.

After visiting this place, I bet you will have the best of the best memories and stories for others to share. You can have fun here if you are looking for relaxation time and even if you want a thrill-filled day. 

Location: According to the information provided, Whale’s Tale Waterpark is found in the Lincoln area of New Hampshire.

Timing & Price: Like the others, this water park starts around midday and then closes at different times in the evening. You are advised to contact them before going to avoid any problems.

This New Hampshire amusement park offers many different tickets, even with discount offers. You can choose whichever you feel the best. 

2.3.1. Things to Do Here: 

There are many thrilling water slides for the visitors to explore while having fun. You can even call this place a theme park as they even provide such engaging fun.

You can find wild rides along with lazy river options. Visitors of any age can find a spot to relax and have fun with family and friends.

The children’s area is carefully designed for safety. Many small rides can be enjoyable experiences for little kids, such as smaller slides and pools. 

You can even find go-karts, kiddie rides, mini golf, and a place to relax inside only. They have a place where you can grab a bite of food offered there.

In the evening, there are many live shows, comedy shows, and even some magical shows. These are done to let the visitor enjoy the end of a sweet night’s sleep or the day.

These New Hampshire amusement parks strive to give all kinds of attractions and fun events to visitors so that they can have fun.

If you are visiting this place, don’t forget to take photos and have a blast with your loved ones. 

3. Conclusion:

An amusement park during the night tine.
Photo by Ross Sneddon | Unsplash | Copyrights 2018

There are many more amazing and engaging amusement parks as well as theme parks present in New Hampshire. In this article, there are a few of them mentioned in whole detail.

Each of these fantastic parks offers different things to explore while having fun. These places are best for fun-seeking travelers as well as relaxed travelers.

You can find amusement parks and other theme parks fun at parks like Story Land, Santa’s Village, and many more such interesting places. These all have many exciting as well as engaging activities offered for visitors to do while having fun.

The best part of these amazing theme parks in New Hampshire is that they even have a food court section. If you are hungry and drained while having such fun activities, you can always recharge yourself by having a bite of food.

There’s no doubt that all of them are amazing and provide us with different outdoor as well as indoor activities to do. They even have a kids sector with safe rides so that the parents can be assured.

These places are perfect to visit with families, friends, or even colleagues. So make sure to visit these locations to have fun and create long-lasting memories.

4. FAQs:

Some of the most commonly asked questions about this topic is below. 

4.1. What are the actual opening times of the amazing theme parks in New Hampshire?

A. The opening of these amazing theme parks is nearly the same. But to avoid any difficulties, make sure to contact the office before your visit.

4.2. How many rides are available in these parks?

A. In these parks, you can find all such rides that are enough to make you feel amazed. There are all types of amazing rides, such as roller coasters and even water rides. 

4.3. Can a person bring their food inside?

A. You don’t have to, as inside such theme parks, there is an option for dining. You can easily find all the delicious foods inside without any difficulties.

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