Myrtle Beach’s Top 14 Must-Play Golf Courses!

America has been the most loved golf destination around the world. It has a never-ending list of top golf courses to play on. Many of them belong to South Carolina, making it America’s most luscious golf getaways. Charleston and Kiawah Island have some of the best golf courses in the nation. But how can we forget Myrtle Beach?

1. Introduction

The Myrtle Beach area is one of the top golf destinations around the nation. Golf lovers have always been fond of this place for a long time. It has its own reasons, as Myrtle Beach area is a city as well as a vacation resort situated on the East Coast of the U.S. in South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach is located in the long 60-mile stretch of a beach widely known as “The Grand Strand.” It has been a major spot for tourists from all over the world to visit and enjoy some quality vacation over here. So, no wonder it has been such a favorite place for golf lovers, as it is where they can have all the fun.

There are 50+ golf courses in Myrtle Beach, out of which most are public and have affordable rates for lovers of this sport. So, let’s go and learn about the 14 Best Golf courses in Myrtle Beach.

2. 14 Best Golf Courses in the Myrtle Beach

2.1 TPC Myrtle Beach

Want to experience what it feels like to play on a real PGA Tour layout? TPC Myrtle Beach is the place where you get to play all that. It successfully organized a Senior PGA Tour Championship back in the year 2000. TPC Myrtle Beach is the only course located on the Grand Strand, which is highly rated by the critics. It has 18 holes and is 6950 in Length. The pricing of the TPC Myrtle Beach golf course is approximately $180.

Apart from all the dazzling achievements, TPC Myrtle Beach is the place where the Dustin Johnson Golf School was established in 2013 by Dustin Johnson, who is a South Carolina native himself. That’ll make it a perfect reason to spend your golf vacation here.

2.2 Dunes Golf and Beach Club

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club was established in the late 1940s by a local businessman and a woman from the Myrtle Beach area. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club has a rich history with some cherished memories. It is a member-owned club that has 700+ members, and this golf and beach club is situated on the shores of the Myrtle Beach area.

Dunes Golf Beach Club was built by the renowned architect Robert Trent Jones Sr., which makes it the only golf course in the Myrtle Beach area with magnificent ocean views for its guests. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club has been a host to many PGA Tours, USGA Championship, and National and State organized events. Dunes Golf Club must be on your list.

2.3 Tidewater Golf Club

Nothing is as graceful as the Tidewater Golf Club in South Carolina’s Grand Strand. Tidewater Golf Club continues to swipe away all the awards every year. Golf Digest Magazine has listed it as One of the Top 100 Great Public Golf Courses of America in previous years.

Tidewater Golf Club has some alluring scenic views and landscapes on its 500-acre tract, making it the perfect golf course for lovers of this sport.

2.4 Barefoot Golf Resort

The love of most golf players, built with multiple golf courses in Myrtle Beach, is the Barefoot Golf Resort. Barefoot Resort was designed by celebrated players and architects such as Davis Love III, Tom Fazio, and Greg Norman.

Barefoot Golf Resort
Fazio Course at Barefoot Golf Resort

Barefoot Resort is located in the Centre of North Myrtle Beach. This Golf Club and Resort were designed and built in such a way that it stood distinguished as a Golf Club from others. Being proclaimed as the most decorated Golf Club and Resort in South Carolina, Barefoot Resort is indeed a place you must visit.

2.5 True Blue Golf Club

Situated on Pawleys Island, the True-Blue Golf Club is Myrtle Beach’s one of the best public golf courses. It has a majestic scenic landscape to look upon. Mike Strantz established True Blue Golf Club in the late 1990s.

True Blue Golf Club is built on a former rice plantation, which is 7,062 yards and ranges from salt marshes to dense forests. This golf club gives you extreme comfort and convenience so that you have the fun of your vacation.

2.6Heritage Club

One of the grand and historic golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area is the Heritage Club Golf Course. It offers the players 18 holes of delicate golf. Heritage Club has a smooth lining of greenery, which is the most difficult part to maintain in the Myrtle Beach area.

The reason behind such a better and historic golf course is the centuries-old cemeteries and the 300-year-old oaks. Heritage Club spreads over 600 acres of land and is situated along the Waccamaw River.

2.7 Caledonia Golf Club

If you want to enjoy a visually soothing golf course with flowers and bushes, then you must pay a visit to Caledonia Golf Club. There is an award-winning pro shop and a restaurant with a great scenic view where you can have your wholesome meal.

The beautiful oaks and the streams in the 6,526-yard golf course are often depicted as having 18 signature holes. Caledonia Golf Club is a 30-minute drive from Myrtle Beach. It is situated on Pawleys Island. Some of the popular golf magazines ranked Caledonia Golf Course as one of the best golf courses among the top 100 Golf courses.

2.8 Oyster Bay Golf

Want to test your standards or excellence as a golfer? Then come to the Oyster Bay Course and show your fine skills. The smooth green lining and huge bunkers of this golf course make it one of Myrtle Beach’s best courses.

This golf course was established in 1983 by Dan Maples and Larry Young. Although geographically, it is located along the border between North and South Carolina, technically, it is situated in North Carolina. It is spread over 6700 yards with an ingenious design and is a little rough around the edges but comes at a lower price for your overall experience.

2.9 Myrtle Beach National

Even the shortest of the courses measures only around 6400 yards, so you will need skills of accuracy over sheer strength to succeed at the Myrtle Beach National, South Creek. It was established in 1973 by “The King” Arnold Palmer and Francis Duane.

Myrtle National Golf is the ideal place for your golf trip, where you get all the service in the clubhouse and a large driving range. You will find it quite different from others in the Myrtle Beach area. It is priced at $44-45 per golfer.

2.10 Pine Lakes Country Club

The oldest golf club that disseminated the seeds of a golf course to others in the Myrtle Beach area is the Pine Lakes Country Club. It was established in 1927 and is often referred to as “The Granddaddy” of the region. It is ranked as one of the most decorated golf clubs and has a rich history.

The Scottish style of design can be found in this course. It is also added to the Myrtle Beach Hall of Fame. It is priced around $45-90 per golfer.

2.11 Legends Golf Resorts

The Legends Golf Resorts welcomes you to the golf course built distinctively, keeping in the eye the British Isles courses. It has holes that have quite in common with Cruden Bay and St. Andrews.

Legends Resorts was established in 1990 by Tom Doak, whose design had some amazing elements of architecture and varied placement of bunkers. It would be a great choice for every type of golfer to play on. This golf course will give you a whole different level of experience, like the Old Country traditions in which golf was introduced.

2.12 Arcadian Shores Golf Club

Arcadian Shores Golf Club is a championship golf course in the Myrtle Beach area. It offers 20+ holes with a combination of a modern course layout and nature. It was established in 1974 and was designed by architect Rees Jones.

Arcadian Shores have wetlands, lakes, and ponds with high pines and oak to make this course a test for the golfers. It is situated in Myrtle Beach’s Restaurant Row. It also has a practice center for golfers who want to make their swing fine.

2.13 Grande Dunes Resort Club

Another prestigious course that hosted the PGA Professional National Championship is the Grande Dunes Resort Club. This golf club in the Myrtle Beach area has been awarded many honors locally and nationally. Grande Dunes is an 18-hole golf course.

Grande Dunes Resort Club is one of the best-maintained golf courses throughout the country and the Myrtle Beach area. This course offers repeat playability, which the golfers love the most about this place.

2.14 Panther’s Run Golf Course

Panther’s Run Golf Course is situated at Ocean Ridge Plantation in the North Carolina Myrtle Beach area. It was designed by architect Tim Cate to test the golfer’s merit on the course. This course is not only beautiful to the eyes but will also leave you amazed, as it may test you but will not break your confidence.

The landing areas of this course are quite good to play on, only if you are long enough to hit it over the waters to put on some scores. This course of the Myrtle Beach area became fully functional in 1995, and keeping in eye mother nature, a little dirt was removed by the architect while building this 18-hole course.


If you have to the end, you have been through the best golf courses of Myrtle Beach. This city is like the heart of golf courses around the nation. Numerous affordable golf clubs have been leveled up to premium courses. So, if you are a Golf lover and want to pay a visit to some grand and decorated golf clubs and courses, then a Myrtle Beach golf trip must be your next plan.

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