9 Best Hotels in Myrtle Beach

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9 Best Hotels in Myrtle beach
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Myrtle Beach in South Carolina lies on the Atlantic coast and is a hub for tourists worldwide. It is a well-known place where you can easily spot celebrities, and if not, then celebrity-designed golf courses can always steal your glance.

Here you can lay down at the beach or walk on the brim of the Atlantic ocean. It always remains one of the serene places to enjoy your weekend or holidays.

The best time to visit Myrtle Beach is from June to August, as the weather is perfect.

Myrtle Beach is also home to one of the city’s oldest amusement parks, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park. This seaside park in Myrtle Beach is the heart of the beach, and you cannot miss out on visiting here if you come here.

Because it has rides for adults and kids, there is a thrill ride and a kid’s ride, which keeps everyone entertained.

And here, too, you will find America’s tallest Ferris wheel, the Sky Wheel, 187 feet tall. And from here you can see the whole Atlantic ocean.

So if you want to travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, finding the right hotel is a priority.

There are so many hotels in Myrtle Beach, from luxury to budget-friendly, that you can easily find any hotel you budget.

This guide will take you to some of the best hotels in Myrtle beach that you must visit once in your lifetime.

This Myrtle beach guide includes all those luxury hotels and budget-friendly hotels in South Carolina where you can enjoy high-end amenities with your friends and family.

Myrtle Beach Hotels

1) Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort

Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes is one of the best hotels in Myrtle beach. Located at a distance of 3 miles from Myrtle Beach resort, it is perfect for those looking for a beachfront resort and Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

It’s a perfect oceanfront property, has a walking distance beach. You will also enjoy the spa at Grande Dunes at the resort.

Tripe A-rated, Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort, has all the entertainment facilities on its property. Along with easy access to the beach all day, you can also enjoy indoor and outdoor pools here at Marriott.

It also has the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk from where you can and hosts one of the city’s finest spas, the Hibiscus Spa, where you can indulge in the well-being of your mind and body.

If you are a gym freak, this Myrtle Beach hotel also offers a complimentary health club where you can go through your daily gym routine.


The Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort has some of the best food in the entire area. Sitting and watching the splendid view from the oceanfront hotel, you can enjoy spectacular international cuisines.

One of the luxuries Myrtle Beach hotels spread in 45,000 sq feet and boasts large rooms and spacious suites with ultra-luxury amenities. All the rooms have attached private balconies from where you can enjoy the splendid view of the ocean.

A few of the amenities you can enjoy here are a fitness centre, spa, indoor pool, outdoor pool, hot tub, kids activity area, gift shop, laundry, meeting space.

Book your stay at one of the best hotels in Myrtle beach here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


8400 Costa Verde Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

2) Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort


Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort is a perfect stay for a family vacation. Here you will get the perfect beach vibes. From ocean-view rooms to beachfront dining, this North Beach resort has everything ‘on the beach for its guests.

If you cannot stay away from the beach for long, this north beach resort is perfect. Every room has an attached balcony from where you can watch the ocean without any hindrance.

It also has a spa and gym and a golf course where you can learn golf with the more than 100 courses present here.


Its spacious balconies attached to the room and connecting rooms for the ease of space for its guest, this North Myrtle Beach resort is perfect for a holiday stay.

One of the finest restaurants, Cafe Amalfi, offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, which you can enjoy seeing the ocean view. The oceanfront property also boasts the Wet Whistle, a poolside bar.


If you’re at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort, don’t miss spending some time at Kingston Resorts, which complements hotels for couples.

The spa at Myrtle beach also has a retail boutique with a garden where you can experience a peaceful atmosphere. A range of treatments is offered here, from massage, salon service to deep facials.

You can choose any treatment and enjoy it at this north beach resort. All the rooms and lobby have a wi-fi connection that can receive at $9.95.

A few of their amenities include a digital key, concierge, spa, beachfront outdoor pool, indoor pool, EV charging, fitness centre, restaurant, and more.

The parking is also available here, which is not included in the resort fee, and you have to pay $9.99 for self-parking and $20 for valet parking.

Book your stay at Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort from here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


10000 Beach Club Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

3) Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes
Screenshot by: Swati Dubey

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes is one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach. It offers amazing amenities in its resort. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Myrtle Beach, then Marina Inn at Grande Dunes would be a perfect choice.

Located centrally in South Carolin resort and North Myrtle beach Marina Inn at Grande Dunes is within walking distance from all the area’s attractions.

If you are looking for romantic getaways, a weekend trip with friends, or simply a family vacation, then staying here would be the perfect option for you. Its elegant design near the beachside makes it perfect for all holiday moods.

Golf Resort:

This Myrtle Beach resort also has a golf course on its premises, so if you are looking for a golf resort, this place proves to be a paradise for you.

This triple-A beach resort, spread over 6600 acres, is loved by visitors for its luxurious amenities. And because of this, these are the best hotels in Myrtle Beach from where you don’t want to come back.

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes has different types of rooms available, including a grande guest room, studio room, med club suite, Two BR suites, Two BR deluxe suites.


It also has its restaurant where you taste the sumptuous cuisine created by its executive chef ‘Byron J Bondok’, specializing in classical French with Asian and Hawaiian fusion.

The hotel features locals’ favourite restaurants, WaterScapes, where you can find unique flavours not available in the whole of South Carolina.

Few of its amenities include an outdoor pool, indoor pool, kids activity area, watersports, golf course.

Book your stay at Marina Inn at Grande Dunes here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


8121 Amalfi Pl, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

4) South Bay Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront

Located near Family Kingdom Amusement Park, South Bay Inn is one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach for those looking for a family resort.

It boasts a water park in its resort and includes 242 rooms and suites on its premises, from where you can enjoy the park along with the beach view. Along with spacious rooms from where you get a fantastic ocean view, it also has access to Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

You will get a unique dining experience with its fantastic breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The food every day is cooked with fresh ingredients, and you can order any dish you like.

It also has a terrace on the third floor to enjoy your meal from the open space overlooking the sea.

This place, one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach, is its water park. The water park has two water slides, hot tubs, a big indoor pool, and outdoor pools. This is the only beach resort where you will find water outside and inside.

You can also have your private balcony from its queen-size suites and enjoy the ocean view from its oceanfront rooms.

Few of their amenities include free wifi, Captain B’s Ocean View Cafe, Fitness Center, game room.

Book your stay from here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


520 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

5) North Myrtle Beach Luxury Resort & Villa

North Beach Resort & Villas are perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly yet luxury resort at the beachfront location. It offers a 4-5 rooms spacious villa to have a pleasant stay. The hotel also offers different golf packages for golf enthusiasts.

It also houses the Cinzia Spa, which is popular worldwide for its treatments and is only found at North Beach Resort.

If you are looking for a wellness getaway, you must visit Cinzia Spa once. Here you will get treatments done by professionals who will take away all your stress.

It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and from 9 am to 4 pm on Sundays.

One of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach, the resort offers several amazing amenities. Few amenities include free private parking, pool, free wifi, spa.

Book your stay at North Myrtle beach from here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


719 North Beach Boulevard Suite 3, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

6) Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes

9 Best Hotels in Myrtle beach
Screenshot: Swati Dubey

Marriott never shies away from providing its guests with the best of experiences. And Marriott’s Oceanwatch Villa in Grand Dunes is no exception.

Where the mesmerizing sun plays on the beach, where the ocean’s vibe makes you go deep, this Marriott oceanfront resort is one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach will never be the same without OceanWatch Villas. The hotel has encircled the beach from all corners, from its beautiful gardens to furnished balconies to see the Atlantic Ocean wherever you go.

The resort also has a gym, a kids’ area, and several other activities inside its campus. Here you don’t need to worry about dining because its American cuisine is what makes you love this place even more.

You can relax in its two-bedroom villa, which is spacious enough to take up to four guests and can be customized to suit your needs, including your resort fee. It also comes with an attached fully equipped kitchen.

You can also use a separate dining space, a master suite, and its luxurious bathroom.

A few amenities include a pool, fitness centre, children’s playground, spa, table tennis, restaurant.

Book your stay at Grande Dunes here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


8550 Costa Verde Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

7) Royale Palms Condominiums

The Royal Palms Condominium is one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach for those looking for an oceanfront resort. The spectacular sea view from the room’s balcony makes your stay at the hotel more fruitful.

Staying here feels like you are more at home, like you have never been away from the comfort of your home. All popular places are around the Myrtle Beach hotel, such as the waterpark, beach, restaurants.

It also has a spa where you can relax your mind and body. This premier spa refines your relaxation and provides ultimate peace. It also has a salon where you can get your nails and hair done by professional artists after a long day at the beach.

The best part is that it is open to both outside visitors and their guests. They also have body treatments and massage sessions for the couple.

For dining, you can either opt for private dining or dine in the room as per your belief and taste different cuisines.

Few of their amenities include 9 pools, 9 lounge decks, 8 sports courts, a spa and salon, 3 golf simulators, a fitness centre, water park.

Book your stay here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


10000 Beach Club Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

8) Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort

Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort amenities are different and unique from all other resort amenities of Myrtle beach. And this is what makes it one of the best hotels in Myrtle beach.

Whether you are looking for friends for a family vacation or simply looking for a girlfriend getaway, this Sea Crest resort will be perfect for you.

There is also a water park designed for kids and a seaside bar for adults making it the first choice among families.

There are several amenities which you can avail of at a heavy discount. A few of their amities are a beach bar, beach Java cafe, exercise room, mini-mart, children’s water park, gift shop, business centre.

In addition, all the on-site facilities at resorts are free. But you have to pay in gift shops, bars, and cafes.

Book your stay at Myrtle beach from here.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


9) Coral Beach Resort and Suites

Coral Beach Resort and Suites is one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach for those looking for family-friendly resorts at Myrtle beach.

This dedicated family resort has all the facilities that would be perfect for your family getaway. Their family-sized rooms and children’s activity area are designed for families.

As its name suggests, this Myrtle Beach hotel is the perfect place for you to spot corals here. Its rooms have balconies overlooking the sea and are only a few steps from the hotel.

All major attractions are located near this Myrtle Beach hotel, where you and your kids can indulge in fun activities.

This includes Pirate Adventures, The Ripley Aquarium, Second Avenue Pier, Radical Ropes Adventure Park, and more.

Their facilities include a bar, restaurant, pool and spa, water park, recreation area, fitness centre, business center, resort shop.

Book your stay at Coral Beach Resort and Suites at Myrtle Beach.


Check-in: 4:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am


1105 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

We hope you have found your best next place to stay at Myrtle Beach, full of awesome amenities such as indoor water parks, golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centres, free private parking, and more. Here, our best hotels in Myrtle Beach end.

There are several resorts located in the southern city, but these always remain the favourite of tourists and locals.

Whether you are a tourist for a day, visiting on the weekend to celebrate a birthday, for a vacation, or a long-needed family vacation.

Situated close to Myrtle Beach, these hotels and resorts will surely bring you a luxurious stay with fantastic service and adventure activities.

If you visit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina next time, don’t miss a stay at one of these great hotels.

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