Best Places To Watch Wild Horses in Colorado

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wild horses in Colorado

Colorado, the all-in-one tourist attraction state, is famous for its Casinos and wild horse watching! Experience of Wild horses in Colorado is full of discovering nature and beautiful hiking trails.

It’s also one of the 3 only states set aside specifically where you can go fancy wild horse watching in United States set.

Wild Horses are an iconic key feature of America. Though they’re very famous, they’re not available to witness in a lot of places, it’s only available in select places, and Colorado is one of them. Some of the places you can go to and fancy watching Wild Horses in Colorado are off the limits because of renovation and are controversial due to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

1. Spotted Fever Ranch

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Photo by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

This beautiful ranch settled in San Acacio in southern Colorado allows only a handful number of members to come, at a time, to witness wild mustangs moving freely in plains concerning 60,000 acres in San Luis Valley. This wild horse watching is in enormous open space side by side to the Rio Grande.

The area where these mustangs reside is part of the authentic Spanish Land Permit which means they’re not a topic of BLM round-ups. Spotted Fever Ranch has Texas Longhorn Cattle as a part of their breeding herd. They even allow you to bring your horse if you’re not comfortable riding the horses they provide.

2. Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse

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Photo by Christine Mendoza on Unsplash

This place covering about 36,000 acres, is home to mustangs around the number of 90 to 150. They got beautiful wild horse breeds such as bays, sorrels, blue, red roans, palominos. Spring is the best time to visit here.

3. The Spring Creek Basin

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Photo by Alecu Gabriel on Unsplash

The management level here is commendable due to it being a herd management area. It’s settled between Dove Creek and Norwood in the state’s beautiful southwest corner. The wild horse herd consists of grays, sorrels, pintos the back to the early 1900s.

BLM now manages the herd. You can see wild horses roaming here freely in 21,932 acres of beautiful open hills and mountain terrain. If you’re lucky, you’d even get to see a falcon, golden eagles, rattlesnakes, and other such rare living beings while watching wild horses in Colorado here.

4. Piceance-East Douglas

Here not only you can spot beautiful scenery but also the lesser found duo wild horses and burros. This area is located east of State Highway 139 and southwest of Meeker. The herd is diverse, consisting of sorrel, roan, buckskin breeds, bay, and other rare wild horse breeds. While watching wild horses in Colorado here, after passing 130-190 acres, you will also be able to spot mule dear along with horse and burro.

5. Rocky Mountain National Park

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Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash

There is a list of long things you can do in Rocky Mountain National park to enjoy the beauty. The beauty there is simply unmatched and unparalleled! The menu presents there is just as exquisite as the place itself.

Their menu consists of pony rides side by side flowing satisfactory rivers and lakes settled high on mountains. Here watching wild horses in Colorado, you get a chance to be close with nature and relish in wildlife amongst wildflower meadow and lip-smacking steak dinner!

6. Maroon Bells

This is one of the most renowned wild horse-watching due to its picturesque peaks in Colorado, and you’ll know why it’s said so when you’ll see the photos taken here. You can go chill there with your wild horse running free around a reflective, almost glass-like lake near aspens and often snow-covered rocky peaks. Don’t forget to pack your camera if you visit this photo-clicking ranch!

7. Estes Park Outfitters

They offer a private wild horse ride throughout the iconic Homestead Meadows near Rocky National Park. Imagine you in the early 1900s under the infinite blue skies, fresh breeze running through your hair, and astounding views, amazing, isn’t it?

It’s not only a feast to your eyes experience but also an educational one. The knowledge-drenched guide here gives you an insight into the life of people that used to reside here and other such jaw-dropping facts. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is simply what you need after your stressful city life.

8. Weminuche Wilderness

This southwest-based ranch for watching wild horses in Colorado is a perfect match for passionate horse riders who want to get lost in southwestern Colorado towns like Ouray and Durango. Trek over here and experience the fullness of life in green meadows.

As the biggest wilderness area in Colorado, a several-day trip here advises not to miss out on anything from this thrill-packed place! Most of the iconic vistas here are day-long trips from stables.

9. Brown’s Creek Falls

This is one of the most visited places for watching wild horses in Colorado due to its waterfall feature. People love the combination of country feeling while riding a wild horse alongside a beautiful waterfall. This place will bring you a truck full of joy due to its exquisite flora and fauna.

It’s situated in San Isabel National Forest near Salida. This waterfall is an epicenter for exploring riders in Colorado. Discover the many spotted waterfalls along the route as you move forward the valley between Tabeguache Peak and Mount Antero.

10. Sand Wash Basin

Wander in the northwest corner of the state and witness a herd full of colors in Sand Wash Basin, located about 45 miles away from Craig. Here the wild horses are widespread over the 157,000 acres area. It’s home to around 700 wild horses population.

Live your best life in Colorado like the ancient tourists did, when the horses were the fastest transportation available. Still, to this date, some places are meant to be visited on horses and not by any other vehicle. Some outstanding sacred spots in Colorado’s local areas to the less-visited continental divide are simply waiting for you to come to visit on your 4 legged buddies!

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