9 Best Spots For Snow Tubing Colorado

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snow tubing colorado

Colorado is possibly famous for a few things and one amongst it is its winter when the white snow stretches like a sheet above landforms and houses. Skiing and snowboarding might give you that pocket pinch you thoroughly dread but snow tubing is an activity that you will enjoy.

Apart from Snowboarding and Skiing, Tubing is a popular winter activity in Colorado. Several ski resorts and winter parks here have Snow Tubing Colorado facilities.

Snow tubing is cheap and the fun never diminishes as you set yourself rolling down from the snow capped peaks.

Started in the early 19th century in the Alpine Mountains, it has spun across various ski resorts in the United States of America, including Colorado. The popularity of tubing in Colorado is such that it hosts the World’s Highest Snow Tubing Hill.

Tubing is an improvised form of sledding that requires elevation. Nature has designed favorable weather conditions for Snow Tubing in Colorado with supportive geographical attributes.

Colorado receives 60 to 100 inches of snowfall annually. There is a lot of snow in the mountain towns during winter. Such agreeable conditions create Snow tubing in Colorado, one of the best winter activities in the USA.

Preparatory Tips for Tubers

The rate of snowfall keeps changing and one of the first things that you should do is to keep yourself warm. You must wear warm jackets thick socks special boots that are appropriate for high altitudes.

Rockies are dry mountain and one of the most important thing that you should do is keep yourself hydrated. A proper diet along with a regular routine of brisk exercise will help you to do so.

You should keep yourself slow. You can have a blast enjoying snow sports but be alert and keep an eye on everything that is going on around you. The winter scene will take your breath away but nevertheless you must be careful.

Carry your merino wool wear with extra caution and then there is waterproof boots and jacket plus pants which will make you opt for a glad ride.

Colorado’s Tubing Season

Colorado’s winter are a bit unpredictable. You never know when the place will get wrapped up in white snow. Tubers start crowding as early as late October. But the ideal tubing season is from mid November to mid April.

February is the best month when the snow cover becomes thickest. As a tuber you can book for the place early enough to avoid the rush that happens in this place as people virtually fight to grab the adventurous tourist spots that are available.

Let’s explore what Snow Tubing Colorado has to offer for your memorable trip this winter.

9 Best Spots For Snow Tubing Colorado

1. Keystone’s Mountaintop Tubing Hill

Let’s begin the list with the world’s highest snow tubing hill, Keystone Resort’s Mountaintop Tubing Hill. It is situated in Keystone, Colorado, and offers a multi-lane snow tubing experience full of joy and excitement.

The idea of snow tubing at 11 640 feet elevation can give anyone an adrenaline rush. The beautiful alpine settings soothe your eyes when you glide down in 6 lanes, all 400 to 650 feet long. Amazing and exciting are two words every rider thinks of as the spectacular journey goes on.

Some important things about Snow Tubing at the Keystone Resort:

  1. Every rider has to ride alone.
  2. Pregnant women are not allowed.
  3. Helmets are not available at Adventure Point.
  4. It would be best if you were at least 42 inches tall to enjoy tubing.
  5. A parking facility is available.

If you intend to go for a hike you have to check in one hour before your reservation. Tubing check in is located in River Run Village. Express Lift ticket line is always at your service if you want to buy a ticket. Then after you have hopped into the Gondola  its a joy ride to the top of the mountains. Once you reach the Dercum Mountain you will step out from the Gondola and head left. Follow the signs so that you can reach the Mountain Top tubing.

You can check their website to check ticket availability.

2. Colorado Adventure Park

Located at 566 County Rd #721, Fraser, CO, Colorado Adventure Park was developed as an Amusement & Theme Park that has become Grand County’s largest and safest park. It owns Winter Park Tubing Hill that offers a variety of recreational activities, including Snow tubing.

Each year thousands of tourists visit Tubing Hill to explore the thrilling experience of snow tubing. It offers Tubing and Double Tubing adventures for individuals and families. Its Magic Carpet lift offers you a chance to take your tube and glide with zeal.

Colorado Adventure Park also happens to be Fraser’s most exciting tubing hill. There is something for everyone as there are four different runs varying from easy to most difficult. Snowcoots are there for kids who want to have extra fun and are aged between 6 and 13.

There is also a mini sledding hill for kids who are below three years that too for free. It is pretty exciting and is sure to be a great source of fun.

Riders above 6 can enjoy a variety of terrains from slow to fast and wild. The Double Tubing is ideal for kids who don’t want to ride alone. The diversity of terrain and different tubing facilities make Winter Park Tubing Hill an ideal Snow Tubing spot.

3. Coca-Cola Tube Park

Snow Tubing at the Winter Park Resort, Colorado, attracts visitors for a memorable experience full of exciting rides for everyone. Coca-Cola Tube Park is situated at 85 Parsenn Road, Winter Park, CO, an hour’s drive from Denver.

Coca Cola Tube Park has the facilities for providing Lift Service snow tubing with a choice of light refreshment and a fire pit. The place is well maintained and any one visiting here can at once jump into the fresh corduroy.

There are four lanes for high speed and fun and you can have fun during the day or chose to enjoy at the night under the lights. Vermont’s favorite park can be visited at any time. The lanes and roads are always well maintained.

Tubing is a great way to spend a night out and people of all ages will find it enjoyable.

Tubing here is a great way to spend your night out with your family. It is open to everyone from child to men. Parking space is available in the Sun Bowl area near the park.

The Tube Park is located at the front right corner of the Sun Bowl. The only point that needs to be noted is that riders must be five year old and 42′ tall. They should not wear ski boots.

Snow Tubing activity runs from December to April. Each session lasts for an hour, where you can enjoy fast and slow lanes. It exhibits individual lanes, banked curves, and a conveyor lift to climb the top.

During the season, tubing operates from 11 am to 4 pm seven days a week. You can make prior reservations for secured and comfortable tubing.

4. YMCA of The Rockies

Snow Mountain Ranch in the YMCA of the Rockies is one of the best Tubing spots in Colorado for remarkable service and quality assurance. When the chilling air touches your face, the thrill and joy create an ideal ride here at the tubing hill. You can avail this enthralling experience at 1101 County Road 53, Granby, CO.

It is situated near the Winter Pavillion. You can rent snow tubes here. Ensure to collect the tubes from the pavilion as personal snow tubes in the Snow Mountain Ranch are prohibited.

This place is ideal for anybody who wants to go for a hiking. The mountains offer idyllic beauty and with its breathtaking view of wildlife offers a pleasant hike.

Here, tubing is a classic winter activity suited for families. Riding lengths vary due to weather conditions. It offers year-round tubing activity, which allows you to explore the scenic hill views.

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Image- Anissa Wood@ Flickr

5. Snowmass Snow Tubing

Apart from its mesmerizing geographical beauties like the mountain ranges, rivers, and dense forests, Colorado keeps its cultural spirits high with several festivals. Enjoying night tubing during Colorado’s Ullr Nights festivities at Snowmass Elk Camp is also another activity to do here.

People celebrate with lighting and decoration at the Snowmass resort, the mythical appearance of a mythological Ski-God Ullr. It includes several fun activities, and Snow tubing is one of them. Tourists love to explore the magical carpet during the night when the resort illuminates with decorative lighting. It would be best if you were at least 36 inches tall to enjoy tubing.

Situated amidst the meadows at Elk Camp, Snowmass is multilaned and is sure a paradise for visitors. The place is just a fifteen minutes drive from Aspen. The lanes come from atop the mountain and crisscross each other. Not only this there is a magic carpet to take you to the top.

Snow tubing operates from Christmas eve to April at the Snowmass Resort. It is located at Snowmass Village, Aspen, Colorado. You can enjoy the multiple lanes carved into The Meadows at Elk Camp. It is a commercial ski resort that offers a variety of winter recreational activities.

6. Frisco Adventure Park

Most of the Colorado parks are developed for season-based recreational activities. They take you to exquisite wilderness areas and allow you to erect a tent or spend quality time around picnic spots with family.

This is a thrilling holiday destination boasting of a range of activities. This adventure park is open at all times of the year and will offer you some of the most happy memories. Summer is the season that promises all the actions, wagon ride, skating and biking are some of the treats that the place excels in.

Frisco Adventure Park is a remarkable spot that offers astounding summer and winter activities. Frisco Bay and Dillon Reservoir are two worth-seeing sites where hikers love to observe the scenic views. While talking about winter activities, tubing is one of the best attractions of this adventure park.

Located at 621 Recreation Way, Frisco, Colorado, it offers several recreational activities like skiing, skateboarding, and snow tubing. The tubing activity is available with diverse tubing lanes providing different experiences. From a simple slide to rolling terrain, you enjoy snow tubing with the finest amenities.

7. Hideaway Park Sledding Hill

Hideaway Park Sledding Hill allows you to snow tube in the Winter Park. The hill is an integral part of Winter Park that offers snow tubing from November onwards.

You can bring your own snow tube, though the park also offers tubes for rent. Snow tubing is one of the most loved activities in Grand County. It ranks among the top of Rocky Mountain tubing experiences. The beautiful settings enriched with natural flora and fauna make the experience memorable.

This park is open for winter sledding activities for free. The Honor system checks the sled available and also there is enough scope left for parental supervision.

Night tubing is also available during the winter season. There is also a summer tubing hill located in Granby.

8. High Country Lodge Tubing Park

Pagosa Springs is a municipal town in Colorado that exhibits amazing accommodation solutions. Apart from its comfortable vacation homes, it offers a variety of recreational activities, including snow tubing.

The High Country Lodge is the hallmark of perfection be it in the area of hospitality or as a tourism site. It is situated in midst of  twenty forested acres and is at the heart of nature offering excellent customer service as well.

This mountain getaway has all the splendors of an adventurous vacation. You can well start your day with a variety of coffee and assortments which this place offers.

High Country Lodge Tubing Park is situated at 3821 E Highway 160, Pagosa Springs, CO. Snow Tubing is a family activity with raging fun at tubing hill. The activity operates from Thursday to Sunday each week during the winter season.

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Image- Rob Lee@Flickr

Tubing is available on prior reservations.

9. Echo Mountain

Originally opened in 1960 as Squaw Pass Ski Area, Echo Mountain has undergone remarkable changes and has developed as one of the best Snow Tubing Colorado spots. In 2017, the tubing hill inauguration added snow tubing to its list of winter activities.

The Echo Mountain is an ideal holiday destination and you can have fun almost seven days a week.

It features 6 lanes with a conveyor lift for quick access to the tubing hill. Besides one hour ride, you can also buy a day pass. You can always create a group as the conveyer lift will bring you back to the top of the 6 lane tubing hill.

There is no age restriction, but you need to be at least 36 inches tall to ride, and you must be properly trained to use tubing. You can check the website for reservations and other information.

Skiing is also an adventure sport and is perfect for beginners as the mountains can never complain about the scarcity of spots. With its far lying 85 acres of terrain there is also opportunity for night skiing.


Winter activities have become an essential part of Colorado’s tourism. Skiing, Fat Biking, Sledding, Snowboarding, and others are already famous outdoor activities in Colorado’s Recreational Parks.

The Ski Resorts of Colorado also have their own tubing hill so you never have to go far to search it. Reservations are always done in advance so you have to check the official website for more details.

In recent times, Snow Tubing Colorado has reached immense popularity with its easiness and joined other activities. It is loved and explored by people of all ages, especially kids. Explore this fabulous adventure in the best tubing spots mentioned above.

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