5 Best Winter Park Snowmobiling Trails

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winter park snowmobiling
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Winter Park is a snowy wonderland; Among the many delightful activities to keep the tourists enchanted, Winter park snowmobiling steals the show.

Seated high above sea level, the Continental Divide trails are a landmark of beauty and splendor. One can swear to have witnessed heaven in the arms of these rocky mountains and snow-covered ridges.

Winter Park trails in the Grand County of Colorado and snow are a mesmerizing combination. The thrill of skiing and snowmobiling puts this whimsical town on top of your bucket list.

The Central town itself is at an altitude of 9000 feet. And for the adventure lovers, there is a fantastic view awaiting at the top of the 12000 feet high snow-covered trail. 

Winter Park offers a multitude of slopes and ski-lifts for beginners and intermediates alike. People visiting this fairytale kingdom get to ski and go on snowmobile tours over the endless slopes and alpine meadows.

Best Trails for Winter park Snowmobiling

The Grand County in Colorado has earned the title of ‘Snowmobile Capital of Colorado’ owing to its more than 1000 miles of snowmobile trails. The Grand Lake, Winter Park and Fraser are the three prolific towns of Grand County regarding snowmobile trails.

1. Grand Lake

Not far from Winter Park is the amazing town of Grand Lake. It gets its name from the largest and most famous natural water reservoir in Colorado, the Grand Lake.

One can find nearly 300 snowmobile trails here, and half of them are well-maintained to welcome visitors.

The Spirit Lake Lodge offers an excellent service for an unguided tour through the Arapaho National Forests. The town is one of the few counties that permits its visitors to snowmobile directly on its roads.

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2. Winter park

winter park snowmobiling
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Winter Park has a fascinating geographic location. The towns of Winter Park and Fraser are located quite close to the stunning Arapaho National Forests.

There are many snowmobile trails to choose from, some meandering through the trees of the forests and others gliding through the rugged trails and open alpine meadows.

Winter park snowmobiling guarantees fun with trails starting right from the Elk Creek Trailhead and Churchpark trailhead to the Experimental Forest trailhead.

The best tours for Winter park snowmobiling

  •  Grand Adventures

Grand Adventure snowmobile tours let you glide over the resplendent velvety slopes with magnificent scenery. No other tour takes you for the much-anticipated Continental Divide trip.

It takes you on guided tours up the Divide using impeccable equipment. During this tour, one can also see the historic Moffat tunnel on the way to Corona Pass.

At the top of 12,000 feet, with views of the entire winter park ski area and the Fraser Valley, you get the impression of looking down at snowfields through heavenly clouds.

The faculty here is incredible, with experienced and friendly tour guides, making the trip perfect for beginners and intermediates. The guides will customize your route while descending such that you get to weave through forests, pristine trails and vast spaces of meadows.

First-time riders and families with kids also have a blast at this tour. There are vast terrains of wilderness, where if you get fortunate, you may even spot a moose.

As for the snowmobiler pros, there is an easy rental service to enjoy Colorado’s most popular snowmobile trails.

  •  Fraser Valley Tours

Fraser Valley trails criss-cross through the Arapaho National Forests. It is primarily a 2-hour long trip, which encompasses the scenic views of the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park and the Fraser Valley.

The Fraser Valley tour is a complete package. While snowmobiling through the rugged slopes of this valley, don’t miss out on the snow-covered ridges of the Gore Range.

Another fun activity to engage in while at Fraser Valley is fishing in its freshwater. To make it even exciting, you’ll find the largest freshwater fish in North America here- the White Sturgeon.

3. Rabbit Ears Pass 

winter park snowmobiling
Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash

Rabbit Ears Pass is located in Kremmling, a famous town near Winter park that provides perfect snowmobile trails. This mountain, pass at an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet, is the snowmobilers’ favorite spot.

It is quite close to the famous town of Steamboat Springs. Its peculiar topography, which resembles a rabbit’s ears, attracts many tourists. It is also well-known for its thick-ice trails.

4. Gore Pass

This mountain pass receiving a notable amount of snow is located at a short distance of 16 miles from Kremmling.

Standing tall at an elevation of 9527 feet, it is pretty popular among adventure lovers. It consists of two trailheads thick with ice. This makes this mountain pass a perfect playground for winter activities like snowmobiling.

5. Spring Creek

Spring Creek is situated merely 10 miles away from Kremmling. It is more of a secluded area nestled between Kremmling and Silverthorne, where you can be with nature and enjoy snowmobiling on sweeping vast white fields.

Colorado Adventure Park

winter park snowmobiling
Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

When out for Winter park snowmobiling, make sure you drop by this one-of-a-kind Adventure park.

This is the kids’ favorite playground where they make the best of their day trip on mini snowmobiles, also called snow-scoots. The terrain is wide, smooth and well maintained, ensuring safety for kids and an ideal snowmobiling experience for families.

Winterpark is the focal point of all winter adventures one can find in Colorado. So when you set out for Winter park snowmobiling, don’t forget to check out the multitude of trails and towns surrounding Winter park in your itinerary.

But with so many trails, it is necessary to plan before you hit the snow. There is an Information Centre in the heart of downtown Winter Park where you can get maps of all the trails and roads and some additional details.

Don’t forget to keep all essentials handy for a hassle-free snowmobiling experience. When going for winter park snowmobiling, it’s also a good idea to wear comfortable, warm clothes and bring some extra ski masks, gloves, goggles, and scarves, just in case.

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