10 Best Places for Snow Tubing in Colorado

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Tubing is a lot of fun and easy to do, but you should know a few things before you go. The weather can change quickly, so be sure you have everything you need to stay warm. If you’re planning a trip to the Rocky Mountains for tubing in Colorado, you must know that the place is arid, so remain hydrated before you go, while there, and even after you leave. The altitude adjustment will be considerably more manageable if you drink plenty of water, exercise often, and eat a healthy diet.

Take it easy. Snowsports are a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember to look after yourself and your people. You’ll be able to take in more of the beautiful scenery surrounding you if you do. The primary goal here is to stay warm, and one of the most significant ways to do that is to stay dry.

Snow tubing entails allowing gravity, snow, and your tube to transport you downwards for a fun, joyful ride. If you still don’t get it, snow tubing is the activity of going to the top of a snowy slope and riding an inflated inner tube downhill.

Snow tubing entails allowing gravity, snow, and your tube to transport you downwards for a fun, joyful ride. If you still don’t get it, snow tubing is the activity of going to the top of a snowy slope and riding an inflated inner tube downhill.

Where sufficient snowmaking technology is available, what used to be a winter-only activity can now be enjoyed practically all year. On the other hand, Snow tubing is most enjoyable and thrilling in the winter, when there is actual snow falling from the sky.

Snow tubing is a fantastic recreational outdoor sport that involves riding an inner tube down a slope while being pulled down by gravity. The amount of fun you’ll have is proportional to the slope’s height and steepness.

Tubing in Colorado
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Snow tubing is an excellent activity for everyone who can sit still and hang on firmly. Snow tubing does not require you to be a slope or mountain expert. In truth, you don’t need a lot of muscle or balance to achieve this.

Colorado’s winters differ from year to year. Some tubing hills open as early as late October and remain open until the end of May. On the other hand, the Tubing season typically extends from mid-November to mid-April.

You should also check when each sledding hill closes before making the trip, as they are frequently subject to a set closure date, even if there is still plenty of snow on the ground.

February is the month when you can count on the most snowfall. This month sees the most snowfall in the Rockies, with a thick base by the end of the month. Again, you’ll want to double-check with each hill to see if they have snow and how deep it is.

Keep in mind that, despite the substantial snow, February is the peak season for everyone, and the hills can get very crowded. If you can, book ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in large queues for something that should be enjoyable. Non-snow activities, such as eating, drinking, and shopping, will be covered in many sites we will tour.

Top 10 Snow Tubing in Colorado

Snow tubing in Colorado
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Colorado is known for various things, but when you think of the Centennial State, the first thing that comes to mind is its snow. Thousands of visitors visit Colorado’s high mountains to pursue champagne snow and winter activities.

On the other hand, skiing and snowboarding require a significant amount of time, money, and patience. So, what do you do when you want to have a good time quickly?

After ice skating and snowboarding, the tubing has become one of the most popular hobbies because it allows you to enjoy the thrill of speeding down a hill in the snow while saving money on equipment and lift tickets. We’ll look at the 10 finest spots for tubing in Colorado this winter.

1. Frisco Adventure Park

Frisco’s Adventure Park, in Frisco, Colorado, is the first stop. The Adventure Park provides a tubing experience in Colorado unlike any other. There will be tents set up around a picnic area for the breaks between tube rides. The staff will take you out to open wilderness regions where you can create a gathering spot for your family or party.

Tubing can be used for everything from sliding down a hill to flying down a steep slope at top speed. When you get there, it’s up to you to decide how comfortable you want to be. If you want to go summer tubing in Colorado, Frisco Bay and the Dillon Reservoir are available, so it’s not just for the winter. There are also plenty of hiking and boating opportunities.

Location: 621 Recreation Way, Frisco, CO 80443, United States

Contact number: +1 970-668-2558

2. Colorado Adventure Park

One of the most diverse possibilities available today is Colorado Adventure Park. It was created to serve as a tubing hill and an amusement park. The Colorado Adventure Park is for children aged six and up and is conveniently located just minutes from the Winter Park Ski Resort.

You’ll keep occupied while avoiding I-70 traffic by tubing or renting snowshoes. Colorado Adventure Park has twin tubes available if somebody in your group doesn’t want to go tubing in Colorado alone. They have terrain that ranges from easy and beginning to advanced and quick.

Location: 566 County Rd #721, Fraser, CO 80442, United States

Contact number: +1-970-726-5779

3. Coca-Cola Winter Park Tubing Hill

The Coca-Cola Tube Park, located at Winter Park’s resort, is a great place to go if you’re looking for another snow tubing in Colorado adventure. The park is slightly over an hour away from Denver by automobile. Between December and April, the Coca-Cola Tube Park is open seven days a week from 11 am to 4 pm. You may purchase hour-long sessions there.

There are several skill levels and comfort levels accessible here and on the other slopes we’ve discussed, ranging from leisurely to lightning quick. The park’s distinctive features include banks where you can take turns riding your tube and a conveyor that will transport you to the top of the hill.

Location: Winter Park Dr, Winter Park, CO 80482, United States

Contact number: +19707225422

4. Keystone Ski Resort

Ski Resort is known as the “King of Trees” in Colorado’s high mountains, and you’ll see why when you go snow tubing in Colorado there. It is the world’s highest tubing hill, and the calm scenery of Summit County will make you feel like you’re a million miles away. Mountain Top Tubing Hill in Keystone has six runs of tubing down. They range in size from 400 to 700 feet in length.

The town of Silverthorne is also close by, and the resort itself has a village at the base of the mountain that is packed with bars, restaurants, and shopping. You won’t be seeking après tubing. The laws in Keystone are a little more stringent than in other places we’ve visited. They are as follows:

  • Each cyclist is required to travel alone.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to ride.
  • Helmets are not provided, so you must bring your own.
  • The tubing requires a height of at least 42 inches.
  • On the other hand, these rules and considerations are in place for a reason; to keep the enjoyment going.

Location: 100 Dercum Square, Keystone, CO 80435, United States

Contact number: +18556030049

5. YMCA of The Rockies

For a long time, the YMCA of the Rockies has been a mainstay of summer and winter mountain life for tubers who come to enjoy snow tubing in Colorado. Granby’s terrain is significant in the area because of its position (away from other popular ski resorts). A team of top-notch professionals will ensure that your experience is of the highest possible quality.

The YMCA of the Rockies is located near the Winter Pavilion in Granby, and you may rent friendly tubes there. Because the YMCA of the Rockies focuses on family fun, you can invite anyone young at heart, even if they don’t want to go snow tubing. If you enjoy this site, you can come back in the summer for more activities.

Location: 2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO 80511, United States

Contact number: +19705863341

6. Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort

Snowmass tubing hill is an attractive choice because it is close to Aspen, which is supposed to feel like a European village and is packed with eating, drinking, shopping, and everything else Colorado mountain culture offers. In terms of scenery, Aspen and Snowmass are unrivaled. There’s a reason you’re familiar with its name; the trees, rivers, and snow.

Festivals and concerts are held in the village and town depending on the year you visit Snowmass for a winter spectacle. One of the unique features of Snowmass Tubing is night tubing during one of these events, known as the Ullr Festival.

At the Snowmass Elk Camp, you can have your tubing in Colorado experience to the fullest. The only steadfast rule is that you must be 36 inches tall. Snowmass tubing has six snow tube lanes for you to enjoy. It’s open from December to May and is located in Elk Camp.

Location: 120 Lower, Carriage Way, Snowmass Village, CO 81615, United States

Contact number: +19709231227

7. Hideaway Park Sledding Hill

There are plenty of snow tubing hills in Hideaway Park Sledding Hill Winter Park. Another one with unique features is Hideaway Park Sledding Hill. Hideaway is open from November to April, and you can bring your tube or rent one at the park.

Hideaway Park’s setting is surrounded by year-round vegetation and wildlife, ensuring that your experience tubing here is unforgettable. During the winter, Hideaway offers night tubing. And, if the setting is right for you, there are activities available throughout the year.

Location: Hideaway Park, Winter Park, CO 80482, USA

8. Echo Mountain

Echo Mountain is well known as a close Denver terrain park hotspot. If you want to let off steam after a hard day at work, it also provides night skiing. It’s also a great snow tubing hill for tubing in Colorado.

Echo was previously known as Squaw Pass Ski Area when it first opened in the 1960s. It’s been a beacon for snow adventure near the capital city since. Then, in 2017, the Echo added a tubing hill to its already extensive list of winter sports activities.

There are six snow tube routes on the mountain, and a conveyor brings you up from the bottom. This is an approachable and accessible system. It can also assist children in becoming accustomed to being on or around a ski hill.

The Echo is open to people of all ages, as long as they are at least 35 inches tall. Because no lessons are available, your riders will need to know how to snow tube before arriving. Despite these limitations, the Echo offers some of the most enjoyable terrains on your tube.

Location: 19285 CO-103, Idaho Springs, CO 80452, United States

9. Copper Mountain

Like those at other large Colorado ski resorts, the tubing hill at Copper Mountain is a well-equipped entertainment zone with four designated tubing lanes.

A “magic carpet ride” whisks you and your tube to the top, where friendly employees will hurl you and send you spinning down over curves and over bumps. For youngsters under 36 inches tall, Critterland, a tiny tot playland and mini tubing area, is immediately next door.

Woodward at Copper, an indoor training facility with artificial snow jumps, foam pits, and trampolines, continues the cheek-stinging grins. Drop-in sessions and private courses are available; however, you must plan not to miss out on the finest snow tubing in Colorado experience.

Location: 209 Ten Mile Cir, Frisco, CO 80443, United States

Contact number: +1-866-841-2481

10. Rocky Mountain National Park

Prepare to have a great time snow tubing in Colorado. If you’re looking for a fun family trip in the snow, head to Rocky Mountain National Park’s Hidden Valley section for some tubing. Tube down the mountain since the tubing slopes of Hidden Valley are fantastic. Hidden Valley was a ski resort from 1955 to 1991. Therefore, the hills are in excellent condition.

The sledding hill is on the former ski area’s ‘bunny slope,’ so your kids can work up a nice sweat if they want to. Get your tubes or saucers ready and climb. You must bring your own, but you can rent one if you do not have one.

On weekends when there is an attendant, there is a warming area and a restroom with flush or running water for those who require it. Skiers, snowboarders, and snowshoers may also be seen on the various runs while snow tubing in Colorado, although they must slow down to allow tubers to pass.

Location: Colorado, United States

Contact number: +19705861206

Snow tubing in Colorado
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You’ll need the following items to transport snow tubing in Colorado:

  • The foundation layers. Your upper and lower body will benefit from a layer while snow tubing in Colorado. Merino wool is typically suggested. You can typically find a cheap and thin choice for this, and if you discover one that works well, you’ll be dry all day.
  • The layer in the middle. This is going to keep you warm. A fleece jacket is an excellent choice for this situation, and you can pack several in case you need an extra layer.
  • The outer layer will be completely waterproof. Because the temperature while tubing in Colorado might change and snowfall is a possibility, you’ll want both your pants and jacket to be waterproof in this case.
  • With a pair of warm socks below, waterproof boots should fit perfectly.
  • You don’t want your boots to be too tight because this would cut off blood flow to your feet, which is a significant source of warmth in the winter.
  • Waterproof snow gloves. They’re not too tight or too loose, just like boots. You don’t want to obstruct blood flow, but you also don’t want them to slip off.
  • When you fit your waterproof boots, you’ll also want to wear warm socks.
  • A helmet that is insulated. Last but surely not least, if you have a ski helmet, you can use it. This will keep you toasty while keeping you safe while snow tubing in Colorado.

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Final Note

Colorado’s history and culture are steeped in winter sports. From the early morning, powder turns to the après, snow tubing, ice skating, and children’s activities; there’s something for everyone. It’s all about having fun, and with the proper planning and forethought, it may open up a whole new world for kids to explore.

We hope you found this information highlighting ‘Tubing in Colorado‘ helpful, and have fun. Places such as the snow mountain ranch, great tubing hill, winter park resort, and Fraser tubing hill offer various winter activities, including horse-drawn sleigh rides, steamboat springs, snow tubes, and numerous adventure points.

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